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  1. I ran Moly, Necro, Nani, Archie,forgotten marshal, croliganx2, rabble riser, night terror, effigy on turf war. List was really not optimized at all for turf war ( many little minions) but I was facing Rasputina and it helped me a lot. Took outflank and harness the leyline. I put the crooligans in Raspi quarters of the table not to have my strategic markers fliped I discovered that Nani who seemed a bit contradictory on her card (manipulative + boring question which need to be activated + aura which need movement to be in the right spot) was much more logical than I thought when
  2. Noob question but Molly can also remove ice pillar markers with her ability lost knowledge ?
  3. How do you manage heavy armored crew like hoffman for instance ? I saw few solutions like emissary, sparks leblanc, warpigs , rami lacroix but outside these solutions not really comboing with trichi is it possible to handle heavy armored crew with burning + poison + slow ? what are your experiences against that kind of crew (one or two players in my meta play hoffman ^^) ?
  4. Can you expand a little bit your thought ? I’m noob but I don’t see how
  5. I would be interested to read your list and your feedbacks for this tournament !
  6. Do anyone have some example lists of what he play for each Scenario ?
  7. Thank you for the responses I tried one time mad dog with Tara vs Raspi and he was quite a beast ! He killed the ice golem in one turn wipe out some ice pillars... there are some good things in outcast and recruiting maddog or malifaux child, i think I’ll start that way in bayou you have many stealth that might be interesting but I don’t own them yet which caracters in the Keyword do you use the most frequently ? I don’t think I’ll take more than one iron skeeter for example. mancha roja and wrestlers looks very nice ! Merris LaCroix too...
  8. Hi ! I want to start zipp, he looks very fun ! i usually play against guilds crew, vik crew or raspi. Which are all pretty killy. Do you have any tips ? do you prefer zipp in outcast or bayou ?? What are the differences ? I don’t know very well bayou so it’s a bit hard to figure that out
  9. Problem is people telling the opposite are credible too we go for something like my interpretation versus yours and that’s a nonsens
  10. No one from wyrd never answer this ? It’s absolutly absurd to leave something like this without a clear answer given it might reproduce with many other profils ... in my case the answer was like « yes both activate so your guy dies » or « no so he can activate 3 times » the impact is huge !
  11. Hello It s just to have a certitude i had several different answers yet i play Tara and i buried a guy with fast condition. so at the start of his activation i choose to unbury that ennemy model near a model engaged with Tara. do the Tara ability « ennemy models with fast start their activation within 4 suffer 2 damages » activate ? If « start of the activation » is viewed as a phase i think it should works. Second question : those 2 damages, coming from an ability are reduced by armor even it’s not during an Attack action ? thank for your answer
  12. Do we know when this new box could be released ? Because now everywhere the crew is out of stock and i’d like to start that crew
  13. Headheck Tried it during open beta ... . Wyrd have tried many many differents versions during the beta and now it's playable but so much complexity to perform simple actions... I think this master is only here for those who need making hyper complexes equations to perform a 1+1 addition. well it's way too complex to use for what this mental charge bring you back (spoiler : nothing particular)
  14. Another game against Vic sisters Another pretty straight, strong destruction oriented crew. In my meta people like to go forward for the efficiency : easy brawl, heal, very good mobility and let's go. Scenario was Reckoning Schemes were Harness leyline, outflank, power ritual take prisoner, and deliver a message. My compo was this time : https://m3e-crew-builder.herokuapp.com/m3e/index?crew=f--Resurrectionist:l--Molly Squidpiddge--Grave Spirit's Touch:s--50:n--New Molly Squidpiddge crew:r--Necrotic Machine--:h--Philip and the Nanny--:h--Rogue Necromancy--
  15. I forgot prey on nothingness trigger... but as many attacks were at range 10" or more was not a good way to deal with it.. Focus is REALLY strong adding a flip positif on both duel and damage flips...
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