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Zoned Out - 50SS 3 Round Event - Warzone Northampton, Sun 12 February 2017


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Hi all, 

After a brief hiatus, Warzone are back! 

We'll be running a 3-round, 50SS event in Northampton on Sunday 12th February. You can either go with the traditional Fixed Faction crew selection, or our Trinity and declare 3 Masters from any faction.  

Please note that this is a new venue - the old Warzone Workshop is now closed;

Warzone Northampton
Unit 5, Gold Street Mews
Gold Street

Recommended parking is in the St Peters Square car park, off St Peters Way and Horse Market. It's free all day on Sundays and a very short walk away - head to the top of the car park and there's a street just to the right of Argos that brings you onto Gold Street. Turn left, Gold Street Mews is a few yards down the street on your left.

If the event outgrows the capacity of the shop then we will line up a community centre or similar - there are a couple of irons in the fire that we're already looking at.

Strategies and schemes will be flipped in advance, but they will not be revealed until the day of the event. 

Painting is not required, but it is encouraged. Warzone events will continue to offer prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd best painted, alongside the gaming podium, Best Sports and Best Loser.

I anticipate that Gaining Grounds 2017 will be available in plenty of time for this event, and that pack will be in use. A full rules pack will be available shortly.

Rough timetable for the day will be as follows;

1000 doors open for registration

1030 - 1230 game 1

1315 - 1515 game 2

1530 - 1730 game 3

1800 latest, should be all done, dusted and trophies handed out.

Tickets can be purchased by sending £10 as a Paypal gift to the following link: SOLD OUT

As per usual, the only way to get a confirmed ticket is to send the money - I'm not willing to hold spaces pending payments.

Any questions, ask away and I'll maintain the usual FAQ thread.


1. Mike Marshall 
2. Lee Battrick 
3. Matt Spooner 
4. Pete Wright 
5. Karl McConnell 
6. Stuart 'Lovely' Snares 
7. Craig Woods 
8. Richard Matthews 
9. Rich Bream 
10. Joel Henry
11. Graeme Nicholls 
12. Tom Skitt 
13. Ben Halford
14. Adam Hutchinson
15. Alessandro Zaramella
16. Scott Peden
17. Chay Willoughby
18. Mike Jenkins
19. Chris Donaldson
20. AJ Barr
21. Ashley Boyle
22. Tobias Dracup
23. Westlee Barr
24. Paul Wallace
25. Craig Colley
26. Graham 'Make the Tea' Bursnell
27. Brooks Martin
28. Matt While

Spare Player / TO Organiser: Little Lass

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we using the January 2017 errata?
Yes. Copies will be provided if necessary. 
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Just a quick update. 

We're at 15 paid up entrants, and have annexed the cafe next door too which means we can easily cope with 24-28 players as well as do cheap tea and coffee all day. 

Would be awesome to see people there! 

If numbers get to 20 plus, I'll line up some Best in Faction prizes as well, and offer free drinks to anyone able to bring a table of terrain with them too. 

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So we're at 26 players at the moment, pending confirmation from Troy. 

We're going to draw the line there and say that the event is now SOLD OUT, as it's grown bigger than I thought it would and I need to start building my terrain stockpiles like a madman...

Thanks everyone for getting tickets - if you're still interested, please do let me know and I'll keep a reserve list. We might be able to get another couple in if I can drum up the terrain! 

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OK, final preparations underway. My painting desk is currently a sea of resin walls, MDF bridges and plastic mausoleums... 

Trophies have been ordered. We have big shiny trophies for 1/2/3 in both gaming and painting, and a trophy for best sports. Also on the way are engraved medals for best loser and all the best in factions. 

If everyone who has volunteered to bring terrain could please throw a table's worth in the car with them, it would be much appreciated. I'd much rather have too much than too little!

Thanks for coming, and I look forward to welcoming you to sunny Northampton (note - sun not guaranteed, and Northampton frankly nicer in the dark) on Sunday!

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