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  1. PolishSausage

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    do we know if this will be plastic or metal/resin like winter Rasputin box?
  2. PolishSausage

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    lol, I like the pig, it is a very special pig with belt for me.
  3. PolishSausage

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    I mean did we get the pricing? at $50 hell yes, at $60 yes , $70 maaayybee, $80 unlikely, $80+ hell no. so the question is, do they want to sell couple at higher prices or do they want to sell the stock at much more affordable cost. ( I still do not see it selling as well as past Nightmare boxes even at $50 due to niche nature of box/crew/and composition of crew interactions)
  4. PolishSausage

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    I think we would have preferred something with a Slick/Cool (McCabe/Cooper) look to it as opposed to a "trolly" crew. In my personal opinion, I do not believe this will be a big seller as its a very niche master with a very very niche theme that, as posted above, needs more models to fully support it.
  5. PolishSausage

    Nightmare Ulix box

    I think you have to abuse from the shadows 5ss boars to make ulix work, hire 4-6 minimum. Than have 1 "big" pig cart Ulix around. In that sense I do see the attraction from the box as long as I can get my hands on 3 more ponies (for nice round 6). the 2/4/6 dmg track on a 5ss model is bonkers good.
  6. PolishSausage

    Our worst models

    I think he is referring to KIN box set models. Franc/Raph/Pere/sniperwhatumacallit are all DF4's
  7. PolishSausage

    Our worst models

    her trick is she hits like a truck with ++ and has companion, so between here and franc/pere you have 6 ap worth of attacks going into opponents crew. The key with gremlins its all about hitting first and hitting fast, she generates the movement/positioning for your hitters and can follow up herself. Having a model that can point/click/remove a high ss model in 1 activation is always a good thing. Also people sweat at the idea of taking 12 from a RJ,something that a ++ attack can do by cycling cards very fast in 1 activation.
  8. PolishSausage

    Our worst models

    I remember when back in the day Levi was meta heavy, I would run Somer with Hide in Mud and Stubborn to prevent getting Shot, quite the days back than. I would even take it if the "scrap marker" upgrade did not count for purpose of her upgrade limit, would help out tremendously.
  9. PolishSausage

    Our worst models

    I honestly think that she would be in a very good spot if you could give her 1 more "free" upgrade spot for DC. the Performance she does every time is "solid" all her 0's are instant ( no CA or TN's) and she is + flip and ++ flip need be with also 3 different types of attacks need be. As amazing as Zip is, he suffers against HT3 models, and his weak of 2 makes him not a good damage dealer/activation eliminator. Ophelia can erase 1-2 models in activation and has chain activation available to her.
  10. PolishSausage

    Our worst models

    That is exactly it, does not require you to hire models you did not want in your list anyway. As much as I love the iron skeeter he is very unreliable ( I BJ that darn flip so many times) sometimes and outside of the "fast delivery" I dont think his value is there at 6 ss compared to Merris/Pere/Raph or 1.5 of survivors/effigy.
  11. PolishSausage

    Our worst models

    well, with little 2ss totems and low ss kin model crew you can run 11-12 activation so the flip is safe t1 most cases. Ophelia being activation 11 and pere being 12. also you place him from the 10" to 19" mark so you have wiggle room, and the push is at best optional ( you opponent decided to sit in his deployment) As devastating as "blow up pere" can be, it is very tome dependent and your opponent can easily pass all these checks T1 due to unused hand. From my experience you are best to just charge him into the thick of it and engage 2-3 models if possible, throwing out attacks. This creates a nice perspective for your opponent T2, where he should go after pere if he does not want him to blow up but he will still do 4dmg, if he does you still get to activate other key pieces to wreck havoc( ophelia/franc/raphael/swinecursed) in his lines.
  12. PolishSausage

    Our worst models

    well.. about Ophelia tactics. She can be swined 8" up, also banjo can re-position another 2", OO a girl pere to here and flip him 8" from her , assume 1" base and than trash marker him 6" You can activate Pere T1 25" from deployment line on standard. That does not require any card flips what so ever and WILL HAPPEN always. Is she that bad?
  13. PolishSausage

    Our worst models

    Use them, win some tournaments, prove me wrong. Excited to see your results.
  14. PolishSausage

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    or, for those that purchased the model for Levi, remove the ability to summon the model by making it enforcer? Pew Pew
  15. PolishSausage

    Game Time

    I also hear sticking engineer into every squad is a good idea. (extra attack)