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  1. i honestly can't wait for Cadus core box release i really like the aesthetics of the crew
  2. Weirdly only model that infuse that changed was chiaki, the rest of the changes didnt really impact me. But one of the interesting things from the FAQ was that challenge now stacks this has a massive impact on my play style and I think it improved my Qi and Gong crew immensely
  3. Is the agent 46 available in the special order as it's a m3e new model that is in the lucius core box.
  4. Tbh the boards were fairly tight but moving once or twice just to get line of sight on a model that hasnt even activated yet can be ok. Also against shenlong my opponent was a bit to agressive turn one with yasanori and that died within first 2 activations of turn 2.
  5. Dont forget field reporter their free action to remove a scheme marker and push 6" can get a pretty decent move of 16". I've found that to be pretty useful
  6. Charm warders are great. They can as a free action push cards out of the opponents deck and the ammoun of time return 1 I've killed totems from 20+ inches away with a 4+of crows to cast it is funny
  7. Round 2 vs nekima 5- 5 draw Terf war Nekima Blood hunter Terror tot x2 Hayreddin Mysterious effigy Black blood shamen Lelu x2 This game I made a positional error and allowed nekima with the aid of black blood pulstules to deal a lot of damage, now have re read cards and found out I took more damage than I should, the game went down to me having 3 models left and him having 5. I think I without the mistake of damage calls I may of got a win but I didnt read the card myself. Good learning game. Game 3 vs mah ticket Cursed idols. Mah ticket Little less Trickseybelle Bushwacker x3 -2x 12 cups of coffee Rooster riders x2. So this was a new player and I was going to take asami as for my last game but felt that would of been mean. Turns out it was meaner as this crew. Youko destroyed his hand every turn on first activation and then 2 models got challenged. My opponent was having fun as he hadnt seen youko played in such a way but I g Felt mean as but 2nd activation turn 5 I had completely wiped him out. Finaly score 6-0 Only dropped assination as I killed mah in 1 activation. And I missed 1 turn of cursed idols due to being a bit reluctant to run in
  8. So ran youko solo master fixed list at a small tournament over the weekend. List Youko hamasaki Chiyo hamasaki - silent protector Hinamatsu Gashia Kanouchi Charm Warden Charm Warden Bill Algrin - Trained Ninja 4 SS So this is my kinda of any Thing, I hadnt intended to run single master but I figured it would be interesting. Round 1 vs shenlong Shenlong 2x aspirant students Low river monk Sensei Yu Dawn sepent Yasanori Thunder archer Wandering river monk Rekoning. So rekoning is not great for youko but I knew my opponent was going to be running shenlong all event so I wanted to just see what youko could do. As a crew it handled shenlong well. Over the game shenlong didnt manage to kill a single model he did a bit of damage and I almost got the dream. Chiyo challenged shenlong and won. Then ran off. Unfortunately the wandering monk managed to leap into position and kill the totem before shenlong could be forced to be used. While I lost the game 3-1 due to a bit of poor potitions from me the game was really fun and youko's hand control just causes issues for him.
  9. Out of the 40-50% how much of that are you using as cover compared to other traits?
  10. One model I do like to consider is the field reporter. It can scheme and vs crews with a large number of movement shenanigans I've found them to be very helpful
  11. I use chiyo as a odd peice. I make her a distraction with silent peotector and she moves to within 8" attempts a taunt then runs off giggling like a child.in a game this caused perdita to lose 3 ap as they were out of cards by then
  12. The defensive triggers on perdita and lady j dont list a timing so it's only after succeeding. lady J with her def 5 seems a lot weaker now
  13. So I've recently started to use Lady J. And atm I'm struggling to get her right in my head. I use some of her keyword models in other crews and there are times death marshals are useful, but when I build a crew around lady J I am struggling to get it to work. Lady J position game seems really important but vs my main opponents I'm finding her to not really be able to get effective kills. What models/schemes are you using her on and what's your overall plan/crew with her?
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