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  1. Magicians look pretty good.
  2. the paint is good, but these cracks are terrible.
  3. I'm sorry about yasunori. He was a pretty normal model, but it's not clear why he was nerfed. Now there is really no defensive mechanics, onslouth. It is not clear why to take it. As a schemrun / antischemrun, it is too expensive. Zero with drawing cards to both players, but inserting holes for yourself is generally nonsense. Zorayda calmly does the same, or the same Molly, without causing herself up to 6-7 wounds. And here not only is it good for yourself, but also for the opponent. In addition, he was raised in value as a full-fledged horse, but he has never been a horse. It is not clear for what the price is, so also for nerfed. Because of this price increase, it cannot be taken even in modes such as double rush and enforcer browl. I would like it to be properly redone in the end, so that it is at least playable, and not just stones to the wind.
  4. They look really cool, especially in real live)
  5. Very cool paint. I especially like tanuki. Sakura is just gorgeous!
  6. Thank you. I actually wanted to mess with those eggs a little more. For example, I wanted to add a pig to the bayu egg, and to TT sakura and Chinese coins.
  7. Recently had a Malifaux Easter night, I decided to make prizes in the form of fraction eggs. It turned out not very well and the quality of the photos is not very good, but I hope that this can inspire someone.
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