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  1. I really think the archivist should be cost 10. I don't even think he needs any other changes besides that personally.
  2. If multiple nexus use the join us trigger on the same model and it dies do you get one eyes and ears per trigger or just one?
  3. I agree with the points made. Plus the faq in luck thief seems to also back up this line of reasoning. Honestly an aura that's supposed to make someone ignore +s not being applied until after the benefit of the + happens makes no sense to me.
  4. Yeah think the argument is that the focus cancels the negative before the aura makes them ignore the +
  5. Had a disagreement concerning hakas ngeri and focus come up recently. When a model with focus takes an attack against a model in the haka aura, say a shot that has friendly fire on it. Can they use focus to still get to a straight flip or does the haka aura make them ignore the focus and stay at a negative? I believe a player argued that going from a - to straight is not considered having a + while the other argues that the focus is applying a + to get back to straight and that + would be ignored as per haka.
  6. Anyas corporate holdings trigger adds a hazard aura around a friendly model. If she gets this onto two models do enemies take damage from each seperate aura if they move/take actions while inside each?
  7. I'm more in the camp of not nerfing archivist so much as just making it more expensive. Make the thing 10. I'd still bring it in keyword and ook is far less appealing at 11 stones. Don't change its health or anything. As for the power of the Nexi its hard to say yet. Still super early, but I'm excited to see how this new meta overall develops
  8. Also imagine getting a parasite on a summoner. They cheat a 13 and use a stone to get their summon off. Nexus reduces it by 2. GG.
  9. That is the exact thing I can see just absolutely screwing with people with this nexus.
  10. Beebe basically supplies himself with tomes at least.
  11. Something to note is they made her size 3 in the final release
  12. Pretty sure the pings won't be reducable by Incorp. The damage is coming from an ability not an attack. The attacks just give the token. I just think this version is more capable of getting those tokens out consistently.
  13. Seems like it could end up being ping damage hell with this version. Any model with a parasite you have in a simple duel for another parasite you could have end up using one to force them to lose and just gain another one back /ping em for damage and heal a friend.
  14. So it's late for me so maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but kiyas technophile aura. It says when a friend would draw a card it may draw any of value 5 or less from its discard that shares its reconfigure suit. Does that mean any one card of value 5 etc or any number of value 5 etc. Pretty sure it's the former rather than the later but I wanted to check to make sure I'm reading it right.
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