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  1. Tara nightmare translucent- out of Stock?!? was I That Slow or is something wrong here?
  2. In the Release List for October you can find „the eternal servitude“. Manos is in there! If you do not have the other models maybe it is worth the wait?
  3. Hello, if I target a friendly model within concealing terrain and that model relents. I have to flip two cards and pick the lower one and cannot cheat. Right? So if Zoraida targets Adze trough Bad Juju because Adze is not within 12" of her but within 12" of Bad Juju and Adze relents and is within concealing terrain. Zoraida has to flip two cards risking not to hit her target number? Thank you
  4. Rapid fire the next Quick question: I have a Beckoner with Silent protector next to an Illuminated. Mama Z with one Brilliance on her targets the Illuminated with Obey and the B discards for take the hit. Does the Obey suffers a minus because of „Don’t bite the Hand“? The B is the new target but Zoraida was targeting the I!
  5. Quick question: what is considered a flip for Jacobs Trump cards ability? if an enemy model flips three cards for the damage and there is an Ace but chooses another weak card to go in the conflict. Is the Ace counted as flipped or ignored?
  6. Thank you for your feedback! The markers used are 30mm. I wasn’t aware of a possible confusion and will speak of 30mm Markers the first time they are dropped to get things clear! Thanks for pointing that out.
  7. It is time for another battlereport „Out of the Breach“! I tried some new things with overlays/Lower Thirds! Hell of a work but I hope it was worth it. Let me know what you think.
  8. Awesome, thank you! That is a good explanation why no LOS is needed. Great work!
  9. Hallo, we played it so far without LOS because the card says that she can create an Ice pillar „anywhere“ within 12“. We where focusing on the anywhere to explain that no LOS is needed. What do you think and is there anything in the rules?
  10. My first english Voice Over is ready! I hope you like it... I learned a lot and will try another one...soon
  11. Battle Report #2 is online! I am working on my first Voice Over in english but it will take me a few more days. So stay tuned and celebrate the release of M3E!!!
  12. Why Killer Instinct on Kirai? I played her with GST and The W and find them very interesting. But never thought of KI on her. I am very curious what drove your decision.
  13. Hello, I hope I am allowed to post this here. I started a German YouTube channel and I want to focus on Battlereports for Malifaux (Beta for now). I know that the most of you do not spreak German, but we have very few coverage in German and I want to spread the word of that awesome game! If there is enough interest I will consider to try a voiceover in English. so I hope some of you visit my channel and leave some comments! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMPKjGmf48OrNG8QUlgaCHQ cheers Julian
  14. I do not understand why mimic is getting around Lethe? Cause when Doppelgänger copies an attack and is using it twice she will suffer from Lethe for taking the same action twice. Please correct me if I’m wrong. btw. Does the attack after a charge counts for Lethe? I thought not cause the attack is part of the charge and after that you do a normal attack. so Lethe just kicks in for: double walk, double attack without moving, double shoot etc. right?
  15. If the doctor creates a flesh construct it gains slow (and poison +2, the doc is leading the crew) and the doc distracted +1. When I activate the construct I can use one action to assist the doc and flip to reduce the distracted to 0 then go reckless to move (or do other fancy stuff, interact maybe...I saw no „you cannot interact the turn you were summoned“ in the rules) and the damage point taken is healed back up at the end of the turn when poison ticks. is that correct or do I miss something?
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