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  1. Test subjet - Gator On a 40mm base as I'm planning to use it as soulstone miner (which i think doesn't fit the bayou theme crew) One of those rare occasions where i use the gloss varnish to simulate freshly digged earth I'll take more pics soon when the other test are done VID_20210331_080746.mp4
  2. Thanks!! It's all thanks to vallejo red Magenta, which is a purplish red color quite transparent more layers of it, give a very rich and deep red, by adding either offwhite or orange you can warm it up for the highlight without turning it pink or orange
  3. Roostee riders Enjoyed every minute, by far the best minis I have painted in a while
  4. Here the WIP of the first rooster rider Loving it! VID_63620501_225144_370.mp4
  5. Thanks buddy I'll try to fix them following your tip, I'll swap the purple with a reddish brown
  6. Thanks buddy I'll try to fix them following your tip, I'll swap the purple with a reddish brown
  7. thanks, I have to say I'm failry new to painting Malifaux, on a side I love the fresh look of the minis, on the other some smaller details (like the teeth on the gremlins) are very hard to pick, the usual technique is paint the whole part one color then wash it and maybe a small point of highlight, here the teeth are not only small but not very carved into the model and by washing you basically paint the whole bit brown. and no matter what type of wash you use, can be acrylic, ink, wash... not a massive problem, but the face is usually the focus point of the miniature, and blurring
  8. White background for the wackers! It better reflect the light and it's easier to take pictures seen their weird poses... They have been a real pain to put together, I love them now that they're done 😅 The little pond on the hat it was a nice touch i think...
  9. Quick and rough update. I have spent last few days batch painting the bushwackers plus trixibelle... They will be finished soon. Taking proper pics will be an hard ine, as they all have weird poses and i have to find a way to direct the light to the faces under those hats...
  10. Thanks!!! There are much better painted ones around, but I'm trying my best 😅 Now a week end off for family duties be back painting Monday! 💪
  11. Today's (tiny) step forward... Little lass, I tryed an unripe pumpkin, having fun with these 😂
  12. Aaand a new one... Big Brain Brin it's not an easy one to tackle. The brain itself it's quite challenging and the molehorrilenakedthing aka "the pet" it's also quite difficult
  13. Ok mah is done, thanks for your advice guys!
  14. Today i've changed the dress to a more interesting rosy/brown pink. Getting familiar with the blend
  15. The idea is to paing black hair a bit like the artwork, so that's supposed to be the base for a greyish/black final color, but I agree I'll change it to something warmer. Thanks for pointing it out!
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