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  1. Nukemouse

    Alpha Crawler

    If the alpha crawler has reinforcement tokens on it it's quite a bit harder to kill than regular fireteams, its armor means not all attacks will actually hit and almost none will do more than 1 damage, those that do you can flip an asset, then use a reinforcement token to flip it back rather than spending the reinforcement token directly. I think it will pair well with the Horomotangi + Frenzy who can probably give it 5 reinforcement tokens on the first turn, have it kill an egg clutch to glory and it might get as many as 7! It would then take an extreme number of resources to take down, especially if you are using armored whelks in your army so placing pinned tokens isn't an option. I mean you could also do this to the Devouring Eel, but it only gets one attack, even if it is a nice one.
  2. Nukemouse

    Gibbering Spam

    Worth remembering that kings empire and abyssinia have guns, so they can shoot your newly spawned eels, mechanized infantry have 36 range on their big things battle cannon. Cult would have a harder time dealing wtih this but they can go through the portals to all the objectives whilst you sit aronud.
  3. Nukemouse

    Backdraft Gremlin Boys

    They are primarily designed to work with "The Brewmaster", a gremlin dedicated to the ancient secret arts of drinking moonshine. Whilst they could have some use with other masters, that is the main one. Piglets work with many masters, but Ulix and Som'er Teeth Jones have "direct" support for them.
  4. Nukemouse

    Thoughts about M3E

    Rat engine being gone doesn't mean hamelin won't be able to summon rats. I suspect it simply means rat kings will no longer be able to become rat catchers or that hamelin will give his opponent pass tokens when he summons so the engine wont generate free activations. Zipp's totem buffs constructs so perhaps he will be able to make use of levi's thematic crew and lazarus. Many mercenaries like sue, hans, ama no zako, bishop etc will no longer be hireable outside of faction supposedly so access to those models could be very handy. Personally i want to see if it will be possible to leverage his high speed with something to push him further up the board to snipe a low health enemy model and unleash killjoy.
  5. Nukemouse

    M3e sculpts

    I don't mind the thicker figures existing, but i would like there to be more anorexic figures too. One of the most iconic malifaux duos is Graves and Tannen, a rather sturdy fellow and a wiry as all heck one. The contrast between figure sizes tends to make it easy to identify them and give a certain aesthetic. The mindless zombie box is probably my favorite example of this done well.
  6. Nukemouse

    M3e sculpts

    The moon shinobi look like they are holding a pose, which works well in a still model. A "fighting stance" even if its goofy like moon shinobi works really well.
  7. Nukemouse

    Is Levi Worth Playing Without Pariah Upgrades?

    I'm not sure you are going to create many corpses, so grave golem might have a problem there. Rail Golem doesn't have any way to boost its Ml, lower the enemy DF or prevent cheating so it might have trouble dishing out its big damage. Perhaps Talos (he technically has burning!) would be a better choice? If the Fire Golem or Wanyudo have good casts you could use hannah or lazarus to copy them and don't forget the Obsidian Statue is a thing.
  8. Nukemouse

    M3e sculpts

    I despise dynamic poses, they look utterly ridiculous as they are perfectly still models. I don't mind "effects" like fire, magical energy etc but models should look like they are giving the staredown to the enemy, not halfway through a cartwheel.
  9. Nukemouse

    The unbeatable Seamus list

    Having one target that is very fast and DF7 so you can cheat to dodge most things AND will get you some card cycling on death doesn't seem so bad. Enemy beaters will gravitate towards Hayreddin, only to be lured out of position by belles.
  10. Nukemouse

    The unbeatable Seamus list

    Hayreddin is only 6 stones now and is a flying wk6 with DF7! He could make an interesting replacement for the necropunk, though he cant "leap" as often since he needs vitality to teleport around, he would provide a bigger damage threat and if he stands in the right place can add a nasty to damage for Seamus' gun.
  11. Nukemouse

    Poison for 6 damage per hit - Brewmaster

    I've always liked akaname more for their potential ML8.
  12. Nukemouse

    Backdraft Gremlin Boys

    Most of the models can apply burning and poison, and are better at applying burning to models with poison. Popcurn Turner can summon whiskey gamin off scrap, using the poison on herself as the number of wounds it gets to keep. I think Whiskey Gamin have a self push or movement boost based on how much poison they have? Don't remember. Cooper Jones can prevent friendly models taking poison damage (its a choice so you can still that's the stuff) and has Alcohol Poisoning from the new brewie upgrade. Thats all that i can remember.
  13. Nukemouse

    Backdraft box models

    https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2015/11/23/monday-preview-aionus Actually they showed us his card in advance for this exact reason.
  14. Nukemouse

    Backdraft box models

    I'm interested in this too, because i want to make an informed decision about my purchase. Normally the books and card stats come out way before the models.
  15. Nukemouse

    Is Levi Worth Playing Without Pariah Upgrades?

    Levi's ability to hire out of faction isn't really all that. You can grab some neat things and there's one or two neat combos, but outcasts now have models that help fill most niches without needing to rely on the out of faction hiring. Levi's hiring pool used to be amazing, but that was back when there were not many options in outcasts themselves. Now with 5 books of models every faction can usually bring a variety of solutions to their problems instead of only having limited choices. That said, a mobile toolkit wouldn't hurt.