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  1. The bestest doggo in town and his buddy. I decided for the pinkish glow after playing with blood effect on nix, turquouse/violet pink is a nice match and overall it's notbthst bad used sparingly
  2. Ok a friend of mine just pointed out that he looks like Ace Ventura.. 😂 I'll never look at this model with the same eyes again.. Someone braver than me should try it out...
  3. The piper himself! The pinkish glow will make more sense next to his doggo Nix once finished
  4. The Obedient Wretch is done I love it, she does have a strange pose, kind of leaning forward so i put her on a slightly sloped base
  5. Little update, mainly on Nix (which is the model i like the least) Still to fix and clean most parts. (Oh boy i need to sort out those banana yellow hair! 😅) I also got a turquoise ink to spray from below to add a night light feeling (and ruin everything 😂)
  6. Not sure... I quite like the old artwork with the purple glow, it fits well but doesn't scream plague to me.. Maybe turquoise? I'll keep it to a minimum though, I'll add more weathering and stains with the oils and it will be enough i think Glad you like it, its much appreciated 🤗
  7. Hi guys, while I'm waiting to complete Pandora as Teddy & Carver didn't show up yet, I've started Plague crew. I went for a muted, dull palette It's still a wip hope you like them
  8. Hi guys, Iggy has been added to the lot. Now i need teddy and carver to show up.
  9. Thanks!! I have been painting historical stuff mainly for a while, its very entertaining to try new stuff. I just bought Hamelin to follow just to go back to a more muted palwtte
  10. Ok 2 aversions done too 😅 Trying lots of new tecniques (for me) here I've used airbrush, plus acrylics and oil glazing/weathering Hope they are ok, I've tryed to give the impression of their transparency still using real life colors reminders
  11. And here polly and the sorrows groupshot, i need to get the camera right so it wont blur the back models before i take a shot with the rest of the gang 😅
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