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  1. Nukemouse

    Moon Shinobi

    Personally, rather than bringing old drunken kung fu back i would rather they got DF6 and a bonus action to push towards models with the poison condition. Or alternatively, Beer Goggles! This would push Fermented River Monks as the "damage" ones whilst moon shinobi abuse their beer goggles and stealth to try and sneakily engage foes.
  2. A long time ago before all the injured changes i felt he could go all the way to DF 6, 10 costs often have much better defenses than him in the form of things like armor.
  3. Given that poison goes down at the end of the turn, it already wasnt guaranteed on 2.
  4. We can tell whether or not the other player was bad by the moves he took in the battle report. That's why those are so crucial, to see what each player did and what the interactions and results were.
  5. The massive differences between malifaux and 40k or even just 2e and 3e (especially for Wong and the Pigapult) really only leaves your experiences in the current system as important, so you should probably submit more battle reports rather than unverifiable bragging.
  6. Right, now compare it to a 9 stone beater, especially a ranged one, buffed up by a master. Have you seen something like a War Pig assisted by Ulix or a sabertooth cerberus assisted by marcus?
  7. Yeah i seem to be discovering that, since asking some of my regular RL playgroup i'm discovering they didn't have this ability, despite also tracking on the cards. Apparently my history of playing board games and especially card games like yugioh etc have given me a talent that isn't as normal as i thought.
  8. The stat 6 2/3/5 attack is hard to use because you cant really reposition the pigapult or escape from an engagement, so you wont be able to take that action against key models (because your opponent wont place them in the very static bubble if they cant deal with it) or most of the time, at all due to engagement. Think of it this way, would anyone ever hire the pigapult if that was its only attack? If you have such problems do a battle report, i've done plenty of games with the pigapult and it was never a problem. It sounds like your opponents are bad players if you never lost, maybe thats the issue.
  9. How does the totem's aura help? It makes the enemies duels harder, not your own easier.
  10. How does wong give out more than one token per turn without damaging anyone? Ah nevermind, they've changed Crackling Energies, i see. It sounds like you've had some exceptionally poor luck if wong has had his pigs passing all those shockwaves regularly, but even so none of this is difficult to compare to models like rusty alyce, fuhatsu etc. LOS blocking terrain, engaging (which the pigapult can really do nothing about) or attakcing the pigapult/pigs is easy to do by your first activation on turn 2, even faster with certain models. Spreading out isn't all that difficult either, and whislt its true you cant do the schemes and strategy easily the pigapult shouldnt still be a threat by turn 3 so you have plenty of time to do your schemes and turn 2 strategy usually only requires one marker or kill etc.
  11. Besides wong's melee attack (which isn't giving fast to anybody but the pig) getting up to 5 on a single pig is impossible without the use of healing.
  12. Thats why you don't use physical tokens, they are a very bad way to track things. At least used colored dice if you are determined not to write on the cards like a normal person. @solkan those may have been rules legal, but they were very inefficient ways to track things. I'm not sure what you mean by everyone playing the game? You and your opponent can both see the cards, so the card writing method already makes it clear who has what conditions.
  13. In order to get 5 glowy tokens onto a pig, you would use "the glow" then damage the pig twice by using it as the center for a pulse (that preferably wont hit any of your other models) to get it to 3 glowy, then heal it up with a gautreaux bokor and smack it again, then have your totem throw sparklers at it. Alternatively if you give it shielded, wong could attack it with his fan for 2 glowy tokens twice, then use "the glow" to get it to 5. Its... possible. But you are using all but one of your master's AP (admittedly you may be able to get other stuff out of that AP) and paying quite a few stones in models. The range is more limiting than you would think, especially in the corner and flank deployments and keeping this strategy going past turn 1 or 2 is very difficult, especially when long ranged models can take out the pigs or quick moving models can engage the pigapult, shutting it down.
  14. But it is a masters activation, versus (unless brewmaster is facing 4 masters) significantly cheaper model's activations. He has to be able to earn a positive result or the ability is worthless. Tri-chi already suffers hugely against ranged crews and (besides the whiskey golem) his crew pays for its access to healing by being quite squishy. Without reducing the number of attacks being put out brewmaster and co will just die.
  15. In 2e the game was designed around writing your conditions on stat cards, not using physical tokens. Tracking is much easier that way and you don't have to sacrifice depth.
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