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  1. Please, no more models with soulstone generating abilities... They are quite cancerous... Jessie is weird... Botanist with archeological abilities... But additional scrap for McCabe is true blessing.
  2. Here you have nice topics that may help you.
  3. Yeah, i know both facts, but i'm still tempted by having ability to summon very nice model and in first turn, with Luna and Huckster's False Claim with triggered Inflated Worth the crew will draw few extra cards so it may help to dig for those three cards that enables summoning of katashiro. Faded Mirror may also help. And with Rough Riders and spam of ride with me i wouldn't be afraid to start clumped altogether. Second case is also provided by temptation of trampling my opponent and cause as many as possible movement duels, but yup you are absolutely right about crime boss or kabuki war
  4. You know, i have mixed fealings about them... Sculptes are... Dunno, so-so? Nothing interesting or fun. Mechanicaly they are quite nice unless they gotta fight against heavy wp crew. They bring some crazy mobility to already quite fast crew, so our gunner platform in form of Sidir or Samurai will not have to spend actions to move themself, just pure dakka-dakka. They might do some nice shooting by themself. And from power gaming perspective i yell for any form of movement passive attack ability to create really nightmarish trampling crew... Wastrel Fast And Furious (
  5. Have You thought about McCabe crew looking at your new spoils? Samurai, Dawn Serpent and Minako box worka quite well with him. Also single Tanuki might be very welcomed guest in almost all rosters.
  6. For Lynch you definetly need Beckoners and Gwyneth (one box), Tannen and Depleteds. Graves is mixed bag, but quite cool mini and nice im fluff, unfortunately imho he is more as shelf model. I would suggest play Jacob into almost pure keyword with Tanuki or Sun Quiang for healing and support. Oh, you wanna grab Kitty from new box.
  7. I would point that on right table he might be fun with Waldgeist(s?) - MR grants them slow trigger which imho is great trigger, but it required high crow card reserved for better models.
  8. I wouldn't bring Lynch as second master, because he needs to much help and synergy from his keyword to work - he is slow by himself, needs Huggy (aka +8 ss to his cost) for wonderful hidden pistol's tome trigger for placing Huggy and needs much more brilliance for summoning his minions - for me he is one of those masters that runs almost whole keyword party.
  9. Wait, what?! I would say that she has great keyword - 4 very nice henches, each with different role (Bad Juju is a beast, just don't play him in the open space in open table, First Mate is still First Mate, Spawn Mother can be very nasty board controler and McTavish is a swiss knife). Silurids are wonderful scheme runners, Bokors and Will'o'Wisps are great support models (and the second one can also scheme nice sometimes thanks to ambush). The only thing that doesn't work too well in keyword are Waldgeist if i had to point someone, as they have lost their tankiness from 2nd edition. Thanks to
  10. I always dreamed about germinate getting trigger that would allow Walgeist to take attack action against model b2b (ot within 2"?) with underbrush marker. Or give them ability (or trigger) to turn all underbrushes markers into hazardous (that could be op). I would be glad for something like this eEven if germinate would be once per turn without cost reduction for them. Maybe with changing that Waldgeist would have stat 6 (now it's 5) in germinate and autumn knight stat 5 (now it's 6).
  11. Also Lotus Eater from TT, Poltergeist from Neverborns, Molly from Rezzers.
  12. Holy Molly Mama Maglione! I feel like I always covered this section of Pact Mentality with finger or so while reading this ability, so i didn't see this.
  13. Butulgin needs some form of group movement then their pack mentality would work better so it would be able to protect them little more (always thinking how would they work with chaingang) or something else, but definetly they need some love. I almost see no reason for hiring Walgeist (which is sad, beacause i love those models) when i have Autumn Knights (and don't even ask about their role in Swampfiends - i see none for them) even if they are capable of dropping 2 schemes markers in one turn. Love the idea for giving them some triggers for their Germinate Action. I didn't played in gg1
  14. In TT McCabe has great options to run with only few models from his keyword, becasue of his artifacts, but from the other hand Honeypot is almost go full in keyword with maybe one ook/versatile or take another master. Neverborn Zoraida could also go ook, but personally it's no fun for me.
  15. Wow, where i/we can read about it? Theme and idea is crazy cool! Also what second fraction do you assume she is? Rezzers or Arcanist (the whole note sounds like Seeker who is seekeing for something - maybe way to turn normal human beings into superhumans and if everybody are super then nobody are, so we don't need guild anymore?).
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