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  1. Hello, I hope I am allowed to post this here. I started a German YouTube channel and I want to focus on Battlereports for Malifaux (Beta for now). I know that the most of you do not spreak German, but we have very few coverage in German and I want to spread the word of that awesome game! If there is enough interest I will consider to try a voiceover in English. so I hope some of you visit my channel and leave some comments! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMPKjGmf48OrNG8QUlgaCHQ cheers Julian
  2. I do not understand why mimic is getting around Lethe? Cause when Doppelgänger copies an attack and is using it twice she will suffer from Lethe for taking the same action twice. Please correct me if I’m wrong. btw. Does the attack after a charge counts for Lethe? I thought not cause the attack is part of the charge and after that you do a normal attack. so Lethe just kicks in for: double walk, double attack without moving, double shoot etc. right?
  3. If the doctor creates a flesh construct it gains slow (and poison +2, the doc is leading the crew) and the doc distracted +1. When I activate the construct I can use one action to assist the doc and flip to reduce the distracted to 0 then go reckless to move (or do other fancy stuff, interact maybe...I saw no „you cannot interact the turn you were summoned“ in the rules) and the damage point taken is healed back up at the end of the turn when poison ticks. is that correct or do I miss something?
  4. Is their spear a bonus action? Or is it a typo? oh...or they just can attack as part of a charge?
  5. You‘re welcome (I am German so my english is sometimes just a right guess maybe they will change the wording on catalyst to: “...and then lower top poison condition by 1.“ that would be the wording for a reduction in addition to the one during the end step
  6. I do not understand what you mean by „climb“? I think it would damage the model with poison without lowering the condition. It lowers during the End Phase (Rulebook P.32) models with pervers metabolism heal for one instead but when health is full nothing is happening:)
  7. The timing for Headhunter would not work. Sun‘s push is after damaging and the Head is placed after killing an model. As I see it the push is before the Headdrop. For dig it should be fine, because sun can push after damaging and places a scheme within 4“ and the marker is removed after killing the model. That is just my opinion (correct me if I am wrong)
  8. Oh yes, it would be great to hear/read some facts from GenCon. I am very hyped and want to know moar
  9. The only thing I want to know is the size of the new cards... cause me and my friends have nice books/organizers for our cards from „ultimate guard“ it would be sad not to use them anymore to browse through your army collection. maybe it’s just a german thing to keep everything in order on a specific place. But for me it is always a pleasure to see my card collection that way. So any word on this?
  10. If you kill the night terrors with your summoning in the Aura of Datsue Ba (she has to activate it before) they drop Scheme markers. And these might come in handy for Phillip
  11. I have the same bug on my iPhone. It started after the last update. I don’t know any fix yet, but I am sure it will be looked at and fixed with the next update. So far I encountered bugs but overall I really enjoy the app.
  12. You lower the poison condition by nine, to a minimum of zero. So poison ten would leave the target with one poison.
  13. I am in the same boat. I really enjoy the app and I hope this is getting fixed soon.
  14. My fellow Wyrdos, I am a resser player and want my shiny new Sybelle sculpt. To spent money on awesome miniatures is no problem, but... what shall I buy? Here ist what I have: Seamus, McMorning, Nicodem, Molly (the crew boxes) Archie, Yin, Bete Noir, Necropunks, Canine Remains So what could be next for 60$ I was thinking of Drowned and the university box? Or shall I buy the Hanged to get my nasty 13summon? So many good stuff out there... Any help is much appreciated greetings from Berlin DerSkalde
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