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  1. This trick with fuhatsu charged with monks has been nerfed too with the last errata and its 2 max cap focus ...
  2. I think the Dreamer is better to start with
  3. My favorite is Misaki. She has a very nice and versatile crew able to adapt to almost every strat and ennemy crews. You can go for a brawl game, a gunline or go more heavly on scheme runners ...
  4. What is your usual compo with shenlong ?
  5. i would add the complexity factor : jedza is really great but as explorers she is very complexe to play (many auras to remember , order activation etc). It will be very frustrating to start with jacob lynch is a bit easier to handle. i don’t know your wargames background but usually to start malifaux which is already a complex game with many schemes and strats to learn easier is better
  6. I was considering using a duet of fermented river monk + a tanuki. They might charge themselve with up to 8 poisons with crow triggers + chi tokens and shenlong style... and then be moved toward ennemy thks to wandering style... that might be enough to make them pretty ansowme on turf war for example or on killîg type schemes.. what do you think ?
  7. Hi ! there are not so much ressources on internet on shenlong but a deep dive or a couple of interesting battle reports ... and many things have since changed (sensei yu, stack of focus etc) how do you play your first turn with Shenlong ? Do you have some tips and tricks not obvious ? Thanks !!
  8. With misaki’s oyabun command you can extract a last blossom model while stunning/staggering to model engagîg yours can make some more use out of her tactical
  9. When ignoring models with this ability (with Calypso) does it ignores the models engaging him ? Thanks
  10. In key word it was guild i think
  11. Samurai is armor +2 i think
  12. Hi ! Just played against Hoffman on public ennemy with Misaki. Ended by a loss 5-6 ... I took a samurai, an archer, ototo, minako (her katashiro bring me 4 points of scheme ^^) and some other... He killed my samurai on first turn because i used ninja trainning and deployed him too close (he had howard on him very mobile and able to bring my samurai in his lines) To summup : Hoffman looks good in almost every domain : Mobile/Armored/Big hitter/Healing but looks hand dependant and bubbleing to be most effective but can spread a little without any problem. It was like I couldn't do anything against his models... Do you have some tips ? Thanks !
  13. Each time With Misaki it seems very hard to hire wokou. Compare to others minions it costs as expensive as the crime boss but seems less synergic with shadow markers... is more on countering opponent schemes but must be better synergic with parker Does anyone has good result with them in that crew ?
  14. Thanks for your insight on Misaki !!
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