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  1. Weirdly I think playing hamelin for 3 to 5 games is helping me see it better in 1 turn incan kill off 4 to 6 rats for things and even a rat king or 2 just to get what I want. I'm playing a bit more to help me with this mentality I hope
  2. I agree with this if a model dies to score you a point elsewhere then it isnt a loss and it feels a hard thing to learn, noone likes losing models but some times its needed. I wish I could be willing to sacrifice more sometimes but that's how we improve
  3. I've kinda enjoyed red chappel not played it fully serious but 3 for 3 atm
  4. I have to say I disagree with you. What keyword do you feel cannot work without using OOK models as an example. It you want to take a model out of keyword that's fine the extra SS imo isnt enough of a tax when a crew is missing lots of keyword models I think that says more about player choices that the mechanic
  5. The crew can draw quite a few cards as most obeys will draw you a card. On lucius activation alone you can generally pick up 2 or 3 cards if you are obeying. Plus any pass marker usage is a card draw
  6. I think the benefit of it is for removing models from the board for a small period of time after it has activated. This can free up board positioning
  7. I'm not so sure I've so far have played 28 different masters pretty much all pure keyword and while some may not be ideally suited to some strats at no point have I felt the need to have to search out of keyword for answers
  8. It's good against people with experience unfortunately my group isnt as experienced and I have stopped myself using basse for that reason
  9. I've been just using 2 of the cypher lords it makes sure they are distinct enough to stick out
  10. I think this is the most convoluted explanation of home on the range I've ever seen. I dont think I've seen anyone play this. I'd doesnt stat as part of the power its per model on the board but for every model in your crew with this ability. 8 or 9 models makes you corner deployment for you whole crew with the keyword a 20 to 21" circle to deploy in
  11. The upgrades for hoffman in arcanist do increase his overal effectiveness but playing in pure guild can free up some soulstones. I dont generally take any models out of keyword for hoffman and in guild he does well without taking a single upgrade, which playing him in arcanists I'd probably 2 upgrades that's quite a bit of a difference in ss cost
  12. So from playing a lot of factions/masters Some masters seem to work a but better than others, that's always gonna happen but overal the balance is good. There are a few models that problematic like the riders, I think they need looking at some keyword abilities I believe need shuttle changing as they can provide a negative play experience (this isn't the tournament scene this is for casual) example of this is in my option abundant growth, making the terrain destrucable would allow players to deal with these, Second masters, this isnt anything I've had experience with as the UK doesnt do second masters an tbh I dont agree with having a second master because their ss costs feels abaritary not actually costed correctly.
  13. This is a interesting conversation. So far the way I've seen it played is that the red joker has all the suit markings When its flipped you choose its suit marking for the duel. The wording in the rule book does suggest that while it isnt in play it doesnt have a suit.
  14. My basse list is 8 or 9 home of the range models. I aim to get basse murdering things his first activation if at all possible
  15. So with the trap list often has it changed your local meta to more anti armour lowering the effectiveness of the list?
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