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  1. And in case you had not noticed (which I had not)
  2. I want to believe. I am hoping that "with one thing and the other"* is just delaying the two player starter set, and once things like cons and shows become possible that will allow a fully supported release and lots of promotion. * Kermode and Mayo code for where we find ourselves, similar to "puppies and kittens" in Z-Nation.
  3. Interesting, useful information.
  4. Interesting about your thoughts on the undead. I think it was series 6 of The Walking Dead where I realised most of the walkers were the same grey brown colour, skin and clothes, with just small variations in colour. It depends on how they are kept. Seamus is likely to keep them "cleaner", so signs of decay will have a higher contrast. Others are likely to not spend time keeping them tidy so they are likely to end up an over all dirt colour with areas of seepage.
  5. If you want something totally off the wall, you could paint them smurf blue. A number of years ago a German GW store had a smurf blue Ogre army in the window. I think pale human with a hint of green would look good, it is how to avoid them looking like undead that would be difficult.
  6. Nice painting. Have you thought more n how you are going to paint Vision?
  7. That is impressive work, both in quality and quantity.
  8. That is just brilliantly disturbing.
  9. Not saying I take a long while, but the photograph of the Warden sprue was taken in 2018. If it was not for La Casa de Papel (aka Money Heist) on Netflix, these might have sat on the shelf of shame for a while (I needed something else to spray paint red besides the cloak). A Riot Breaker provide backup.
  10. Now the previous Guild Guard was based to back up the Latino posse (do not tell Perdita I said that). This one is on an urban patrol.
  11. She is still waiting, though there is the Charles Edmonton box set awaiting painting...
  12. Will they have the cards for Malifaux as well as TOS? Any ETA info?
  13. Looks younger than her artwork. I wonder if she will turn up as the new ME?
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