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  1. My suggestion was to obtain an effect similar to this.
  2. This kind of discussion is exactly why I made the post in the first place. I live reasoning about mechanics and trying to understand how things are balanced by developers and what could be done to make them better design-wise. I understand I may have underestimated how much value the action itself can generate. I still think it's useful to compare it to other abilities even if they belong to different masters. I believe it's a useful thing because in the end it's all part of the same game. It shouldn't by all means be the only way to look at abilities but I feel it's a good
  3. Hi there, I've been reading a lot of the posts on M3E masters balancing requests lately and I find it really interesting to try and analyze the issue from a design standpoint. I wanted to share with you what I think about the whole Von Schill Load Up action change. I think we could safely compare the action with Obey style abilities and Chimerancy from Marcus and try to understand if Load Up is balanced in it's current iteration. The foundation of my reasoning is this: Malifaux, as most wargames, is based on the allocation and use of the different resources available to the p
  4. it seems to be region locked in Italy too, can't download I have a Huawei P9 lite
  5. thank you, I forgot the timer was there XD
  6. how much do we have to wait? I'm pretty hyped
  7. I too hope the game will be playable on a smaller surface, 4x6 is really huge and impractical, plus I resized my gaming table to 4x4 to accomodate both WM and malifaux, and I'm not going to go back the bigger one, it eats way too much space around the table.
  8. So it seems that's a whF dark elves corsair blade and the handle of the gun comes from the same kit, I cut of the front part of the crossbow and added the barrels from and empire handgun. I wanted to convey the single-shot duelling pistol feel
  9. and here's my conversion of francisco, I love the character and the rules, but I thing the model is bad, he himself is a good sculpt but the weapons are something I wouldn't have the guts to sell, the blade seems to come straight out of a bad cartoon, it's nothing more than a piece of metal with a (too) short handle and a bad edge, and the gun... my god, no trigger, no firing mechanism, no drum, no nothing and it's even undersized, he basically holds a piece of tubing with a bayonet. I beleive he's supposed to point it at the enemies and hope they die on they're own, maybe for the sheer fear i
  10. now, since I can't focus on only one faction in any game I play, AND Malifaux is relatively cheap (if confronted with games like WM/H or the warhammer brans) I obviously buy things from every faction and even paint some of them . here's the alternate sculpt of nicodem from the first edition metal range sorry for the crappy pictures but that's all I can do with my phone
  11. thank you very much, I know what ou are talking about but I didn't think about it until you pointed it out ^^.
  12. I like the whole lot...a lot , the bases are really nice too, the only thing I'll do is adding a third color for contrast on the brass arachnid, just like you did with the electrical creation, with only 2 colors it seems like it's unfinished. the green-blue metallics on the little ones is really really nice!
  13. thank you! I'm glad you like it ^^ it's the very first time I try something like that
  14. So, I got interested in Malifaux during the first edition, my girlfriend really likes this sort of atmosphere and she brought me in, then m2e came and lots of plastic resculpt with it, I bought into ten thunders (misaki), guild (perdita, lady J and sonnia) and added something to both factions, recently I got hooked by neverborn, I always end up playing the humans in pretty much every game, usually the "good" ones so I said to myself that I could paint and play the bad guys for once, so I bought the dreamer crew box, teddy and got the widow weaver from my best friend as a gift. I thought alot
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