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  1. @Cpt Sandwich question for Ours do the free henchmen leaders count as their SS cost or as 10SS (like Masters) for scoring purposes?
  2. @TeddyBear is asking what happens if both crews have Ill Omens and both cheat the same card, i.e. player A flips a 7, player B flips a 10. player A cheats a 13 player B cheats a 13 My view is that you would reflip initiative as if it was a tie, however I don't think you would get to use Ill Omens again but could still stone.
  3. My preferred alpha strike with Hoffman is the Rail Golem, it takes slightly more set up but hits harder than Howard or the Peacekeeper. You need to power loop the Golem and a guardian to get him up to Ml7 with , give him nimble and make him fast which takes all of Hoffman's activation but you then get a model that is doing minimum 5 damage (6 with debt) on his locomotion attacks which will just cause anyone a headache.
  4. I did him much better as a counter pick for certain schemes. I like him if public demo is in the pool as he can quite often take out 1 or 2 of the models they chose for it. I am almost always now taking him against Gremlins as he can take out their support models with a severe usually.
  5. The Emissary is amazing with Zoraida especially as with the right set up you can paralyze 2 models a turn with it. If you are taking the Emissary I would also suggest taking Mancha as he can then very nicely auto kill the paralyzed model.
  6. If playing Hoffman I would definitely go for a power-looped nimble Rail Golem. He can easily catch up to the action is quite tanky when looped to Def6 and can get extra AP from locomotion.
  7. I have been dropping O.S.A. instead of Arcanist Assets to fit in Improved harness, there are turns I miss the extra AP but in general having access to metal gamin and the rail golem is just much more useful. I wouldn't bother with Ramos' box as the next purchase for Hoffman I would be picking up metal gamin and then a big hitter probably the peace keeper as he can also be taken with Lucius. While there is no direct synergy between Lucius and the Peacekeepr he is still an effective model that can quite happily work completely independently.
  8. I much prefer Hoffman in Symbols, giving watchers nimble or the ability to interact for a (0) means that it is very hard for an opponent to put a marker out of the way as a defense mechanism. Hoffman also likes quite tough minions so it is easier to deny punish the weak from the opponent.
  9. PositronMike


    The bayous wont die to volatile as it is a pulse so you would have to kill them and it is still only 1 per turn due to limit on catch it. Potentially the better option would be to have Lenny toss a couple of bayous forward who then use Show Off, you will then be getting 2 of 3 damage.
  10. PositronMike


    If you really want to go crazy with the Pigapult then your best option is probably So'mer for encouragement. You will also want to take Scion of Black Blood to remove the Concussion condition from using stuffed piglets as well. Add in Sparks for fast means that you could have a crew of 5 stuffed piglets, Pigapult, Sparks, Scion, So'mer with Encouragement, Slop Hauler and a couple of Bayous. It will let you do 2 focused shots or 4 normal shots per turn each with extra if required from Encouragement.
  11. Are there still spaces available for this event?
  12. Factions don't spook me as such however, there are certain masters that I don't enjoy playing against what ever I am using. Nicodem, Kirai and Ramos are the three masters that when I see across the other side of the table I know I am not going to have as enjoyable game. The fact that if they want to these masters don't need to interact with the opposing crew makes it frustrating to play against. At times it stops feeling like an alternate activation game as they don't need to react to anything I am doing unless I go for an alpha strike tactic and even then it doesn't necessarily force them to interact with my crew as usually they have some way of getting out of danger which I can do nothing against.
  13. Zoraida now loves Wild Boars. The key differences between the boars and other pigs are from the shadows and the ability that gives outside of their activation. Zoraida can now obey these guys to make a T1 charge and if you add McTavish to the crew he can then shoot into the combat that they charged into at Sh7. In Ulix crews they are harder to find a place for but can be fun in a non-summoning crew build. I have used one as a Ulix taxi that he can then prod to make attacks with
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