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  1. I would like to see a kid dreamer riding chompy combo model. He loses chompy as a totem and you get this big expensive front lines beater/manipulator model.
  2. Kirai swarm lists anyone? Maybe all the ghosts she come with will be cheap urami models as well to add to her arsenal.
  3. That's kinda a hilarious observation lol. I'm glad they kept the keyword to 3 boxes however. Alot of model value per box.
  4. I think Eva's value went up with gg2. As did the operatives imo. With how scheme marker heavy everything is and how movement based alot of things are I think both will shine considerably.
  5. Absolutely. Tbh this excites me. I was honestly disappointed it was so damn small for a size 4 spider tank submarine lol
  6. So looks like the scale issues with calypso were fixed. Also the box cost was bumped up from 25-45 dollars to reflect the new larger and more accurate to scale calypso.
  7. Literally just finished editing my post saying I need to look into it more. I think I found the spot now that actually confirms you. So yeah, Incorp getting messed up lol
  8. Actually looking it over I think my initial reading was wrong. Her effect says models cannot be unaffected by her markers terrain traits. Incorp says they ignore terrain while moving and are unaffected by hazardous terrain. So how I think it works is if their moving they ignore the terrain but if they take other actions while in it they take the hazardous. Edit: I'll need to dig into the rules to see if my reading is correct or not. My reading is based on treating "ignore" and "unaffected" as working differently from a rules perspective
  9. Incorp can't ignore her pyres anyway.
  10. Yeah absolutely. Being able to drag them off of laylines is also great. Feels like we lost some options but gained some new ones?
  11. Means you should be able to drag them through hazardous terrain and such as well.
  12. So I posted about this in a wyrd place but figured I'd mention it here as well. The reap trigger in the app now says "push the target into base contact with this model" rather than placing the model like it had previously. Not sure if this was missed in the master document or if this is an accidental wrong card upload.
  13. I feel with all the card draw transmortis has that getting a low mask for a leap shouldent be horribly difficult to do. Nor will replenishing your hand after cheating it. This change hurts Levi way more however.
  14. I could have been in board with dropping hard to wound tbh. Also I agree on Yan lo. It was clearly targeted against that specific play style (which frankly I dident play myself) so for me it's not bad. Feels bad for the guys who play him that way but feels like Yan has really been set up to be going off round 3 onward which I feel is the whole point.
  15. I'd have preferred they made the flip harder rather than taking the suit away
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