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  1. With misaki’s oyabun command you can extract a last blossom model while stunning/staggering to model engagîg yours can make some more use out of her tactical
  2. When ignoring models with this ability (with Calypso) does it ignores the models engaging him ? Thanks
  3. In key word it was guild i think
  4. Samurai is armor +2 i think
  5. Hi ! Just played against Hoffman on public ennemy with Misaki. Ended by a loss 5-6 ... I took a samurai, an archer, ototo, minako (her katashiro bring me 4 points of scheme ^^) and some other... He killed my samurai on first turn because i used ninja trainning and deployed him too close (he had howard on him very mobile and able to bring my samurai in his lines) To summup : Hoffman looks good in almost every domain : Mobile/Armored/Big hitter/Healing but looks hand dependant and bubbleing to be most effective but can spread a little without any problem. It was like I
  6. Each time With Misaki it seems very hard to hire wokou. Compare to others minions it costs as expensive as the crime boss but seems less synergic with shadow markers... is more on countering opponent schemes but must be better synergic with parker Does anyone has good result with them in that crew ?
  7. Thanks for your insight on Misaki !!
  8. from my newbie point of view, i fell like Misaki is very versatile in her capabilities and can perform well almost all strats and schemes and is able to deal with almost all ennemi masters. Is there some matchup, in tournement or some strat /schemes that will make you choose another master to be more efficient ?
  9. I meant adding stealth to crime boss or other crew members sorry
  10. Hi ! i play Misaki and never played against Tara. Versus Tara do you have some good tips ? Misaki can be targeted while buried so would you use her bury capacity ? Rwould you use ninja upgrade not to be easy target for their crew ?
  11. When i tried the matchup -we played as torakage only able to target friendly shadow makers ... all the last blossom have always to target their own shadow marker don't think torakage make an execption - it was not a problem for Misaki crew. As they are affected already by their own shadow makers' concealment most of the crew just ignore concealment.. so it was really not problematic. we played on a map with a lot of forest so shadow makers were not the main concern about concealement and Ivan positive flip. But from a strat & schemes point of view it was not too problematic.
  12. I ran Moly, Necro, Nani, Archie,forgotten marshal, croliganx2, rabble riser, night terror, effigy on turf war. List was really not optimized at all for turf war ( many little minions) but I was facing Rasputina and it helped me a lot. Took outflank and harness the leyline. I put the crooligans in Raspi quarters of the table not to have my strategic markers fliped I discovered that Nani who seemed a bit contradictory on her card (manipulative + boring question which need to be activated + aura which need movement to be in the right spot) was much more logical than I thought when
  13. Noob question but Molly can also remove ice pillar markers with her ability lost knowledge ?
  14. How do you manage heavy armored crew like hoffman for instance ? I saw few solutions like emissary, sparks leblanc, warpigs , rami lacroix but outside these solutions not really comboing with trichi is it possible to handle heavy armored crew with burning + poison + slow ? what are your experiences against that kind of crew (one or two players in my meta play hoffman ^^) ?
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