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  3. It may be an issue with the Theme, but it's broken on all 3 and both the Theme and the main forum have been recently updated to the latest version.
  4. Yeah. I've looked into it and can't find what is causing it. Likes are not a seperate application, so something is broke somewhere, and I have no clue what it is.
  5. Like most RPG it depends on the group... If you have people that tend to be unreliable go for 5-6 in the hope that you will have at least 3 for any session... And be aware that things will get mad if they all turn up on the same week.
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  7. Ratty

    Black Friday Sale

    My suggestion is distract the kids with something sparkly, that's probably the easiest way to steal your kids fidget spinners.
  8. Ratty

    Black Friday Sale

    I think you might have had an old version of the site using Ajax cached. I had to turn off the Ajax cart for this sale.
  9. Ratty

    Forum colours

    @Bengt Yeah that was the first pass at it. I've had to go in and add a few extra exceptions in the CSS. I think it should now look a lot better now.
  10. Ratty

    Forum colours

    @Bengt I've been messing around with a pale version of the new theme for heretics people that prefer dark text on a light background. You can find it in the Theme tag.
  11. Ratty

    July 2017 Errata

    I was working in a shop at the time and it was so obvious... We had a fairly decent tournament crowd... I ended up with a group of friends that played Warmachine.