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  1. Wow, where i/we can read about it? Theme and idea is crazy cool! Also what second fraction do you assume she is? Rezzers or Arcanist (the whole note sounds like Seeker who is seekeing for something - maybe way to turn normal human beings into superhumans and if everybody are super then nobody are, so we don't need guild anymore?).
  2. Well i thought about them outside their keywords and i'm starting to think that i would hire one of them into McCabe. Give them Phantasmal Mask, even if Protective spirits from Artifact are little wasted on them, they will gain fast for one turn and they are getting another source of ping damage and heal from life leech - they might be very irritating in choke points when some big monster want to smash you, but is in 4 " from Surveyor with Phantasmal Mask. They suffer 1damage, Surveyor heals 1 and discards card to create Geode marker between them and monster so rather than charge and murder opponent have to walk and interact to remove geode marker and suffer another point of damage wasting their activation.
  3. Everything depends how easy to access for Syndicate will be card draw, healing and movement boost, if the healing in keyword/ook will be scarce then price of progress will be tuned down and can't be spammed at will. Same things if card drawing will be also scarce then there will be no spamming with Geode Markers. Their 4" movement may be pain in the ass without speed boosters (okey they have Chain gang, but then they will not be able to use field of steel) as they are short range models. Two things (movement boost and trigger with healing) from three grants Finnigan, but we don't know the whole keyword so it's hard to judge. Also they gonna suffer from cover and concealment so efficiency of Hooked chain depends on how many things we have on table and how many long, empty streets you have. But they offer crazy amount of ping damage. TT McCabe with Wanyudo will be true nightmare for them hahaha.
  4. Well, probably one of the simplest way to give him (big?) buff would be exchanging his black blood into black brilliance - he would spread brilliance and outside Honeypot keyword would still deal 1 ping damage. Also it's a little shame that he lost attack trigger for his pushing, maybe changing Lead the way from stat 5/tn11 vs df to stat 5/tn11 vs mv or stat3/tn9 vs Sz as Graves throws somebody out of the window?
  5. My first thought - Earthbenders from Avatar. Second thought aquired from friend - Fullmetal Alchemist! Quite strong option for lot of ping damage with two sources of hazardous and almost guaranteed mask for melee (2" range in very nice and blasts in each damage step - pure coolness) for mass hysteria. Catch 2+ models and that will be great amount of damage. On the other hand they are slow, and doesn't have good df/wp stat. Everything depends of the rest of the crew, especially options in keyword and ook for: -card draw -source of healing - movement tricks to help them for their 4mv. Syndicate tempts me so much....
  6. Graves Bodyguard and Keeping the Peacewhich would be awesome in this bubble crew (Lynch, Tannen, Gwyneth/Beckoner and Graves create field of 6 auras, if not 7 counting Trump Cards) is mitigated by his black blood and thanks to it requires too much positioning in relatively slow crew (applying all auras effects might be as timeating as simple activation, but hey dear Wyrd, do not touch our auras in other way then buffs or add more of them, hahaha). The only thing that makes me think about hiring Graves is his min3 damage and possibility of puncture trigger with Ruthless against Pandora, Teddy (very problematic model for me) or other Terryfing models/crews. Might be interesting to play him into the crew with many HtK models as we have very nice healers in TT, so it will be very difficult to bring them down.
  7. As semi sumoner there is Lynch who also have a ability to change somebody into one of his minions - depleted/beckoners/illuminated.
  8. Yup, they are standing for brillian...t whiskey, blackjack and who cares!
  9. I'm beginner painter and i'm saving my transparent Lynch for the moment when i will be more advanced (and my right arm healed), but i thought about making them all in some black/purple/blue mist from mutation, How did you made that cloud for dragon?
  10. New Lynch is pure awesomeness! Kitty is just Kitty. Huggy is better than alt. Illuminated have much better proportions for the mutated parts and without crazyness like floating illuminated that is devoured by something (probably Huggy) and you don't know how to glue him into his base without any tricks, but they have much more boring sculpts. I miss the crouching one and different emanations of brilliance like jaws, legs, etc. The female one is much better than older sculpt but i miss the tongue. Also i'm starting missing mechanics for Honeypot minions picturing their addiction to Brilliance - more ways to spend brilliance from themselfs for all kind of little buffs/nerfs, but if you don't have any on that model he/she die or became depleted with that many health as model that became one. In some way something reverse to Grow mechanics from Nekima. That would be fun, even if this is probably not the right time after beta to tell about it and he not the fastest and friendlest for new players master to play (against) him with all his auras which i love and that mechanics would slow him down "a little".
  11. My Gods... wish him to have dual keyword for Honeypot, but don't aks me where i could find stones for him in roster. Also if that would be true then could that mean that Lynch with his luck would made some bad dealings again and works for two masters between some kind of war of gangs as Syndicate sound like competition for Misaki? I definetly need to read the newest TT fluff. Beautiful support model! I'm starting grinding my teeth for them as third faction as i cannot wait to look at whole faction.
  12. I'm shocked, that you missed Tannen, hahaha. Kunoichi are also quite good.
  13. Would love to see Umbra as neverborn, but the longer i look at this electricity part the more acranist things i see...
  14. Sun Quiang is better healer than Tanuki, but you are loosing spam of free focus and have sometimes worse condition removal (free assist action is nice, but not enough if targeted model suffer from condition spam). But you may find here funny trick for your models by discarding card via his bedside manner to help survive opponent's attack (after first damage) by placing them outside their engagment range, but engaded by your model (Kabuki or Bill with their 2" engage range). This will aslo heal them for 1 hp and if they are unactivated when they will activate they will heal for another 1 hp. He is 3 stones more, but has much better survivalibity, his Yin and Yang is stat 7 and near Youko duality trigger is wonderful - it's another source of opponent's hand control and you can cycle cards. Other non crows triggers are wonderful too (give distracted+1 to 2 models is nice and Hole in the world might be neat with schemes that requires LoS like take prisoner or to place something armored in no LoS to their friends so No Witnesses will hurt). Don't mind me might be useful picking evidence markers. Study might be also useful for (counter) scheming and with Kabuki's a New Horizon you may place it where you need.
  15. For me Huggy is nice flank schemer/scheme killer, Kitty works well thanks to her Mv6 with incorporeal and with some preparation free 5" push (on your heels with activated mask trigger also can work wonders - with one action you move her 14"+enemy base - wonderful for quick take prisoner), Gwyneth may shoot Depleted with low tome or enemy with high enough tome to drop scheme marker b2b with her target. Sun Quiang via his zero action - study replaces scrap or corpse marker into scheme and he has also don't mind me (also his reposition trigger may help in some schemes). Remember that you can hire Hucksters for 7ss after tax, with right table with enough blocking terrain they can spam scheme markers (don't ask me where to find ss for them i have spare ss out of Honeypot keyword only for Sun Quiang). Desper from my perspective needs +2ss for stealth, otherwise he is very nice shooting target for enemy (tested against Perdita) - 11 SS from my perspective isn't worth.
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