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  1. WOW... I found my new model vs Rasputina.
  2. Am I reading this right? Push the target 2” in any direction. If the target comes into base contact with a ice pillar, remove pillar and place target in base contact with any ice pillar. So Gigant shoves a model into a ice pillar. Then he can place the model into another ice pillar 20” away?
  3. My LGC owner liked this, but it the $350 for free shipping that is a issue with him. He doesn't have $350 of Malifaux orders a month. He is also still waiting on the M3E update cards and the mini that he said Wyrd was sending for attending a online meeting.
  4. Yes.. Important for Health issue. Unfortunately it's still par for the course.
  5. This is a question that should be in the Neverborn Forum.
  6. What version are you using? What OS? I’ve tried to duplicate it and still shows 9+1. Is it dependent the master and upgrade?
  7. If you draw lines from each corner (or vertex) of a triangle to the midpoint of the opposite sides, then those three lines meet at a center, or centroid, of the triangle
  8. Sigh. I told told them what to replace them with and still got Miss Terious. And no M3e card for Miss Step or Ice Dancers.
  9. Check your email. I got one that said they ran out and gave me a option. If I didn’t respond in 4 days they would send Miss Terious as a replacement.
  10. Mine has a tracking number on the 17th but no tracking information yet. USPS still has it in the Pre-shipment status (Label printed but not picked up). Hopefully it was picked up but not scanned. I hoping to see it in a few days and not Mid January.
  11. You will have to also check to see if a certain master is the leader. Some masters change the plentiful number for upgrades.
  12. On iOS hold down the crew and you can move it.
  13. I don't see anything in the rules that would prevent it.
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