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  1. Basse is really annoying me. Most of what his crew does would have been fitting for Family, but instead they are stuck with things like Family Values. Having to jump through hoops for cycling a single card.
  2. I don't think Guild in 2E was "easy mode" except for Nellie. Maaaaaybe after wave 5, but everyone got good stuff there. Family, Marshals, Augmented and Elite/Mimic were pretty tough to get much out of for most of the edition.
  3. Sandmann

    22.03 Update

    Kinda sad that even before the new edition is officially available it seems so obvious that some models or crews just don't work. I had hoped for better.
  4. Sandmann

    22.03 Update

    So, looked at the cards. And I can basically cycle focus or a card? WTF. An additional focus is nice now that concetrate is once per activation, but the cost is a focus or a card, making it just a shuffling around. And Family don't need card cycling, that's what heros gamble is for, they need card DRAW for all the "drop a card" effects they have.
  5. I think it says a lot about them that the only way to make them viable at all is to include OOK models (mostly just the Judge, but hey...).
  6. "Surge" being the card-draw-trigger? Yeah, that would be nice. Decay on Lady J has the problem that it's a worse stat than just hitting things with the sword and targets the same resist and is available with stat 6 on a minion...
  7. Francisco, Nino, Papa Loco, maybe Abuela. Perdita could change, but she and Santiago are the only ones atm who kinda work at least. Agree on the DMRs and all of the Asylum stuff. Still think Dr. Dufresne should return as a new Master, leading the Asylum crew 😁
  8. I don't think they are very effective even. Very card intensive, no way to draw cards (except Heros Gamble, but onyl if everybody's already dead), no defensive, "meh" offensive. Analyze Weakness should really give a condition (call it "Shattered" or whatever) that reduces Armor while a model has it. Would be way neater ruleswise.
  9. That would be awesome! Nurses are already included in the Keyword, maybe let her hire Bloodwretches too (or summon them) so you could use more of the starter box .
  10. Not going into if she's good right now, but I wanted to address this. Frankly, I'd rather have her suck as an independent beatstick and be awesome with her crew. I don't want her to be reduced to be hired as a beater in another keyword, I want to play her as leader of a cool, balanced and interesting crew!
  11. Francisco looks better. Maybe Parry should have the same damage as his weapon, just for consistency? I might actually take Abuela now, so... yay? About Decay: I would propably still rather use the sword or the Domadors Decay at stat 6. Maybe if it targeted WP instead? Right now vs DF it's competing with the Greatsword, and if it targeted another stat, it might actually be an alternative?
  12. "But you can summon them" is IMO a bad argument. DMs are Lady Js signature minion, they should be good enough to hire.
  13. At least Santiago can now do stuff while engaged, in contrast to M2E... But yeah, Nino, Franc, Papa and Abuela are meh at best.
  14. The tears in her stockings are just painted on.
  15. Been a while (again 🙄). I have been playing and painting Infinity again, which meant less Malifaux. But with the open beta, I'm looking to get back in. To start, a few models that were already mostly done that I finished up: Unsure if I'll even use Bete Noire, as she seems so belong to Seamus now, and I have no intention of playing him...
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