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Von Schtook?


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So, I'm a relatively new player and haven't had the chance to deep-dive into the lore of Malifaux as much as I'd like, but I'm weirdly intrigued by the University of Transmortis.  Have there been any actual appearances of Von Schtook (as opposed to letters, references, etc.) anywhere in Wyrd canon?  I did a forum search and saw the "Leveticus is Albus!" fan fic (which seemed both hilarious and possibly dead-on) but otherwise, I have no idea if he's just a peripheral lore figure, potentially another Master in disguise, a possible future Master, etc.

Anyone have any further information on him?

edit: Corrected the spelling, redid the search, and it seems like there was a lot of speculation about him two years ago and that it's been a bit quiet lately.  I take it nothing much new has turned up?  I mean, if Wyrd *wants* to drop any new hints here, I'm not going to complain.  ;-)

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I don't think he was intended as a major player in the fiction. More of an interesting side character that they might trot out again at some point. I seriously doubt he will become a master though. It would be interesting to see some more of his 'students'. Maybe a new Upgrade called 'Went to school' or some such that gives that sweet action the other students have to deny triggers (or something else).

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8 minutes ago, Cinnamon Bear said:

Theres a lot of information on him and the school in the TTB book "Under Quarantine". He appears in person during the narrative Bestiary at the end where he attempts to forcefully matriculate a recently deceased Guild spy.

And it leaves very little doubt that that the Von Schtook and Leveticus are two different people.

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Albus Von Schtook is awesome and i wish he was a master. In fact it was my assumption based on the Academic tag that the new Ressur master would have been Von Schtook able to take Academics as undead, similar to Tara and Death Marshals, though ripples showed me i was wrong.

Albus would make a wonderful master, but I'd just as gladly take him as a Henchman or anything really, he's one of my favorite characters in the stories.

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Oh. As presented, he's definitely a *Master. Honestly, I was hoping the same. Under Quarantine makes him look like Master level character or maybe even stronger. He is the Rezzer that is the biggest threat to Malifaux as a whole. I really want him, but I can see him being used as a greater threat (maybe a Nythera-like campaign where the winning faction takes him down?). I dunno. I just think he's awesome.

*Then again, Hayderrin (spelling?) leads an army that proves to be a major threat to the entire Guild once they take down the Quarantine Wall. Pretty impressive for an Enforcer.

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