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    So I played Nellie for the first time in beta the other day (I played her a ton in M2E) and had a fun game. I did however feel a bit so so about the crew afterwards. The crew overall seemed decent, although a single game can't really determine how I feel about the keyword, I can at least tell that they have some interesting actions. I am a fan of the Undercover Reporter and found using that model pretty fun. Phiona is still Phiona, she still hits just without the free attack and + flip (without a press release upgrade on the enemy) but overall she still feels similar to second edition. Nellie on the other hand is probably why I didn't feel that great after the game, she got me thinking about what a master should do in a game and she just felt very underwhelming. I have seen other people say that Press Release is a great action, I really like it too and it has some really good potential. Sadly due to it being a once per turn Nellie kinda felt like she didn't have anything to do with her other AP. An action to give out slow hardly feels like a worthy trade off and she is often spending her AP walking, she can push models and I assume herself as well with her free action but she still doesn't do much. The don't mind me is a nice touch but kinda makes it feel like she's being pushed into interacting and the rest of her crew lack this rule. Here are some ideas to maybe change her a bit, it is only really a speculation but I would like a bit of that second edition Nellie spice back, after all she is meant to be disruptive and fast on her feet with information spreading like wildfire so it would be cool to have these linked into her card. I do like the front of her card and I know many others do to so I will probably just approach the back. Reveal Source is a cool idea but in practice it doesn't really work, stacking markers around a model for a few points of damage isn't that good and kinda feels like a waste of AP. This could be changed to something that gives out fast like 'News travels quickly around these parts', 6", stat 6, TN 13/14 (Would need to test to see the best value) Target friendly model gains fast. I know fast is a good condition but due to Nellie struggling to actually find a use of 3 AP it could be a good idea to let her transfer it to other models. The action could also have a mask trigger which pushes Nellie 3", this could be something like 'Hot on their trail' or some other journalist style phrase (stereotypically anyway). This is only really an AP transferring action but would still let her feel like she does more, in second edition she often messed around with the enemy crew a bit and helped allies do more by giving them fast so that style of her could be somewhat implemented into 3rd. Overall this is just an idea, it may not be the best action to replace one with but it is worth bringing something like this up as personally she didn't do much at all in my game. I would like to see what other ideas people have about Nellie and the journalist keyword herself. I only really focused on Nellie in this post because she is the only model that I felt some slight disappointment with.
  2. Thanks for all the replies, would like to try out Hannah if I can lend one, got most of the Outcast mercs mentioned and don't usually use Bishop but was thinking of trying him with Nellie before I bought her. For the question about my list, I usually run Nellie (4ss cache) - Guild Funds (1ss) - Delegation (1ss) - Misleading Headlines or Editor In Chief (the games I took Editor were trying it out and it was very helpful) (1/2ss) Phiona Gage (8ss) - Transparency (1ss) - Lead Lined Coat (1ss) The Jury (8ss) - Lead Lined Coat (1ss) Peacekeeper (11ss) - Numb To The World (1ss) Field Reporter (4ss) Field Reporter (4ss) Field Reporter or Watcher (4ss) depends on scheme pool usually Printing Press (3ss) I understand completely that this could be changed to be much better than it is but I am also aware that in Malifaux some things work amazingly for some people but work terribly for others, I played this list for a while and it worked well for pretty much every game, will probably only use 1 Field Reporter once I get Allison Dade so that is why she is absent from my lists but 3 Field Reporters has been strangely successful in some games, wouldn't recommend it for every game but as I don't have loads of Guild models I kinda made use of the scheme runners I like. Numb has been questioned on the keeper but it has been useful pretty much every game I've used it and it makes it that bit more durable and useful in a game. LLC makes sense on both the henchmen, as it makes them that bit more survivable and with the small amounts of healing The Jury and Nellie give out LLC becomes that much better when they survive for longer, I have been told about Debt and tried it before but I just forget about the upgrade and end up doing normal damage all game. The 3 Nellie upgrades are really good and usually take Editor In Chief when end game schemes like Take Prisoner are in the pool as like an extra layer of safety for scoring schemes. The Printing Press is pretty much a given, that model is brilliant. There is definitely room for mercs in my list, thinking of swapping my Peacekeeper for one of the mercs I own, overall it is just trying things out and working around fun and strong lists.
  3. Hey, so after playing Nellie non-stop for a fair few games and after placing well in a recent tournament I have decided that I know how Nellie works with Guild models and what models I like to use with her, my list is quite similar for a lot of scheme pools and I feel like I'm pretty confident with it so now I am moving onto the mercenary side of Nellie as it really interests me, I wanted to learn her focusing on Guild and now seems like an appropriate time to switch up my lists a bit. So in this post I am asking: - What mercenaries do you often take with Nellie? - What upgrades do you take on said mercenaries? - Are there any cool Guild and a mercenary or double mercenary combos that work? Overall it is just asking about what mercs you use and if there are any lists that work quite well including mercs, it'd be fun to try out and from Outcast being my first and biggest faction I feel like it could be a great way to use some models that hardly come out unless I run Outcasts. Also have a few friends with other factions so wouldn't mind borrowing their mercs to try out too.
  4. Hey, so I started playing Malifaux over a year ago and my first master was Tara so i'd gladly give some input on her. So in pretty much all scheme pools I will take Knowledge of eternity (2ss), Obliteration symbiote (2ss) and Out of time (1ss), Emptiness is (0) so it is always worth taking that too, the last 2 are broken promises so make sure you have that set of upgrades as they are pretty good with Tara. I often take The Nothing Beast with Tara and beastie bomb him, if you have read anything about Tara even the old posts you'll have heard of it, I know Bishop, Killjoy, I've even heard Hannah being beastie bombed, may work better but TNB seems to work for me, void wretches are brilliant scheme runners and can cause problems by hitting buried models and giving out slow, it varies person to person on how many people run, I run 2 but would run more if I had a lot more of them as they are great. You get Karina in the box too but I haven't ran her in ages, she isn't particularly good at all but worth trying if you'd want to get a little use out of her. Now onto the other models you have I have used Taelor with Tara before as she can give out fast easily making Taelor a lot faster and with her recent cost reduction she can take scramble and get into to opponents face quickly, she doesn't drop that quickly and is horrible for summoners to deal with so maybe try her out as another henchman. I didn't get Lazarus until recently so haven't really been able to try him out but I imagine that being on the receiving end of a fast Lazarus' volley of fire isn't nice. Big Jake is a great scheme runner and really good for certain strategies like Ours, he is cheap and has don't mind me so giving him fast could be an option to help him run schemes as long as he isn't in danger of getting killed. The Midnight Stalker kinda seems like an auto take a lot of the time for me, I just see him fitting in my lists so well and I enjoy using him, I know he is great so it is worth using him with her and seeing what you think, him and Tara create chaos on Symbols of authority from my own experiences. I often use Sue with her too as his Man in black aura can be very helpful for protecting my incorporeal models or making a caster back off a bit, his pistols can deal decent ranged damage and overall he is just a great model to use with her in general. The Talos is brilliant with Tara, I really like it because of the burying mechanic, I often don't bury enemies with glimpse the void as it isn't really my style and doesn't always work but the Talos can bury models fairly easily especially ones that are a threat, also his (0) to make enemies do a horror duel is amazing late turn when the opponent is out of cards, he is a good damage dealer and his bury and enemy and heal is very good for replenishing wounds, I just like the Talos in general, I don't always use him with Tara but he definitely has a place. Finally onto death marshals, I got some a while back for Tara but they are not that good, I haven't really seen them shine and there are definitely problems with them which makes them pretty bad choices, adding to the burying is fun and it is definitely worth trying if you get the chance but overall they aren't really in my lists at all. Anyway I hope that all this information manages to help and if you have any other questions or need tips feel free to post them on this thread and us Tara players will help out.
  5. Hey, so I have had a couple Guild crews for a while but not really used them as I focused on Outcast, I am really in a Guild mood at the moment so have been playing them quite a lot (mainly Hoffman) and I want to know what the community think of hunters, are they something you never take or maybe you always take them? For me I don't really know when to take them, I have Lady J and Hoffman and I have tried them with both but they never really shine for me, maybe I am not running them right or not prioritizing their ap? I would just like to find out how many of them people use, what crews they use them in and how they work within a crew as I do like them a lot and would like to include them more often especially with Hoffman because they come in his crew box. Any input is appreciated and I would have gone searching deep through the forum to find out these answers but with the release of monster hunters in wave 5 it has been a bit difficult to pinpoint recent threads discussing these mechanical ones.
  6. I am learning Levi at the moment so wanted to try something that fits me compared to using lists that others recommend and stuff because it is fun. 50ss game - Leveticus (5ss pool overall) Pariah of Iron (1ss) Untimely Demise (1ss) Desolate Soul (2ss) - Rusty Alyce (10ss) From the Aether (2ss) - Peacekeeper (11ss) Oathkeeper (1ss) - Guardian (7ss) - Hunter (7ss) - Abomination (4ss) - Hollow Waif (0ss) - Hollow Waif (0ss) Just wanted to try out some of my guild constructs with Levi and they worked well, the guardian took a round with Killjoy allowing the peacekeeper time to charge in and tear him apart whilst Levi did his standard Levi stuff, overall great game and I will be trying these constructs with him more often.
  7. I have used talos a fair few times in different crews to try him out, I have tried him in Tara, Viks and Levi and he kinda worked with them all in some way or another. First one to note is the Viks as for 8 stones he is a decent beater and fairly durable, I kinda like him to tag along with Vanessa as they seem to make a pretty good pair and I found that on a game where I played ours and took guarded treasure that the opponent couldn't really stop me doing it because one of the enemy models who ran up to handle the problem got exploded by a blast of arcane fire and diverting other forces over to that part of the table would've been difficult, I also found that into the furnace can be great as I buried my enemies beater got the Viks to kill stuff around that area then when the enemy beater finally got out they were not a threat as much because I had so many killy models right next to them and the rest of their crew had been decimated. Next up we have him with Levi and I found that he doesn't do too bad in a Levi crew, I did use an abomination to do the (1) action which does damage to a construct and allows me to draw a card (not sure on the name of the action) with the talos and although it was a little risky he easily got his wounds back from burying an enemy model and I drew some nice cards too besides that he kinda punched stuff and kept models engaged so he kinda did his job in that game and I think is pretty good with Levi for the sake of being a construct. You probably get the idea of what he can do with Tara and I think he is great fun with her . Overall I feel like the talos is a solid choice in some lists and it all comes to personal preference, I like the model and idea of it, he has some nice rules and I enjoy running him in games and crews outside of Tara. Plus it is fun to see how some of my opponents react when I use a talos in lists that generally won't use him and he does well in the game as well as seeing how they decide to deal with him as he has caused problems and the odd late turn screams from within (0) has caught opponents off guard and got some nice models paralysed. Anyway I would say try talos with different masters and see what you feel but i'd say from my experience he is a nice choice.
  8. Welcome back to Outcasts, anyway out of the masters you specified I have played Parker a decent amount and Hamelin once (it was a fun first game) anyway I played in a tournament recently and had a similar pool, I got 3 for surround them against my mate who was using Viks as he kept plying off a bandido i'd then run and gun away, she wasn't being hit and she pushed up the board to get killed turn 5 for a finish the job scheme marker place and the other marker on their side was from Parker belting it up the board with blood chasing him. I have had great fun with the midnight stalker he is brilliant at dropping markers and flying up the board so he helps for surround them too as catching up with him and actually doing damage is not very likely. I imagine with obeys and pipes etc Hamelin can set up an enemy model so you can effectively farm Gathered Intel off of the model, hold up their forces may be good for both as Parker and Hamelin do have movement stuff however I am not that confident with it as I tend to enjoy ganging up on enemies, vendetta is also pretty good if you have a target you know you may be able to take down, overall it depends how you feel on the day and what master you fancy, I am pretty terrible at list making without doing a bit of preparation beforehand (that is if I know the scheme pool) anyway good luck with your game and I kinda hope the random array of personal experiences has helped
  9. That makes sense, cheers for the reply
  10. Hey, so I've played a few games where models have nimble and want to do disengaging strikes, me and my opponent have always been unsure if we are allowed to declare the nimble ap for a disengaging strike as it says you can use it for walk actions but is a disengaging strike a walk action or is the walk a result of the disengaging strike, so basically can you use nimble to disengaging strike?
  11. I'm the type of person who runs loads of minions so I really like Bandido's, their defensive trigger can be huge as even if the enemy fails you still push 5", they have decent shooting attacks which can be even better with a run and gun as run and gun allows them to push out of combat and shoot an enemy. Finish the job comes in handy for schemes like search the ruins and sometimes claim jump as a Bandido getting killed can earn you a vp. I main Tara and use 1-2 Bandido's at the moment with her as well as Void Wretches and Ronin for diversity and find that Bandido's do very well so I say just try them out with other Outcast masters and see if you like them.
  12. I haven't had this yet as I usually flip leave your mark and hardly ever get frame for murder but I wanted to try it on something like a bandido where you put FFM on the bandido and have them run up with Parker, then when they target and successfully hit Parker discard the upgrade and they hit the bandido (they won't suspect FFM as it is a normal thing to protect the master) then when they flip and possibly kill the bandido declare FFM and get some Victory points, it is situational but damn wouldn't it be brilliant to do.
  13. Well Tara is an awesome master, her crew box was my first, she can give out fast to help her crew out and reactivate if she is the first to activate in her crew. Although she isn't hugely powerful she is still really fun to run and you have a decent amount of models that have good synergy with her. So I suggest using Tara with Knowledge of Eternity and Obliteration Symbiote, this will help you drop Killjoy straight in the enemies face and they'll have to deal with him. I always take The Nothing Beast as he is a solid henchman who always does his job when I am using him. I suggest using a couple void wretches and death marshals, my mate says never take the same model in 3's so I follow that rule and it actually works well, Void wretches are solid scheme runners who can be difficult to kill when you have barely or no cards in your cheat hand. Death marshals are durable and can pine box meaning that enemies will have their models trapped, this can be very useful at keeping beaters with low willpower at bay. Aionus is expensive but often pays off in certain schemes that rely a lot on scheme markers, he can attack buried models so has a natural synergy with Tara and her crew, he also can give out fast to nearby models when they activate meaning that you are discarding cards for fast and getting your little wretches df's up, it's a great way to give cheap models fast and get rid of cards if no enemies are close enough for Tara to do temporal shift. I haven't really used Malifaux Child but he is a solid totem because he can use Tara's casting actions to help the crew get fast or to bury friendly models for healing or moving up the board. I've never used Bishop but I have fought him and he hits hard, he can choose to attack df or wp so he benefits from the different wp drawbacks that Tara can give out to enemies. I recommend going to the resser section for Anna and crooligans but either way I am sure that they'll be useful in her crew. I am not the best at list building but i'll try and make one to help you out Tara (4ss cache) w/ Knowledge of Eternity (2ss), Obliteration Symbiote (2ss) Malifaux Child (2ss) The Nothing Beast (10ss) w/ Void Shield (0ss) Killjoy (12ss) Death Marshal (6ss) Death Marshal (6ss) Void Wretch (4ss) Void Wretch (4ss) I think that's a pretty solid list and you have 2ss spare just encase you want to add more upgrades, others will have list ideas too so check them out and just try games with Tara as she is hard to learn but extremely fun to play especially when you give fast to 1 enemy and 5 of your own models Hope I have managed to help.
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