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  1. If you need to use it more than once your foes must be very dangerous, i find once is enough. That said for me the totem is a pure nightmare killing machine that makes the Viktorias look tame, as i almost always manage to flip or cheat red jokers/severe + crow trigger so perhaps my situation is uncommon. Having a totem who can turn a king of crows in hand into a 3/4/5 attack is a fun trick most foes will not expect.
  2. The Lucky Emissary can give it out on a trigger when it gives slow, which can leave them vulnerable to shockwaves, however you generally put slow on something you don't plan to kill and something with staggered is likely to take lots of damage from wong and die, so it can feel a bit silly. I would focus less on how to give out staggered and more on how you can protect and reposition your totem, who effectively does the same thing as staggered just by being nearby. A model with Toss (or the pigapult) can deliver the totem in a dangerous manner to the opponent even after your totem has been activated, making it hard for your opponent to predict when or where that +2 TN will be applied.
  3. Personally i think he was fine in closed beta, he seemed pretty average for his cost thanks to hsi so-so offense but awesome defense. Now he is just a bit lacking.
  4. The crew doesnt need another blood poisoning and he is not high mobility at all, his mobility is equal to or less than everyone else in the crew except cooper. His defenses are outright worse than moon shinobi, with the same mobility and no significant offense difference at more stones! He is terrible in every way, designed to be the third source of a non stacking aura, be bad at spreading poison and bringing blood poisoning you will rarely have enough poison to use, which also turns off his only defense!
  5. The overall worst model is Popcorn Turner in my opinion, he's very squishy and too reliant on triggers to be effective. I would say the Whiskey Golem is among the tankiest 10 costs.
  6. Nukemouse

    Moon Shinobi

    The 1 inch push is very small, it does not help, not is it even reliable.
  7. Nukemouse

    Moon Shinobi

    Calling them scheme runners when they lack any extra movement or interact tricks is a bit much. They don't even have flight to get over terrain. Whiskey Gamin are the scheme runners and they excel compared to Moon Shinobi.
  8. Nukemouse

    Moon Shinobi

    Could be interesting. I wouldn't make it a trigger though, just build it in so you can declare triggers (whatever they may be) on top. I think it might end up a bit too swingy though, where its not very effective normally or against targets with armor. Plus really making poison not go down makes it the same as burning.
  9. Nukemouse

    Moon Shinobi

    Currently only the Fermented River Monk, Whiskey Gamin and Cooper Jones actually make use of poison on themselves.
  10. Nukemouse

    Moon Shinobi

    I don't really like any of those ideas i have to say. Whilst i would like to see his damage go down in exchange for other types of power, i think outright removing his new liver damage attack and his currently all but unique access to stat 8 takes away from what has been successful about the new design. Personally i think if Blood Poisoning were to go and his other attacks got new triggers for more distracted, staggered etc it could give him more options, but his front of card is all but perfect and liver damage is mostly fine as is, even drunken strength requires setup from other models in the crew to be used, unlike blood poisoning which brewie just sort of sets up by himself for the big wombo combo of death.
  11. Nukemouse

    Moon Shinobi

    My suggestions regarding brewmaster rarely involve changes to the beating potential with the stick, just the blood poisoning which i feel also kind of goes against his thing, since it means he ends up removing the poison he worked hard to stack up! I never found getting poison 2 trivial either, its always at least one action of setup, usually more if you don't hit the first time or use a 1 poison action. I think Drunken Gremlin Kung Fu is a great ability and could be great on a "beater" brewmaster however he would require many changes to make it work without being unfair, possibly losing the +2 stat (which i like and think fits with his "control" aspects as well by boosting lure, defenses etc) and it also creates anti-synergy with tanuki and his totem, which both hand out focus. Drunken Kung Fu brewmaster may be something for one of those "alternate stat card" masters, since i can't see it working without a total rework of the current brewmaster. I think Drunken Strength is kinda interesting, making use of the poison on yourself rather than on your enemy. If it did go away i wouldn't cry a river though, leaves more room for control stuff!
  12. It influences your opponent's decision making yes, but it also reminds them "hey i can basically soften up his master and any other henchmen" because if you spend those stones, you are in a lot of trouble with your other models that rely on them.
  13. Nukemouse

    Moon Shinobi

    Personally, rather than bringing old drunken kung fu back i would rather they got DF6 and a bonus action to push towards models with the poison condition. Or alternatively, Beer Goggles! This would push Fermented River Monks as the "damage" ones whilst moon shinobi abuse their beer goggles and stealth to try and sneakily engage foes.
  14. A long time ago before all the injured changes i felt he could go all the way to DF 6, 10 costs often have much better defenses than him in the form of things like armor.
  15. Given that poison goes down at the end of the turn, it already wasnt guaranteed on 2.
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