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  1. I wouldn't underestimate Leveticus melee capabilities. I most often find myself charging a high value target with him and relying on his min 4 irreducible to take them out in 2 or 3 attacks. You of course have to pick your target or timing since he only got stat 5.
  2. Played a GG1 game recently, we played Symbols with Standard Deployemnt. Schemes were Spread them Out, Assassinate, Breakthrough, Sabotage and Runic Binding. I played Leveticus with 6 stones and Servents, Rusty, Ashes, Marlena, Scavenger, 2 Punks and 2 Waifs. My opponent played Yan Lo with 6 stones and whispers, Manos, Toshiro with whispers, Chiaki, Emissary, Gokudo and Soul Porter. I choose to go with Breakthrough and Sabotage for my schemes. I was considering swapping Breakthrough for Assassinate. Spread them Out and Runic Binding both seemed to hard to consider using while bot
  3. Played in a small tournament during the weekend. It was singel master with 2 fixed lists. My first list was Leveticus w/ Servents and 6 ss. 2 Waifs, Rusty, Ashes, Marlena, Scavenger and Emissary. The second was Leveticus w/ Servents and 6 ss. 2 Waifs, Rusty, Ashes, Marlena, Scavenger and 2x Necro Punks. The first game was Idols with standard deployment against a Molly list with, Molly w/ Whispers and 2 ss, Necrotic Machine, Archie, Forgotten Marshall, 3 Rabble Risers and 3x Crooligans. I went with my first list this time. I had Search and Dig as schemes and Moll
  4. Me Leveticus - Servents and 6 stones Waif Waif Rusty Ashes Emissary Marlena Scavenger Opponent Kirai - Whispers and 6 stones Ikiryo Archie Datsue Ba Shikome Shikome Lost Love Seishin Seishin Idols - Standard Deployment Deliver, Detonate, Search, Power Ritual and Dig I choose Dig and Search and my opponent choose Search and Power Ritual. It ended with a 5 -5 draw where I scored 2 for Idols, 2 for Search and 1 for dig and my opponent scored 3 for idols and 2 for search. I used Rusty and
  5. If you have him Mad Dog is also great at destroying Ice Pillars. He is also great att killing more or less anything.
  6. How can we seriously be arguing about if Hired Soldier and Wanted Criminal are good when other factions have upgrades that gives them Arcane Reservoir, Butterfly Jump, Ruthless, Shuts down free actions and shut down defensive triggers? I think it's pretty obvious that Outcast is one of the factions that got the least useful upgrades. I only ever find myself using Servants and that is also only on a few models.
  7. You really should never hire them so the 4 you got should be enough
  8. I usually use: Parker Doc Mad Dog Rusty Pride Prospector Child And then flex in something, last time it was Ashes. My though about the list is that Parker and Pride will drain the hand with Stick Up and This song is about you and then Rusty can open up with her Execute trigger and drain SS or just kill the models. Child is also great if you want a cheap activation or use it to cast Bandit Raid on models.
  9. What would your plan have been if you'd faced Shenlong? His anti-demise tech seems really strong against Leveticus and Ashes.
  10. Played a game last week. Reckoning Corner Ley Line, Search, Deliver, Take Prisoner, Detonate I played Parker Doc Mad Dog Rusty Emissary Pride Prospector Prospector Search, Detonate My opponent played McMourning Zombie Chihuahua Archie Dead Rider Sebastian Asura Rafkin Ley Line, Detonate The game was over very quickly. After my opponent placed Sebastian in a exposed position near the middle turn one I managed to get him down to 1 wound. The Rider ran up and tried t
  11. The only resser I played against is Molly and so far I find Zipp to work best against her. Then again, I have only played Zipp and Parker so you might want to take that with a grain of salt.
  12. I find Zipp to be one of our most versatile (if no the most) master, he and his crew can do basically any strategy and scheme and do it well. Don't write him off being a joke master due to dropping pianos, he can be an incredible disruption for your opponent due to blocking LoS or charges while handing out disruption and forcing simple duels with Boring Conversation. Meanwhile the Infamous crew is very versatile in what it does. Mancha hits hard, the First Mate is maybe the best schemer in both Outcast and Bayou and you can tech in the anything else you might want from Outcasts fantastic pool
  13. Played a game yesterday to prepare for a big tournament in Sweden. Plant Explosives Flank Ley Line, Claim Jump, Vendetta, Hold Up, Outflank I played Zipp Earl Burns Arik (2 bombs) First Mate (2 bombs) Emissary Gracie (1 bomb) Prospectors Ley Line, Claim Jump My opponent played Molly Necrotic Machine Archie (1 bomb) Dead Rider Effigy Effigy of Fate Crooligan (1 bomb) Crooligan (1 bomb) Night Terror (1 bomb) Night Terror(1 bomb) Ley Line, Outflank
  14. I think it's hard to talk about natural fits in this edition, I think it's more about what you are facing. But to answer that yeah, he fit in quite nicely. It's so far the only time I've used him so I can't say in what other crews he would be good.
  15. I have tried him with Parker. His aura is really good and when using both "Stick Up" and "This Song is All About You" it really drains the opponents hand. Combo that with Rusty for Execution trigger when their hand is empty and they will soon be out of stones or models.
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