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  1. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    Since Femme Fatale is done, I can also show the Master for that Crew, which I entered into the contest.
  2. Sandmann

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I don't think that with the emphasis on streamlinig and making the game easier to grasp comes even more rules text on the back of the cards...
  3. Sandmann

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Or, they just could keep the old card size and spare everyone the hassle 🙂
  4. Sandmann

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Propably not easy, since their width:height ratio is different, so just scaling them down results in a card much too narrow or streched wide - at least if you want to fit them in your existing sleeves.
  5. Sandmann

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Cautiously excited for this. I loose Guild McMourning (well Dufresne really), but oh well. But I'm really not liking the new format for stat cards. Cards take up a lot of place on the table already, and with the slightly reduced stats and streamlined abilities and triggers etc. I don't see why the new cards need to be bigger. The artwork is mostly unnecessary, unless you have multiples of a model in a crew and they have distinct artwork (so not like Guild Hounds e.g., who have only two images cropped and mirrorer (I think) on four cards) to tell them apart at a glance. And even that works with the smaller art on the old format. So, not looking forward to having to buy new sleeves, Deckboxes etc for no reason I can discern 😞
  6. Sandmann

    Damn my eyes!

    One thing I found to make it easier (this assumes you paint them before the rest of the face) is not to try to get the shape right using the white/off-white but to use black to close in on the right shape from the outside basically, i.e. basecoat the eye-area black (thinned down!), blob white or off white in there and then use black again to define the eyes and then paint the pupils.
  7. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    A few beasties as test subjects for the good Dr. Dufresne: The Raptors are GW Razorflock Somethings from the Dark Eldar that I got for cheap. And since I wanted to add a few Academics too, and with my Metal Gamin and the Raptors and Hoarcat Pride already had a few Arcanists, I bought Ironsides Box and started painting it:
  8. I have a single Queller and Thrall each spare... (also located in Germany btw)
  9. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    Shieldbearer and Dead Doxy for my ressers, Mr Graves for my brothers Neverborn done:
  10. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    Got Vanessa painted and tried some OSL on her again - reasonably happy with how it turned out. Just used several layers of glazes.
  11. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    Thanks ^^ Finished the Viktorias crew with the henchman and master: (photos are a bit dark)
  12. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    Finished Ronins #2 and #3, now working on the Viks. I tried giving the Ronin in green coloured hair on the tips of her braids - overall, I like the result. Plus, Dr. Dufresne (the alt-McMourning) who I had photographed a while ago but somehow never shared the picture. I only recently used her in Guild and found her suprisingly fun and will play her again - maybe I'll even get some beasts and academics...
  13. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    @Piccio Mhm. That might be my photography skills. I use (old) GW Elf Flesh glazed with GW Dwarf Flesh and a Foundry Dark Skin Tone, all of wich have a very reddish hue, highlighted up with Elf Flesh and Bone Withe (mixe into the EF). The Bone White has none, but is used pure only on the very highest of highlights (tip of the nose etc.). Maybe the pictures lack contrast... Perditas skin is actually done with my older recipe and is using a second darker glaze instead of the Foundry Dark Skin, wich is actually more pastelly-brown than red. But both have relatively little yellow in the mixtures. I think Miss Deed and Allison Dade are closest to the real deal in their pictures, and the student has the same colouring.
  14. Sandmann

    My slowly growing Neverborn.

    Love the small conversions and the basework on the Stiched, great work!
  15. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    @Piccio What do you mean with "unreal"? The students skintone is the same as on all non-undead, non-Big Jake models...