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  1. How is this going to work since GTS still doesn't know about how to update the current boxes and not having M3E product to send to the LGC.
  2. Can I get a extra Mini instead?
  3. Thanks.. I have some days I need to fill out
  4. I have to say I haven't had any bad experience from Noble Knight when I buy from them on eBay.
  5. That would depend on if the rules say that the order must be determined before the first duel happens.
  6. Remember, a Wyrd January product release is still a January release when it released on the 31st even tho the stores will not get the release until Feb 4th. Likewise, a Weds 11:59pm post of the beta files is still a Weds post.
  7. I like they are lifting the beta. It allows the beta testers in the discussion. When someone states something would work better that was already tested in the beta, they can discuss why it didn’t work. I welcome it.
  8. I hope the future updates include a Cancel button when you accidentally click the Rename or Copy icons.
  9. I find this funny. They have time to put a login button on, but not a Cancel button on the rename or copy windows.
  10. The text since there was already a Mask of the same number.
  11. Submit this via https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact App Support
  12. I personally hope not. There is only 1 BJ in the deck. My players seem to be fine with it. They laugh when they flip a BJ and then a RJ. If they are getting it to show multiplie times in a game, it may be the way that are shuffling their cards.
  13. It doesn't say if the location is invalid then set up in deployment zone. It says if models do not physically fit in the specified location, then unbury in deployment zone.
  14. I don't know, All the examples you give are prerequisites. Sion of blood action requires you to select a friendly henchman or minion. If there are no henchman or minion then He will not unbury. Kill joy blood sacrifice “when a model in this crew is killed or sacrificed" If none of your models are killed or sacrificed then he will not unbury. Zipp dread pirate zipp I also read that the bayou gremlin is required for him to unbury. You have to try to place him first. If there is not room for him to unbury then use the unbury fall back rule. If there is no Bayou germlin then he does not get unbury. This is different than Levis unbury. The rule for his unbury is on his Waif.
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