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  1. Perhaps just add 0.5 to the winner of the reflip? Not sure if that argues with the whole number nature of the rest of the game, but I don't think it would, especially since it's not relevant except for determining ordering before a turn/deployment.
  2. Xekros

    Hoffman Starter

    I've been trying to figure out what they would put in the remaining boxes as well, but I always run into the problem that the various models Hoffman has are pretty specialized into their given roles, with Hunters (of the remaining options) being the most versatile, from what I've seen. The special order thing should work to fix what problems you'll have with the duplication. @theamazingmrg The Kaeris box only comes to 19 points (Kaeris, totem, Firestarter 7ss, 3x Fire Gamin 4ss), so having that low of a SS box isn't unprecedented. I'd argue it would make for poor "Starter Box Only" games, but I doubt they're terribly concerned by that. That said, I'd be more inclined to put 3x Hunters in the core and putting the Watchers somewhere else. Better to have a core box over curve than under curve; I was in a core box league recently and a guy was playing Kaeris and felt (rightfully) significantly underpowered.
  3. Lead Lined Coat gives Laugh Off, which will help with the positioning problems. Also of note: Stealth is super annoying, but doesn't deny LoS, so if they're on fire, their ranges will still be reduced by Sonnia's Smothering Flame, which does include Leap.
  4. In local games (haven't been able to test network), Insignificant models can be selected for schemes. I've tried it with the Printing Press and Trained Raptor, and my opponent a couple days ago did it with the Eternal Flame. He's new and didn't realize it was Insignificant, so he used it as his Claim Jump target.
  5. Also of note, Stealth doesn't deny LoS, so, for example, Smothering Flame still affects them even if Sonnia can't target the model.
  6. Unfortunately, I have to agree. Which is a problem not because you're right, but because that seems like a pretty significant oversight from a design perspective.
  7. "At the end of each Turn, a Crew gains 1 VP if more enemy models were killed that Turn than it has scored VP for this Strategy" Does seem to count kills, not deaths. Probably needs an FAQ, but they can't do any other schemes/strats, so it seems odd that they'd found for this one.
  8. "models with the Insignificant Ability are ignored for the purposes of Strategies and Schemes in every way." Would indicate to me that any kills scored by the insignificant models wouldn't count towards kills for reckoning.
  9. While amusing, it also makes it nearly impossible for you to score any points yourself, as Hoffman and the attendant must do literally everything. Though I do like the idea of LLC on Hoffman.
  10. Chasing a Story should proc for your other journalists, though, if being friendly to one crew makes you an enemy of the other inherently. Might need some research.
  11. Xekros

    Agent 46 Proxy

    Well, knowing Wyrd, the mask is probably a separate piece, so you could glue it to his hat or something?
  12. Xekros

    Agent 46 Proxy

    I forgot to quite the proper post, but can't delete this. Ignore it.
  13. I have to ask: what are you all finding Cornelius' place to be within Guild? We have Sonnia for blasts, Perdita for shooting, Lady J and Hoffman for tanky, slow hard hitters, and Dashel for swarms of models. (Nellie and Lucius are just completely different, so not really relevant here). I'm not really seeing a place where he's the best option, except maybe against Guild opponents, due to the concealment vs. the prevalence of our own shooting. I'm probably missing something, but he just doesn't seem to be the best at any of the things he does. Is it just that he does all of it decently?
  14. It's the same, but that one needs at least a 7 for the TN (still need to hit that even on a friendly), so going through concealment will still be an issue.
  15. Oh man, that's great! Slap a LLC or No Prisoners on Langston and I don't think anyone will want that on the other side of the table. I forgot to mention that in my prior post
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