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I just created this new forum section on The Other Side! Check out all the currently available information here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/the-other-side

The campaign goes until January 20th. We learned a lot since the TTB Kickstarter campaign and have developed as a company. We recognize there were issues with the TTB Kickstarter, and we've done

Or...you're backing the wrong Kickstarters...

As someone who 'enjoyed' the 1.5 month Through the Breach campaign, I reaaaally hope this one is only a month or so.  I've participated in 80 at this point, and that one was among the longest, and through the magic of days with little/no/negative movement, one of the most excruciating.

I also hope this one's timeline is worked out with a lot of contingency time built in.  While not a 1:1 direct comparison, and it does seem like a lot of advance work is done here, the massive delays for the previous campaign shouldn't be entirely glossed over either.  Nobody can predict the future, granted.  But taking over 2 years when it was supposed to be less than 1 also dragged out a lot of negative sentiments.

Been a long time since I posted around here, and while I recognize these are not the same projects, I feel there's something to be said for recognizing where there were snags or stumbling points previously, and hope Wyrd can get ahead of that.

If nothing else, I suspect there may be a few $1 backers looking to point out the failings of the previous crowdfunding effort with considerably less tact than I'm trying to apply here.

Best of luck, to Wyrd and their backers both.  I suppose with less than 5 hours from launching it may be too late to change anything even if they wanted to, but I just found out recently that this was even in the works, let alone going back to Kickstarter.

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2 hours ago, Aaron said:


We hope that people will see the myriad ways we've improved in the past few years (such as regular communication as a company and the support we've continued to give TTB) and take that into consideration when looking at the Kickstarter!


Good Luck! Hoping for a Mil + Campaign here with nice swag levels

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Very exciting stuff!  Just got finished watching all the videos and reading through, and while watching the gameplay video I made some notes I thought it might be handy to share here:

All fireteams in a unit activate together

The flag symbol is a Morale action

The attacking player always cheats first

Commanders get a bonus Morale action every activation

Each Fireteam takes its Action seperately (can they take different Actions?)

Margin triggers: the number in the circle is how much you need to beat your opponent for the trigger

Models can use multiple triggers in the same Action

Model count is the Wd count.  All damage is increased by 1 for every 5 over the Ar the attacking player gets

Movement from Charge orders don't have to be in a straight line

Beating the Ar by 10 is enough to kill a 3 man Fireteam

Overkilling a Fireteam does not "spill" the extra damage to any other Fireteams in its Squad

Commanders can make friendly models take damage for them

Can discard a card to pass turn, if both players pass in a row then the turn ends

The Piercing effect basically gives :+fate to the Penetration flip

Fireteams can choose to move and use Actions in any order

Losing your Commander is not a game over

Some Assets can be flipped upside down to prevent some damage

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Well... after seing the options I cannot but realize the factions I like the most offer to start the models I am not a particular fan and vice versa (damn you awesome karkinoi making me like the hordes!!!)

Will be there an option to change a unit for another? for example, if later realised, could I change the warped for a couple of doomseekers? Will the add ons be the only way to do that?

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