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  1. Pre-nerf, our thing was Pale Rider, which is a problem in and of itself. More helpfully, the issues in Guild are more sweeping and systemic within the faction than just buffing a couple models, though those couple of models did certainly help with their relevant masters. Additionally, this errata was intended to fix outliers, specifically those above the curve. IIRC, they'll be doing another errata in June or so to bring underperforming models up to par, which will likely include significant Guild buffs. I fear that's more along the lines of your aforementioned sunk costs than reality. Our damage output is maybe above average, but interesting things come from triggers, including a main mechanic of at least one of our crews (Family Values, Blaze). And then there's still the weirdness from the Death Marshal's build in suit, so even those we have aren't necessarily good. Or I'm just salty that I've not gotten a game in for a few months.
  2. "Friendly-controlled models within 1" of a friendly model with a Lodestone Token may take the Interact Action to move that Lodestone Token to another friendly model within 6" and LoS." I agree with you on that. The way I read that is that the interact can be any friendly-controlled models, but the Lodestone token must be on a friendly model, regardless of the interacting model.
  3. I've thought about it a bit more, and this actually brings up an issue I'm seeing with various models, one which was deemed somewhat abusive in late M2E. Specifically, the concept of "Ideally, I'd put the majority of my AP into this one model," which, I think, speaks primarily to the disparity between our good models and the other pieces we have to work with. It's actually an issue I have with the design concept behind Lucius and the Elite/Mimic models (and why I concepted a complete overhaul of them despite never having played them), in that it seems to encourage chaining Obeys between your own models and not actually interacting with the opponent for a long time (2E Newcius was my favorite master, so I may be biased). That turned into a Lucius rant, whoops. The main point is that putting a load of AP into a single model is, to me at least, really boring and was deemed abusive last edition, so seems like they'd try to avoid it this time around.
  4. The problem is access to focus on relevant Actions. I checked just now, and 16 models have the term Focused on them. 6 of those are Journalists, through Chasing a Story, and I don't think that focus is being used to buff their damage output. Beyond that, two applications are on totems, and three more are on unrelated Masters. Of the remaining 5, 2 are simply using the fact that there's Focused on a model to do something, and one is Greed, which requires other Crossroads models to be in play. That leaves us 2 models that can apply Focus to other models: the Guild Steward and Santiago Ortega. I also looked at Concentrate, and, of the 10 models with that term on them, only 2 aren't Family, which is entirely insular in its Concentrate generation. The two remaining models are Dashel, and The Jury, which is actually an anti-concentrate aura for enemies. I don't necessarily think this is a problem, as Focus is good for more than just bypassing Cover/Concealment (Serene Countenance, for example), but when a lot of Guild's schtick is shooting, it's pretty noticable. On top of that, we only have Niño with Sharpshooter, and Perdita, Santiago, and Riflemen with Expert Shot. Functionally, that means that for every Action that needs to bypass certain terrain, we have to spend 2 Actions to get 1 usable Action. I think we have enough efficiency issues as is.
  5. While that would be nice, I can't really see that happening, Perdita's AP are just too good for that, and if they nerf her AP to accommodate, she'll feel terrible without comboing her into space. I can definitely see them simply saying "non-master" instead of "lower cost model", though.
  6. @Fetid Strumpet As I said in the post, my ideas are based on my experience, and I've not yet played either of Phiona or Reichart. Not to say they don't need buffs, just that I don't know. @Mikes Sam seems like a setup model, to me, so maybe I'm just using him wrong, but his best use seems to be to light things on fire for Sonnia, but nothing in the crew has any way to get around cover/concealment except the Handler, and that model isn't quite durable enough to get close enough to use Witchfire, from my experience. And the Handler needs to be around the other Witchling models for the first few activations anyway. The Thralls have a hard time getting into melee for me, though I think part of that is due to my common opponents playing Wp heavy crews, so Drawn to Pain doesn't work. I don't really include the various Witchlings in the "lighting things on fire" category because all but the totem basically need to die to get burning out effectively. The Purifying Flame works really well on that front, but the lack of Handler buff makes it a lot harder to get it in place to use Hovering Flame. I also completely forgot about Sanctioned Spellcasters, not sure what to do with them at all (or if they even need anything), as I've only used them once or twice.
  7. Some thoughts I've had, probably coherent, definitely untested, but, in my opinion, interesting enough to get feedback on. Primarily for Witch Hunters, since I've played them most. The intent is not necessarily that all of these happen, but I hope that some of them happen All Witch Hunters - Counterspell - change to "Models within 6 must discard a card to declare triggers" Sonnia - Seeking Flames - Also ignore Dense and Stealth. Flameburst - Increase range by X, where X is the value of the Burning condition on the target. iirc, targeting happens, then range is determined, then legality is determined, which is how this is intended to work. Smothering Flame - Reduces damage received by X, where X is the damage the target would take from burning at the end of the turn. This would be neat, but maybe a bit much. Add to Df. Probably a more reasonable defensive buff, though less interesting. Samael Hopkins - Gain Sharpshooter Witchling Handler - Goad Witchling - remove minion restrictions [New ability] Follow the Pack - When a friendly Witchling model ends its activation, one friendly model within 6 of this model may move up to 2" towards the Witchling. I've only recently come up with this, so I haven't considered the numbers or aura sources well yet, but something to this effect. Thalarian Queller - [New ability] Lockdown - Remove all Lockdown Markers created by this Action. Drop a Lockdown Marker within range (6-8"). Enemy models may not be placed within 6 of a Lockdown Marker. Lockdown Markers cannot be removed except by this Action. The intent is for the marker to work like Blow it to Hell, except with a Gravity Well effect from the marker itself. This is inspired by the old Area Suppression markers, but helps a bit with the mobility issues we have. The ranges are entirely arbitrary, but something like that. Barrier to the Other World -> Lantern of Souls Preventing Demise abilities would have been more useful than slight summon damage. Also, we have Marshals for our anti-summoners, and we need some anti-demise tech. Witchling Thrall - Gain Creep Along Witchling Stalker - [New ability] Light the Way - When targeting a model without Burning, this model gains + to its attack actions. This would let them automatically add the first burning, at least, without dying. I have other ideas, mostly for Lucius and, by extension, Dashel, but I think this is already enough text for one post. Thanks for reading, and I'm curious to hear what you think.
  8. It's not that we don't have specific models with good mobility, it's that overall our options are primarily the Walk action, usually without Unimpeded. One of the most mobile models I've found in faction is the Witchling Stalker, and that's due to Unimpeded and Mv 7 if they start near a Handler. A major issue with things like Creep Along or Consolidate Power, is that they need to move towards a friendly model, which is incredibly unhelpful for moving up in the first place. Lucius is considered a very mobile crew, as he has Entourage for 2" (only while unengaged) and various Obeys to make things walk (again) out of activation. Mercenaries, on the other hand, get a free 2" push at the start of each turn, regardless of engagement, and Ronin get another 3" when they activate. Dreamer can just throw Chompy across the entire table, and his summons happen on enemy models. Just as a couple of examples.
  9. Perhaps just add 0.5 to the winner of the reflip? Not sure if that argues with the whole number nature of the rest of the game, but I don't think it would, especially since it's not relevant except for determining ordering before a turn/deployment.
  10. Xekros

    Hoffman Starter

    I've been trying to figure out what they would put in the remaining boxes as well, but I always run into the problem that the various models Hoffman has are pretty specialized into their given roles, with Hunters (of the remaining options) being the most versatile, from what I've seen. The special order thing should work to fix what problems you'll have with the duplication. @theamazingmrg The Kaeris box only comes to 19 points (Kaeris, totem, Firestarter 7ss, 3x Fire Gamin 4ss), so having that low of a SS box isn't unprecedented. I'd argue it would make for poor "Starter Box Only" games, but I doubt they're terribly concerned by that. That said, I'd be more inclined to put 3x Hunters in the core and putting the Watchers somewhere else. Better to have a core box over curve than under curve; I was in a core box league recently and a guy was playing Kaeris and felt (rightfully) significantly underpowered.
  11. Lead Lined Coat gives Laugh Off, which will help with the positioning problems. Also of note: Stealth is super annoying, but doesn't deny LoS, so if they're on fire, their ranges will still be reduced by Sonnia's Smothering Flame, which does include Leap.
  12. In local games (haven't been able to test network), Insignificant models can be selected for schemes. I've tried it with the Printing Press and Trained Raptor, and my opponent a couple days ago did it with the Eternal Flame. He's new and didn't realize it was Insignificant, so he used it as his Claim Jump target.
  13. Also of note, Stealth doesn't deny LoS, so, for example, Smothering Flame still affects them even if Sonnia can't target the model.
  14. Unfortunately, I have to agree. Which is a problem not because you're right, but because that seems like a pretty significant oversight from a design perspective.
  15. "At the end of each Turn, a Crew gains 1 VP if more enemy models were killed that Turn than it has scored VP for this Strategy" Does seem to count kills, not deaths. Probably needs an FAQ, but they can't do any other schemes/strats, so it seems odd that they'd found for this one.
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