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Found 19 results

  1. CustardBomb

    List Advice: Zipp Denial list.

    Hey all!! I have a list I am planning on trying out in a game tonight but i would love some feedback for it! The general idea is its built to utterly shut down and limit your oponents ability to score VP while keeping you mobile enough to achieve your own goals. Current line up is Zipp: - Rambaling Diatribe - The Gift of the Gab - Dirty Cheater Fingers: - Dirty Cheater First Mate: - Treasure Map - Where the Captain Can't See Iron Skeeter -Poorly Handeled Explosives Iron Skeeter - Airship Spotlight Gremlin Crier Gremlin Crier Zipp Fingers and The First mate do what they do best. Disrupt the enemy and deny VP. The Skeeters carry the Criers around dropping markers for you, and if necessary act as an express delivery system for the Criers Aura during key turns to shut models scoring and conditions. When your Criers die then the ideal move is to use PHE on the resulting Bayou to drop it as a bomb in the enemy. Or just use the bayou as a free scheme runner or distraction peace. Overall it would just be built to focus on the objectives and mess with the opponent
  2. As the title says, I am getting a friend into the game and he thinks Zipp looks the coolest and therefore wants to use him. I've got about $65 to spend on getting him the box and maybe 1-2 things to help augment that box. I don't play Gremlins (Neverborn is where I live) and have no clue what kind of things would be worthwhile getting to help him out. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  3. Hello! This thread will serve as a place for me to post battle reports so I don't end up flooding the board with them. As the title suggests, the focus of this thread will be on my Outcast games with Parker Barrows, and a little Freikorp, Viktorias or whatever else I feel like playing on the side. This OP will be updated with links to each Battle Report as I complete them. Any suggestions, thoughts, or comments are welcome! Outcasts Parker Barrows Games Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. McMourning - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Kaeris - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Molly - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Reva - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. Molly - 50ss Parker Barrows vs. C. Hoffman - 50ss Von Schill Games Von Schill vs. Zoraida - 50ss Von Schill vs. Viktoria of Ashes - 50ss Von Schill vs. Yan Lo - 50ss Von Schill vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss Misaki (Outcast) Games Misaki vs. Lilith - 50ss Misaki vs. Sandeep Desai - 50ss Misaki vs. Yan Lo - 50ss Misaki vs. Lady Justice - 50ss Misaki vs. Kirai Ankoku - 50ss Yan Lo Games Yan Lo vs. Seamus - 50 SS (GG17) Gremlins Zipp Games Zipp vs. Reva - 50ss Ulix Games Ulix vs. Perdita Ortega - 50ss - Partial Game Wong Games Wong vs. Molly - 50ss Mah Tucket Games Mah Tucket vs. Kirai Ankoku - 50ss Brewmaster Brewmaster vs. Reva - 50ss Arcanists Rasputina Games Rasputina vs. Yan Lo (Resurrectionists) - 50ss Rasputina vs. Molly - 50ss
  4. PirateCaptain

    Up We Go Placement

    I will attempt to explain my question as succinctly as possible, if you would like more clarification or reasoning behind my current interpretation, please ask. Zipp's ability "up we go" is worded: "Place the target anywhere within 5" of its current position, not in terrain". Originally I did not think this was confusing, until discussing Enclosed terrain features. Enclosed features specifically reference things being inside of them. What I would like to know, is the "IN" in Zipp's ability, referencing this, so that you cannot put someone inside of enclosed terrain (which would be incredibly unfair, and I completely agree with). OR do they mean "ON OR IN" as in, he cannot place you on top of or inside of any terrain feature. As I read it, it appears to function that he can place models "ON" terrain (or on top of terrain, as it were, such as moving a friendly model onto a roof), but he cannot place models "INSIDE" of terrain features. (this also fits the flavor of him carrying and dropping you, he wouldn't drop someone on the ground floor of a 3 story building, you'd get dropped on the roof, it's also far too friendly for a crazy gremlin pirate to care what he drops you on top of) I believe my RAW interpretation to be correct, but I really would like to make sure, as it is confusing. I am not interested in Rules as intended Interpretations, I have already decided to err on the side of caution with this, but would like some kind of official ruling one way or another, and was unsure where else to ask this.
  5. ElPuto

    Tomorrow game advises

    I started Gremlins a week ago or so (I own Brewie, Zipp and Som'er), and now with my mates we're playing using the GG18. I'll be playing Gremlins, my opponent Arcanists. We've generated randomly the Encouter: SYMBOLS OF AUTHORITY; Standard Deployment - Punish The Weak - Search The Ruins - Set Up - Inescapable Trap - Dig Their Graves Right now, I'm more headed towards Brewmaster, 'cause I want to test him in Faction as I always used him as 10T, but Zipp can be the right choice too, or Som'er. The reasoning behind the BMaster in this setup is 'cause I can place the Symbols relatively close to each other, and oblige my opponent to come at me and stay inside my bubbles. For Punish The Weak, I think that I can go for a killy crew, but I need Interacts for the Strategy and the other Schemes. Maybe Fingers + Burt + Golem? First Mate to push enemies around? What do you suggest guys?
  6. Hey all. Just had a game against Zipp using Reva. It did not go well... Before I get into it, here's the rough breakdown: 50ss, Headhunter, scheme pool - claim jump, undercover entourage, leave your mark, dig their graves, mark for death. My crew: Reva (guises of death, litany of the fallen, maniacal laugh), Toshiro (command the graves), Bete Noire (my little helper), Forgotten Marshall, 2x Shieldbearer, 2x Crooligan. Schemes: Claim jump, leave your mark His crew (from memory): Zipp, Earl Burns, Fingers, The First Mate, Ronin, Jetpack LaCroix girl (?), 2x Iron Skeeter. Schemes: Claim jump, undercover entourage. Now I'm pretty new to Malifaux and it's only my second game with Reva. My positioning wasn't great, I had no idea what his crew could do and my luck was abysmal, both in hand draw and flipping (I hit an Iron Skeeter four times with Reva and failed to wound it once for example). My game plan was using the crooligans for claim jumping (which admittedly I stupidly set up on opposite sides of the board, completely exposed) while using Reva's early corpse candle through guises to get into his back field early with Bete, then tandeming in the Forgotten Marshall for leave your mark/disruption/killing, while the Toshiro/Shieldbearer bubble/Reva wrecked face for headhunter. I quit end of turn four, had we played it out to the end I would have lost like 10-3. I could not get anywhere near his crew. Their mobility was crazy and if I did manage to get into melee, he just bounced away. I left my crooligans out to dry to be honest but I didn't know they could get hunted down so quickly and they died after dropping one scheme marker between them (which Fingers then got rid of). Bete did nothing except die before she could do anything (she got into melee twice; first being gibbed by the ronin, the second pushed away and slowed by The First Mate who then leapt to the other side of a building, just to add insult to injury). The Forgotten Marshall managed to score twice but aside from a few ineffective shots did nothing. Reva was effectively sidelined by the threat of having pianos dropped on her. Fingers scored about 7vp on his own before tying up half my crew by getting into engagement with them and going double defensive and bouncing away if anything did get through. It was a horror show. What could I have done?
  7. Dheekon666

    Gremlins arrived...

    Well the Wong and Zipp Crews have arrived along with Mctavish. Have also ordered Creative Taxidermy. Had a quick look inside the boxes and Damn, they look so delicate. Going to be so much fun assembling them... May have to figure a way to pin some of them to strengthen somewhat, especially the Lightening Bugs... Any advice welcomed...
  8. Dabslikelingard

    Piano dropping, a rules question.

    Hey guys, A quick question on the piano dropping ability (I searched the forum but couldn't find it this had been answered, apologies if it had). The card says ignores line of sight, but not cover. So if I'm standing on one side of a height 5 building and my target is in the open but on the other side of the building what happens, would he count as in cover? Many thanks in advance, James.
  9. Dabslikelingard

    Zipp recommendations

    Hey guys, I've been playing for a little while using wong and fancied a second gremlin master to play. How does zipp do and what sort of models are worth adding to his crew box set? Any help would be greatly appreciated, James.
  10. 480


    From the album: My malifaux painting attempts.

    Work in progress
  11. cfrag

    Zipp's ship

    So, I've been trying to know more about Zipp's airship. All the information I could find about it is that it was an experimental airship stolen by Zipp, that he named it Infamy, and that Earl Burns was the lead engineer of it before he got kidnapped. This leaves sooo many questions! Who was it stolen from? What is the size of it? What size is zipp's regular crew? How many pianos can you fit in it? Etc. Can you guys help me find more sources of information about it? Like malifaux books, through the breach books or official podcasts. Thanks!
  12. Zipp's 'Up We Go!' attack action reads: Place the target anywhere within 5" of its current position, not in terrain. My understanding of the word 'place' is that you ignore intervening terrain and models. Is this correct? More importantly, can this attack be used to 'place' the target model on top of a building or is that considered 'in terrain'? Is the 5" range of this effect measured strictly from a bird's eye view or would any change in height be included in the 5" range? In my imagination, Zipp is just grabbing somebody, jetting up into the sky and either dropping the poor sap or speeding back to the ground to suplex them into the dirt. But I'm not sure if that accurately depicts how the action functions within the context of the rules. In any event, my goal would be to dump the target on top of a building, or a stash marker, or some other piece of terrain and then force them to sit there or take falling damage to get back into the fight.
  13. athelu

    Gremlins by Athelu

    Hello all. I chose Ten thunders as my first faction, but loved the Sky Pirates box when I saw the preview. Finally decided to purchase and paint it. I will of course need to add more gremlin buddies to go with Zipp and his Sky Pirates
  14. Hello all, I was Theory-Faux'ing and playing around with Nellie and Brutal Emissary combos and as good as the generic conflux upgrade is, many of the emissaries generic conflux upgrades are far inferior to master-specific upgrades not including all the synergy the specific upgrades offer. I wonder if there were any rumors of wave 4 upgrades on the horizon. Better yet, to make this post more fun, what would you craft if you could design the wave 4 conflux upgrade? I’d love to hear clever ideas that are not too broken. The wonderful thing about the master-specific upgrades is that they synergies yet are not broken. Wyrd didn’t want to relive the brokenness of the campaign upgrades again and did a great job imo. I would love to hear ideas that are fun but not OP, any ideas?
  15. case.card

    Fast Grow League Advice

    Hi all! I'm returning to Malifaux after a three year sabbatical on the Other Side. There's a Fast Grow League (2015 packet) kicking off in a few weeks at the FLGS, and my wife and I have already signed up. In the past, I've always been a Guild toady (Sonnia & Hopkins are my heroes!), but the Gremlins are just too much fun to stay away from! That said, I've never run Gremlins outside of manning demos, so I could use some advice from fellow bayou brethren! Here's what I have access to: Wong (Explosive Solutions): fully painted Zipp (The Sky Pirates): un-assembled I also have just about all the Guild stuff, and nearly all the crews from the other factions. Many of them are older metal kits (we're in the process of updating). All that said, what do you folks recommend for additions? The league grows weekly: 26ss/30ss/40ss/50ss. The first two weeks are pretty easy-peasy (boxed crew plus upgrades), but the following two weeks get a bit tougher. I thought I'd ask early as I'm a terrible stickler for having models painted before playing with them. Thanks in advance!!!
  16. D_acolyte

    A fiend wanted me to do a Zipp List

    Let me state that I am not a gremlin player and this is coming from another faction looking in. A friend of mine that I played this weekend asked me to make a full 50 stone list for Zipp. Of which I have thought of 2, one of which is just rounding out another list I helped him with about 3 weeks ago where I left 15 points out of 50 off as play room. I will only be using models that have at least had prereleases, so no swine-cursed. Also most of the cost calculations are from memory, so I might be off by a stone or 2, so I am aiming for a full catch to cover some errors and I am sure you all will find any I make. Also can we post the cost of each model, I can not remember if Wyrd has a problem with that or not, I think not but I will be carful and add them later. First one, a mobility and survival focus list which is for Claim Jump, Interference and scheming. Zipp with No Quarter and Rambling Diatribe with a catch of 7. Earl Burns Rami with Hide in the Mud Sparks with Hide in the Mud Iron Skeeter with Poorly Handled Explosives Iron Skeeter with Hovering Airship 2 Survivors Rooster Rider Model number: 9 In this list you devide your forces into multible 1 to 2 man teams and use the high mobility of the Iron Skeeter and push effects of Zipp to separate and claim what you need. Earl and Sparks can play supportive roles where one heals a construct and the other gives them fast. Rami is there to provide support sniping and shape how your enemies react. Survivors have great survivability for their points cost with even most 7 stone models needing 3 hits to kill them. The Rooster Rider is free to go reckless and act on his own, I could see replacing or using the Rooster Rider range model because you have so much blitzing down field already. The next one focus on getting in there and killing key models. Zipp with The Gift of Gab and Rambling Diatribe with a catch of 7 Burt Jebsen with Dirty Cheater Francois LaCroix with Dirty Cheater Iron Skeeter with Poorly Handled Explosives Iron Skeeter with Hovering Airship Bayou Gremlin Merris LaCroix Whiskey Golem with his new 0 stone upgrade Model number: 8 This is a hard hitting list uses the Iron Skeeter as a taxi system to deliver Burt and Francois into their effective ranges for charging or shooting. The Whiskey Golem can keep up with this at a speed of 6 and nimble but with his new upgrade he can keep healing himself. Zipp can fly into the center and because of the Gift of Gab really cost your enemy there hands if they want to do prevention flips. Merris and the Bayou Gremlin can run schemes while your enemy is reacting to this new 4 man death team. The key is getting there about the same time to support each other and focusing on one or two important models, preferably ones which can use stones. When your enemy runs out of card you can have the run of them for the turn. I could also see taking making room for Trixiebelle or replacing the Whiskey Golem with Gracie. I am not as much a fan of this list as I feel other gremlin masters can do this beater. In both list the Iron Skeeters start as a taxi system and then are free to do whatever you need if they live after dropping off there cargo. If I where to fues the to I take the first one and try to make room for the Whiskey Golem and possibly Merris LaCroix but that would look something like this: Zipp with No Quarter and Rambling Diatribe with a catch of 6. Rami with Hide in the Mud Sparks Iron Skeeter with Poorly Handled Explosives Iron Skeeter with Hovering Airship Survivors Whiskey Golem with his new 0 stone upgrade Merris LaCroix Model number: 8 Note a fast Whiskey Golem can be a thing, and it already has nimble.... Does this count as a third list, it is really just done on the fly lol.
  17. Battle Report - Outcasts (The Barrows Gang) versus Gremlins (The Sky Pirates) Standard Encounter Strategy: Turf War Schemes: Assassinate, Bodyguard Deployment: Corner Pool: 48 Soulstones The Barrows Gang Cache: 4ss * Parker Barrows - Coordinated Heist [2ss] * Mad Dog Brackett [9ss] (Bodyguard) * Doc Mitchell [3ss] * Sue [8ss] * Johan [6ss] * Big Jake [5ss] * "Fan the Hammer Fillion" (Bandido) [5ss] * "Scarface Sally" Torres (Bandido) [5ss] * "Bushwhacker Bonnie" Clyde (Bandido) [5ss] The Sky Pirates Cache: 7ss * Zipp - The Gift of Gab [1ss] - Hovering Airship [1ss] - Rambling Diatribe [1ss] * The First Mate [9ss] (Bodyguard) - Where the Captain Can't See [1ss] * Earl Burns [3ss] * Iron Skeeter 1[6ss] - Poorly Handed Explosives [0ss] * Iron Skeeter 2 [6ss] - Treasure Map [0ss] * Iron Skeeter 3 [6ss] - Airship Spotlight [0ss] * Stumpy (Bayou Gremlin) [3ss] * El Kabong (Bayou Gremlin) [3ss] * Beauregard Buckets (Slop Hauler) [5ss] --- Lured by promise of treasure, two crews of roguish ruffians drew down in the North Hills outside Malifaux City. At stake, a small graveyard, long abandoned and haunted by a solemn statue at its heart - and buried in one of those graves? A small fortune of soulstones hidden awayin the time of the First Breach. Someone cue the dramatic music on the Aethervox.... --- At home in the North Hills, the Barrows Gang moved to claim the cemetery for themselves, seizing the Initiative and Scouting the Field to take up advanced positions in the wooded rubble surrounding the small burial ground. The wandering balladeer named Sue moved forward, hat tipped low.... MEANWHILE ABOARD THE AIRSHIP INFAMY! Captain Zipp and his crew came in for a landing, not yet aware they were not alone. Rocketing downward to the cemetery, he was caught in an ambush by 'Bushwhacker Bonnie" Clyde, the ruthless robber diving out of concealment in the woods and taking a practiced shot at the green menace before diving back into cover; as one of the Iron Skeeters flew in to support their Captain, "Scarface Sally" Torres joined her sister-in-arms, rolling out of the treeline and pausing only to fire a skillful shot at Zipp. As another Skeeter swooped down from the sky, "Fan the Hammer" Fillion focused and fired on it, and Parker Barrows decided enough was enough - twirling his Colliers he unleashed a hail of bullets into the air to cover his people from any attacks by these sky pirates. The rest of the two now-warring gangs pushed forward, the First Mate leaping and scurrying to croak menacingly but fruitlessly at the lurking bandits and the far-less-mobile gremlins and outcasts loping forward at a slower pace. The small graveyard soon became a warzone. Zipp seized Bonnie and rocketed her up into the sky, throwing her out of the cemetery's walls to land with a vicious thud, then opened fire wildly to no avail; Sue took aim and fired a telling shot that wounded the Sky Pirate captain and made him realize that he may have let his ego overwhelm his common sense - but by then he was hemmed in. Parker Barrows grinned and took aim at the scrap between Zipp, Bonnie, and one of the three Skeeters, Bonnie ducking as her boss's bullets struck home , before quickly sliding out of the knot of opponents at the graveyards' center. Parker fired again, only grazing one of the Skeeters but severing a satchel strap and causing a very dangerous bit of payload to fall to the ground... right in time for Parker to improvise as only he could and take aim at the crate of explosives... a loud, thunderous explosion rocked the cemetery, wounding Zipp yet again but causing two of his Skeeters to go up in explosions of fire and scrap. The Bandidos and the Bayou Gremlins traded volleys and increasingly-serious injuries and the First Mate dove in to duel with both Johan and Big Jake; the surviving Skeeter dueled in close-quarters with Mad Dog Brackett on the outskirts; Sue focused and fired at Zipp but the canny Captain evaded and rocketed away to seek the solace of slung slop. Healed and rallying, Zipp seized the initiative and flew back into battle, commanding the crew to Drop the Pianos in a bombastic barrage - but lacking pianos, they instead hurled a great chest of scrip overboard to the Captain's horror - and soon to Parker's as the heavy payroll chest crashed crushingly down upon him with the force of furious, bloody-red Fate. Groaning and taking only small solace in the fistful of scrip he shoved into his pockets as he rose to pursue, Parker brought another dropped charge of dynamite to a ballistic climax - but this time for naught. The First Mate was severely struck by Johan's hammer and soon leapt away to safety . Drunk and despondent, Doc Mitchell pulled a flintlock to shoot at the fleeing, nearly-dead Zipp.. but Parker gunned the old man down for his temerity. With Mad Dog still struggling, Johan charged forward and sunders the last Skeeter with a severe strike of his hammer, the machine falling to earth and erupting, leaving both the Barrows Gang members smoldering as they walked away with no care for the explosion behind them. Unfortunately for Zipp, he finds out the Man has Come Around, and Sue cuts him down. Earl lashes out at Parker and bashes at the outlawbrusingly with his wrench before being gunned down for his trouble, and soon the stump-legged sharpshooter loses a duel to a badly-battered Bonnie Clyde and the First Mate becomes material for a new pair of boots at the buckshot of Mad Dog's shotgun. Scarface Sally shoots down the banjo-bashing lunatic El Kabong, and as the smoke clears it leaves only one green soul left standing. Some are born to greatness, some achieve greatness...and some have greatness forced upon them.... some, such as the humble slop-hauler Beauregard Buckets. As the Bandits drew in, Buckets steeled his resolve in the face of a battle already plainly lost. The bandits shot at him, hemmed in his escape and threw dynamite at his feet with the demand to put his hands in the air! Facing the end, Beauregard Buckets did the only thing he could as the charges exploded athis feet and he deftly dodged death: He hurled scalding, noxious slop at his tormenters' leader... and the heat and fumes and filth laid low not only the battered Parker Barrows but Bonnie Clyde behind him. Cursing as their Boss fell to flung foulness, the Bandits opened fire with all they had - but Fate favored Beauregard Buckets - the Gremlin Who Survived. He may have lost the battle, and his new employer, and a pound or two of flesh besides... but he had a story to tell, and though swift use of Stones would save Parker Barrows and Bonnie Clyde, neither they nor any of the other Barrows Gang would ever forget that day , the day the Boss was bested by Beauregard Buckets! --- Scorecard! Turn 1 : Outcasts 0 - Gremlins 0 Turn 2: Outcasts 1 - Gremlins 1 (+1 Strategy / +1 Strategy) Turn 3 : Outcasts 2 - Gremlins 2 (+1 Strategy / +1 Strategy) Turn 4: Outcasts 7 - Gremlins 3 (+1 Strategy, +3 Assassinate, +1 Bodyguard / +1 Bodyguard) Turn 5: Outcasts 10 - Gremlins 3 (+1Strategy, +2 Bodyguard / +0) Turn 6: Outcasts 10 - Gremlins 5 (+0 / +2 Assassinate) Final Score: OUTCASTS: 10 GREMLINS: 5
  18. Blacks85

    Zipp !! Ideas?

    Well, our "weird" master came out...what do you think? It's surely a very, very strange model...I don't know about it... It can mess up a lot with enemy position and it's extremely mobile. Damage is quite low for a Gremlin master...or model generally. ...and it's insignificant...why? And not chatty, but this new mechanics which is weaker. Then the (0) action which can't be used to put model into an engagement - if opponent doesn't want. My first thoughts are negative...but we'll see with its box and on the field!
  19. mo11usq

    Summarising Wave 4 Master

    Typing is arduous, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on the new master releases in video format. Titania - Asami Tanaka - Zipp - Parker Barrows - Nellie Cochrane - Sandeep Desai - Reva -