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  1. Thanks, I suspect you guys are very busy with gencon coming See you there
  2. I find the brief backstory and succinct overview of what the models can do and why you might hire them very helpful as a new player. I can glance over these and make fast decisions. While the pull my finger wiki is also nice, there are lots of pages there and that is more of a later resource to access. It appears core and crossroads are all done.
  3. I'd by every one of them. Please release soon
  4. Nurgle Sorcerer and Warrior 2 Night Goblins Regiments with Night Goblin Hero
  5. Lord on Daemonic mount and Juggernaut Harbringer of Decay Chaos sorcerer on horse Exalted hero of chaos Black Orcs Black orc hero
  6. I have a huge collection of Warhammer Fantasy that I want to sell. I will keep this thread updated with new pictures as I do the laborious task of posing and photographing everything. I have lots of VAmpire Counts, Chaos, Orcs/Goblins and Skaven, also some High Elves. Up first, the painted stuff. Movement trays not included. (18) Mantic Zombies Make me an offer. I'm posting on a couple other forums, so after some time has passed, I'll sell to the highest offer. I have lots of Vampire Counts, Orcs&Goblins, some Ogre, some High Elves and lots of Skaven. Additional Vampire Counts not yet pictured include Vampire Army Book Dire Wolves (10) Strigori Vampire (white metal) Vlad von Carstein (white metal) more updates to follow
  7. I love it so much. You got me wanting to make something similar. Is this your first Malifaux board or do you have an Old West one yet?
  8. Yes, these are pretty good IMO. HOwever, these are my first ever run in with MDF so, there's that. I made my own textures and printed them off to labels, instead of painting the whole model. It made it way easier and it looks better too.
  9. whoa, this is off to a good start. Nice
  10. The board is finally done, now for some playtesting. (I'll have rules to share soon if anyone is interested in helping me playtest (Alpha) and here is a sample of the Survivor Cards All the items are magnetized so they fit perfectly on the survivor card. Here are some sample items
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