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  1. This might actually convince me to try the game in the future.
  2. Really enjoyed our talks back in the day, about the most whimsical or severe topics. Also enjoyed the playtest phases a lot: There were times when I looked forward to nothing as much as to you uploading files. To be sad, or to be glad? I'm sad to see you go, Justin, and you will surely be missed. I'm glad to see you brave new waters, though, because I'm sure we'll see a lot of great things from you in the future. So all my best wishes, and rock on!
  3. The staff is my favourite part of Wyrd. So great at communicating, always forthcoming, always friendly and respectful towards their community. Oh wait....
  4. I am. Mei Feng is one of two Masters outside the Guild who tempt me a lot. Temptation, however, is not enough reason to buy something. I have borrowed her from time to time, and she is amazing on the table as she is in theme.
  5. Wouldn't hurt but he'd still be bad at getting them to do what he wants.
  6. I would stay at home. Who likes tournaments? But seriously, this question mixes the question of "Who do you like?" with "Who do you think is powerful?". No vote from me. I don't like to choose between style and power.
  7. If he just were better at making them do what he wants....
  8. Lucky looks cool, Arcane has something going for him. Brutal may very well be the worst model for the Guild I have ever seen. The artwork looked cool but in 3D, the pose is just atrocious while the lack of detail on anything but the cage and coffin is astounding. The sword is just.... bad. The renders of the small Other Side models look great. The titans however.... I agree with Math. Uninspired poses, lack of detail. They look like toy figures. The riders look cool but all I can think of when I look at those titans is this:
  9. Oh? Well, unless it's an errata I'm not holding my breath.
  10. Lucius is perfectly capable of putting the nail in his own coffin.
  11. Neither has mine. Voted for Justice.
  12. Very unlikely. Still, back to the topic at hand before we get accused of derailment.
  13. I'm not that easy to get rid off. I just mostly stopped playing Malifaux.
  14. Lady Justice and Sonnia are the top level for me. They just click for me.
  15. I don't get the question. If you don't want to buy stuff, just don't do it.
  16. *pops head in* Pretty minis. So sad that I won't be able to get them. Also, so sad to see this discussion deteriorate that much. This place doesn't feel very friendly any more. *slowly retreats*
  17. Interesting. It's the other way around here. "Frau" meaning woman is used way more often than "M├Ądchen" meaning girl. Might actually be about length or something.
  18. Well, you risk sharing your status with others but hey.... that's not really a bad thing now, is it? Oh, come on! We are totally alike! We all don't like the English! And.... no, that's about it. Well, at least we stopped sending war ships into the waters of the other nation.
  19. Without a doubt the best ability on his card.
  20. See, I disagree on the first part. Kinda. I agree that it's fundamentally important to know how our sub-culture compares on an academic level because understanding these phenomena is important. I disagree, however, that "If we are objectively better than society at large we should [...] celebrate our status". I see this as a criteria oriented problem, not a norm oriented one. If there is "problematic" sexism in our sub-culture, it doesn't matter if that's better than what women experience in the rest of the culture. It still means that our work isn't done. Do you know what I mean? I'm not sure I can express the concept in a foreign language.... It's like saying that the murder rate is below the county average. Sure, that's good, but as long as the murder rate is above zero, it's still too much and we should behave in a way that reduces murders. Does that make my point clearer? I agree on the second point. More women in gaming would take care of a lot of the issues (same goes for racism, homophobia, etc.). However, I feel that we have work to do ourselves so that more women will want to join our hobby. It's not their responsibility alone to make gaming an attractive hobby for women. That's what the gamers can and should do: Be mindful and attentive towards opportunities to make gaming enjoyable for underrepresented groups.
  21. Understandable. It's pretty much his only ability that works on non-Minions. It wouldn't surprise me if he could only hit Minions with his sword.
  22. The societal norm for sexism is a horrible concept just like murder is a horrible concept. It might be an observation of reality, just like murder, but that doesn't make it less horrible. Also, making a discrimination between sexism as a cause (as you claim for sexism in society) and as a symptom (sexism in gaming) seems really artificial. Thus, to stay in your image of a somatic illness: It not "feeling cold while you have a fever". It's more like a cancer. Yes, it may have started somewhere else in the body. But it has infected the hand. Just because you know it didn't start there or isn't even worst in the hand, doesn't mean you stop treating it in the hand. What I'm trying to say: Gaming is a sexist sub-culture. It doesn't really matter if it's more or less sexist than the past/the rest of the world/the rest of society/the LGS you frequent/the game of another company/what have you. It only matters if there is sexism and how we can achieve that it's less sexism in the future.
  23. Okay, I can see that. I don't find it thematic but one could make a case for it. Still, I don't believe they will have Chatty. Much too powerful on a spammable model.
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