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  1. Still undecided. I think I'll wait until more Transmortis are available. I'll focus on my unpainted TT first
  2. Re-reading this thread again, I noticed a couple of things that you didn't talk about: - How about second masters with Youko? E.g. Akami (+1 hand size, gets summons). - And the Effigy/Emissary/Effissary? Are they worth it?
  3. Hello! I'll ask a mirror question to one I put on the Ressers forum: could you say me why do you enjoy Leveticus? I find him interesting, with the irreducible damage, the "you can't kill me, I'll teleport to that girl", and the awesomeness of A&Dust. Why do you enjoy him? What are his crew's strengths & weaknesses? Does he need a lot of versatile support? I'm interested in him and also in Von Schtook. Are they similar? If any of you Outcast members have opinions on the crazy professor (playing with or against) they will be welcome too!
  4. Hello! I read Von Schtook's background and I found it awesome. His card is hilarious too -as a teacher, I can relate (not the zombie part, though). I know we are waiting for some boxes to appear (Valedictorian, the Students...), so the crew is not complete. Having said so... Why do you enjoy playing him? What are Transmortis' strengths and weaknesses? Do you find them fun to play (with and against)? I've been looking at Leveticus' crew too. I know they are not the same faction, and probably not the same style, but I find some similarities between them. If any of you know about the
  5. I enjoyed your McCabe review a lot, and this one is even better. Thank you for these!
  6. I'm sad and confused for Yasunori's nerfs. I'd like to know the train of thought behind these changes. Can anyone from the testing team explain them to us?
  7. Mah's change was expected. I guess we need to plan a different T1. BBB's change surprised me... Because I had not realised that we could Calculate the possibilities more than once per turn. :_D (I know, I know... I'm new to the Bayou.) I'm curious about how do Zoraida's nerfs affect us. Did you use her in Bayou as a second master?
  8. Oops. Right about the enforcer part. Flavorful for sure! I wonder if they are going to modify it in the next errata.
  9. Hello there! I was checking for elementals for my dear Sandeep, and I found the Essence of power. Has anyone used it in arcanists? How did it go? Apparently it's a pure support, but maybe it's worth for a blasting turn for just 4ss + extra ss in the attack. And it can be summoned too... Not sure if it does enough, though.
  10. Hello there! Returning to the awesome world of Malifaux after a long break, catching up with the rules... I have a question on Scamper (Mah Tucket's crew rule). If two or more miniatures with Scamper are within the required inches of a cheating enemy, can them all scamper? Or just one? I'm not sure about the "only one aura" thing. Thank you in advance!
  11. One question about McCabe's trampling: if he uses Bull Whip and pushes 2", does he do trampling damage? If so, I guess the Like the Wind extra push does not reapply damage, as it's part of the same action. Is that right? Also... What do you think about including TT OOK models with McCabe? Worth it? How about a second edit with your thoughts of some miniatures...? 😉 (May I suggest to start with Oni keyword?)
  12. I'm still undecided. McCabe looks cool with the trampling + artifacts attachments. Misaki does too (fast and deadly, and friendly obey). I'm thinking of Asami, also. I like the Oni miniatures a lot (Ama No Zako is awesome), and although she's a summoner, like Sandeep, I'm thinking she works differently from him. Can someone sell me Asami with dragons? How does she work? What does she need? (Again, I thank you all for this thread. As someone who is returning to Malifaux, it's been very informative -I can't stop thinking of the TT :D)
  13. This long, well-thought post has made me realize McCabe is an interesting one. Thank you!
  14. Thanks! I read Youko, but couldn't see her main startegy: what does she do? Why do you think she would go nicely along the drakes? Shen Long is a pass, I think. I dislike the monastic monotone style. I was thinking of McCabe and his shenanigans, but I yeah, I realize he can't pass artifacts. Also he can't give a free charge to a dragon, I believe, contrary to Misaki or Lynch. A pity, because I was growing fond of him.
  15. Thank you guys for these replies! Very informative. Ok. I'm now deciding between Misaki, McCabe & Lynch. Any further gameplay input/analysis about these three will be very welcome 🙂 As I'm buying the three dragons, that's for sure, a crew that doesn'n need many extra purchases would be interesting.
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