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  1. Teirwin

    Texturizing MDF Terrain Buildings

    Really "feel" the mood of this board.
  2. Teirwin

    The Cave

    Love the ceilings.
  3. Teirwin

    Giving papercraft scatter some substance.

    My dollar store sells big sheets of cardboard, better weight than paper.
  4. Teirwin

    Malifaux Swamp Table progress

    Forest reeds look great.
  5. Teirwin

    MDF terrain with stickers

    Rust looks really good.
  6. Teirwin

    Stained glass windows?

    Did you free hand those, very nice.
  7. Teirwin

    Finished my first "real" terrain pieces.

    I've considered clay, but wondered which kind would be most durable...
  8. Teirwin

    Building my own stuff

    I just started using a 3D printer for my terrain. Although custom cardboard is cool too.
  9. Teirwin

    Green Stuff + Magnets

    Magnets in bases, cool, I just got into magnets for arms, thanks.
  10. Teirwin

    Fresh Fish (*be gentle*)

    Like the red and white contrasts.
  11. Teirwin

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    Very clean.
  12. Teirwin

    Iron Painter 2017

    I'm in!