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  1. Since I started playing malifaux post-Covid and haven't really gotten to play any games in my local meta, I can't really speak to the gameplay aspect but here's why I love these guys. Apex: Most dangerous game dino-taming cyborg that gets to hunt opponents' models and also his own with a big boomstick and his Terminator buddy (and dogs)! Alan Quatermain had a child with Robocop and his name is Cooper. DUA/Umbra: Shadow summoning spooky spy running out of time before his spectres eat? his soul. Slowly running out of time but his buddies include magic steampunk collars to make ghosts
  2. I absolutely love Lord Cooper and it’d be awesome to see someone with more game experience play him and upload some battle reports so I can get a better idea of how to use him correctly! I’ve got about 5 games in with him and am 3-2 against another pretty new player. That being said, he doesn’t really stand out as overwhelmingly good to me since he allows for a lot of counter play. For reference, the list I usually run is Cooper, runaways, Artemis, Ullr, model 9, malisaurus with flush, vatagi, crysis, 4 stones. Coop is a beast at range but can pretty easily have Lo
  3. Hey folks, time for another fun semi-weekly update! Unfortunately this time I don't have any fancy pictures of crews/models since all I painted this week was the Oni keyword and honestly I didn't feel like they really deserved the fancy picture treatment yet. Maybe I'll change my mind later. But! Here are some pictures of my home Malifaux set-up on a repurposed pool table. It's just enough room for a board, some terrain, and almost all my crews! Next up... Zoraida Core box and Jesse Halliday/friends. I also made the plunge and preordered all the English Ivan models.
  4. Yeah 😕 I ended up going a bit over the top with the green on Toshiro but it was tough to make him appropriately light since the foliage on the base is a pretty bright green so I wasn’t a huge fan of the light green when I had it on him. On to new models! So unfortunately a lot of the Asami crew was bought pre-assembled and let’s just say that the assembly on certain models was not how I would have done it. This means a lot of the Asami models are only gonna be a basic table top job instead of the fancier painting I like to do for Malifaux. Ama no Zako is not one of those mo
  5. I had a warhammer 40k army stolen from me via mail fraud in like September 2020 so decided to branch out into different miniature games and take a break from GW. I heard that Malifaux had the highest quality models of any miniature game so figured I’d take a look. I decided to start with Titania because, well, she’s the fae queen and also a relatively simple master to start learning the game. Things quickly spiraled. Halloween Pandora came out and I love fun little things like that so bought a whole Pandora crew. And then someone was selling an entire dreamer keyword for like $1
  6. I'll have to try them again! Didn't notice the 24" patient strike possibility. At 14" it was pretty underwhelming. I guess my other problem (besides being super new) is that I was playing a 30 stone game against an extremely fast McCabe crew who just rushed me immediately. Plus I love their models so that alone means they deserve another shot.
  7. Here's the whole Keyword! Definitely a bolder color scheme than the apex, but I think they turned out well! Next up... Asami!
  8. A sneak peek of the wraithwalker himself! And perhaps the rest of his crew behind him... fancy pictures of the entire keyword coming soon!
  9. Played another 30SS game with Cooper vs McCabe with me switching out Artemis for a Crysis Corps. This one ended up a 3-2 win for Cooper that came down to the wire. My crew: Cooper, 3 runaways, Ullr, Model 9, Vatagi, Crysis Corps His crew: McCabe, Luna, Sidhir, Dawn Serpent, Yasunori Takeaways from the game: Cooper is a beast at range. He killed Sidhir in 3 shots and took a huge bite out of the Dawn Serpent. However, a juiced up McCabe with the sword will almost immediately annihilate him and it's extremely hard to hide from him in a smaller game. Really nothing I could hav
  10. Since I’m on call this weekend and therefore functionally living at the hospital, I won’t be able to get much painting done But I’m off to a pretty good start on Yan Lo’s crew! This is a fairly potato pic but I try not to get out the good camera until the whole keyword is finished! Currently working on Genbu the Armor (because big turtles >> reanimated boring armor*) and then it’ll be time for Yin and Manos! *plus I feel like Izamu is gonna be an excellent competition piece if Wyrd decides to run another one in the near future. He’ll get a special base and ever
  11. Just played my first actual game of Malifaux against my dad at 30 soul stones. McCabe (him) vs lord Cooper (me). We are both enormous noobs so probably messed up a bunch but it was a great time nonetheless! I took Cooper, runaways, Artemis, Ullr, model 9, and a vatagi. He took McCabe, Luna, desper, sidhir, and the Dawn serpent. We played standard deployment with corrupted idols. I took outflank and hold up their forces, he took take prisoner and claim jumps Game ended in a 3-3 tie! Big moments were Cooper being on a positive damage flip against McCabe and flipping a black joker 😡
  12. oh hey that's me! Thanks so much! I actually just started a project blog here: where I'll be posting more of my crews as well as some more pictures of the ones I already have. Happy to take closer pics of any of the Apex models or answer any questions about how I painted em. I'm especially proud of the Maasai beads on the Crysis Corps- those were pretty fun to do and a neat way to add some character.
  13. Heya folks! I've been painting miniatures for about a decade, and started taking it pretty seriously about 2 years ago. Initially I was only focused on Games Workshop stuff, but then I discovered the beautiful sculpts of Malifaux! So far I've painted up a few crews, most recently Lord Cooper, and figured I could share some of my work here! I'd love to hear what you all think and see if you have any ideas for color schemes/styles to try in the future! All the bases I use are from Micro Art Studios since they're cheap and are far far better than anything I could make on my own. Curre
  14. Submitted my receipt! Will I get a confirmation email when its processed?
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