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Found 21 results

  1. Since my Collection of painted Guild models growing fast I decided to start a new topic dedicated to the Guild as a whole. Sorry for posting some photos again, but I want newcomers for my topic to see all of my miniatures. So lets get to the models I painted previously.
  2. So, the new GG-0 stops obey models from forcing a model to drop a marker ... but the Guild channel has been chatting about whether Nellie can still hijink it? If Nellie gets across the centerline, applies her 2” Exclusive Interview aura, and forces an interact while treating the model as friendly ... it seems like she IS still able to force a bomb drop by the opposing player? This is based on the wording that a model friendly to Nellie would be dropping a bomb on the table side opposite Nellie. Seems legit? Or some note: this takes considerably more setup, AP, and risk of your master than something like a Zoraida obey, so it makes some sense that it would have been “corrected” in a way that still allows Nellie a trick or two.
  3. Hi! I've been playing Malifaux for a few months now, first with Sonnia and now with Nellie. The thing is she is supposed to be our strongest master but I don't know how to improve my game with her. My typical list is something like: Nellie - Misleading Headlines, Delegation, Guild Funds Francisco Ortega - Wade in, Lead Lined Coat Phiona Gage - Transparency, Lead lined Coat Ryle - Numb to the World, A debt to the guild 2x Guild Guard Printing press and then a queller, a watcher or a reporter depending on schemes and strats. What I use to do is to move my beaters and give them fast the first turn, the second one they try to smash something but after that I don't know exactly what I should be doing with Nellie. As my beaters are fast they try to move charge so they are quite far away for Nellie to help them or there are no enemies in range, things like that. What are good uses for Nellie on the mid turns? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have an upcoming tournament this weekend were the TO has decide to use the Iron Scorpius rule. (You can only play a master once), it will be 3 rounds. I haven’t much experience preparing for a tournament with this characteristics so any input is appreciated. I usually play one master at most two (Nellie is usually the one I use) for tournaments so I adapt my list depending on my opponents faction with just minor changes, in this case I want to prepare 3 list and go with them. I will post the Rounds and my ideas, here goes. • Round 1 Extraction (Rams)/Standard Deployment (Paired Rams) Surround Them (Number 5) Undercover Entourage (Number 6) Inescapable Trap (Number 10) Take one for the team (Number 13) Public Demonstration I was thinking Lucius with 2xThralls+1xGuardian+The Jury as they can take the middle and hold on very effectively and take out what they engage. A watcher for Surround them and if he has Hench/enforcer take Public Demonstration, if he does not Take one for the team with the watcher. A possibility is to use the Terracota and a Queller for SS and a card cycle. Also the Queller can put suppression markers and give out ignore armor if its needed. • Round 2 Ply for Information (Rams)/Flank deployment (Paired Rams) Surround Them (Number 2) Dig Their Graves (Number 6) Inescapable Trap (Number 8) Search the Ruins (Number 10) Take one for the team I like Nelly for this as I like her with PLY with 3 Hench and LLC (Phiona/Frank/Jury). Scheme wise there are two possibilities, go for the watcher and try (Surround them and Take one for the Team) while we are engaged and plying or go Kill scheme and try Dig their Graves(Phiona is good at this) and maybe Search or Surround them. • Round 3 Headhunter (Tomes)/Close Deployment (Paired Tomes) Eliminate the leadership (Number 1) Cover Breakthrough (Number 4) Hold up their forces (Number 8) Search the Ruins (Number 13) Public Demonstration This is where I am not very comfortable, I didn’t play much 2017 so I am no very experience with Head Hunter, the times I played it I used Nellie and never did to well, I usually dropped the head and couldn’t pick it up. I think Lady J is viable here with Sword fighter and closed deployment. Scheme wise I think Eliminate + Search the Ruins. List I am thinking something like Frank + Peace keeper + Recruiter+ Brutal effigy. If you have any good suggestions here it will greatly appreciated as my experience with Lady J is very limited, I prefer Perdita for killy Strats but not for dropping heads at range for my opponent to pick up. I have a lot of Guild miniatures and access to almost everything except Mccabe and the brutal emissary really don’t like both. I haven’t played much Hoffmann or Sonnia(I think Sonnia for Blasting in Extraction might be interesting). If you have any suggestion I would really appreciated it as I am taking this week to prepare for the tournament and I am looking to bounce ideas with other people’s experience and not sure havin just 3 master will be a bad idea and put me in a bad spot/bad match up.
  5. Hello, Started a league with GG2018 and next game is ours, I am thinking Nellie because of Big Jake counting double so its 10 pts to hold a quarter. Has anybody tried this? is it worth it? Any recommendations? I used to run Mctavish and he looks viable for ours as his incresase cost I think will help secure a quarter. Strategy: Ours (CROWS) / Corner Deployment Schemes: Guarded Treasure (Paired Crows) / Search the Ruins (Number 8) Undercover Entourage (Number 5) Set Up (Number 3) Take Prisoner (Number 9)
  6. After the errata, Nellie with Mercs will be seen as weak, 'cause her best choices got nerfed with a point cost growth (McTavish, Burt). But is it totally true? I'm thinking about her full Guild, or using Bishop as a new champ. What are your moves with the best Journalist in the whole Malifaux world?
  7. So with increased cost for Burt, McTavish and Johan I guess it will impact how Nellie crews will be build. I have not played much Nellie myself, but if internet is to be trusted these three guys are quite common. Are they still worth it? Will you drop something else to include them? Will other mercenaries or guild members take their place?
  8. To me it is pretty clear that the damage flip on gamble your life may not be cheated however I have encountered a couple of Nellie players including a taunement organiser who ruled against one of my friends who claime that revisionist history can be used by Nellie to cheat the damage she suffers from it. The wording on Revisionist history is "Damage flips against this model may not be cheated by other models. This model may cheat damage flips against it, regardless of any or jokers." To me this does nothing to get arround damage flips from gamble your life not being cheatable. But there are a players out there who think it does.
  9. Hey guys, Had a game last night with a friend. Guild vs Guild. I was running McMourning and my friend was running Nellie. The strategy was Ply For Information. Crew lists looked something like this: McMourning - Guild Coroner - Test Subjects - On The Clock Myranda - A Debt To The Guild Rogue Necro - A Debt To The Guild Dawn Serpent 2x Guild Hounds 2x Nurses Nellie - Cant remember her upgrades (but the culprit upgrade was the one that gives out fast) Phiona - Transparency McTavish 2x Reporters Monster Hunter Thalarian Queller Printing Press The problem was McTavish with fast - every turn! Pushing into scheme markers dropped by the reporters. Then 3x 14" shot Sh 6 shots with high damage - every turn. In my opinion, McTavish is broken. He does everything. Sh that ignores cover and doesn't randomize, with massive damage. A Ml attack that's only slightly less effective than his Sh. Scheme marker interaction. Henchman, so he can use stones. All for just 10 ss. Which, when compared to other models that cost 10 ss, seems a bit much. You can't deal with him as you would other models, take advantage of their weakness, because he has none. Stay in cover? Nope, ignores cover. Get into Ml? Nope, Doesn't randomize. Engage him? Probably your best bet if you survive getting to the otherside of the board, then if you do, make sure he's already activated so you can do some damage, cos if he hasn't activated, he'll kill that model in Ml. Now take all of this and combine it with fast every turn from Nellie and A Debt To The Guild for one turn of extra craziness, is too much too handle. How do you guys deal with McTavish in general? How do you guys deal with McTavish in a Nellie crew?
  10. Hi All, I unleash upon you the juggernaut of information I have compiled about Nellie Cochrane and her Journalist friends here on Midwest Wargaming. Meant to be more of an overview rather than a complete guide, hopefully this article will help anyone looking to get into Nellie or to find out what the hell is even happening when you play against her. Feedback welcome, but be nice or I'll defame you in my next article for being mean *threatening keyboard motions* I also included fun snippets about the Wave 5 playtest models, and will update any crazy changes that happen. They're left vague and small on purpose because nothing is currently final. None of the Guild or Merc models have much direct synergy with Nellie anyway so it's fine. Let me know what you think.
  11. So I was wondering if Nellie is any good with Death Marshals + Recruiters? Now that Dade is out I was wondering if there are any synergy between Marshals and Guardsman? Or, are there any fun synergies that might work well with Nellie and Marshals? Would love to hear your thoughts. So Phiona with her Ch:8 works with mounted guards cavalry charge. Also if Cap. Dash takes his Guild Guard summoning upgrade than Phiona might get some fun interactions with her "Look Out" Sadly Guild Marshals, (Death and Recruiters) are not Guardsman so Dade doesn't get her buff from them. But are there other more clever combo's out there that are not intuitive? Would love to hear your ideas.
  12. Hello all, I was Theory-Faux'ing and playing around with Nellie and Brutal Emissary combos and as good as the generic conflux upgrade is, many of the emissaries generic conflux upgrades are far inferior to master-specific upgrades not including all the synergy the specific upgrades offer. I wonder if there were any rumors of wave 4 upgrades on the horizon. Better yet, to make this post more fun, what would you craft if you could design the wave 4 conflux upgrade? I’d love to hear clever ideas that are not too broken. The wonderful thing about the master-specific upgrades is that they synergies yet are not broken. Wyrd didn’t want to relive the brokenness of the campaign upgrades again and did a great job imo. I would love to hear ideas that are fun but not OP, any ideas?
  13. I'm going to play in a league with two basic rules:- 1. You have 100SS as a pool from which your crew may be chosen for all games. 2. You have two masters from one faction for free. As I understand it games will be at the 50SS level. 0 cost upgrades are allowed but cost 1SS to go in the pool. I've just got Nellie and I want to use her (though why I'm crazy enough to try and learn a master whilst playing in a competitive league I've no idea!). I've got 3 other Guild Masters - Lady J, Perdita and Sonnia. I've got their crew boxes plus a few bits and pieces but I'm open to buying stuff. So who'd make a good tag team partner for Nellie? Which of the other 3 ladies covers the territory where Nellie struggles? And are there any auto-includes for the pool (eg Debt to the Guild x 3, Strongarm Suit)? Finally, one query on Nellie. If Nellie hires a Merc using Embedded, can the Merc take Debt to The Guild? Thanks Cyrano
  14. Hello everyone, I love writing a justification for non-standard crews coming together. One of my favorites is Mercenary Nellie and I will be bringing both her and Von Schill to the Together Fauxever tournament in February. Here's a little scene about how that unlikely duo came to be, enjoy. Truth for Hire “It needs more substance, more vibrancy!” Nellie thumbed quickly through the unfinished first draft from her newest reporter, circling spelling errors and inconsistencies with a fat red pen. She made long notes in the margins; filling in details she knew had to be present for the reader. “There, that’s a little better.” Nellie handed the draft back to the distressed young girl with a flower hat. She nervously took her draft and stared down at a flood of red ink, crossed out sentences, and re-written paragraphs. “Bring me your final draft to me tomorrow and make sure to follow my notes. You’re reporting on the Star Theatre, not some street-side juggler!” The reporter glared down at her paper, how she would make sense of the tangle of corrections and additions she didn’t know. She looked back up to ask how but Nellie was already busy at her own typewriter, fingers slamming the keys faster than she could see. With a resigned sigh she left the small office with the door cracked open, one small revenge before her inevitable termination. Not many people lasted long at The Tattler, every story had to be grandiose and exemplify The Truth, which was whatever Nellie wrote. The Tattler was bustling. A small room crammed with desks and typewriters in a constant frenzy of writing and re-writing. The Printing Press constantly churned out the latest edition, only stopping to refill its ink pots and collect more raw paper. The noise was blaring but Nellie hardly noticed. She wrote a more accurate report on the Star from memory and placed it haphazardly in the “Out” box on her ever crowded desk. She whistle - a door slammed louder than usual. Nellie looked and saw her door open a crack, one of her pet peeves. She got up in a huff and made to yell out on the floor but stopped short. “Who’s big idea was it!-“ Marching towards her, three Freikorps soldiers pounded across the floorboards. The churning office of the Tattler slowed as people turned to stare. The Printing Press paused its work and peaked around the corner to look. The lead Freikorps was a woman, her raven black hair held back in a tight bun and round spectacles held at the bottom of her nose. She walked with a steady confidence, some would say arrogance, but for the two hulking Freikorpsmen trailing just behind her. They openly carried huge pistols and knives longer than Nellie’s forearm, and were headed straight for her. “Nellie Cochrane!” The woman with black hair and glasses shouted as they approached. Nellie could swear she heard it in her mind more than her ears. A faint ringing echoed in her head for several seconds afterward. A chair fell over. Before Nellie could yelp Phiona appeared and pushed her back, raising a massive pickaxe. Her soulstone eye beamed red. “Back. Off.” Through gritted teeth, muscles tensed. The Freikorps stopped. The lead woman raised her hands in a sign of peace, and slowly produced a letter from a pocket on her suit. Phiona glared, but relaxed a fraction. Nellie poked out from behind and her eyes bounced between the woman and the letter. “For me?” “Congratulations Miss Cochrane, you’ve just hired the Freikorps.” Nellie shot out from behind Phiona and snatched the letter from the woman’s hand, her previous fear forgotten in an instant of excited frenzied letter opening. The letter was terse and to the point. ‘I accept’ Written in a quick sprawl by a very busy man with a red rose stamped underneath. A nice touch, thought Nellie. She looked back up to the woman, extending a gleeful hand. “Nellie Cochrane, pleased to meet you! You’ve just met my friend Phiona as well.” Nellie turned and waved down her friend and bodyguard, trying to calm her before anything impolite happened. She spun back to the Freikorps to catch the extended hand in greeting. “Miss Cochrane, a pleasure. I apologize that Von Schill could not make it in person today, but he will assuredly meet us before the event tomorrow.” “No worries, no problem!” Nellie kept shaking the woman’s hand. “Let me just grab a few things and we can get underway.” With a whoosh Nellie was back in her office, throwing supplies in her bag as quickly as she could. Pens, paper, more pens, extra ink, extra paper, extra pens and oh, a little more paper just in case. Nellie fled her office, letting the door smack against the frame and back to the wall. She whistled for the Press as she rushed passed Phiona and the Freikorps. She pointed at the two reporters in front of her. “You and you, let’s go. Phiona, you too!” She rushed out of the Tattler in a flurry. Phiona stalked past the woman with black hair and glasses, glaring with her red eye as she shoved past, grumbling under her breath. Hannah smirked and gestured for the two Freikorpsmen to follow the reporters. She whispered to herself, “I hope you know what you’re doing.”
  15. The results I've gotten have been pretty good so far. In strat and scheme pools with Show of Force and Hunting Party this has becomes very decent. I've had bad match ups with Ten Thunders especially when they bring the Lone Swordsman. List: 50 SS Guild Crew Nellie Cochrane + 5 Pool - Delegation (1) The Printing Press (3) Ryle (10) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Phiona Gage (8) - Wrath of The Guild (1) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Francisco Ortega (8) - Wade In (1) - A Debt To The Guild (1) Guardian (8) Guild Austringer (6) (exported from CrewFaux) Rule and Guardian are typically kept together so Ryle can get Grind to a Halt off with the Guardian's Protect for double defensive . Guardian is the only model I've swapped out so far. Originally he was a second austringer + upgrades, but I've seen the arguement for swapping him for Nino or a Hunter. Ryle getting into Melee is also just as deadly as his range and with Nellie I've increased his threat range significantly. Especially when I found out I can target him with Propaganda to push him 5 inches. Austringer will typically eat the opponent's hand turn 2 when I give him Fast. 3 Raptor attacks with Masks makes the rest of the list more dangerous. Nellie will typically give Frank Fast then Companion him. Later on in the turn I'll use the printing press to give Nellie +1 evidence so she drops a scheme marker. That way in the following turn she can use it to push 6 with her Zero action. This also helps getting her into Frank's El Mayor range. So far I've had no one try to attack Nellie though. Debt to the Guild is the best though. I've taken it on all 3 and it's boosted my damage significantly. I killed Perdita in one Frank charge at min damage 4(2 + built in crit + debt) with the possibility of being Min 6 if I have a high ram and stone. And with the refund of 1ss on death I get more resources for my other Henchmen to negate damage or get better card draw. 5ss can become 8ss. Debt + Fast + Nellie's Propaganda/Angry Mob is deadly to elite models. So far my only problem has been the Lone Swordsman ignoring armor and hard to kill. I've lost both Phiona and Frank to him on multiple occasions. And I've got no way I know of to deal with him yet. Strategy wise this list has done fine on Collect the Bounty for me as well as Interference. Interference may have been a fluke, but I killed so many enemy models by the end of game I was dropping Schemes for search the ruins with only Nino and Santiago to contend with. Good Schemes Show of Force, Hunting Party, Leave Your Mark, Exhaust their Forces,Covert Breakthrough, Undercover Entourage, Neutralize the Leader, Catch and Release, Search the Ruins, Mark for Death, Inspection, A Quick Murder. Bad Schemes Public Demonstration and Occupy their Turf due to low minion count. Frame for Murder because of high henchman count. Unknown Convict Labor, Take Prisoner, Detonate the Charges, Set Up What do you think?
  16. My general feeling of Nellie after a month of playing. All is my own observation. Turf War/Extraction This Strategy is not my favorite with Nellie. She herself does not attack models and other masters are pretty good at handling Turf War/Extraction on their own. Perdita and Lady J for instance are really good at locking down the center of the board and doing area denial. That being said she does have a push trigger of 5 inches which does help with getting enemies out of the center of the board. Overall: B Reconnoiter/Interference This Strategy is probably Guild's weakest. Most summoning crews will out pace Guild in this regard and Nellie's crew does not add anything to stopping this. That being said again, Nellie does have a 5 inch push that can cause enemies to be out of position. Also she can give extra actions to high damage dealing models that would delete enemy models from quadrants. Overall: C Reckoning This is more based on Nellie's crew. However, Nellie boosts her crew with extra actions and requiring the enemy to overextend themselves. Phiona Gage, The Judge, and etc... would be able to get more Actions to kill those Hard to Kill and durable models. Downsides may be that her base crew is not as tough, but I think that is a minor misgiving at best. She herself is the most durable master in the game. And I say that without any hesitation. Overall: A Guard the Stash Like Turf War/Extraction Nellie is not meant to hold down the center of the board. But for Guard the Stash this is increases the problems that Nellie has with Turf War. She likes to have a bubble of beaters within 8 inches to give out fast and within 10 inches to attack enemies. This leads to her having to stand in between each stash marker hoping that the enemy is both in line of sight and near a model she can support. The 50mm Blocking markers are detrimental to her style. This can be mitigated easily, but usually by sticking to one stash marker instead of the second. Her crew can typically make up for this. Overall: B- Squatter's Rights This is the same problem as Guard the Stash except it is more spread out. This is probably Nellie's weakest strategy as she likes to keep her models close to her. She can mitigate this by locking down the center three markers, but that would still leave the opponent two markers on either end of the board. The results will either be the opponent's models are spread thinner than Nellie's crew or that the opponent manages to lockdown those two markers and can easily handle Nellie's cluster from a far. There are ways to mitigate this, like all strategies, but I've got the feeling this one will be tougher for her than it would be for Lady J or Perdita. Overall: C- Head Hunter Nellie has a lot of AP control for a master. So giving fast to a model and then using her Propaganda/Angry Mob to have it kill an enemy is potent. Doubly so when the target friendly model can walk and pick up the marker and still have an extra AP to do something else. This makes for a better Strategy for her as she seems to prefer Melee centric crews. Overall: A+ Stake a Claim This strategy benefits from Delegation a lot as Nellie can get models across the field faster than any Guild Master in my opinion. This is a bit trickier to gauge as her crews tend to like to kill more than others, but with the right crew she could be dropping a lot of Claim Markers in a turn. She's not top tier in Stake a Claim, but she is definitely not a push over in it. Overall: A- Collect the Bounty Nellie likes to have elite crews that go counter to Collect the Bounty's current meta in my area. Most players in my meta take minion/enforcer based crews. While Nellie can support these models as well she really shines with Henchmen models. Overall: B What do you all think of Nellie in regards to Strategies?
  17. Last night I was able to get my first game with Nellie in. I'm hoping that other people might similarly have had a chance to get table time with her. Here is what I've found... Nellie VS Titania Guard the Stash: Convict Labor, Inspection, Exhaust, Setup, Leave Your Mark. I took Guild Funds, Misleading Headlines, and Delegation. With a 5 ss cache. I took Inspection and Exhaust. My crew included Printing Press, Phiona with Wrath of Guild, Greed, Hunter, Warden, Guardian, Field Reporter. What you need to know: The Warden and Guardian stayed by one Guard the Stash marker while Nellie, Phiona, and Greed stayed by the second. The Hunter and Field Reporter stayed by the table edges. Turn 1 Near the middle of the turn I activated the Printing Press to give Nellie +1 Evidence. Chain activated Nellie to give fast to Phiona, tried to give fast to another nearby model, but failed. I proceeded to use the +2 evidence to skip my activations which threw my opponent off. Since he was expecting me to get in his face sooner. Phiona managed to ram into the Claw doing minimal damage. Turn 2 Nellie managed to get up close to Claw to give him Mood Swings and Slow. Since Phiona was engaged with him already and he failed Wp test she got an extra swing. I forgot I had exhaust so I didn't activate early enough, I had no cards in hand and Phiona got Slow from an aura or trigger(can't remember). So I couldn't Exhaust the claw. Hunter and Field Reporter got Inspection nearly uncontested. Field Reporter never saw combat and was out of LoS of everything. Considering that in a normal Guild crew the Field Reporter would have either been a Watcher(which is weak) or a 6ss model I'm happy. I used Evidence to skip 2 activations again so that Phiona could get +flips and Greed could stay Manipulative. Scoring: Titania - 1VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash Nellie - 2VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash, +1 vp for Inspection. Turn 3 Nellie gets Phiona to kill the Claw because it was on one wound, but the Claw gets resurrected by Titania's totem. Phiona manages to get pushed by another model to be within the center of the board and several enemy scheme markers. I forgot to use my Evidence this turn. Didn't matter because I didn't want to drop another Scheme Marker for Titania to use to either heal or make me do Wp duels. Scoring: Titania - 5VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash, +3 vp for Setup. Nellie - 4VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash, +1 vp for Inspection. Turn 4 Printing Press dies because I over extended him. Greed gives Exhaust to Waldergeist. Guardian dies. Stiched Together nearly dies but stays on one wound. I used Evidence to give Nellie Hard to Kill, she was the only model within range. Not that it mattered. Scoring: Titania - 6VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash Nellie - 7VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash, +1 vp for Inspection. +1 vp for Exhaust Turn 5 Greed exhausts Waldergeist. Phiona gives a model Exhaust. Warden is alive on one wound. Nellie gives Propaganda to push Waldergeist away from Stash marker, but Tooth manages to hold position. I didn't generate any Evidence this turn. Hunter moves from the side to assist in locking down the Stash marker with the warden. I didn't have any evidence to use this turn. Scoring: Titania - 7VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash Nellie - 9VP - +1vp for Guard the Stash, +1 vp for Exhaust Overall Impression Nellie's upgrades were really good, but they were secondary for the most part except for Misleading Headlines and Delegation early on. Incite isn't the reason to take Misleading Headlines in my opinion, but Delegation was able to give a lot of my heavy hitters extra AP which they wouldn't have had before. Guild Funds did nothing for me, in most part because my opponent ignored Nellie which I think might have been a bad move as she is a support master. Nellie's first attack on her card very little, but helped build up Evidence. Phiona Gage's Wrath of the Guild is a must take as she is already getting for attack flips against already activated models. Getting for damage is awesome. Printing Press is a must have if just so Nellie can get an extra evidence early on. Arcane Resivour already helps her with having a hand size of 7 as well. Combat wise He's a distraction piece with all that armor. The rest of the crew didn't get much play, but the Field Reporter being 4ss meant I didn't feel bad it was stuck in a corner doing nothing. What I forgot: Nellie's evidence at the end of turn. Phiona's for attack flips. I remembered the damage one, but didn't realize it was built into her card. Greed's Manipulative one turn. To activate Phiona early turn 2 to get Exhaust. Turn 3 she was engaged by too many models to get it off since you can't interact while engaged with multiple models. What I got wrong: Interacts - models can interact with any engaged model even if there are multiple models in the engagement
  18. Hello all, Nellie with "Guild Funds" gets an evidence +1 after failing, and have "Run From The Truth" ability which happens after failing too. For example if Nellie have no evidence, someone charges her and misses first attack, can Nellie get evidence and immediately put off the attacker after the first attack?
  19. I've been trying to figure out how best to use Guild Hounds outside of McCabe. Since Luna is essentially the Guild Hound Master by getting rid of Insignificant for them it seems a bit like you're taking a hit if you take them out of McCabe crews. Currently my philosophy is that 2 Guild Hounds = 1 Six Soulstone model. So they would be vying for the same place as a Death Marshal, Warden, Austringer(not often), Pathfinder, or Lawyer. Especially since they have to contend with the Insignificant which without it would make them excellent scheme runners at 3ss. Usually I run the Watcher and now after Nellie's release the Field Reporter. How do you guys feel about them?
  20. Hello, Can I use a trigger more than once if that trigger was not a bonus trigger. So here is the wording of the Propaganda multi-trigger: The question is does "this way" include every trigger of the action or only those that were generated by the Evidence Condition being lowered? Currently my thought is no, but rereading the rule has made me question this. Example, you can: Example, you can't:
  21. I know I've seen this answered before on the forums, but I can't find it... If Nellie hires Hannah, and brings the Printing Press, will Arcane Reservoir stack, as in I draw 8 cards? Cause she really wants a hand full of cards!
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