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  1. Jkkb


    I had an idea that I could copy Weird Device from Scavengers with the child. Then I realized it needs an 11 so I quickly abandoned it! (please reduce the TN of Weird Device to 7!)
  2. Jkkb


    I found some use for the Child to cast Essence Transfer. But thats about it and probebly also the only time I have used that ability since it's frankly not good enough for Leve to spend AP on.
  3. You only loose out on 1 damage if you do not hire Arik, 8 is still a lot. But yeah, it's not cheap, if you hire them both just for this. I don't feel like the interaction between Arik and Hannah is what break anything. It's more a question of do we want to have that high damage in the game? And as Davos said, maybe the real problem will be when you can place multiple blasts instead? Is the problem maybe that Hannah can get access to dubbel suits to easy? Investing 1 wound is no that much since the amount of healing seems to have gone up also.
  4. You are right, don't know what I got the 5 from. I can of course go into why cards could or could not have helped them this time, this time they could not to anything about it. I'm not saying that it is impossible to defend against Hannah, it all depend on flips and cards in hand and a lot of other factors, what I am saying is that it is a easy setup for 9 dmg (or 8 if you just want the crit), and that the dmg tack might be to high.
  5. They could not have used cards, st6 vs df5 in this case. I also used focus to get to dmg. They could have stoned for to dmg and this would help in this case. But this also only helps for henchmen and master, there are plenty of expensive minions and enforcers that can't defend against it. It is an investment but it can still remove an expenesive model with little to no ability to counter play, and let's face it, using the tactic of staying away from her is not really counter play.
  6. After playing a game yesterday I think a possible 9 severe damage might be a bit to much. I totally erased Mei Feng without my opponent being able to do anything about it. Possibly drop the crit and give her some other trigger?
  7. I agree, the one time I used it was when I had brought a Malifaux Child for just that reason.
  8. Focus + stone is not what I consider hitting someone easily.
  9. Are you forgetting the fact that you can't cheat flips? Because there is no way in hell you are hitting with a unless you are so extremely lucky that it should not even be considered a thing to theorycraft about. I mean, you could also say that the just makes it easier to flip a RJ so it's actually a good thing to get it!
  10. Jkkb


    So if you boost and channel, that is 4 damage to yourself, and if you have to cheat it's a high card that is spent on a 4 ss minion (or even worse, a summoned). Now atleast if we say you are using the Dark Powers upgrade you heal those 4 back. But it is still 2 ap from a master spent on killing a cheap minion. Now if we say that it have more then 4 wounds and H2W then you probably have to spend all 3 ap to kill it, because let's face it with it's unlikely that you get a with ML5. Same thing happens if it is something with H2K. Normally I'd say that it is fine that you have to spend AP to kill small minions but Leve right now is in a spot where he (until last update at least) did nothing else beside killing. Sure now he got Blood for Blood but that just means that you want to bring him closer to the action making him easier to engage with low cost minions. What I want for him is not more or easier damage (but sure, ignore H2W would be great!) but more movement options, maybe a push towards a friendly Amalgam model, or something like the Scavengers Weird Device or maybe a place near a friendly Waif. Just something that makes him more interesting and gives a slight bit of mobility.
  11. Jkkb


    Played a game against Molly yesterday, mostly I wanted to try out how Leveticus would be against a crew with lots of H2W. Now I didn't really get to test it since he was engaged by low cost models the whole match. One thing I really think should change for him is to remove 0" on his attack. When Crooligans and Ashigarus can be used to soak up AP since he need to spend 1 AP to move before attacking them it feel kind of silly. Another thing I noticed is that the Servant upgrade might as well be stapled to his card, the benefit he gains from it is huge! Really helped keeping him healthy while still taking wounds from boosting his melee damage. His new Blood for Blood ability was pretty cool and worked well. It helped in keeping both himself and deso alive longer then they would have otherwise.
  12. Strategy Turf War (corner deployment) Scheme List Assassinate Deliver a Message Power Ritual Hold up Their Forces Detonate the Charges Time & Rounds Played 5 rounds ?? time Final Score 4-4 Player 1 Sybarite Molly with 6 ss Necrotic Machine Toshiro, the daimyo Rogue Necromancy Dead Rider Rabble Riser 2 Crooligans Strategy VP Scored 3 Detonate the charges 1 Power Ritual 0 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? I would have built a different crew. i had too many minion buffs and too few minions. I would probably have brought Forgotten Marshal. I would also have had other priorities with the Crooligans. I placed them to interact and snatch a Turf marker each turn two, but I should’ve set up Power Ritual with them immediately instead. MVP model (and Why?) Molly, because her debuffs were powerful. Slow, distracted, the focus handout and card draw helped a lot. Dead Rider was also a boss. Player 2 Jkkb Leveticus 6 Stones -Servent of the Dark Powers 2 Waifs Desolation Engine -Servant of the Dark Power Ashes and Dust Hodgepodge Emissary Malifaux Child Scavenger Strategy VP Scored - 2 Arcane Ritual - 1 Deliver a Message - 1 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Stay away from Molly, I had an opportunity to try and kill her early and got a huge hit in but after that everything just stopped. Giving our Slow and Distracted as easily as she can I had no way of actually pressuring her with deso after the first charge. MVP model (and Why?) Maybe Scavenger, without knowing I stopped Syb scoring Detonate Charges with him. Concerns and/or Confusions? Leveticus could use a ml rg of 1. When engaged he often has to move once, then attack with ml 5, which is perhaps a bit too rough for him. We think it would still be meaningful to tie him up even with ml rg 1, but not make it feel so bad for the Leveticus player when he’s engaged by some rg 1 minion. Servent of Dark Powers feels like a auto take for both Leve and Deso. I don’t think it’s healthy for the game when you feel that you need an upgrade for 10 stone minon or a master. Scavenger, maybe lower the TN for Strange Device? Needing a 9 to get it off is quite harsh. At one point when I had a horrible control hand I used a focus for it. Maybe lower the TN to 12 so it just needs a 7? I (Syb) never wanted to use Molly’s Disturbing Story. Sure it gives you a sort of guaranteed damage which you might need, but giving my opponent so many cards could hurt so much in return I doubt it will be worth it most of the time. I believe she won’t use this Action most games, which feels like a waste of card space. I also wonder if I would ever remove a marker and give my opponent two cards via Lost Knowledge. The buff the Crooligans and Night Terrors gain from having the enemy have more cards in hand is not worth giving two cards to the opponent. It can screw you over so big. Molly herself can’t gain anything from it unless I am missing something. Additional Feedback? The Molly theme of choosing which models get to discard a card to get certain bonuses in the crew is very interesting and should grant a real depth of play. I like that. I (Jkkb) did not feel that the points really represented how the game felt. At the end of the fifth round I only had Ashes, the Scavanger and a Abomination left on the board while Syb had most of her crew. I only managed to kill 2 crooligans, her Rabble Riser and a summoned Ashigaru. Had we played the match again I have no doubt that Syb would have won.
  13. Jkkb


    As Outcast have the lowest number of versatile models I think you are right!
  14. I'm not really sure what you mean. Do you suggest that someone declares a master and then hire everything outside of their keyword?
  15. Jkkb

    Obliteration beasts

    Was it not to prevent Malifaux Rats with Rocket Launchers and Mines?
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