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  1. When I create a game with my friend on a Android, (I have iPhone iOS 13.) We both show the same attacker/Defender. e.g. If mine shows me as the attacker, his shows him as the attacker. If mine show me as the defender, His shows him as the defender.
  2. They mis-heard the designer. He said. "If the stitched together fails, you can probably equally cheat provided you don't, your not on that negative yourself." This can be heard at 1:25:45-1:26:10
  3. Me too since in the past Wyrd has always been tight lipped about anything in development and reminded us on about the NDA to the testers.
  4. I don't remember any discussion like that on this.. But the designers (Wyrd) will only correct something in FAQ/Errata. The only time in 5 years I have seen Wyrd correct something outside of a FAQ/Errata is the Iconic Deck mis-label.
  5. I think it was their way of saying the opponent flips for the damage done on the Stitched. I think it was badly written.
  6. Am I reading this right? Push the target 2” in any direction. If the target comes into base contact with a ice pillar, remove pillar and place target in base contact with any ice pillar. So Gigant shoves a model into a ice pillar. Then he can place the model into another ice pillar 20” away?
  7. My LGC owner liked this, but it the $350 for free shipping that is a issue with him. He doesn't have $350 of Malifaux orders a month. He is also still waiting on the M3E update cards and the mini that he said Wyrd was sending for attending a online meeting.
  8. Yes.. Important for Health issue. Unfortunately it's still par for the course.
  9. This is a question that should be in the Neverborn Forum.
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