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  1. Sholto

    Colette Card

    While I am glad Colette has an action to summon Doves, it seems ironic that this is not the action in her crew named "Suddenly, Doves!". Can Wyrd resolve the cognitive dissonance there? Ta
  2. Interesting - I had assumed the one-Bonus-action per Turn rule still applied
  3. Write good Malifaux stories and post them here. The Wyrd people read them. If you're good enough they might get in touch. Worked for me
  4. Molly's Summoning is not resisted by your opponent, so that won't work. The way your opponent stops Molly's summoning is by attacking your hand so you have no high cards left. Some opponents also screw up your summoning by having their whole crew die inconveniently, but that's rare.
  5. Guild Autopsies are good in Molly crews if you (a) run Spirits, since shooting Poison on things lets Shikome Charge for a (1) Action and (b) have a way of reliably stripping that last card from the opponent's hand and giving all your Autopsies Reactivate.
  6. I tend to view Molly as my "combo". In other words I don't try and find a cool combo with her crew, because the purpose of such a combo is almost always to combat the enemy. That's usually Molly's job in most crews I hire. Molly is an aggressive summoner and an excellent distraction piece. With a little support she can take on just about anything and gum up the enemy crew with summons and debuffs and out-of-activation Actions. Her crew should be all about getting VPs, and any support they can give her is a bonus. Except for Sybelle, who is such good support for Molly it would be shame to waste her running elsewhere around the table. The only outright combo I do which does not really involve Molly at all is the Murder Box, which is like Jaakuna, but better. You drop a Scheme Marker in a group of Belles and put up Shafted on a Crooked Man. Then your Belles Lure one key enemy model after another onto the Scheme Marker. The Carrion Emissary puts the Belles on plus flips for Lures and Pounce attacks (enemy Riders beware) and also blocks other enemy models from getting into your crew before you're ready for them with its Shard markers. Then hire Johan to Flurry on whatever the Belles Lure in and fail to kill, and you can wipe out anything. Molly plays frontline distraction, slowing down the enemy crew more so that your Murder Box has room to play. It only works in certain Scheme and Strat combinations, but when you get them it is horrible. In the best way
  7. Seamus should be able to get a shot at her on Turn 1 with Back Alley, although your opponent might be able to position Nekima so that Seamus ends up badly exposed. The usual Resser answer for high-cost beat sticks is Belles. Lure Nekima in after she has activated and either kill her that Turn, or Paralyse her and kill her over two Turns. Debuffing her works well, also (Molly excels at this, but Yin can do it as well, as can Dead Doxies and a Performer).
  8. I am taking that upgrade more and more now. Reactivate is worth 3ss and a high Ram/ high card plus SS every turn.
  9. I am just going to add one point, which is that I have started bringing Tear of the Gorgon with Molly. Not in all games - just some. I never used to take it due to the cost. The reason I take it now is that for 3ss for the Upgrade I can take two (0) Actions with Molly, which means that not only do I get the pseudo-Obey I get to reactivate a Rotten Belle or a Dead Doxy and get double use out of them on every Turn I have a 9Rams in hand (or a 9 and a SS). If I have a Hanged along, then depending on the enemy crew (eg. all elites) it can be very powerful. That is 3ss plus a card/ ss vs 5-9ss worth of extra activation every Turn.
  10. This one is fun and works very well in the right time and place:- Molly's Murder Box Resurrectionists 50ss Crew Molly Squidpiddge -- 7ss +Forgotten Life - 1ss +Take Back The Night - 1ss Necrotic Machine - 2ss Carrion Emissary - 10ss +Carrion Conflux - 0ss Crooked Man - 5ss Dead Rider - 12ss Rotten Belle - 5ss Rotten Belle - 5ss Rotten Belle - 5ss --- The Carrion Emissary gives + to the Belles (inc Pounce attacks & Lure) and Crooked Man. The Crooked Man drops a scheme marker in the middle of the Belles and moves out of BB range, putting up Shafted. Molly hands out Reactivate as needed to Belles or, if the Belles have Lured someone in, a Summoned model. Or she can Reactivate the Crooked Man, since Shafted stacks with itself. Necrotic Machine gives BB to your beater (whether that's the Dead Rider, as above, or someone else. Bishop is a good bet - his push trigger makes Shafted and Pounces sooooo evil, which is why the Dead Rider is in there, too) and to the Emissary, although the Emissary should be far enough away from the Belles not to get splashed.
  11. Crooked Men's Shafted Action reads "Rg a6): Until the end of the turn, enemy models which end a move or push within a6 and in base contact with one of this Crew’s Scheme Markers suffer 2/3/7 damage which may not be cheated" Q: If an enemy model ends a move or push in base contact with more than one friendly Scheme Marker, how many damage flips are there? Just one, or one per Scheme Marker?
  12. Not sure about an express bus service, but it is an hour by train (£8 return from Glasgow).
  13. Just wanted to say thanks to Ian for his excellent reading of Puzzle Box. It was a thrill to listen to it being done so well
  14. If you're doing Spirit Molly, Datsue Ba with Spirit Whispers can create all the Scheme Markers Philip will need on Turn 1 from a single Drowned Summon.
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