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  1. Can I get a extra Mini instead?
  2. But those are not divided in to 4 squares. the 1st one is 4 squares and 4 Triangles. The 2nd one is 4 squares and a weird shaped object.
  3. I would like to see what other options you have with dividing the 36"x36" table into 4 squares. The only one I can think of is 4 18"x18".
  4. Can it be possible to also state the faction on the upgrade cards in the PDF's. I figured on launch they will be color coded to the faction. But in black and white you can't tell what one goes to what faction. I've printed them all out and now I have to try to match the upgrade to the faction. Thanks.
  5. Thanks.. I have some days I need to fill out
  6. Artiee


    Yes I know that.. But he is asking for a change. I was curious if he has actually tried it to see how it does works out. I was am not suggesting him posting a battle report using his own rules.
  7. Artiee


    Curious, Have you tried playing games allowing it?
  8. Artiee


    Simple duels? You can cheat to fail the check.
  9. I have to say I haven't had any bad experience from Noble Knight when I buy from them on eBay.
  10. It is but can't be Placed, it is unburyed in the their deployment zone. There is a reason that you capitalized CAN. Not sure why.. The unburyed it hasn't changed from M2E. Just a note that it is because Fast increases actions by 1 to a max of 3. It doesn't spell out Masters/Leaders.
  11. That would depend on if the rules say that the order must be determined before the first duel happens.
  12. Wonder why they dropped sloped. Stairs and hills have the similar wording
  13. Sorry, That's what I get for trying to do work and reply on the forums. I missed a putting in NOT. I was stating hills should not be blocking pushes. That is why I posted both Hill and stairs. The OP stated that Hills block pushes.
  14. Models can move up and down a Hill as if it were horizontal without having to spend any additional movement for changing elevation. The staircase has a similar wording. Models that move horizontally along a staircase do not have to spend any additional movement for changing elevation. I do think Hills will stop pushes. *** That should say will not stop pushes.
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