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  1. Really? Oops. Been out of the game 6 months and yes, it seems you can tell... All the same. A pair operating together is a tougher nut to crack than most of the other ways you could spend 6SS, and a timely Arrested could be very useful.
  2. I don't see Guild Guard as costing 3SS, I see the pair costing 6SS. One is so easy to gun down you're wasting your time. They need that Df buff, and running in pairs means they can feed each other scheme markers to advance to as well.
  3. Paid up. My first event coming out of retirement... Lady Justice is sharpening her Swordfighter skills and will be there with backup.
  4. Apologies, I'm not able to make the event any more. Happy for my ticket to be passed on to a deserving case.
  5. Agree with the previous post. McCabe loves the Emissary. Other than him I really struggle to find a place for it. Guild have so many better models at that SS cost...
  6. I don't have an issue with Warmahordes per se, I just don't like the game. So buying a model for it does feel a touch hypocritical! Then again, if it's the best option, I'll crack on I guess. Ah yes, Judge Stern from Wild West Exodus. I use him as a Guild version of Johan. Lovely model. When I saw it I knew I had to find a use for it...
  7. I'm not able to make it - I'd already committed to the event in Warrington on the same day. Hope it goes well!
  8. The only time Sidir has ever been useful was when I traded the model for drinks... What's the point of a bodyguard that can't keep up?!
  9. I'd be sorely tempted to drop Reincarnation for Counterspell Aura. A lot of potential damage can come your way via casting actions, and it also makes Lures etc a lot harder to pull off against you. I just don't like the resources Reincarnation makes you spend for Stalkers when you're already throwing cards for Quick Study and needing Soulstones to keep Sonnia upright. As for the rest of the crew, I still like Hannah being around. There's a surprising amount of cast actions for her to copy in Guild and who doesn't like Arcane Reservoir? The trick I've found with Hannah is one picked up fro
  10. That's the limited edition alternate Performer - already a known Malifaux model sadly.
  11. Hi all, Just wanted to start a thread to steal share proxy ideas for the unavailable wave 5 models. There's no release schedule for any of these yet and with the UK Nationals at the end of November, the time to get painting is now... Appreciate most people at the moment probably just use one model as another (Wardens subbing for Riot Breakers etc) but as someone who plays at events, I can't really do that! Guild Investigators The one I'm most happy with as an Investigator is this chap, Dodge from the Infamy Miniatures range; http://elementgames.co.uk/cult-steampunk-other-m
  12. My favourite crew is still Lady Justice, Judge, Francisco, Grimwell, Queeg and Effigy. I don't get to use it very often (needs the right mix of schemes and strategies) but when I do, it brings the pain. That crew recorded the only 10-0 win in round 1 of the UK Nationals by tabling my Italian opponent in two and a half turns (I felt so guilty I gave the chap my foil Perdita card), and wiped out a Lilith crew in 3 turns in an event a few months back. Low activation count can work as long as you start making a serious dent in the opponent's numbers early! Smaller Sonnia crews work much the s
  13. 1. I don't do logic. I've won tournaments with Lady Justice and Colette, and can't make Nellie work. This is a logic-free zone. 2. Emissary has to be on the front lines to do his work. Queeg is sitting just behind the front lines, taking shots with his pistol and shoving away anything that breaks through with his long melee range and built in triggers. He's much harder for my opponent to actually get to as they have to get past the beaters first.
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