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  1. So am I just allowed to stick a base on and enter you into the competition?
  2. Sexy Insidious Madness called Miss Catonic.
  3. Oops, I believe that was a copy paste error.
  4. At the moment there are only a couple of themes that work at all.. I'll be having a play with the current one, but this one works, and tbh I quite like it.
  5. Tell me what you see, I unfortunately only have Android devices and PC. But that looks like it isn't loading the CSS for the site and only showing the raw HTML.
  6. The Old Themes are no longer available, there is a White version available under themes. Also currently the Chatbox has not been updated. We will put it back up when a new version comes out.
  7. The forum themes are currently turned off as we have just upgraded and it broke all of them. A new theme should be coming tomorrow.
  8. Updating to the latest version of Invision has caused a few issues. I've reverted back to an old version of the theme so that Topics can still be accessed. Hopefully we will have everything back and working ASAP.
  9. There are quite a few things that weren't on the newsletter, Wyrdscapes out early, T-Shirts, Patches, the return of the Easter models.
  10. Should be working again, the module can be a bit temperamental.
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