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Found 5 results

  1. DISCLAIMER: Transmortis received a hefty nerf in M3E GG2 und many more specific gameplays do not work anymore, so this guide got trimmed down/changed accordingly. Welcome everybody to your first Introduction Lecture here at Transmortis University! Sadly, Prof. von Schtook won't be able to hold this lecture, but do not fret! This course was expertly designed to follow his teaching. Those that excel here, might even get the chance for some individual tutoring with him personally! Work hard and you can become a distinguished Student of Transmortis University as well! For now, lets start with a general overview of the crews models and some common versatile picks, so you have a general idea what you've got to work with. I will leave out OOK, simply because my meta doesn't favour playing that. I expect you have done your mandatory reading, studied the crew's cards and gained a basic understanding of their rules. Transmortis General Transmortis Crew Generally speaking, Transmortis is a mid-range crew of diverse abilities, falling in the "jack of all trades" category. They are tough for a Resser crew, but much softer than specialists like Hoffman. They have reasonable mobility, but can't jump around the board without serious investment. They have a good damage track, but rely on high flips and min. 3 attacks aren't common. Piloting the crew means picking when and where you apply their (de)buffs to make the most impact. They largely rely on triggers for that, so you should watch out for any "Stunned" conditions from your opponent. They also have access to a lot of specific counter-picks. This makes list-building even more important than usual: If you know what your opponent is weak to, you can tool your list to exploit this. Studied Opponent The common ability all Transmortis models have and their main source for card draw. It can be a bit swingy, as it's somewhat luck based, don't expect to get a bunch of cards out of it. In my experience, you get about 1-2 card on the low end, and 3-4 cards on the high end per turn. Never forget you can draw one card per *activation*, this mean friendly as well as enemy activations, so duels instigated by your opponent count as well! Remember your opponent to anounce all their suits each and every time! You can slightly modify your "luck". Look out for build-in suits. Also, you cheat in low cards, if a duel is lost anyway, to at least cycle one card. Model Overview Prof. von Schtook roles: support, blast damage What is his most important aspect? Not any singular action he can take, all of them have their place. Imho it is: you have base 3 action per turn. This is the limit within you have to make him work. More often than not, you have to decide which kind of support Schtook should provide his crew, though the lines might blur sometimes. Offensive mode: Select a single priority target to get rid of. This means, even if you do not get moderate/severe and therefore no blast effects, Schtook will apply Injured to his target. If you want to spread Injured (e.g. for AOE from Assisstent or Anna), you likely will need to cheat some cards in. Look at the boardstate and what hand cards you can spare. Usually it's better to save up and kill one target, than failing to remove two targets. If your target makes use of high counts of shielded, focused, etc.: Use Administrative Review first, with the True Disappointment trigger, strip their buffs away and soften them up at the same time. Try to push, not move, him into position beforehand. You cannot reliably count on coming through with 2-3 blast attacks, so you need every action you can get. Focus on the same models to actually get rid of something. Low flips on your side or high flips from your opponent can really mess with you here, so there should be a model in position to clean up afterwards. Support mode: So Schtook shall support? First action usually goes to Academic Broadcast, pick either AOE Focus or free pushes as necessary. For buff support and dealing with conditions on your crew, Administrative Review comes next with Positive Results trigger, e.g. for a Viscera. Do not forget to drop schemes beforehand, usually with Necropunks and/or Undergrads. Academic Superiority/ Disarming: Do not rely on those for your safety. Superiority can soften some blows, but since Schtook prefers not to be closer than mid-range, it's usually a bad sign if his aura comes into play a lot. Disarming protects reasonably well against basic minions (often ranged ones), but when opponents really go for his throat, it's usually with masters/henchman/enforcers who have enough different triggers or can stone for them. Peer Review: It requires either a lucky draw or a 9+ and a stone. Consider if you can actually spend these resources and if you do, how to make use of something, that might give you a summon or it might not. It requires a lot of hoops to jump through, so the only safe result you'll get is the pressure on your opponent that you could get a summon. That's what you're planning for, not an successful summon. If you're summoning, it's very likely Schtook won't be within 6”, so expect to take the 2 damage on your new model. You can remove slow and maybe replace it with fast thanks to Administrative Review. But, to kill the juiciest targets, you often need to activate Schtook first, to apply buffs on your beater and/or Injured. That's very dependent on the situation, so look out for what's the best move at the moment. My recommendation would be: a slow summon is still better than a failed kill/summon attempt. Upgrades The Whisper: It's my most played Upgrade for him and usually saves me 2+ stones during the game and card draw is always good. While I have played without this upgrade, I regard it as a high priority pick. Checking and sorting cards back, also gives you a small trick: If you don't need to actually apply a Lecture Upgrade or use Grade Assignment, you can use the former bonus action to get rid of a low card. Killer Instinct: Similar reason to GST not to take this Upgrade. Schtook wants to keep further away than 2", so Loot their corpses doesn't do anything most of the time. But Ruthless could be helpful against crews who rely on Terrifying for their defense, only then it can be a serious consideration for him. Grave Spirit's Touch: Meh. Blasphemous Ritual is unnecessary on him. Regen +2 is a nice ability, but Schtook prefers to hang a bit back and stay out of the worst trouble, so you won't have much need for it. Better save those stones for during the game. Research Assisstent roles: blast damage, support That's a strong totem, a true glass cannon. His Mv buff is passive and therefore doesn't need actions, this ability alone can be worth double moving him into position, if necessary. He is the reason why Transmortis tends to bubble up during deployment, even if they fan out turn #1. It gets scary, especially for a 2 cost model, when you manage to move him into position without activating him. Double Alchemical Vial for up to 5 damage (including poison) on a shockwave is really good. His balancing factor is his low health stat. So what I try to do is pushing him into close proximity, but with blocking terrain between him and potential threats. Schtook goes before him in blasting mode, but spends 1 activation to broadcast, so the Assisstent moves 2" to draw LOS and needs to weather only a single activation (make sure he can't be easily enganged), before he activates himself. You can use his bonus action before shocking away, but never rely on it. It doesn't help the Assistent's own AOE, has a low stat and the difference between 6" and 8" distance to the enemy is significant. Valedictorian roles: threat, (semi) beater It's important to realize Valedictorian is not a high power damage dealer. Decent for her cost, the moderate dmg is fine, the severe even good, but the 2 dmg on weak can make you a bit sad. Her beater role she fulfills not with a great damage track but by generating attacks, e.g. Flurry. A drawback of this: it eats a lot into your resources, both stones and handcards. Also, as soon as she comes up against e.g. armour this approach falls flat quickly. This is why you need to know the opponent's crew before the game, so you pick the correct counters, like the Student of Steel against armour. Within the crew she belongs to the tougher models but for a high priority target she's firmly in the "killable" range. What makes her strong are her mobility tricks. She is a scalpel and works very well when you pick targets she can deal with quickly (roaming schemers, many flankers) or which you softened up beforehand with blasts and made the better parts of her damage tracks more likely. She is a hefty investment though, if she dies turn #1 or #2 and hasn't done something game changing, you've wasted her potential. If she made it to turn #3-4, in my experience, you're usually on the right track. So, how do you do that? That's why I picked "threat" as her primary role. Even if you don't mindlessly slingshot her behind enemy lines, she still *can* rocket across the board. She still *can* kill important models (given you have a hand and enough stones left). She still *can* transmortify models to your side. So your opponents have to keep playing around that fact. If they don't, go ahead and pick off those cocky schemers who moved to far away from the rest of their crew. If not, your opponent moves with constraints and probably can't move into perfect position and often they will turtle up, to deter you from going in. That's the moment when you wip out your previously mentioned blasting abilities to punish them for it. If you're sure before the game this will happen, you can include a Student of Sinew and allow your Valedictorian to go into bubbles even with all their retaliation potential. Read more about that in the tactics section. Valedictory is an odd one. Up-cycling of cards is good, but for me it often conflicts with turning corpses into scheme marker. But if you don't need that where the battle is located, go for it, it's a bonus action. If nothing else, it's more corpse/scrap hate, if your opponent utilizes those markers. Upgrades After the errata I tend to skip upgrades. If you want to use her as an alpha-striker, you already need to invest into Sloth. Both together is to much investment for my taste. Killer Instinct: Tech piece to gain access to Ruthless. Wouldn't take it in any other case, as she will often move out of Loot their Corpses distance. Whisper: Valid choice and the more offensive alternative to GST. Might be an option if you include multiple versatiles to generate a bit more card draw, but otherwise not necessary. GST: This formerly was her basic loud-out, but isn't necessary anymore. It was taken for the regen, but since you combine her with Sloth now, when you plan to dive her into enemy lines, he already provides healing. Anna Lovelace roles: support, special Oh Anna, you big toolbox! I sometimes was reluctant to include her in my lists during GG0-1, since I preferred Valedictorian for my "expensive Henchman" slot and still wanted to use a good portion for minions. While she also was hit by the nerf and cannot gain fast from Schtook anymore (and Sloth does not as well!), she still appears more often on the table now. One thing has not changed: Include her instantly, as soon as you see summoning or prevalent flight/teleports on the other side of the table. Gravity Well is so unique, she gets included even in other crews. Hostile Work Environment can work against nearly every crew, it's rare in Malifaux not have some kind of targeted buff. The more they come to you, the better of course. As a 10 health Henchman with Armor +1 and solid Df/Wp she may not be a tank, but she still can take a hit here or there. This is necessary, because the 6” range on her auras, which goes a long way to make her cost worth it, requires her to move far enough forward but likely will put her in harms way. Accept that you'll lose her sooner or later. Her own target priority conflicts with the Valedictorian. Since the zombie bird play less aggressive now, they can be used in tandem to increase their footprint and to perform a one-two punch against very tough targets. Her offensive capabilities can be tricky. The melee is fine, as long as she's able to trigger, she's a rare Transmortis model with effectivly min. 3 melee damage. Glimpse the Void can be game winning in the right circumstances and it always helps against pesky tanks, who just won't die. Send them away from the board for a bit and mess up their positioning. Also nice against models, who got slingshoted into your lines, with this you can make all the activations go to waste. Definitly worth stoning/cheating for. Her gun poses a few questions for you though. While it's great to kill anything with less than 5 cost, as those do not matter for your summoning, you might fail your summoning run with Vale, do you now finish the target off and only get a Zombie instead of a full fledged Transmortis model? While this situation is to be avoided, it will happen. I cannot give a general answer to this, it's to dependent on the specific game. Instead, look at the board: Can you kill-summon next turn without losing models? Can the target get away somehow? Can the target accomplish VP (or other goals) while still alive? Consider these aspects and decide for yourself, just don't get greedy. If you don't know *exactly* how to gain a better summon, a dead enemy model plus Zombie is still better than nothing. In theory Spirit Barage is intended to fuel Remote Detonator, but in practice it's unreliable. For that Anna needs a constant source of expendable models, with the Emissary as the prime choice. Asura also works, but I think the Emissary is usually the better pick. Toshiro would be possible as well, but Ashigaru are to good and expensive to detonate them regularly. Those models need to bring a bit more to the table, as all of them have high costs. If you can't find another reason to play them, other than cannon fodder creation, maybe skip on regular Remote Detonator AOEs. Undergraduates roles: support, allround Undergrads are your average, resonably priced minions. Their most game-defining ability is to push your other models up the board with Lead the way. When we come to the tactics section, you will see how to apply it. Other than this movement support, they have decent stats with a solid damage track for their cost. Study won't happen often, but it can be very valuable for your schemes and anything with the potential to score would be missed. If nothing else, it's always valuable corpse/scrap hate in Ressers mirror or specific Arcanists. Patronize is easy to forget and can slow down games, so I usually just ask what suit an enemy models doesn't have and pick it, if they can make use of all, I usually just skip it. Of course, if you're familiar with the enemy crew, you can make more informed picks. Lead the way is worth including at least one Undergraduate in each list, at least Schtook and the Assistent will benefit. Wedge is the one deployment where this isn't necessarily true, since you're already very close to your opponent, though you still can use Undergrads for lateral movement and to avoid charges, if that fits your gameplan. A second Undergrad is a reasonable investment, if you want to conquer boardspace asap, but most of the time not necessary. The third one only comes into the game, if it's the best summoning option. Previously, Made to Kill was one of their most important abilities. That's not the case anymore, because they hardly ever get placed. Their native placement effect requires both enemies and friendlies close-by, but most importantly it costs a mask. Not many models need them, but those who do, require them desperatly - low masks for Necropunks, high masks for Valedictorian. Unless you include Dead Rider (Ride with me) you won't be able to use Made to Kill in a reliable fashion. Necropunks roles: scheming They are a cheap and resilient with an expensive leap, the TN is low but it needs a mask. Solid scheme runners, they're good targets for fast/ focus/ etc., if it helps earning VP. The amount of effective leaps is limited, as you either don't have a mask available or you need to overpay significantly. A single Necropunk, generally speaking, is still a solid inclusion into your list. Using the GST on them became even more important now, as you need to make their survival more likely with only one in your list. Your opponents still have to play around their movement potential, as long as you have hand cards left. If they have nothing better to do, they are a cheap option to get schemes on the board, even if you only use them to give out fast with Schtook. They are the lowest cost Transmortis model, so they often are the only choice for summoning available. Student of Steel roles: support, anti-armor tech Also pretty straight forward: If you expect armor, take a Student of Steel. Personally I think one usually should be enough to include directly into your list, since Transmortis is good with picking their fights. But if you get the chance to summon, a second one wouldn't hurt. Be aware, they only have Mv4 and therefore need help to get up the board with the rest of the crew. One of the few light heals in the crew but only for constructs, therefore limited to your undead models (and Anna). On the one hand, the Steel moves with the bulk of your crew, on the other it's far less mobile and the range limited. I wouldn't count on it to much, but apply whenever possible, as a bonus action it doesn't take away from what you're doing otherwise. Student of Sinew roles: support Sinew can extend your threat range with their Command Corpse action, but in my opinion it is better utilized as a life insurance for your expensive models. Read more in the tactics section. Later it can be used for whatever purpose, may it be generating additional attacks (which can have further benefits other than damage) or scheming. Therefore the Sinew functions like an additional action for any undead model. Their Dissector attack is insofar of note, as the Sinew is the only crew model able to make reliable use of Transmortis typical 2/4/5 damage track, if cheated (likely both flips). Keeping the Peace might feel a bit lackluster, but it's also relevant to remember: If it works, you won't see much of it, unless your opponent explicitly complains about getting fever attacks on your model. With the changes to the crew, they tend to stay closer together, so it's more likely now you gain something from it. As far as I read about Sinews they're not very well liked. They are a bit expensive, but that's not uncommon with allrounder models. Their biggest issue is their reliance on high cards you propably need elsewhere. Check your crew for TN requirements, if you think about playing Yo-Yo with them. Student of Viscera roles: threat, scheming Visceras combine the reasonable tough body and Transmortis damage track with speed and all-terrain mobility, making them the crew's premium flankers. In my opinion the best minion model and the only non-support one that's a regular pick. They work a bit like a poor man's Valedictorian, making them a legit choice in most situations. Similar to the zombie bird, their price tag is an issue though and you need to make sure they survive for a couple of rounds to make it worthwhile. Depending on the table, they might need some help to get around terrain they can not move over, but in this crew that's no big issue. Deadly Pursuit from the Killer Instinct upgrade looks nice to have there as well, but it increases the target on their head even more. Unless it helps scoring, I prefer to invest those SS into more bodies. Bone Pile roles: support Another versatile model that finds a place in many crews, if the circumstances are good. They offer a light heal for any friendly model, have a Ruthless gun and offer condition removal, while being immune themselves. Especially Staggered is bothersome for Transmortis, since they heavily rely on their triggers. While Schtook already has strong condition-hate, using a Minion's actions has a much lower opportunity cost. Overall they are as flexible as the Transmortis crew and a good pick for them. When playing Corrupted Ley Lines, they even become a near mandatory pick for me. If you have the points, you can add a GST to the pile and don't worry anymore about their self-inflicted damage. Carrion Emissary roles: support Probably the most beloved versatile pick for Transmortis and often mentioned when people talk about maximizing threat ranges. Its Mv buff is passive and combines well with the Assisstent and Undergraduates, but investing into mobility alone isn't enough, you also need to capitalize on your positioning. Luckily there is more! While the Emissary doesn't need much input from your crew, it is in line with Transmortis' concept of mutual cooperation. Obvious is the synergy with Anna. Transmortis itself cannot afford to sacrifice its normal picks for Remote Detonator, but Zombies are ideal for that. They also work as corpse markers to create an emergency scheme marker. As always, you even don't have to summon the Zombie and instead use the two coffins as roadblocks, to deny LOS to your smaller models and make charges difficult. The Injured condition on its gun meshes well with Transmortis and brings a min. 3 attack into the crew, which doesn't rely on its triggers. All in all one of Ressers favourite versatile pick for a reason. A very solid, especially when combined with Anna, even though it gets a bit expensive. Carrion Effigy roles: support It happens only rarely, but if you have few points left to spend, but already covered your scheming, the Effigy is a cheap significant model with a small heal. Only for undead though. I include it when I don't know what else to do with my points, but with one exception: against masters, who want to get into your face quickly (Lady J e.g.), the Effigy is a cheaper deterrent than the Emissary. Dead Rider role: beater All around great beater model and your best pick if you need a min. 3 beater in your crew. It gives you another option to move your crew without spending actions and Revel in Death combines really well with Schtook's/Assisstent's blasting, though it tends to be more flashy than effective. The real money lies with his Scythe attack. Ride with me is an evergreen ability as in any crew and can substitute for an Undergraduate. The Rider's mobility also means you have another model that can keep up without Undergrad support. When using the Dead Rider, Sloth is (similar to Transmortis own expensive models) a pick to consider, as only he can give the Rider fast. All in all, the Dead Rider not only is his usual good self-sufficient model, but also synergizes well with what the crew wants to do anyway – if you can afford his cost. Gravedigger role: support Not much to say here, they do what they always do. Transmortis needs corpses only when they want to create more scheme markers and Study/ Grade Assignment makes Field of Corpses a bit redundant, same with Academic Broadcast and Blasphemous Ritual. This model isn't bad, but simply not as needed as in other crews. It can be an option if you pick marker-heavy schemes and a more interesting pick if you include corpse-dependent OOK models, like e.g. Toshiro. Sloth While he has been good before, with GG2's changes, Sloth became the most important versatile pick for Transmortis. He is the only option to give fast to your non-minions. Sadly, this doesn't include Anna, but Valedictorian, Dead Rider, etc. all are happy to have him at their side. Sadly, his heal is best only on minions, because Administrative Review as condition removal doesn't help non-minions much, but survival of your expensive models can still be worth it. Manos Your Demise hate on a stick. Superior to Datsu Bae, Manos is much more crew independant and can bequeath the main reason to take him should he die. He's mobile, with a solid gun and melee attack and also can avoid burdening your SS pool. Not much discussion here, he is a very good model, take him when you need his tech. Nurse Nurses are good tech pieces for the whole faction. I assume this as being obvious, even when they don't get included in every list. Most of the time I prefer Bones Piles for their flexibility. If I need condition removal and nothing else, then Nurses are my go-to though. Bedside Manner is also as strong as always. Toshiro Excluding Valedictorian, Transmortis can depend largely on minions for their battle prowess. If you need killing power, Toshiro can dial up the effectiveness of Undergraduates and Students a lot. He generates Focused, additional attacks and has a light heal, with the potential for Shielded - buffs well aligned with Transmortis. He can be a bit card hungry though, so take care not to include too many other high TNs in your list. Strats & Schemes GG2 is very scheme focused, which would be a huge plus for Transmortis, but their nerfs hold that back. Most often you want to good mixture of schemy and killy strats/schemes, not going to far in either direction, to capitalize on their flexibility. Never forget: Points mean prizes! Transmortis can accomplish a lot by killing stuff, but you still have to focus first and foremost on gaining VP! Corrupted Ley Lines: This is a movement and position based strat. While Transmortis lost a lot of their mobility, they still are a mid-range crew and with the right choices can suffiecently move from point A to B, as required by this strat. Symbols of Authority: Depending on the deployment and opponent's choices, this schemes likely requires a lot of mobility for you to score. Transmortis likely will struggle more here than with Ley Lines, depending where your opponent places their markers. Since the crew has a couple of anker models, you can reasonable defend your own markers though. You can guide the opponent by placing your own markers in specific fashions. Most often, I tend to clump 2-3 markers as close as possible to funnel a portion of my opponent between terrain pieces, where I can blast into them efficiently. 1-2 markers are spaced out very far, so a flanker might catch one or two schemers running around on their own. Turf War: This is more of a kill strategy. With its mid-range capabilities, Transmortis is decently set up to deal with this scheme as necessary, but it will likely need to tailor its list. Compared to other Ressers, Transmortis is a bit tougher, which helps here. You also can play with a low model count, which denies your opponent chances to flip markers, as long as you have enough models to not just get bypassed. Break the Line: This can be tricky, depending on the marker positioning and type of enemy crew. Same as with Turf War, Transmortis likes to have a solid presence in the center of the board, but same as with Symbols, it can get difficult to defend your center and Interact on both flanks. On average, the crew still has the tools necessary though. As a jack of all trades crew, Transmortis can play into all strategies in my opinion, though some are harder to accomplish now. Both Lines and Turf are solid, Symbols can be difficult, if deployment allows your opponent to spread markers out very far. Breakthrough: Not as good as in GG1, but if deployments aren't too far from each other, still a scheme for Necropunks. Viscera can also assist, though I wouldn't let them do it alone, due to their cost. But be aware it eats a lot of actions, both for getting there and dropping schemes. A better choice with Wedge, less so with Corners. Vendetta: Good pick and many choices for your own model. Visceras are fast on their own and if the have room to move, can rush their target. Making sure they survive is the hard part here, don't pick this scheme if your opponent can hunt down your model easily. Assassinate: If you know, you'll have to deal with the enemy master anyway, you can pick Assassinate. Otherwise, I prefer to kill softer targets. Claim Jump: A strong Necropunk scheme. They have the ability to move into the scoring zone and quickly draw back into safety until the game is over and shouldn't need to leap more than once. While staying in safety they can busy themselves dropping markers for fast minions. A resilient mid-ranger like Anna also can work, if you play her carefully. Hidden Martyrs: I like Bone Piles as one of the models, as they can bury into safety. The second model can be anything that fits within the 13 cost limit. Catch and Release: Not a big fan. It needs more cooperation from your opponent than other schemes. The first VP is no issue, the second one is harder though. Let Them Bleed: Transmortis blast abilities can work well here, but this scheme is a bit to chaotic for my taste. To many avenues your opponent can stop you from scoring. I also prefer getting rid of models completly instead leaving them damaged on the table, as this doesn't hinder them. Research Mission: Weird one imho. Our Undead are also Constructs, therefore we can pick if we want to drop corpses or scraps, which can help out nicely here. But Transmortis likes to do stuff with markers, which runs contrary to this scheme. I would say Research Mission is... optional. Spread Them Out: Became much more difficult, now that Transmortis needs to be close to Schtook to drop markers from killing enemies. But I think it's still in their ball-park and therefore a legit choice. Detonate Charges: Transmortis accidental marker drops work well, though I don't like it need your opponent's cooperation. The more the table enforces specific lanes to move through, mitigating your opponent's ability to avoid this scheme, the better. It also works quite well with some strategies. Death Beds: This is easy enough, thanks to Recruitment Drive. Just pick your non-scheme marker according to your opponent (scrap for constructs, corpse living/undead). Look out for a chance to kill two models close to each other or drop the right marker type when they catch one mod of yours and counter-kill. Outflank: Possible to do, if you tailor your list, but the mobility nerf makes it difficult now. Against slow and/or bubble crews it can be worth the risk, but I would look out for more beneficial factors (other schemes, strats, etc.) to pick this one. Bait and Switch: Should work fine with Turf War or Break the line, but can end up both in a win-more or lose-more situation. Be careful not to telegraph the picked model, as Transmortis needs them to come to you to a degree, until you can push them to be where you need them to be. Dead Rider makes the first point easy, just pick something that can't be killed with one swing. OOK you can include Lures and similar abilities, to move them past the centerline. Battle Strategy, Tactic & Combos Common turn #1 actions Transmortis tends to bubble up during deployment, so as many models as possible can benefit from Academic Broadcast. Schtooks first activation is essential and follows this pattern: Academic Broadcast Peer Review, on Valedictorian, Anna or Viscera - if you have the card to spare Administrative Review on a minion (beware you need a scheme marker) free to use, either movement or another Review Because Schtook needs as many models within 6” for the Broadcast, he activates early in this turn. It's of note that you don't necessary want to activate Schtook before Valedictorian, because quite often it's not a good idea to slingshot her into enemy lines turn #1 (assuming you also have Sloth). In this case, it's better to activate her first, so Fast will carry over into turn #2. Push It Early-game is all about getting into position and a good portion of Transmortis models either need a speed bump or prefer not to spend their actions on walking in general. This is where Undergraduates come into play. During deployment you position two models close to each other, so an Undergraduate is less than 2” of both. When you activate the Undergraduate, use Lead The Way to push your first model forward and follow as far as you can, to still be within 2” of the second model. With another Lead The Way you let it follow by push. You can repeat the process with a second Undergrad, if you have a Dead Rider or something similar to get it into range, but usually the investment isn't really worth it. I prefer to push two other models forward with a second Undergrad and keep pushing turn #2 as well, if you need the extra movement. Valedictorian Alpha Strike & retrieval Using the Assistant and Emissary or the Push It combo, Valedictorian has a HUGE threat range. If maxed out, you could reach the opponents table edge, if you wanted. Not that this would be useful, I mention this to prove a point: you can get anywhere, if you invest the resources. Usually a threat of a bit over 20” is more than enough. Do not forget: Transmortis is not so resistent to be able to weather a whole crew pounding on them and you don't want to pay a bunch of SS and sacrifice multiple of your own models, just to get one of theirs. If there is no somewhat safe landing spot, better refrain from using this alpha strike or at least better make sure the target is worth the sacrifice, because most models aren't. After you've buffed your beaters (mostly Sloth's task) and made sure you're within +Mv buff range, you double move + charge + charge attack + flurry attack your target. As long as your opponent doesn't make the mistake to give you a lone model somewhere, but instead covers his crew's models with each other, you have to think about how not to lose Valedictorian to quickly. At least during turn #1 it's often easy enough not to rush forward into certain doom, but there are corner cases and you also can't avoid engagement the whole game. So, what do you do to still capitalize on her offensive potential but return her back into safer locations? First, on your last attack, you can spend a stone/card to ensure her Shove Aside trigger. The additional attack might seduce you to go in even deeper, but you have to resist! A surviving Valedictorian is worth so much more than a single attack. Just use your own push to move her back into the direction of your own crew. Your opponent will get another activation, before she can be safe, consider this before you go in with her in the first place. Use activated enemy models, terrain, etc. to hinder anything that can reach her. Also, the further you hunted on the fringes of the opponent's crew, the fewer models they might have for that. Your next activation will be the Student of Sinew, moving forward and then using Command Corpse, they get her another 5” out of threat range. Naturally you have to save a fitting card in your hand for this action. It's important to calculate the max. threat range beforehand, within which the Sinew will still be able to retrieve Vale. In case Valedictorian charged more into the center of the enemy crew, there might be a model on a close flank, outside of the threat range of the remaining crew. Then, after using the 4” Shove aside trigger, Vale might to able to use Lecture Not with its On Your Heels trigger, to jump another 6”. Even if the flanker hasn't activated yet, weathering the attacks from a single model often is much more survivable than staying within weapon range of the core of a crew. List Building This is the part, where you have to apply everything you've learned until now. For Transmortis, it's hard to give general list building advice, as it is a crew that needs tailoring in every match-up. The crew's core list is rather small for this reason: Leader: Prof. Von Schtook Totem(s): Research Assistant Hires: Undergraduate Schtook and Assistant are natural parts. Valedictorian is still the crew's main mobile beater, but to utilize her fully, you also need to include Sloth. Next, you want more models that can punch: Anna, Visceras, Dead Rider. After that you take your counter-picks, usually one or two models. At this point, make sure you take a good look at the opponent's crew and the scheme pool. Don't be afraid to ask questions, most information in Malifaux is open. Expect good armor? Take the Student of Steel. Need a lot of scheme markers, either for scoring or for giving fast to your minions, include a Necropunk. The strat is mobility based, like Corrupted Ley Lines? Include more Visceras and/or Bone Piles. You're up against a summoner? Pick Anna Lovelace. If you still have points left, include a second Undergraduate. The recommended size of your Soulstone pool varies with the models you include. Valedictorian eats stone for breakfast, so 6 stones are minimum and with 8 you'll feel much more at ease. When she is not part of the crew you can easily afford to go down to 4-5 stones.
  2. What has been successful for you guys? What does turn 1 look like for everyone? Especially interested in Reva player, what does turn 1 look like for set up? Molly? McMourning? If you find success in your games and think you have a good turn 1 that sets you up for success, I would love to hear it! I currently just double pulse out focus to the entire crew (with any master), its nice but I think there might be better out there.
  3. Hello! I read Von Schtook's background and I found it awesome. His card is hilarious too -as a teacher, I can relate (not the zombie part, though). I know we are waiting for some boxes to appear (Valedictorian, the Students...), so the crew is not complete. Having said so... Why do you enjoy playing him? What are Transmortis' strengths and weaknesses? Do you find them fun to play (with and against)? I've been looking at Leveticus' crew too. I know they are not the same faction, and probably not the same style, but I find some similarities between them. If any of you know about the crazy outcast master, would you mind to compare his crew to Von Schtook's?
  4. Hello! I'll ask a mirror question to one I put on the Ressers forum: could you say me why do you enjoy Leveticus? I find him interesting, with the irreducible damage, the "you can't kill me, I'll teleport to that girl", and the awesomeness of A&Dust. Why do you enjoy him? What are his crew's strengths & weaknesses? Does he need a lot of versatile support? I'm interested in him and also in Von Schtook. Are they similar? If any of you Outcast members have opinions on the crazy professor (playing with or against) they will be welcome too!
  5. Had a question today. Howard Langston with Lead Lined Coat was wounded and within Schtooks Academic Superiority aura (can't benefit from upgrades. Hoffman moves forward, uses welding torch on Langston, hits the trigger, and makes it so Langston's armor cannot be ignored. So, what's the correct way to play this: A) Langston benefits from Armor +2 that can't be ignored (due to Hoffman's trigger and Lead Lined Coat upgrade) B) Langston benefits from Armor +1 that can't be ignored (disregarding the Armor +1 from Lead Lined Coat upgrade due to Von Schtook's aura.
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