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molly, scary or spooky


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my girlfriend is getting into malifaux, and she really likes molly, would you guys recommend taking the horror upgrade, or the spirit upgrade, to me it has to be horror, but I don't want to mislead her and tell her a terrible choice as I don't play her

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What models/ sets do you currently own? I ask because Seamus' set is of great value for Molly, as she can summon Belles (both Rotten Belles and Dead Doxxies), and counts as one herself, so Madame Sybelle offers a LOT of easy-to-understand gameplay synergy. Sybelle boosts the Walk distance of all Belles in 6" and can teleport a Belle into base to base with herself as well. This is in addition to Sybelle being awesome and having a superlative upgrade for her whip. This is addition to the fact that she would also have a second master to play with, and Seamus is a pretty good learning tool when it comes to learning to play the game and Resser units in general. 


As for Horror Molly vs spirit Molly, both upgrades are equally valid and it really comes out to preference of units. That said, I would recommend Horror Molly to start with as the models that come in her box are all Horrors, and have good Synergy with her to begin with. I also feel that they're a little more straightforward in use than the spirits. 


That said here's an early Horror-based Molly purchasing guide:


Molly's box- Molly, 3 Crooligans (superlative objective grabbers, thematic, and are easy to summon), and 1 Rogue Necromancy (hits hard, is a Horror)


Molly's totem the Necrotic Machine (this does NOT come in her starter box, it's a separate purchase)


Seamus' box- (Shadows of Redchapel) is Seamus, the Copycat Killer (Totem), Madame Sybelle, 3 Rotten Belles 


A blister of Guild Autopsies (3)- These are great models to summon in as they heal themselves when they activate due Embalmed. They're hardy, can make Mindless zombies for more activation padding, and they're actually pretty damn good shots too. They also gain Reactivate when your opponent runs out of cards, and coupled with Molly's own ability to give a model Reactivate, you can really overwhelm your opponent. 


A box of Punk Zombies (or Katana Zombies as I call them) (3)- These heavy hitters benefit greatly from being summon in, though you need a high card to do it. That said, try and summon them near at LEAST 2 enemies so they can heal 2 wounds, as they have Hard to Kill, and it will then take at least 2 AP to it. With the Horror and Instinctual Upgrades equipped a nice trick is to- 1. summon it near your opponent's stuff 2. have Molly use one of her 0 actions to force it use Slice and Dice or move or attack 3. then have Molly use her other 0 action to give to Reactivate 4. then have her Accomplice it when she ends her Activation 5. have the (slowed) Punk Zombie activate and use Slice and Dice again or attack again or move 6. then your opponent goes and has only one activation to kill the Punk Zombie (which is difficult due to Hard to Kill) before 7. the Punk Zombie Reactivates and use his 2 ap to either Slice and Dice twice or Flurry at a single model. It's an optimal combo and needs great cards but it's devastating when you pull it off.  


I find that a good "default" skeleton of a crew to learn with is:



Necrotic Machine (totem)

Madame Sybelle

2 Rotten Belles

Rogue Necromancy

That's 30 stones with no upgrades. From there, you can season to taste depending on preferences and schemes, bearing in mind that the cheaper units (Guild Autopsies and Crooligans) can and should be summoned in. Hope this helps. 


EDIT! One more thing! Due to the amount of Poison in that crew (from the Rogue Necro, Guild Autopsies, and Crooligans) Sebastion is a terrific add-on to the crew, and his "Those Are Not Ours!" upgrade let's you sac units (preferably Mindless Zombies created via the Guild Autopsies "Leak Necromantic Fluids" action) for Soulstones and cards which can let Molly summon even more units!

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thanks a lot drix, Seamus is her second favourite master, would you recommend her skipping molly for the first few games in favour of Seamus? as molly so hard to use as to make her un playable for newbies or will she be fine using molly and just accept she wont be doing 8dmg master attacks.

as for what she owns, she dosnt own anything yet, I own almost all of the arcanist stuff, but that dosnt help her

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I think that using Molly as a starter master should work just fine, so long as she has a few models of her chosen type that she can summon (or a willingness to proxy models, which is probably the better choice for someone starting out).   Or even just run her without upgrades and stick to summoning Belles until she has a hang for how Molly works, at which point she can expand in either the Spirit or Horror direction (or both).


In the end, she should use what she likes best and the pieces will eventually fall into place.  :)

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Molly might have had a 1st Ed reputation as being an unforgiving Master, but there is no reason a beginner could not pick up her M2E incarnation and play. And I would agree with pretty much everything Drix says about how to start out playing her.

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In my experience both work, but at present Spirit is the more competitive build as there is a wider amount if roles that can be summoned, but more importantly, many spirits synergize with each other via independent rules, and through the common adversary condition. Horrors, while still good, are more stand alone, and do not synergize with each other.

This discrepancy in power is there in my opinion, but in general play is very minor, and in time the issue will be ameliorated as more horrors are created.

So ultimately either will be fine.

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Valedictorian is growing to be a favorite reser henchie in the club due to her ability to have reliable damage/mobility/ survivability and also the option to hoze down masters and riders alike


I might have to look more into the Valedictorian, could you elaborate a bit as to why she is so great? :D 

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