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New Lucius tactica


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44 minutes ago, 4thstringer said:

So what did you think of newcius?  Did he feel more playable and useful? 

Yeah, huge difference! The fact that you always get a bonus to issue command and tge lower difficulty made it feel like he was getting stuff done. The + flips to attacks and horror in a much larger area also made me less hand dependent. 

I dtill had a few turns where I failed horrors and commands and had to cheat away half my hand but it was one or two, not every turn. Less damage to get suits also made the hidden sniper a lot more bearable.

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Had a quicky with a proxy for him and can only say I am convinced into going deeper with him. I like Mr. Graves and I like Mimics in general. Due to being rather faction purist though I will say that I currently have more plays planned for Sonnia, Perdita, Nellie and McCabe but I'm certainly looking for some quick ideas on general crews and general advantages people feel they have with those specific crews. 

The variant I've went for now is Lucius being much more upfield than I'd ever think I'd be. 

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I finally got in a game with new Lucius yesterday, and colour me impressed.  It was a 50ss Collect the Bounty game against Kirai and I won 6 - 4.  We were trying out the new 2017 Gaining Grounds, so I took Claim Jump and Hidden Trap as my schemes.  My crew consisted of:

Lucius (Surprisingly Loyal, Secret Assets, Secret Objectives) - 4

Scribe -2

Witchling Thrall x 2 - 18

Changeling x 2 - 8

Orderly x 2 10

Austringer - 6

Total - 48Sss

The Witchling Thralls did basically what I expected, which was beat face and soak damage.  The Take Aim trigger works great for these guys, allowing for focused Aetheric Blasts to get the :blast on moderate or severe.  That was handy since of course the Carrion Emissary was there and clogged the board with Mindless Zombies.  Changelings make  a great complement to them, and next time I'll probably drop an orderly for a third Changeling, or may try cramming the Doppelganger in somewhere.  Not only do Thralls have great attacks to copy, but their (0) complement's that of the Changeling, allowing them to leapfrog up the board together in pairs.  Austringer basically spent the entire game Delivering Orders to Lucius to trigger Prone to Frenzy on the Thralls.  The new Scribe is also a great little workhorse.  His Df aura helped out a lot, and with the benefit of Elite Training he was able to hand out Red Tape quite easily.

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Lucius should be able to do some fun/silly alpha strikes these days. 

Take the emissary and a beater of your choice. Double walk and scare the emissary into burying your beater. You can also scare a changeling ibto burying another beater. Shoot an enemy with hidden sniper and take the trigger to place a scheme marker. Now you can unbury stuff really far upfield.

You can choose if you want to bury the emmissary with a changeling to start popping stuff out or just bury Johan or some other discount beater and swap the emissary forward with what lackeys are for.

Johan, the emmissary a changeling and a peacekeeper is 28ss, plus a few upgrades makes it 32-33 so the rest would need to go towards out activation. I guess Francisco would be interesting instead of Johan to companion with the peacekeeper on turn 2.

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I like Watch My Back if you take a bunch of guardsmen. With it, I chain activated 4 models (Mounted Guard into Emissary and the he did his (0)) and removed most of my opponent's crew in 1 AP the other day. I didn't NEED to do it but I tell you what, it was the most satisfying play I've ever done. Lucius getting a buff makes sense in the fluff too. Marlow shows up and Lucius realises he has gotten lazy and sloppy. Now he's back and better than ever! While my heart will forever belong to Sonnia, Lucius was always a close second. Him being fun to use now means I no longer have to justify it.

In regard to tactics, what am I missing with Secret Assets? I've used it a few times and it is rarely helpful for 2 stones. Having to stone for it isn't as painful anymore (ba-dum-tsh) but i never really get any use out of it.


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You don't really take it for the damage, you take it for the placement and removal of markers.

I have used it to get spring the trap and similar schemes since you can place it closer to other markers than an interact would allow. In the new "dig their graves" one might also find it helpful to place that marker with a shot and then command a rifleman to open fire or something similar.

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The Lucius hound-jojo could be a thing now that he can push models out of engagements and has a bigger aura for poisitve flips. Getting a scheme marker close to an enemy model shouldn't be too hard and two hound attacks at a plus flip might not be amazing but could fit under an ok use of his ap.


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19 hours ago, Gnomezilla said:

C'mon, you can't tell us about that crowning moment of awesome and not detail exactly how much you destroyed in 'one' activation!

I killed a survivor, earl burns(Zipp's totem), two iron skeeters and took most the the wound of a rooster that had armour in 1 AP and used the rest of my turns to finish the rooster, knock zipp down to half wounds and do a bunch of scheme markers and interacts for the schemes. The other survivor he had then died from burning, Sparks would also have died if I hit him but he red jokered his defense, while my guardsman got healed to full from lucius bossing him with the ram trigger so he survived the burning and the emissary survived due to hard to kill. Unfortunately most of the attacks I made missed but the ones that hit did huge damage.

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Played some lucius tonight with this crew: 

50 SS Guild Crew
Lucius + 4 Pool
 - Surprisingly Loyal (1)
 - Secret Assets (2)
The Scribe (2)
Doppleganger (7)
 - A Debt To The Guild (1)
Witchling Thrall (9)
Guardian (7)
Guild Lawyer (6)
Witchling Stalker (5)
Witchling Stalker (5)
Terracotta Warrior (5)

 (exported from CrewFaux)

Into interference v. Marcus

I had Mark for death and claim jump.   He had claim jump and leave your Mark. 

He didn't bring raptors.   Guardian was mvp,  tanking the sabertooth and rogue necro for a turn to keep half of my board from collapsing, and did enough damage (fees one on sabertooth) that those big hitters were killable.   

Newcius is a big change.   Commanding presence on himself is huge and devils deal on himself or the tc makes his sniper more viable and deadly.  The lower tn and horror duel made a huge difference.  Didn't get his red tape on anyone because I kept lucius out of combat.   

Ended up calling it at the end of four.   He had his summoned sabertooth land a metal gaiman left,  I had doppel,  a stalker, lucius, the tc and the thrall.   

Pretty impressed with Newcius.  I think I got lucky in terms of how the fights matched up,  and he was still adjusting to everything new lucius was bringing to the table. 

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On 12/29/2016 at 9:44 AM, Ludvig said:

I need to assemble Hoffman. Ryle with this and the auto rams upgrade simply must be fun for everyone involved, especially if facing bayou gremlin spam or something similar :D 

trust me, it is.  Especially with sharpen from the mobile tool kit making a good chunk of those flips straights

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7 hours ago, 4thstringer said:

Since the flip is only 2/3/4, is that even a worthwhile use of the toolkit?   Debt seems like a better option for cheaper. 

I think the comment was about Ryle whose track might be a little bit higher?

and for the gatling - 2-3 damage might kill many Bayous if you can target them all in one go ;)

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I took this Lucius list to Malifaux night:

Lucius (5SS)

-Surprisingly Loyal


Master Queeg

-Lead Lined Coat


-Lucius Conflux


Witchling Thrall

Guild Pathfinder

Terracotta Warrior


Highly similar to other iterations I've seen around, except for the Emissary - which I'm taking to press the healing advantage, as well as to fire into Thrall/Doppelganger combats / help hurt swarms, as well as Master Queeg which can work (0) interacts and double up on Thrall/Pathfinder (0)s. I took this list in December before the errata, and wanted to see how it'd do now.

I got paired up with a new guy though, literally his first real game beyond an Enforcer Brawl, so things were a little off. He didn't make the typical decisions I expected, and didn't get the Vik bomb off (I did make sure it was a good game for him, though - plenty of talking about strategy in the general sense, pulling punches when I felt appropriate), so I was a little uncertain all game because I couldn't predict what he'd do compared to a more experienced player. Still want to try against a regular player. Still, observations:

-As in December, Queeg was very good. A decent first-turn hand can see the Thrall pulled into b2b with him and the Pathfinder summoning a trap, all out of activation, then repeated on their activations. In addition, once he actually goes to melee, Contraband is just a fantastic trigger if you can get it, and it's far easier with Lucius' aura working on him. Stripping their hand in conjunction with the Thrall beating on a Wp <5 model leaves them with few options, even if they pitch their lower cards first, and you can cycle in the bargain if you want to.

-I seem to have a persistent problem with getting the Emissary's aura in range of my friendlies for healing, but that's something that's more on me to work on. Still good otherwise.

-Healing through the roof. I didn't even use the heal trigger on Lucius' Issue Command, though that might have been a product of the other guy being new. Bouncing a Thrall from half dead to fully healthy is love.

-Lucius is so much easier to work with now. Still somewhat card hungry, but the lowered TNs, the increase in +flip aura size and effect, all great.


I think the above list is pretty consistent, but I could see swapping the Emissary for a second Thrall. More as I get in some more "regular" games.


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Here's an idea that Lucius opens up.  Lucius with candy,2 sanctuoned spellcasters, lust, other Hench of your choosing, maybe an orderly.


The idea being that lust goes double defensive, then the SS just start hitting her with their close combat attack.  They should do this from within Lucius's aura so they have a good chance of getting the tome to charge up life leech.   With double defensive lust should be getting you cards, which will help get the tomes the SS need.  By the end of turn one you should have some pretty well pumped soul charges, at which point Lucius and co are good for getting them out into the board to cause havoc and threaten to burst on enemies seeking to all stay bunched up.


I'm not sure I love it, but I'll try it next week and report

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