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  1. I also hope this is not pernament state of Jacob (see my "fanfic/wishful thinking" few posts above...)
  2. Okey. I have crazy idea for later plot twist. Lynch would be the first person that would be rescued and healed from brilliance. That's a good thing. The bad thing is that he was rescued by something more sinister and used against Huggy (don't know how Huggy will end in this book) who will get crippled by this. Another twist, healed Lynch would save crippled Huggy. With such a plot i will love this model.
  3. Well... I'm truly sad that Jacob flipped Black Joker... I hoped for another funny episode with his wonderful unlucky luck. Hmmm... So NuLynch is mix of his crew. I don't like him, but i would love to have his luck thief and delirium from front card and looming eclipse and feed the darkness. Maybe because of comparision to orginal card i have feelings that this one is quite bland? I would classify him as totem on steroids, which looking at this situation is perfect (even if i don't like it :P) Okey, enough of longbeard grumbling. Dragged into the dark is great - unresisted placing model - IT will mess in schemes. Having two 3ap models - nice, very nice. Love to have another model with Delirium. Nice combo with his zero action. Luck thief is one of my favourite defense mechanism, even if i don't think it will help him much. Looming eclipse - i like this source of healing, but i feel that i would have to bring another source of healing for NuLynch Soul Battery - well, everything on his card is good or very good. Then why i'm not sold to this model?
  4. I know, but Lynch can dream for extending his and his crew overlaping different auras I couldn't resist to put that (previous) comment. Here - i'm terryfied about two attacks from rabbits with granted crow for execute.
  5. As a Lynch player i would get addicted to brilliance to get auras with range of 10"...
  6. I know, but Kabuki should be placed on opposide sides of Shojo' aura to cover bigger part of map. By overlapping auras i meant her auras with Kabuki whose will play ping pong with enemy between them while murdering them and be protected by boring conversation with minus flips for WP tests to help Kabuki to survive.
  7. Bill - rams for critical strike so with fished high rams you get Ruthless model with 2" reach with damage track of 5/6/6 after doing heroic intervention to push Youko or someone else outside of engagment. Hinamatsu - Masks for Onslaught are always nice, but for me the biggest star are rams for lure for free attack. Kabuki Warrior - as above, biggest star are rams for the lure. They have to come to you, so you don't have to move and getting 2 attacks with positive flip for damage to both and with single pass token also to both with attack action. In that case you mess with opponent positioning playing the ping pong between Kabuki to keep them in 2" away from model. A new horizon with tome in it's TN might be also funny to mess with schemes. Charm Warder - well at first glance they were the first model to replace in crew with new Youko, but... Crows for Jynx or Chi Attack are always very nice for us. With fished high crows we force opponent to discard two cards, ping some damage and giving injured +2. And against summoner exorcism is wonderful. But i'm wondering why nobody mentioned with option for placing cards on top of opponent deck messing with chaos theory. We have quite nice option to outactivate the opponent, so on theory we have option to know what suits would be on top with deckared trigger for targetting that pesky scheme runner or other irritaiting model on los. Kunoichi - rams for unexpected ferocity, but with her tools for the job we have also guaranteed trigger for second action. Bunraku - rams for critical strike and rip and tear, but daze from crows looks also nice. Chiyo - well, imho she shouldn't get into combat, but... If we outactivate opponent then giving slow and stealing up to two stones... Geisha - nope, there is no ss for her. Shojo - healing in this crew is so needed. As always question is how to outactivate the opponent with our glass cannon models, hehehe.
  8. Oookey... two kabuki warriors with ninja training overlaping their distraction aura onto activated boring conversation from Shojo, and if she will activate her second aura... It might be quite nice control piece that can beat stuff to death, lure others, mess with scheme markers. And that for 26ss with one question how to protect Shojo from shooting. Hmmmm... If Lynch will get access to generating pass token somehow then the amount of auras will be even more terryfing. Youko - she looks scary and deadly... Information broker - very nice to reuse those high rams or what we need from discard pile. Hidden Ledger - with Mind games monstrous! I have temporal amnesia - can she target herself by Gather intel? If yes then with cut them down she has easily obtained 4/5/6 damage track just to cut down those pesky armored models. And now i would wish that Bill had Extended Reach... I have feelings that Wyrd is trying to compensate orginal Youko which is still considered as one of weaker Masters... I see there another little bubble crew to get those free suits (mostly rams for healing, lures, unexpected ferocity). On the other hand Ivan may get into the trouble.
  9. Front card: So we trade: 1, 2 & 3) the horse with mobility and crazy health pool 4) Adventure awaits! - i will miss it the most (but while writting this i feel it's quite fair trade) For: 1) Claim the riches that are far more superior than looted suppplies 2 )Cursed objects are like +1 df and wp for the whole crew that has to learn how to not be shot and operate as fast brawler and even more as the artifact bearer doesn't need to be targeted by those attakcs. 3) Depths of Malifaux - my guts telling me thet ignoring hazardous terrain will be very useful. 4) Treasure hunter - so free two zero actions (take this and Blade Strom/Equality of fate/Protective spirits) that gives more shielding? Back card: We trade and get: 1) Bull whip/Glowing saber for Bleeder lash - if by this model in Crack the whip trigger they mean McCabe then this damage track is crazy - 4/4/5 with some free 1 damage pings. With Timeworn Blade - oooh boys and girls... 2" reach with extended reach. 2) Netgun/Collier for Pepperbox - well Netgun is probably one of the best guns in Malifaux, but who needs shoot at people when you can whip them? 3) Scrounge the relics for Treasure trove - so no artifact spam at first turn, but it's zero action, it's easier to pass (6 to 3) with longer range (6" to 15") and those triggers - both are wonderful - tome with focus spam benefiting from staying in keyword. 4) Take what you can carry - Just for 6 within LoS you can leave engage range of most enemy models, interact, heal and ignore staggered (focused cleaning) or drop scrap marker for looted supplies/artifact. I love this alternative. Supporting and Brawler Master. He is much more into keyword, but this if + for me. He almost doesn't need any cards from hand and with focus spam Wastrels could pass their TN's easier so maybe losing Adventure awaits will not be as hard. I see two Rough Riders and Masked Agent in this crew. Tanuki is no longer needed (even in preerrata form).
  10. He summons more boxes with Malifaux minis to create some counterbalance for Zoraida's puppets.
  11. Well in theory there could be ability on the card allowing such things, but personally i would prefer Lynch to be still a master alternatively builded around control/shephard using brilliance to boost and help others - like he has done in The House Holds, maybe with some buff or debuff mechanic. Truth, some masters are quite hard to predict their alternatives, i have no clue for McCabe or Youko, which the second one is just too young in fluff/game to have other options.
  12. Yello to all of you! I've allowed myself to steal idea of topic from others factions. What alternative mechanics would you see our TT masters? What kind of rework or changes in playstyle would be great and/or funny? Maybe crossing with other keywords from other factions? Ot something else? Like should Huggy became master and Lynch would be his totem?
  13. I'm not Resser player, i'm here for fun, but i think too that access to new keywords would be great. Question - how would it be connected with the fluff (and new models?) as reworks would be masÄ™ around past things or also new events that are waiting behind the corner? McMourning - gain option hiring Beast and Field surgery mechanic that would allow him tossing upgrades, maybe some dog summoning? His niece is working with Marcus and why he shouldn't create some more Rogue Necromancylike things? Seamus with Performers? Molly with Journalist? VS with Academic?
  14. Thanks you all. Hmm hmmm hmmm... i'm little sad that they have taken away trampling, but the changes makes McCabe even greater support master. It also should speed game a little without that wonderful spam of TN.
  15. Could anyone share card of McCabe? My app still shows me preerrata card and claims that it downloaded all of cards...
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