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  1. I will be available to run Malifaux Demo at Major Games in Saginaw, MI. Tuesdays are Malifaux Open Play. Also you maybe able to get in a game any other day. Place: Major Games Address: 3085 Bay Road Saginaw, MI (989) 751-7951 I also will be available to Demo on Tuesdays or you can schedule a Demo after 6pm Tues to Sat. Learn to Cheat your Fate. Come join the fun See you there.
  2. Duplicated. . The GG0 rule set is not in 1.0.9. It is erroring Any games that used GG0 iOS.
  3. When you are building a crew. And you have the A faction filter on the Cards side. You will only see those cards.
  4. Is this really a concern? They should know what is in the discard pile already. Nothing that it placed into the discard is hidden when it goes in.
  5. Yes there is. Click the down arrow next to the fliter option.
  6. iOS, I noticed that if I switch to another app or to the home screen and then go back to the App it seams to have uploaded and restarts the app. It takes me out of the game i'm in and the crew I that I was currently building. Is there a option to prevent the app from uploading when it is in the background?
  7. Sorry it was late. Yes upgrade. I need to put the See My shadow upgrade on a miner. what one do I pick?
  8. Doing a game I went to assign a condition it didn’t list the models by the name given. There was 3 same models. Needed to add one condition. I couldn’t find the right name. Can the add condition list the models by the names?
  9. Sigh, Missed out because of the faction deck fasco.
  10. Is there a place in my google account I can check?
  11. same on my ipad. None of the crews I made show up.
  12. My display name keeps resetting when I uninstall and reinstall. I’ll check my iPad when I get home tonight.
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