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  1. Some kind of electric game. I am told they come on cassettes that you play to your television. ^___^
  2. You could retheme your bases, so you could have one set you use for urban battles, and another you use in the bayou or against the Ortegas.
  3. So you have not seen "Shaun of the Dead". I think Kieran's mum followed the instructions here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p015mzv7
  4. I am trapped in a timeloop, every time I start to reply, I go to look something up and have to start again. I agree about the character, but the supposed cricket bat is rubbish. It is like making a rounders bat a length of square section wood. However, do remember https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Places_in_The_Hitchhiker's_Guide_to_the_Galaxy#Krikkit
  5. In the same way a rounders bat is a length of wood of three inch by three inch section ^___^. Cricket is a test of endurance, five possibly more days.... Tests the players (and the spectators). You may break for a word from your sponsors, we break for lunch and tea! Plus it promotes snoozing, maybe that is why.
  6. Nice conversions. I look forward to seeing them painted.
  7. Late to the party (maybe I overslept, I have been having these terrible dreams...). What is the Dreamer carrying over his shoulder? Is it supposed to be a sword in a ribbon wrapped box? The rest look suitably nightmareish.
  8. Nice artwork, it will be interesting to see the sculpt. Painting peacock feathers will be a nightmare ^__^.
  9. Do you get them from Macdonald's Lumber Supplies? ^__^
  10. I do not know if my experience is unique, but I do not have a local non Great Womble games shop. I buy Wyrd products from shops in London (Dark Sphere) and Birmingham (Weyland's Forge) or from shows (Salute, Colours, SELWG and Warfare). I build and paint, I have yet to play any of the Wyrd games. I discovered miniature gaming on finding the first White Dwarf available from a newsagent (the one with the same cover as Harry Harrison's "Technicolour Time Machine") back in 1984.
  11. I got Kassa and the Motor Scout from my nearest Shop (Dark Sphere, from both the Waterloo and Shepherds Bush shops) a couple of weeks back. They had starter boxes, titans, reinforcements and new forces (including the Artillery). They did not have all of the December and January releases. The concern is whether there is sufficient interest in the game such that it does get stocked by my nearest games shops.
  12. Good point. Hopefully more at Adepticon.
  13. But interesting to see for those not here two years ago. Thanks.
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