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  1. I've had to DNF out of the round, turns out remodelling a kitchen takes a lot longer than I thought
  2. Sweeps

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Results

    Thanks, and right back at you!
  3. I think it wouldn't mean the rounds take longer, just that the time between rounds is longer. So Iron Painter would be 10 weeks spread over like 7 months
  4. I bit off a lot for this challenge, it's been a huge amount of work but I'm looking forwards to getting it submitted!
  5. Sweeps


    Thank you both! It's the start of a new Kill Team, The Cult of the Lidless Eye
  6. Sweeps


  7. Hey everyone, I'll be doing my best to document my travels through the Iron Painter. I hope with this blog to be able to help some folks learn a painting thing or two with me as I push what I'm able to do. Start of Round 1: https://sweeps.home.blog/2018/08/21/round-1-burn-it-all/ Round 1 Update 1: https://sweeps.home.blog/2018/08/27/burn-it-all-update-1/
  8. Sweeps

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One

    If I have a model that fits on theme but has already been started, can I strip the model and start fresh?
  9. As a returning player to Malifaux building list is tough. What kinds of combos are you building into your lists and how are they preforming?