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  1. Simple wishlist, put McMourning back in the guild. McCabe too.
  2. The flying piglets come in a box with "merris lacroix" who can fly, you could use them instead of gracie/burt. I would consider maybe Ophelia's crew good? Just because i don't think you need as many models. Her core box + "copycats" has most of her stuff i think. They are a family of models who are "imitations" of other, human models. Mostly Perdita from guild. They can chuck dynamite, curse people, shoot them with guns they have it all! "Merris Lacroix" not only works for Zipp, but also works for Ophelia as she is part of her family (and is a "copy" of Kaeris, the arcanist master)
  3. I think it has to be 40mm? I don't think a 30mm can do it.
  4. The idea is they run up to one lamp to light it, then move towards other ones to light it but can still interact back near the first one they lit, letting them threaten to interact in TWO places.
  5. If its blocking the whole thing then can't nobody draw lines through the concealing, so there's no concealing?
  6. I never thought of pushing moorwraith or grave goo with lamplighter just for shielded that makes a lot of sense. Surveyor chain gang too i suppose.
  7. Had a game where i tried out seekers vs a friend playing dreamer, i made tons of mistakes in hiring and playing. This is a complex crew to play and you will make lots of mistakes in your first games or at least take a long time to do your turns. Every time something heals (which is often) you may choose trigger often 3-4 different chronicle effects and which ones you want to use plus how you want to use them can be overwhelming. When a regenerating model activates and you have to choose whether to transform that into damage with jedza, then if you don't do that now you can push it, move moorwraiths towards it, mess with discard piles, teleport mikhail, poison things with grave goo etc it ends up taking a while. Also your positioning and line of sight to Jedza is so important it makes every move a complex line of sight challenge, not to mention whenever you make enemies move you have to take into account shimmering lights, moorwraith severe etc. Definitely not a crew for new players!
  8. In that case i think it gets shielded for walking near them too? Moorwraiths sound like they work well in groups if whilst walking together they all end up with shielded.
  9. Gretchen Janus? More like Gremlin Genius. Its Big Brain Brin in a costume.
  10. Her abilities and triggers are in some cases unique yes, but not in what they do. Unseen Manipulator is the only one that actually does something unique, the others are obeys, damage, discards, draw or deck manipulation. You can argue that she does these in very slightly different ways but the end results are not really very unique. Looking at the top of the fate deck when models activate nearby for example sounds very unique, but in practice its not any different to other "debuff when models activate nearby" auras. Its difficult to see what is different about her compared to say, Allison Dade, other than that Allison Dade does more damage and is generally more consistent in the use of her abilities. I don't think every master is super unique, obviously damage masters all do "damage" but Youko is just even less unique than the average master. The only other case i can think of this bad is Basse/Mad Dog Brackett in terms of "henchmen do the job better than the master".
  11. Berserker Husks are interesting. The ability to creep along towards enemy units once they have parasite tokens means they will be more mobile than they appear after the start. 2/3/5 isn't special but stat 6 on only a 6 cost is quite nice plus with ruthless and relentless they will counter certain models. Meredith can also turn an eyes and ears into one per turn.
  12. I prefer the effigy for lead the way. Given how well jedza crew protects allies it might be good to take the effigy grow up upgrade?
  13. The emmissary isn't a seeker so i don't think life tokens work on it.
  14. Moorwraiths seem like they really need to stay in the bubble, armor is nice but they are still DF4. Both they and the Grave Goo can make use of shielded from the bellhop porter.
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