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  1. New Anya title and new minion have been shown off today. Anya out here doing her best lucius impression.
  2. Monthly releases are usually on the last Friday of each month for "official" Street date I believe.
  3. General speaking with the right card, yes. Maybe I should clarify what I mean is that nothing on his card enables more constancy in abilities on the punk nor does it add new ways to use abilities. Like allowing the viscera to heal non living models, letting the sinew obey non undead models, or consistantly allowing the under grad to get a focused made to kill shot for example.
  4. Yeah damage and displacement on an enemy ain't nothing to scoff at. With a scheme set up you could clear bad conditions from your dudes or positive ones off an enemy. So many ways to use it. Honestly I feel the only keyword model I don't see a direct benefit to making more efficient or using more of their abilities from this new card are the punks sadly.
  5. I think study of anatomy is an extremely efficient action. Even if used for just movement you can move most of his models (depending on base size) minimum 8+ in with the teleport then a walk. With a viscera you could teleport them to the opposite side of a can, have them toss it to the other side of themself. Then they can activate toss it again, ambush, toss again for like 9? Ish in on a break marker? I feel getting the most from this action will be potentially nuanced and very effective.
  6. Astronomical basically turns that model off for strats and schemes for the turn... Wild. With a scheme marker placed he can basically teleport Val 3, have her focus, and give her shielded 2 in a single action... Again wild. Most of his crew can be teleported 3 and then kick the can. The scheme thing let's students if steel heal living models if they want. Or viscera to heal undead.
  7. I wouldent mind a leader ability that's like "if your hand is smaller than your opponants hand, if an enemy model is within 6 of a friendly forgotten model when they discard, your opponent discards instead"
  8. The back of the box notes how many sculpts vs models in the box so I think that's a indicator as to how many will be allowed in malifaux. The enslaved are 5 sculpts but 9 minis. So they will be minion (5) as for the other bit on bases they are plug bases. So each individual model gets its own base and then you slot those into a larger base. So you'd have like 2-3 gunners all slotted into one larger base. To use them in faux you just take them out and use them individually. The only odd one are with sonnia and kirai because the smallest base size in tos is 40mm. Maybe they will get a special one that let's a 30 get slotted in.
  9. All of my explorers are going to a painter since all I do is work and why not spend that money on giving myself something nice lol. With that said I'm excited to get evs back since their first on the block. I have ideas for how to play them but they are much more of a puzzle and less obvious than other crews which excites me for how fluid they can be list construction wise
  10. That's basically what I was saying. You remove the severes while setting weaks on top so when you do it again they need to then cheat to stop you simultaneously ruining the quality of the top of their deck while applying hand pressure.
  11. New dreamers peer into dreams could really screw with the quality of the opponants top of deck, ripping out severes and leaving them with a bunch of weaks on top thus forcing more cheats to try to stop you. There's a chance this could help with general survivability and make terror checks harder for opponants.
  12. I think this dreamer will require quite a bit more finess to play compared to the other version. Whether this one ends up being generally considered "good" or not is yet to be seen but I can say for sure he looks more fun and engaging to play as/ against than the summoner version.
  13. Either way being able to rip the red joker out of their deck is invaluable (while also rigging the top 4)
  14. Just had to look it up but you're absolutely right. I completely missed that distinction. Thanks!
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