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  1. I do not know if my experience is unique, but I do not have a local non Great Womble games shop. I buy Wyrd products from shops in London (Dark Sphere) and Birmingham (Weyland's Forge) or from shows (Salute, Colours, SELWG and Warfare). I build and paint, I have yet to play any of the Wyrd games. I discovered miniature gaming on finding the first White Dwarf available from a newsagent (the one with the same cover as Harry Harrison's "Technicolour Time Machine") back in 1984.
  2. I got Kassa and the Motor Scout from my nearest Shop (Dark Sphere, from both the Waterloo and Shepherds Bush shops) a couple of weeks back. They had starter boxes, titans, reinforcements and new forces (including the Artillery). They did not have all of the December and January releases. The concern is whether there is sufficient interest in the game such that it does get stocked by my nearest games shops.
  3. Good point. Hopefully more at Adepticon.
  4. But interesting to see for those not here two years ago. Thanks.
  5. Of course, as everyone knows, they work best together.
  6. And here is Mr Tannen. With his trusty pocket knife. I have to ask, does anyone know if he has a "taste" for Fine Art?
  7. Nice work. From your description, the embossed plastic sheet sounds like Slater's.
  8. Mr Graves. It must be his Neverborn nature, but I had no end of trouble getting the camera to focus on his face. Now I need finish (for a given value of finish) his associate, Mr Tannen.
  9. Good point. I do not know the seniority of shows on Wyrd's home turf.
  10. The Great Womble Killteam has been around for ages, it started out in White Dwarf, then as a mission option. SWA was just a variant. Confrontation may well have been its precursor (I had given up on WD after about WD96), but there were Necromunda rules published for using 40K figures.
  11. I am new to this but would suspect that that was just to pique our interest but keep (non-Kickstarter) customers concentrated on what is about to come out (wave one?) while they also push on with M3E.
  12. The stories were pretty good, certainly increased the interest. There were some pieces about the Battle For London that felt a bit off (geographically and language wise), but that may be understandable. Neil Gaiman made use of a translator when he wrote American Gods to ensure linguistic accuracy. Tim Powers did not for Declare. Of course this is not the London of our timeline (nor the language of today). The time Thrace and Belle took to get to Stonehenge was a bit odd, if the King's Empire was still the heart of the Industrial Revolution (which is implied in the fluff), then the rail network would have developed to an extent at least similar to the pale skeleton of today where Stonehenge is about ten miles from Salisbury station. There used to be a military line to an aerodrome next door to the stones. Again, of course, see above. The podcast versions of the setting background and the Battle For London were excellent, I hope there will be more.
  13. That might be useful as an introductory game. The resource management side of both Malifaux and TOS is a bit of a step up from a lot of other games.
  14. Does anyone know if the figures will remain as PVC or will they be polystyrene?
  15. Hi, A bit late - and a bit off M3E, but did they mention if the TOS stuff would continue to be PVC or revert to polystyrene? Thanks for your time (interesting pictures by the way).
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