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  1. Out of the 40-50% how much of that are you using as cover compared to other traits?
  2. One model I do like to consider is the field reporter. It can scheme and vs crews with a large number of movement shenanigans I've found them to be very helpful
  3. I use chiyo as a odd peice. I make her a distraction with silent peotector and she moves to within 8" attempts a taunt then runs off giggling like a child.in a game this caused perdita to lose 3 ap as they were out of cards by then
  4. The defensive triggers on perdita and lady j dont list a timing so it's only after succeeding. lady J with her def 5 seems a lot weaker now
  5. So I've recently started to use Lady J. And atm I'm struggling to get her right in my head. I use some of her keyword models in other crews and there are times death marshals are useful, but when I build a crew around lady J I am struggling to get it to work. Lady J position game seems really important but vs my main opponents I'm finding her to not really be able to get effective kills. What models/schemes are you using her on and what's your overall plan/crew with her?
  6. I'm starting to think you have a love affair about traps lol or shares in the company that makes them
  7. I've been using Santiago or Francisco to do more scheme running. Trying to see if I can get multiple obeys from abuela each turn (turn 1 I would like to try and get 2 or 3 obey attempts if possible since "!A lol el!" Is a action and so can be a bonus action I know it needs an 8 but I think it helps with their general scheme running
  8. It's the shodingers cat of malifaux it is both friendly and and enemy at the same time
  9. It's still friendly but for the purposes of triggers and things you can also count it as an enemy
  10. It means you can do enemy only triggers and also if they have blast attacks you can blast off of your own models
  11. So far only been to 1 m3e event my longest game was 1 hour 45. Even in m2e I finished every single game I played in.
  12. 3 traps is enough to get a proper model I would never hire traps or Raptors they may waste ap but I also have yet to see them so effective that they provide anything but a minor bump
  13. As both people are doing things during the same action e.g. flipping and counting and such are we suppose to use a clock in tmeach flip like that? That seems like it would slow the game even more?
  14. Over an I dont mind the ability it's the speed at which the tokens stack up. Not needing to even use a ram card and still being about to pull of the devastation potentially 3 turns in a row I feel seems over the top. Maybe also.because of how they were in m2e where it was turn 4 with a card and turn 5 otherwise. It's a case of did they intend fornitnreally to be used that early
  15. Opps misread the card you can see I dont use jack daw lol
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