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  1. Also remember "A Por El" - it can buy a lot of additional action for Family (Mood Swing should help you against this to force opponent to activate first from low cost models so they will not be able to use this ability) , and Bravado requires only enemy in LoS so the push might be used to free from engagment and shot right in your face with focus (and with presence of Carver i would use gained focus asap as i gained it) or go scheming,
  2. Well, in theory he might be nice backup for suicidal Wanyudo in McCabe crew - ride with me to speed him up (quite competitive place, beacuase of Samurai or Sidir who are also mv4 models) so after Mold of the other the new Wanyudo could charge the enemy right away and trample them, or go (also after ride with me, or just slowly double walking on some flank) into one flank or another going for right schemes or to counterscheme.
  3. And add to this stunned, distracted +1 and slow just from one action point for one ace of crow or injured +1 (coordinated attack from Mama Z) for ace of mask from Will'o'Wisp against voodoo doll transfering this to some unhappy, cursed model or maybe even two enemy models - if you are so lucky that previous target of Voodoo Curse still have the upgrade at the start of the next round. Recipe for potion made from tears - First Will'o'Wisp spam conditions transfering them to previous target, activate later Voodooo Doll to copy some nasty thing from cursed model or attack with frantic flailing - Bokor is ideal target to give him fast and glowy token and kill yourself with zero action (free card, and scrap marker for McTavish - i miss the free shooting attack from 2nd edition, but might have funny consequences), then summon it again while Zoraida activation to spread the love of the same full plate of conditions! Meanwhile Bokor might heal or shield Doll so it wouldn't die from Frantic Failing's mask trigger. I'm corrupted by playing to much in MtG using blue/white or blue/black control/locker decks.
  4. Well, i just love playing with some hazardous terrain with obeys and lures and i love to have him if there is some kind of big(ger) severe terrain near centerline especially if i can connect it somehow with some schemes. Of course he is not the best alternative in our arsenal, but he gives me a lot of fun and that is the main reason i'm using him (also love the model). And one more thing that could lead to some misreading, because of one "or"- Doppleganger is in duet only with McTavish. ME has nothing to their affairs. Oooh, after your post i looked after some kind of errata etc, but couldn't find it on the forum because of lack of time (few free minutes befere going to work). Thank you very much! Hmmm well it was OP and could ruin some fun - i agree with it, but still, i don't feel hard nerfed if this could stop people asking - how should i play Corrupted Idols against Zoriada?! So later Zoraida would be nerfed in more ways, and we have Bokors in keyword that can heal Mama Z.
  5. About what nerf are you speaking? Usually i pick two henchmens from Swampfiends (17-18 ss), Doppleganger if i've picked McTavish or Mysterious Emissary and mixed group of minions for circa 14-16ss (Bokor, one or two Will'o'Wisps, Silurid if i didn't pick Swamp Mother, but it is not some kind of rule), sometimes i'm exchanging Emissary for Effigy to cut the costs (Doppleganger).
  6. I love that bubble. Beckoners don't stack with Gwyneth with brilliance giving aura, so you can move Gwyn or Beckoner to another Idol - Beckoner's A Pleasant Distraction might be very funny if idols are within her 6" aura and you spread brilliance over enemy.
  7. In Lynch also Kitty and Gwyneth have their ways to move enemy models that are already activated so Huggy can obey them to move the Idol. And as Lynch you have some sort of summoning and there is always ook Sun Quiang for four 1/2/3 healings per his activation + healing aura and he also has placement enemy model within 6" on tome trigger with his stat7 attack. Basically the whole crew have quite a lot of some ways to heal themselfs and to move opponent where they want them to be (and the lures from beckoners might speed the chances for your summoning - with two lures the opponent will gain 2-4 brilliance). In beta forum there was the whole topic which master for which strategy, but unfortunately there is no access to it. I will say from perpsective of my masters within their keyword with one versatile/ook model (Lynch, Youko, McCabe) looking only at the strategy without any schemes: Corrupted Idols - things nice to have - healing, summoning, mobility (your models are fast, unimpeded, incorporeal), enemy/board control (lures, obeys, shooting, destoying markers), movement restriction (ice pillars, pianos, staggered, slow). - Lynch has healing (but it is nice to have some additional healing), mobility, board control and quasi summoning - probably preffered. - McCabe has freaking great mobility, nice board control and movement restriction, need tanuki or other source of healing. - Youko - well i don't see her here, too soft to sacrifice their health to move idols and take hits from opponent and too slow even if with quite nice enemy/board control and murdering capabilities. On the other hand her minions are perfect for our defensive upgrades even if they are getting quite pricely. Reckoning All three crews have all aspects and ways to murder fast your enemy and survive the counterattack. Youko might struggle against heavy gunline, Lynch gonna suffer from shockwave spam. Turf War McCabe with Desper, Sidir, Hucksters and Samurais (because of mechanic of artifacts i treat them as in keyword rather than versatile) is clear winner, but Lynch is not so far behind him with two great incorporeal models and the same thing that i' ve mentioned in Corrupted Idols. Youko well... will struggle with mobility for getting 4 points from the strategy and lacking shooting might hurt her a little, even with very nice lures, but if you manage to get quick pass tokens for leverage than maybe. Plant Explosives McCabe and Lynch are both great, maybe Lynch is prefferd because of obey (drop the bomb!), but Youko should be also capable to drop all the bombs, defend them and or murder the opponent.
  8. As for Ancient Pact discarding black joker is just nice bonus, the +1 to initiative flips is much better, the real deal is with nefarious pact allowing for free draw, but... for the whole thing this upgrade is just too pricely and as Zoraida player this upgrade is useless for me (but Fae doesn't have any card draw which is quite sad comparing to the rest of my crews, hehe). Eldritch Magic - quite nice upgrade to have in arsenal which allows to not have Serena (i don't like her), so she is not a must have option in any roster struggling with condition spam from enemy. Counterspell is nice addition (there is also some but, because fae and savage have easy access to bultungins, but but dispel magic is a little more easy way - it needs 6+ not 7+ card and has range option). I would see this upgrade rather on some kind of nasty support/irritating model (waldgeist in my case, maybe even Silurid used to distraction spam). Inhuman Reflex - the real and probably the only winner for me - add this to minion beater (in my case Rougarou) and it's very infuriating for any bubble crew. But to tell you the truth i don't use them (max one per crew, usually 0), i don't think they are as good as in the other factions (i'm looking at you - Guild, TT, Ressers, Arcanist).
  9. There is already Indiana Jones aka McCabe as TT/Explorers, so i wouldn't expect second dual master from this faction. I would still prefer that humanity are new lab rats/fresh audience for him.
  10. Naaaaah it's just one big family! Aaand Lynch would be grateful for free ride with me with his mv4.
  11. I'm wondering - does anybody tested McCabe with Wanyudo in crew? I'm quite allured to vision of two high mobile, trampling models especially against some sort of bubble crew.
  12. Loki/Joker - because why the Neverborn wouldn't explore humanity because they bring themselves into Malifaux so there is new turf for tricks, scams, lies and jokes?
  13. Deployment : Flank Strategy : Plant Explosives Schemes : Dig their Graves Outflank Deliver a Message Claim Jump Vendetta Opponent's declared leader : Kaeris My Leader & crew : Lynch with Trained Ninja Huggy Gwyneth Kitty Tannen with Trained Ninja Beckoner Beckoner Tanuki Score / MVP / Thoughts: 5-5 after 5 rounds. It was very possible for me to win this with 7 points Huggy or Gwyneth or Kitty Rig the deck rocks! Also Gwyneth's Hit the jackpot rocks too! I would love to see who would be better as a crew's supporter - Tanuki or Sun Quiang, Tanuki cleared a lot of burning, but Sun Quiang has Quick Cure, so it would be possible to clear a lot of burning too, also he is better healer and he has much more survivability (Tanuki died in third turn). Also he would help with schemes with his abilities and zero action. But i don't own him and we could proxy only non existing models. Triple aura - Lynch, Gwyneth/Beckoner/Tannen is true nightmare for opponent. But shockwave mechanic is true horror for Honeypot - Damn you Fire golem.
  14. definitelyDeployment : Standard Strategy : Reckoning Schemes : Breakthrough Harness the Leyline Hold up Their Forces Take Prisoner Deliver a Message Opponent's declared leader : Mah Tucket My Leader & crew : Youko Chiyo Hinamatsu Bill Almgren Kabuki Warrior Charm Warder Kunoichi Tanuki Score / MVP / Thoughts: 6-2 after 5 rounds for Gremlins Big Brain Brin is a... broken piece of grass (and he was definetly the MVP). I would love to use Sun Quiang instead of Tanuki (but i don't own him), he would be much better healer than Tanuki, Qi an Gong doesn't need so many focus. Also i've lost Charm Warder at the start of the second turn (3 roosters), cover from Bill doesn't help so much in mass shooting so i didn't have discard ability almost from the start of the game (Sun Qiuang also would help here). Two Trained Ninja - probably for Kabuki and Charm are must. If enemy doesn't have any way to ignore armor Hinamatsu is totally beast. Bill is weird model, still i would see the stoic nod as zero action - after the game i definitely prefer to split his cost between upgrading Tanuki to sun Quiang and giving defensive upgrades to soft minions.
  15. Deployment : Wedge Strategy : Turf War Schemes : Harness the Leyline Search the Ruins Outflank Assassinate Claim Jump Opponent's declared leader : Yan Lo My Leader & crew : McCabe Luna Sidir Desper Samurai Huckster Huckster Ruffian Tanuki Score / MVP / Thoughts: 6-5 for me (we played not full 4 rounds, with 5 rounds it would be 8-6). MVP - Samurai - killed Izamu twice, and would rather kill him third time. Thanks to the False Claim with Mask trigger and Luna i' ve always had enought scrap to attach artifacts (need to learn how to juggle them better, but they are freaking great), also it allowed me to draw a lot of cards. Not so sure what would be better - two Huckslers or two Ruffians. Fast Samurai at the center of the table backuped btyTanuki from first turn and McCabe in vicinity gave me great board control.
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