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  1. Say I have 3 Amalgam models, each with the Entropy ability. We have surrounded an enemy model, all 3 models are within 3 inches of this enemy model. In this case does the enemy model take 3 damage when it activates? In short, does entropy stack when multiple models have the ability?
  2. Hello! I read Von Schtook's background and I found it awesome. His card is hilarious too -as a teacher, I can relate (not the zombie part, though). I know we are waiting for some boxes to appear (Valedictorian, the Students...), so the crew is not complete. Having said so... Why do you enjoy playing him? What are Transmortis' strengths and weaknesses? Do you find them fun to play (with and against)? I've been looking at Leveticus' crew too. I know they are not the same faction, and probably not the same style, but I find some similarities between them. If any of you know about the crazy outcast master, would you mind to compare his crew to Von Schtook's?
  3. Hello! I'll ask a mirror question to one I put on the Ressers forum: could you say me why do you enjoy Leveticus? I find him interesting, with the irreducible damage, the "you can't kill me, I'll teleport to that girl", and the awesomeness of A&Dust. Why do you enjoy him? What are his crew's strengths & weaknesses? Does he need a lot of versatile support? I'm interested in him and also in Von Schtook. Are they similar? If any of you Outcast members have opinions on the crazy professor (playing with or against) they will be welcome too!
  4. This weekend at the Malifaux Nationals I navigated my outcasts to a #2 spot. Got a lot of questions what I played, etc, if there's any tricks, rtf. Figured I might as well write it down here and spread the love for the old man. During the event I ran Levi fixed list. I didn't get much practice in beforehand, maybe 2-3 games, and even though the crew isn't that complicated I didn't want to swap out stuff between games; so I was sure what everything did. Turned out the crew was flexible enough to do well. The list: Leveticus Basic (Outcasts) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Leveticus Servant of Dark Powers Totem(s): Hollow Waif Hollow Waif 2 Hires: Rusty Alyce Marlena Webster Ashes and Dust Necropunk Necropunk 2 Scavenger It ran 6 wins one loss, wins over 2 Zoraida, Yan Lo, Kirai, 2 Tara' s. The loss was against Nekima, and was pretty bad (though I thoroughly enjoyed the game). Will add more bits/details later. If there's anything you want to know about it, ask away!
  5. Just to avoid derailing the errata thread further, let's talk a bit of playing Levi competitively. Looks like players have different opinions and some of them looks quite strange since I don't understand the philosophy behind the list. So let's see what you think is a competitive list and why. I'll start to describe what works for me. I'm not a strong scheme player so it means I lose or Draw because I'm ignoring my objectives or picked wrong schemes. But with this list I usually almost table my opponent on the third turn. Then I got more or less 2 turns to try out take as much points I can. Leveticus -untimely demise -aether shackles or desolate soul Rusty Alice -from Aether Ashes and dust Lazarus Abomination Abomination This crew is around 45 ss so it leaves you 5 ss in cache. If you don't pick desolate soul you don't need many of them. The two abominations are your card drawing engine. Basically you hit Lazarus for 1 point of damage due to armor to draw a card. Then you heal him on his activation with self repair. Aboms since are such annoying are also wonderful sucker models. In case you need to go all out, you can kill the abomination for 2 cards or use it to reposition leveticus for a channel shoot focus shoot action. When the abomination dies, it can be resummoned with Alyce, who just need a suitable high card. But since this crew can draw, shouldn't be a big problem. Leveticus with 8 cards in hand can do stuff and if you use the abomination to set a charge, he can hit super hard with a channel-focus-charge activation. Cheat a 11+ on damage and you're looking at putting 8 or more damage in a single activation. Untimely demise can provide a 2 more damage if he's killed and if you were able to pull out a charge by resurrecting on a waif near an enemy, you will be able to use it in the same turn, probably one shooting big pieces and even making other abominations out of them. Unfortunately Alyce doesn't have big reactivate targets, like a desolation engine. But since she can summon and put down decent damage, she is quite functional. No abomination on table meaning no draws and few cards in hand makes Leveticus a sad panda. The crew doesn't fare so well in scheme running, but it's possible to swap Lazarus for some other construct and place the pain of abomination abuse on ashes and dust instead. He usually don't care much about dying and reforming and you can take a 6ss anchor and a scheme runner like a necropunk. Or a 6ss anchor and a hodgepodge effigy.
  6. Hi, people. Another question. Leveticus Unmaking attack deal damage "which cannot be reduced and ignores Hard to Kill and Hard to Wound" Hoffman gains new ability with new Improved Harness upgrade: Adaptive Armor: friendly constructs within 6" of this model may not have their Armor ignored and may reduce damage regardless of any enemy effects that state otherwise. It means for now Leveticus cannot more ignore armor with unmaking and his new Desolation ability? Or it still working?
  7. Hi, people. Ask this question in Outcast forum, but not receive a clear answer:
  8. Hi, people, I have a question. Leveticus have an ability Pariah's Soul: When this model killed or sacrificed, it not killed or sacrificed. Instead, bury this model. Remove all conditions and heal all damage on this model. Scion of the Void has a trigger Forgotten to Time: After this model becomes buried, it suffers 4 damage. Question: If Leveticus have this condition and use his (0) Sanguine Evocations and burying himself he's suffered 4 damage from the condition and then remove the condition and heal all damage or he's first removing the condition and it has no effect?
  9. Hey guys, after playing Neverborn with Collodi, Dreamer and Pandora for awhile I've decided to strike out into a different faction and have chosen outcasts. So far I've acquired: Hired Guns Hired Swords Salvage and Logistics Hannah Lazarus Hodgepodge Emissary I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on stuff like lists I could build, synergies, traps and what to add to my collection. Thanks
  10. Hello, We are creating some thematic but at the same time fun and competitive crews. The goal is to create a large enough pool (20 models max) for players who will be using 1 master and need a crew well-rounded. I've included a list but your suggestion will be most welcome, please suggested to me if add, remove, or simply reduce the number of models needed! (all the models in production are good). Leveticus Pool (mostly Core and Outcast models) 3 x Hollow Wifes Rusty Alice 4 x Abominations Ashes and Dust Desolation Engine Lazarus Johan Big Jake Pariah of Iron models Ryle 3 x Necropunks Flesh Construct Iron Zombies Generic Pool Hodgepodge Emissary Hodgepodge Effigy (Brutal Effigy) Mechanical Rider and Metal Gamins Note: the number of models is that one of the original boxes Many thanks in advance (The same post will be added to the various faction forums)
  11. Hello guys, i'm relatively new to the game and never posted on a forum before (so excuses if i'm posting wrong or on the wrong topic). I am wondering how Levi will do against a Misaki TT crew. I made a crew with Levi (from ashes), Rusty (from the eather), Ashes, Gunslinger and Johan (plus two hollow waifs ofcourse). Crew is made for summoning abominations with no starting abo's. Misaki will probably be base crew plus katanaka sniper and a brother or two. Any ideas in advance?
  12. To start off, I'd like to mention that I play exclusively Leveticus and Colette. I bought Archie in the BF sale, thinking to make him the base of a Pariah of Bone list. Ever since M2E came out and Leveticus could no longer use corpse markers for anything, Pariah of Bone was released into a place where it was a rather pointless upgrade, and has been left to the side for the three types of Leveticus list that are actually viable: Pariah of Iron Pure Outcasts 4 Horsemen I got Archie to try and wrangle a fun list (because Archie looks really fun) from Pariah of Bone. As I read Archie's card (yeah, should have gotten the book first, my mistake) it didn't take many seconds to realise that Archie can't stitch on anything in a Leveticus crew because of how that skill works. He is essentially a heavily overcosted beatstick to me. Which isn't the fun I wanted. While others, like Ryle, can't have their special upgrades with Leveticus, they aren't so reliant on them, either. I'm proposing that this only serves to create less diversity, and I believe these cross hirings should be considered more in the design of characters like Archie that rely so heavily on their special upgrades. As it is, Leveticus specialty of having a large hiring pool is more and more being diluted by everyone having a larger hiring pool, and these more advanced models are being made ineligible due to exclusive upgrades. I'm suggesting that the guys in playtesting should at least consider adding to the (0) cost Archie upgrades that they can be taken as any faction.
  13. On outcasts forum, we can find many topics about pre errata Levi Maybe it's time to make one about after errata Levi. After changes showed by Wyrd, I started to use Levi in different roles, mostly depending on taken upgrades and schemes. Before that he was mostly killing stuff. Now it takes more thinking and deeper plan to use him Things I do with Levi - Summon abominations after killing enemy model This is still nice trick. With I mostly will use "free focus" to get straight flip if model is in cover. Also will try to aim to kill model with 4 WD (many scheme runners). When I go with I will aim to use focus so I will het straight flip. - Charge and do 8 dmg to model that cannot prevent it; I don't like this trick on models with armor or models that can use SS. I use it as finisher. It makes Levi play a little more risky, because If I can charge other model, mostly that model can charge me It's great to finish some enforcers or big minions. With trigger you can easily bypass HTW with discarding cards. - Half WD with correct trigger on ; If it will work it's great, otherwise I feel like i wasted 1ss on upgrade slot. But when it works, awww sweet Attack Howard, use this trigger and see how he lost 6 WD. But mostly that 1ss and upgrade slot can have better use. Probably I will stop using it in future. - Give slow with attack to key enemy models so they cannot charge; I don't care about dmg, I only want to give slow. It's great versus close combat models, but not allowing sniper to take focus, or have enemy model to do only 1 attack is also great. - Do crazy teleport trick and place key scheme marker or end in enemy deployment zone etc. In tournament you mostly will know about last round, or when match should end. In that situation you can leave Levi in weird place like middle of board or enemy deployment zone. Mostly people don't think that your master can teleport to abominations, wife, kill it and then still use 3 AP. I don't think that summoning abominations from scrap is a good idea for Levi. When I expect to see Ramos I may take upgrades only to steal scrap markers. But I don't treat it as main use of Levi (or Rusty). Do you have any other experience with Levi afer errata? do you got any ideas how to use him?
  14. Dear Outcasts, Von Schill & Viktorias seems to be a trouble for me. Most of the games against these two masters have been losen or draw by my two masters(Levi and Tara). My opponents often have folloving crew members: 1. Viktorias(both)+sisters+librarian+additional models like(Johan, trappers,...) 2.Von Shill+ 2 trappers+Hannah+Strongarm+librarian+... What shall I take into account playing against these two crews, which master and which models to chose?
  15. Simple questions, yet quite not, but i think it is easier and more useful to pin down where people doesn't play leveticus, rather than where he shines: - Which faction you deters you the most against Leveticus ? Does it stop from fielding him ? - Which strategies stops you from taking leveticus ? Why ? - And finally, which schemes do you find the harder to ? Will any of you stop you from taking leveticus ? If so, which one ?
  16. Hi All I'm looking to sell the Metal Leveticus Box Set, containing 1 x Leveticus, 1 x Rusty Alice, 1 x Hollow Waif, 4 x Steampunk Abominations. The box has been opened, just to have a look, but models are unbuilt. Only reason for selling is that I'm possibly going to pick up the plastic models instead. Drop me a PM. Any offers considered. UK preferred. Pic 1 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2eMnLnN6qfYd05wZEJFNWpzWnc Pic 2 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2eMnLnN6qfYZ0lMSEJXa2ZEMEE
  17. I am currently painting the Leveticus Crew, but I decided to work on the bases first. I figured if something were to go wrong painting, better to mess up on the bases rather than the figures (because remember, bad things happen). The bases are from Basicks power plant line 30mm. I spray painted army painter Alien Purple primer as the base color. I then used Army painter chain mail and Citadel copper to paint the metal. I washed with a reddish copper black for the shadows. I drybrushed with the metals again. Finally, I used some Nupastels mixed with isopropyl alcohol to make the rust effects. All I need to do now is seal the powder, paint the edges, and add a few tufts of grass as weeds growing out of the cracks. I also need to paint the figures, that would be important. Since this is my first time painting miniatures, critiques are appreciated. I would love to get these polished enough to submit into the CMON Expo and not feel silly about entering.
  18. Hello fellow mercenaries After Levi errata, I think I am ready to add non-outcast toys for Levi. It won't be so brutal now But also I don't have all masters in Outcast family. So issue occurred. Is it better to buy other master for outcasts? It will add some new models for everyone in my collection and another master to play. Or maybe it's better to get some toys for Levi? It's not so easy to make choice. New master brings some models for everyone and whole another way to play. But toys for Levi will allow me to focus on one master, that should have impact on my tournament results. Also what models would you add for Levi? I don't want to buy master boxes, so mostly models like Hunter, Madame Sybelle, Joss, Howard etc. are not an option I thought about: Bone: - Doxy - Rogue Necromancy - Resser Rider - Yin - Belle - Necropunk - With that I can make some "Horror/ WP attacking" crews and add pushes from Belles and Doxy Iron: - Mech Rider - something to summon for mech rider - SS miner - Ryle - Necropunk - maybe some effigy With that I have some nice armored crews and another summoning option
  19. Over the weekend I went to Adepticon to compete in the masters, as I have for the last few years, the big difference being this year I drove away a winner, this is that story. This will not be a comprehensive play by play, activation by activation tournament report as I personally find those to be very boring, but also because as you will shortly see that would be a waste of our time. First I would like take a quick detour and tell you a story of my first day at Adepticon this year. I arrived at around 4pm local time after driving for ~10 hours which was just in time to see my brother win an enforcer brawl and get a really sweet medal. I decided I wanted one of those things so I signed up for Henchman Hardcore at 6pm, unfortunately I did not plan to play in the event so I didn't have an actual list or anything planned so we checked into our hotel room and built some lists. I settled on this: Dashel -Watch My Back -Badge of Office Rifleman Rifleman Warden (I wanted to play Queeg, but didn't have a suitable proxy c'est la vie) As we were leaving the room I wasn't confident in my pick so I audibled to this: Viktoria of Blood -Oathkeeper -Sisters in Fury Taelor -Oathkeeper Hodgepodge Effigy Malifaux Child So first round I get paired against Candy, Kade, Dopple, Waldgeist. After I deploy first my opponent deploys his whole crew in a pile ~12 inches from Viktoria without anything between them. I lose initiative and my opponent activates Kade and lures Viktoria toward him and passes to me. I activated the Malifaux child and went on to lose that game. For the rest of the weekend my brother and friends asked if I could smell toast. Good times. Anywho let's go to the main event I played Outcasts and it was one of these two lists every round. Viktoria of Ashes - 6 pool -Synchronized Slaying -Sisters in Spirit -Survivalist Viktoria of Blood -Mark of Shez'uul -Oathkeeper Student of Conflict Killjoy -Oathkeeper Nix -Infectious Melodies Obedient Wretch Malifaux Rat x4 -Or- Leveticus - 4 pool -Desolate Soul -Oathkeeper Hollow Waif x2 Ashes and Dust Killjoy -Oathkeeper Nix -Infectious Melodies Obedient Wretch Malifaux Rat x3 To those people who don't know what is going on here let me give you a quick education on how RatJoy works. 1) Activate a rat. They activate a model. Repeat three times. 2) Throw a rat at that pile of three rates with the obedient wretch maybe even throw another rat elsewhere, they activate a model. 3) Activate new slow rat he becomes a rat king. They activate a model. 4) Rat King becomes a Rat Catcher and a Rat. They activate a model. 5) Rat Catcher gives a rat reactivate on a 4. They activate a model. 6) Do stuff until your opponent is out of models, they may be already. 7) Infectious melodies gives your reactivating rat fast and you must sac at end of activation, that rat moves 20-25" up the board gets sacrificed and Killjoy pops out to charge w.e makes you most happy. Round 1 - Flank & Reconnoiter - Dan Johnson Nicodem Mortimer Emissary Belle Bete Crooliganx2 I played the aforementioned Viktoria list and took Neutralize the Leader and Convict Labor. I had heard Dan's name before, but did not know who he was. Apparently he is part of the Before we Begin Podcast, so check that out if you want to know more about Dan. Turn 1: He makes some corpse markers, moves them around with the vulture, turns those markers into mindless zombies and then summons a second belle and a flesh construct drawing cards from the zombies being sacrificed. I don't play Nicodem nearly ever so I thought the interaction was cool even if it is common knowledge. His Emissary walked toward the middle and put up the shard markers at the center of the board likely to stop the viks. Anyway by the time he was done activating models I had finished playing with my Rats. So a rat walked 5x, Killjoy showed up charged Nicodem still deep in his deployment zone and killed him in that activation(revealing Neutralize ofc), I think after all the ss prevents and onslaughts it was like 6 attacks. Bete popped out. The Viks did their patented slingshot Maneuver and Vik of blood put the emissary at H2K and damaged the Flesh construct. Turns 2-3: I remove the rest of his models from the board, there was very little he could do to stop it. He scored 1VP from Reconoitter and 2vp for Detonate as he lured me to his markers. I missed one point on Convict labor, mostly because I wasn't paying attention. Final Score: 9-3 Round 2 - Standard & Extraction - Nathan Miller Collette Miranda Willie December Acolyte x2 Silent one x2 Doves x3 I played the Leveticus list and took Hunting Party and Search the Ruins. Nathan is someone I have known for a while and you a liable to see him at the top tables of any event he is in. He was the highest finishing Arcanist player at Adepticon. Turn 1: My plan was to outactivate Nate and then send Killjoy at Miranda as I felt she was most likely to be problematic. Unfortunately he had other plans. Nate activated his guys moving them around for positioning and such while I played with rats trying to ensure their safety. Then the magic happened. Collette prompted Myranda giving her reactivate (this was when I realized I needed a new plan) and pushing her up the board. Then Myranda activated chain activated herself and charged Leveticus dealing 3 then pooped out a Cerebus in his face. He did this because I had ashes up towards 4 of his models and he wanted to stop any teleport shenanigans. Leveticus activated and tried his best to kill the cerebus engaging him but missed both channel attacks and hit with the non-channeled attack because reasons. Leve did a powerful 3 total damage and became a waif. Cerebus lept and swung at the waif dealing her 3, but alive. Killjoy came in and killed the Cerebus, but now he was in my deployment zone so that wasn't great. Turn 2: Nate spent alot of AP and attacks trying to kill Ashes and the core and after a reactivating armor ignoring Willie he was successful. Unfortunately due to some poor positioning he would not score extraction. Killjoy and Leveticus killed the doves that were going to score leave the mark via Practiced Production. Killjoy breaking oathkeeper to double walk and hit a dove might be the low point of the tournament for me, but it possibly denied Practiced Production as well as scoring hunting party. Turn 3: Due to the fact that I moved the marker toward me and removed his doves he had to actually come forward and try to fight in order to score any VP. Leveticus and friends stopped that from happening. Final Score: 10-0 Round 3 - Close & Collect the Bounty - Peter Sidaway from the UK Hamelin Johan Ashes and Dust Librarian Stolen Obedient Wretch Trapper Rats x2 I played the above Viktoria list taking Quick Murder on Ashes and Show of Force. Peter was a very friendly chap and a pleasure to play against, after our game we talked general strategy and such. Hopefully I get the opportunity to play him and other UK based players in the future. Turn 1: I obviously am in no way ever going to out activate Hamelin, but still need to get him to activate important models before springing Ratjoy on him. I would say there must have been 15 minutes of just both of us posturing and rat shenanigans. He makes the first error of moving Ashes and Dust away from his crew with a Hamelin lure and then activates the trapper while still having other rat-esque models left to activate. I spring Killjoy right in front of his whole crew with charge range on the trapper. Due to Ashes being unchargeable and Hamelin's no charge aura he might be the only model that Killjoy can feast upon on the table. In defense of this he has to walk Ashes back from the other side of the board and then charge Killjoy. Ashes obviously can basically never kill Killjoy in one activation, but he had to stop the trapper from dying and letting killjoy run amok in his backfield. Killjoy breaks Oathkeeper for fast and puts down Ashes(Quick Murder). The Ashen core is put nearly in base contact with Hamelin and the Dust Storm on his deployment edge. I slingshot the viks up remember it is close deployment so it's not all that far. Blood charges into the core, but not in LOS of Hamelin so as to avoid his no charge Aura. Vik of blood with Mark Of Shez'uul easily puts down the core. Peter moves the rest of his models about trying to inflict damage on Killjoy or Blood Vik, but neither really sticks. Turn 2: I win initiative and Vik of Ashes kills the Storm accomplices Vik of Blood and she kills Johan. Without anyway left to remove the 3 beaters now in his face Peter sees the writing on the wall and concedes the game. As I said before the game we talked about outcasts and list builds etc and he actually gave me a good idea which showed up in round 5. Final Score: 10-0 Round 4 - Corners & Reckoning - Ian Nelson Hamelin Aionus Trapper Hans w/ scout the field stolen Obedient wretch rats? I played the above Leveticus list with Show of Force & Convict Labor. I only took Leveticus because I believed that my opponent would have to be crazy to take Hamelin in Reckoning, I was wrong. So once again I was going to be outactivated no matter what I did and Killjoy is pretty bad against Hamelin regardless. Ian and I have chatted online before, but had not met in person. This was easily the hardest match of the tournament for me. Deployment: I am forced to deploy first and realize that his plan with Hans is to break scout the field and shoot an important model off the table immediately. Turn 1: I win initiative and decide to let Ian go first. I find out I was right about Hans only I was incorrect in the target. I planned on him trying to shoot a waif off the table to limit Leveticus so I hid them behind models, but he was always intending to shoot the Wretch and shoot her he did. So now that my RatJoy plan was shot to shit I had to improvise. For the rest of the turn I move to take the center of the table/SE corner and force him to stay back from Leveticus. Killjoy gets attacked and slowed by Aionus, but pops out near the trapper in the NE threatening a charge on turn 2. Ian has barely left his deployment zone at the end of turn 1. Turn 2: He wins initiative and runs the trapper away. I activate my remaining rats with infectious melodies so that they will die and not give away reckoning. We spend the rest of the turn Jockeying for position with him staying pretty huddled in his deployment zone of note I was not able to hide Nix from Hans so he shot off Nix's upgrade denying me Show of Force on turn 2. I did place about a million scheme markers on the center line though so I scored Convict Labor. Killjoy hovers around the Western board edge scaring away his models, again threatening a charge on the trapper. Turn 3: Again he wins initiative and runs the trapper away maybe taking a shot at leveticus which misses. I realize early on in this turn that I need to get killjoy into the center to score show of force while also keeping Aionus away from the center because he has 2 upgrades on him and would deny my Show of Force and score for him if he had it. So I do some careful premeasuring as I move Ashes up showing that Leveticus is in teleport and unload range on Aionus to demonstrate my intent. He takes the bait and Obeys Aionus away. Leveticus teleports to Ashes and kills two rats to score reckoning. Now Aionus is Ca expert not nimble so he has no way to get to the center. Ian uses infectious melodies on 2 separate rat catchers to get them to run to the center line and place markers unfortunately those rat catchers had to die for their effort. We both score Convict Labor I also score Show of Force and Reckoning. Turn 4: I actually won initiative so Leveticus activated and killed Hans and a stolen which gave me Reckoning on this turn. With nearly all of his offense crippled Ian would never score reckoning in this game. At the end of 5 turns the score was 8-3, but it went on for two more turns allowing me the full 10 Ian picked up 2 more points via Frame for Murder on the Trapper. Final Score: 10-5 Round 5 - Standard & Guard the Stash - Anthony Pazera Leveticus Waif x2 Aionus Ashes and Dust Librarian Rat x4 I took the Viktoria's as they are very capable of clearing out stash markers w/ Hunting Party and Convict Labor. Also after talking with Peter S from Round 3 I made these changes to the list: - Synchronized Slaying - Survivalist + Oathkeeper + Sisters in Fury Anthony was a very good player and said that he had only been playing for a year which I thought was very cool given that were were playing for 1st. I will say that I played an absolutely abysmal game and he played a very good game after turn 1. He hadn't seen RatJoy and wasn't familiar with the Viks threat range so you can't begrudge him not playing the first turn well. Whereas I put on a clinic on how not to play Malifaux after turn 1. Anyway the game. Turn 1: Anthony didn't take an obedient wretch so even with his own mini rat engine I had him out activated by a very significant margin. When he was done activating his models Ashes and Dust was hanging out about 5" from Aionus who attacked Killjoy, but missed. The Vik Slingshot was able to put Vik of Blood with +2 damage directly between Ashes and Aionus. After she was done spinning Aionus and Ashes were dead and Blood Vik was standing in the way of the reformation. Killjoy did his charge thing, but did no damage. At the end of turn 1 Anthony was down 26ss in models and things weren't looking great. He did claim set up on Killjoy for 2VP however. Turn 2: Anthony won initiative and tried to have the storm kill blood vik, but it didn't take. I then activated the blood vik and she killed both halves of Ashes. Leveticus moved and killed Vik of Ashes. I moved up scored for Hunting Party and for Guarding the stash. Turn 3-5: I would go through these, but honestly it was a comedy of errors on my part as I said while Anthony played extremely well taking advantage of my errors to try and creep back into the game. If he had not been so far behind I'm sure he would have won the game easily. I could try to blame fatigue or hunger, but Anthony was playing under the same conditions, so kudos to him. Final Score: 5-4 It was a well run tournament and all of my opponent were wonderful, so no complaints there. I really appreciate them showing some compassion and allowing me to win. Now it is time for serious talk directed at Wyrd and Justin: You need to fix the rat activation control or you will only see Outcasts winning tournaments as long as you allow it to exist. I know it sounds like hyperbole and please go ahead and doubt me, but I implore you to put it on the table. Actually try it out, you will see I am not wrong in this. The biggest problem is that it is literally free to do. A rat costs 2ss and 4 of them make an 8ss Rat King, which is just a great model. Then the Rat King can become a Rat Catcher and a rat, also 8ss, also a good model. You may be wondering why this matters, well 3 steam arachnids are 12ss and the swarm they make is 8ss. Four abominations are 16ss a desolation engine is 13ss. The point is you are not penalized for buying rat activations whereas you are for the other combination models. You would in fact be making the wrong choice if you hired a rat king instead of 4 rats. Activation control is important and we all know that. I wouldn't say it is the most important thing in Malifaux, but it certainly ranks. Let's look at the simplest guaranteed rat activation method 2 rats and a wretch: 1) wretch explodes into two rats 2) Rat 3) Rat 4) Rat 5) Rat becomes King 6) King becomes Catcher and rat 7) Rat 8) Catcher gives reactivate 9) Rat That is 9 activations for 8ss and you are left with 8ss left on the table one of which is an 8wd "armor+1" model with don't mind me. Outactivating your opponent by this much allows you to let them take their whole turn see what it is they are trying to do and counter it. You also don't need to do this all on turn 1, you can wait you can do some of it you can literally choose where and when you want to "go off". This isn't a oh it only affects turn 1 sort of deal, though even if it was I would advocate for a change. I understand that Wyrd does not want to do errata in general, but I honestly don't think they can wait on this. The meta cannot adapt as there is no part of this that any other faction can fight. My suggestions for Errata: 1) Make Rats and Obedient wretch unhireable except by hamelin: I think the hireable rats are the real problem, but in talking to other players at Adepticon they said that they see the obedient wretch being taken by itself in random lists to generate incremental advantage through the game. I can certainly see where they are coming from. 2) Change Tangled to say "If Hamelin is this crew's leader...": This prevents Rat Kings from Forming outside of Hamelin crews this immediately stops the appeal of rats. This would certainly make the rats a liability in Reckoning if nothing else. I do not think this goes far enough. 3) Make Rats Unhireable: This would stop all the issues except the slow burn of the obedient wretch. Hamelin may take a hit here, but honestly as a Hamelin player myself this would not be the end of the world. 4) Some combination of the above: I certainly don't know everything and trust Wyrd to do what is right at the end of the day.
  20. Hi guys, I've the complete outcast faction and - I was wondering - which of the 4 riders fit best with Leveticus. I mean, which one bring something that Outcast do not have and is more flexible, generally speaking. I know that highly depends on schemes, strategy and opponent...but I'm not going to buy more than one...and I absolutely want one because I like them and they bring quite a lot of power. I was thinking about "Pale rider" vs "Mechanical rider" Both of them bring schemes markers which is one of the biggest lack of outcast. What would you choose ?
  21. Is there a good/comprehensive guide for playing Leveticus, including match ups, crew compositions and the like? I am already familiar with the content on PullMyFinger.
  22. http://bythetree.net/?f=5&s=50&l=56|92,88,93&t=37|2|0|&m=40|0|73*115|19|*115|19|*182|0|92,95 Doxy for anchors and assisting Leveticus' (and Waifu/A&D) mobility and disruption. Alyce for obvious reasons. Really looking forward to using the scrap marker via From the Aether to move A&D across the board first turn: 6 deployment + 10 Whirlwind of Scrap off of Alyce's scrap + 6 Move (or 6" via Doxy so he can get another AP for attacking: Alyce moved 6" via Doxy before Alyce and A&D activate) + 9 Charge (31" not including 'Hi my name is Doxy'); or 6 deployment + 10 Whirlwind + 6 move + 2 move/Scheme/Attack + Scheme/Attack; Doxies move Levi 4 each and Levi teleports to A&D via Rebirth. Could replace a Doxy with a Necropunk/Rotten Belle, and/or spend 5 SS for one. Maybe 2 Rats for activation control? An Abomination for first turn draw and a teleport beacon for Levy? Void Wretch to Siphon Existence Levi, kill something with A&D as above, unbury Levi beside killed model? Recommendations?
  23. Hello Everyone I had time again to play Malifaux (after a few months break). Had a game with Levi (man he was killy as hell, one activation and 3 dead bodies ) But back to the main topic, I have a few questions, and hope you can help me. I Currently I have access to: - Levi plastic box - VS plastic box - Sue - Johan - Desolation Engine - Death Marshall - Hannah - Lazarus Question #1 Cheap scheme runners. I miss cheap models in my collection. After I read forum i think that Void wretches are best, but maybe in future that thing for Hamelin may be better. Are there any other options for that role? I think about Desperate merc and effigy? any opinions or advice? Question #2 Summoning Levi. I tried it a few times, Rusty Alyce generates scrap, Levi creates a-bomb. It didn't work, firstly i had to have them both in same area, second I never had a right card when i needed it. Any advices on that? Anyone had success with that tactic? Question #3 Jack Daw, I have an opportunity to buy single model for master with all cards and it's cheap. Have you ever played Jack without other tormented models? It will lose a lot of his playstyle, but can still be used . I never saw him on table so my experience is not too big. @ off-top I didn't check things on forum for some time, where is Zfiend, have Guild got him? Or maybe other sinister forces? It's strange without him and his ressers posts.
  24. So, looking over the new Gaining Grounds schemes, and 3 and 9 immediately jump off the page at me as someone just getting into Leveticus. And I'm sure there's more I haven't realized yet. I know he's a powerful master, and I know he abused the old schemes, but that IS why I picked him up, after all. Most of the new stuff seems fair, he can't abuse his rebirth effect to remove scheme conditions anymore, and such, fair, but... For example, Mark for Death; so if he buries himself while marked, the opponent gets a point? This is tolerable because he's hard to mark if he goes early, but.. Neutralize the Leader!; he does it to himself to Channel. And don't tell me it is balanced by schemes like Setup and Public Demonstration. I'm sure, if it's as bad as it looks, I'm not the only one ranting about this, so I'll be glad to read all the links you post me. Maybe they're like Assassinate was, but I doubt it. Still, these schemes do look like a lot of fun otherwise. Maybe I am going to learn the Viktorias, instead, after all.
  25. So I've got a tournament coming up soon and need some help building my crew lists. The tournament is using the Gaining Grounds 2016 list so the SnS are new to me. Here are the SnS for the tournament: Round 1: Strategy - Interference Schemes - Convict Labor, Exhaust Their Forces, Take Prisoner, Undercover Entourage, Occupy Their Turf Round 2: Strategy - Squatter's Rights Schemes - Convict Labor, Undercover Entourage, Hunting Party, Frame for Murder, Show of Force Round 3: Strategy - Headhunter Schemes - Convict Labor, Neutralize the Leader, Leave Your Mark, Undercover Breakthrough (not sure which scheme, must be a typo on their post), Hunting Party I currently only own Leveticus and The Viktorias as my masters and would like to make good competitive tournament crew lists for these schemes. Here are the models I already own: Viktoria of Ashes, Viktoria of Blood, Student of Conflict, Taelor, 3x Ronin, Vanessa, Hans Leveticus, 3x Hollow Waifs, Rusty Alyce, 4x Abominations, Hodgepodge Effigy, Ryle, Joss, Desolation Engine With all that said, what would you all recommend for crew lists based on the SnS? Are there any models that I should be looking at getting? Any schemes I should be picking or avoiding? Thanks in advance!
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