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Mortarion's Malifaux models

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Awesome! I was halfway through painting these models (madnesses) in a similar way but gave up when I couldn't balance the colours out. Totally going to steal a piece of mind off you on the gradients and adding in those creepy fleshtones.

Speaking of fleshtones I think your faces in general look excellent. I find it hard to get a good level of contrast and keep things looking natural and you've done that really well, Hoffman and Santiago stand out to me in particular. Mind if I ask what paints you tend to use for your skin-tones?

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Thank you!

@lusciousmccabe: I originally used Coat d'Arms "Dwarven flesh" as a base, shaded with watered down Citadel colour's "Tuskgor fur" and highlighted with Coat d'Arms "Flesh". But since Coat d'Arms paints are really difficult to get a hold of, I have now switched the base to Citadel colour's "Cadian fleshtone".

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New models! First up, the last Sorrow:

And a Poltergeist:

And finally a group picture of the whole misery family:

Go ahead! Make that Wp duel! What could possibly go wrong?

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And now, finally, the master to lead the last couple of models - Pandora!

I tried a slightly different colour scheme from the "official" one. Green and purple like the rest of my Neverborn. And purple hair instead of red. I also painted the ghostly energy coming out of the box blue to add some more contract. The colours have more depth in reality than shows up on this photo.

And her friend Candy:

When seeing pictures of this model I didn't realise just how tiny it really is. The size made it somewhat difficult to paint, but it turned out OK in the end I think.

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