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  1. Hi Y'all, I have really been playing Mei Feng a bunch and realized I am only utilizing parts of her keyword in my core crew and instead rely on a lot of OOK. What does your core crew for Mei Feng look like? I am not necessarily interested in a "optimal" crew (as metas can vary so much) but I am hoping to see other ways players build her crew. Also, I have only played her in arcanist, I am not really sure what a TT Mei Feng crew looks like. What OOK models do you take? Here is the core crew I have been running: Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Mei Feng (Magical Training) Totem(s): Forgeling Hires: Sparks LeBlanc (Magical Training) Metal Golem Mechanical Rider Metal Gamin Mecharachnid
  2. Are Moleman just bad? I cannot seem to understand what their role is in a Marcus crew (cheap scheme runner?). I know they are only 4ss but I cannot tell if I am missing a trick with them or not. I was thinking of ways I could throw them up field with Cojo but that does not seem to be helpful since I would have to set up scheme markers for them to tunnel towards after. Anyone else have luck with them?
  3. Hi @SEV, Is the draft league full? I know I am seeing this 8 days after the post but I figured I would ask. I am trying to jump into the discord but it says the join link is invalid. Thank you! -N
  4. Ohhh that is really clever, I did not realize the pack with explosives does not go away if you run out of shielded.
  5. Good Afternoon, I have a quick question with the new Sparks LeBlanc rework when running him and metal gamin in my Mei Feng crew. On Spark's card he has the Pack with Explosives trigger which says "Until the End Phase, after the target's shielded condition, is reduced, enemy models within 2" of it suffer 1 damage." On the Metal Gamin's Hard Slam attack the italicize text reads "This model may lower the value of it's shielded condition by any amount." As a way to increase the damage track. My question is: can I elect to reduce the shielded condition on my Metal gamin when using Hard Slam attack action which would also trigger a Pack with Explosives blast? Thank you! -Nathan
  6. Hi @Caedrus, Life took me away from Malifaux for the month of January so I have to use a mulligan there. Although, I am back with a vengeance these past two weeks. For February I have hit my Masters goal of 16SS and painted an additional 52SS to buyback my mulligan for January. A big thank you to @Sweet Tooth and @muraki for giving me the Shenlong Crew box.
  7. Hi All, How are people reliably getting out fast on both your models and your opponents models so you can take advantage of it with the abilities within Tara's crew? I often read/hear people saying they can reposition their whole crew across the table by unburying them next to opponent models but I have not been successful in that. Thank you for the help!
  8. It is a good read if you get your hands on the book.
  9. I have found her to be tanky enough to last the games. The crew does not have much healing or support but Serena Bowman (versatile) has a healing bonus action (bottle of painkillers). A good defense mechanic (besides her terrifying 13) is her DF/WP mask trigger that gives the attacking model stunned (after resolving does not matter if they succeed). Once you have a model within 6" that gains stunned (from the trigger for example) than misery triggers and you can push that model 2" in any direction, even out of combat with Pandora. Generally, I often use her Despairs Influence with her as the target anyways to give her automatic mask on her duels for the mask triggers on her other abilities which means usually the mask is also already built into her DF/WP stat for the turn. It is a quick way to shut down a charge from a 1" melee model or even some 2" melee models if they are not already base to base with you.
  10. Hi @Caedrus, I am excited to join in this for the 2020 year. @muraki and @Sweet Tooth told me all about this last year and I was bummed to miss the entry date. My goal is to keep up with the master level as I am pretty sure I can do henchmen reasonably well so I hope to push myself to paint on a more consistent basis (~3x nights a week ). If not, then I can always bump down to henchmen level. I think the painting challenge will be the perfect next step for me. One day I hope to become a commission painter as a side source of income (especially in the summer as I am a school teacher with summers off). Thank you for hosting this!
  11. I would say to give sorrows a few attempts. I find having just 1 sorrow is not very useful but having 3 sorrows has worked really well for me. I often view them as tar pits to tangle up the stuff that I do not want my core crew (Pandora, Candy, Baby Kade and Teddy) to be dealing with until I have killed the current threat that I want to take out. I often find myself using lures or all the 2" pushes from Misery to suck something into my area of death. I often will have two of them as a pair to tank something coming into my core crew for a turn and send the third one to help or out to the other side to tangle with a scheme runner. Do not forgot they have the mask trigger built in to their attack to really the 1/2/4 is a 2/3/5 attack (assuming the enemy is stunned) and I usually just do a focus attack to help with the damage flip. I have caught my opponent off guard a few times with a very late turn sorrow attack after they used all their cards to keep their other models alive from the Baby Kade onslaught.
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