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  1. Please put me down to pay Dave (scott peden)
  2. Count me in Dave, i'll pay in Feb if that's ok - Scott Peden
  3. Please put me down for both days, i'll ping you the moolah tomorrow if that's ok - Scott Peden
  4. Count me in if enough people drop out - Scott Peden
  5. This sounds tempting. What's the attendee list looking like?
  6. That's great. Count me in. (Scott Peden)
  7. Scotuki

    PIG DADDY 11/06/17

    Paid - Scott Peden
  8. Put me down as a maybe Dan - Scott Peden Also, add Tom Martin as a maybe as he said he'll go if I go
  9. Count me in! Money heading your way in a few minutes. Scott Peden - Neverborn
  10. You left this a bit late haha. Interested in this. Will the results be submitted to rankings? I noticed that the last Sanctuary event didn't get added.
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