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  1. Hello, it's time for another battle report "Out of the Breach"! I will use this new thread and post the Gaining Grounds Season 2 Battle Reports here. Let's begin with: Titania vs Kirai Let me know what you think! And consider subrscibing to the channel if you haven't already. It really helps!
  2. I really find it odd that Kentairoi aren’t unimpeded! They have horse body’s after all. But hey for me it’s a fluff thing and for the game it is balancing so I am ok with that. but didn’t you having trouble getting them where they need to be? Or maybe our tables have too many forests or other severe terrain 😂
  3. Awesome sparring tips here! Thank you all! We undead have to stick together and @Graf and I can report after the tournament how it went! So expect some insights on Sunday
  4. I am very interested in the Reva vs Guild/Lady J matchup because we will have a small tournament (10 People) this weekend and 6 of them are playing Guild and I think they will play Lady J a lot! So chances are I will face her! In Reva I was thinking on going almost living: Vincent, Asura, Shieldbearer etc. But any tips are welcome but OOK is not allowed. So I have to stay in Keyword + Versatile.
  5. As the title states: If for example Zoraida casts a Hex trough model A and A is engaged with model B. she can declare the my loyal servant trigger to heal a model within 3“ of the target. But the damage from the Hex kills model B. So at trigger timing B is dead. Can A still heal or not? in the rules there is somewhere a section about triggers like a push cannot be done when the model is killed, so I am leaning towards the not healing. but I am interested to hear your opinions!
  6. Hello, yesterday I had a game with my Reva against Euripides and two things came up. Entomb in Ice says that after a model within 8“ is killed, Euripides may drop an Ice Pillar and no other Markers are dropped. If he or another model kills for example a corpse candle there will be no Corpse Marker and the demise Pyre is also denied. Because the model does not drop any other markers. But if Reva or a model with funeral Pyre kills the candle there should drop one Pyre because the ability is on Revas card so she drops the marker, not the killed model...right? Summary: Cor
  7. If Lost Love uses his healing on a friendly model with vengeance with the burn out trigger to hand out fast and two damage does he suffers from vengeance damage? the wording on vengeance is target...check, damage...check and then it says the attacking model! But lost love is using a tactical action not an attack. for reference the wording on vengeance: “After resolving an action that targeted and damaged this model, the attacking model suffers +1 damage.“ what do you think?
  8. If Reva is using the forgotten Dead to summon a Corpse Candle in base contact with a pyre marker within aura 6“. The marker has to be within 6, but does the candle has to be within range too? Or can I place it on the far side of the pyre (or corpse) within LOS? As I understand it, the marker has to be within the candle not! But enlighten me p.s. oh, and what about the once per activation from spirits in the Flames? If I charge Reva with a Shieldbearer and she is in a pyre. The shieldbearer charges in the pyre and attacks with the shield to push Reva. Can I declare spirits once f
  9. Thank you! So till there is an official clarification I will play it as killed by the ability not the model.
  10. Hello, if Reva has Killer Instinct on her and she uses Loot their Corpses on a Corpse Candle, does she get two Pyre Markers out of it? Wording for the discard of the Corpse Marker is the Candle is killed and does not drop a corpse! So if Reva is the one to make the kill, there should be another Pyre Marker? Am I right?
  11. Hello again, after a long break I am happy to present you a new battlereport "Out of the Breach". From the German Nationals 2019 with a static camera angle. I hope you like it! I will update this Thread with new battlereports!
  12. Tara nightmare translucent- out of Stock?!? was I That Slow or is something wrong here?
  13. In the Release List for October you can find „the eternal servitude“. Manos is in there! If you do not have the other models maybe it is worth the wait?
  14. Hello, if I target a friendly model within concealing terrain and that model relents. I have to flip two cards and pick the lower one and cannot cheat. Right? So if Zoraida targets Adze trough Bad Juju because Adze is not within 12" of her but within 12" of Bad Juju and Adze relents and is within concealing terrain. Zoraida has to flip two cards risking not to hit her target number? Thank you
  15. Rapid fire the next Quick question: I have a Beckoner with Silent protector next to an Illuminated. Mama Z with one Brilliance on her targets the Illuminated with Obey and the B discards for take the hit. Does the Obey suffers a minus because of „Don’t bite the Hand“? The B is the new target but Zoraida was targeting the I!
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