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  1. Alright, I know I'm late to the party when it comes to 3e, but I'm looking forward to learning more. That said, I want to open a discussion about one of the biggest problems I have with Malifaux. Namely that the models are really fiddly to assemble. My hands shake sometimes (less now, yay new meds!) so model assembly can be a real challenge for me. (Painting too.) I remember hearing at one point that Wyrd had said they were going to be doing something about how hard it is to assemble Malifaux models going forward. Is this being kept in mind with 3e?
  2. There actually is a smallish community here now. I'm due to play a refresher game tomorrow. It's been a while...
  3. Okay, yeah, the feed in the iTunes store is messed up. But I figured out a way to make it work. Friggin iTunes
  4. Bump, because this is still a problem.
  5. Apparently, the hosting service for the PullMyFinger wiki is going away. Are there plans for it to be rebuilt elsewhere?
  6. The Creative Salvage ability found on Joss and the Large Arachnid reads as follows: "Models killed by this model drop a Scrap Marker in addition to any other Markers dropped." My question is if the model kills a construct, are two Scrap Markers dropped, or just one? That seems... promising.
  7. I'm trying to work out what happens if you charge a model with Terrifying (i.e. Howard Langston). My question is, how many Horror duels are involved? Is it just one, for the charge itself, or does each melee action trigger a Horror duel as well?
  8. Doubt they'd do the sending in for new cards again, given that you can do the cards POD, download them from the website, or just use the app.
  9. And again with the problems with the Breachside Broadcast. This time it's iTunes which is throwing up a fuss, Podcast Addict on my phone doesn't seem to care.
  10. I wish I had the money and space for it.
  11. If a totem has the rare characteristic, can I start with more than one of them on the board? Or am I limited to just one of them to start? The specific example I'm thinking of is Hamelin's The Stolen, which have Rare 3.
  12. Okay, Malifaux's heating up again locally. I already have a Rail Crew box and metal gamin, a rail golem is a no-brainer next buy, but what should I think of picking up after that? I prefer to stay in Arcanists rather than run Mei Feng as Ten Thunders. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to pick up some ranged capability instead of being all melee, any suggestions?
  13. Hot damn. I played with this for about ten minutes and then bought full access. The bar has been raised, good sirs.
  14. Any chance of adding the ability to cut & paste the crew/save them to Dropbox? BBCode mode would be nice, but just plain text would be awesome.
  15. Please? Malifaux's heating up here now, and having this would be awesome.
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