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  1. Courage in a bottle Flask of courage
  2. Sweeps

    Marlena Webster?

    She can just draw a card if you flip a 6+, zero is a legal number of cards to discard
  3. Has anyone tried to use Bandit outlaws as a glue piece between 2 masters? The first thing that jumps to mind is that they can enable Parker and Jack to work better together, either by giving more card draw to a Bandit crew, or more scheme markers to a Jack Crew. But the other is to glue Parker or Jack to Tara, as this gives a 'safe' and reliable way to generate Fast on models so that Tara's summons can hit the field (while bandit can get fast, it can't be used by Tara)
  4. Sweeps

    Hamelin - questions

    I doubt that this'll be coming back since I think him being a 1 model engine was the issue, but it's hard to say without the reasoning from Wyrd.
  5. Don't forget you can Blaze of Glory your defence flips, and use Draw off Flame to protect your models from the pyre damage
  6. Saddly, I doubt this'll change due to it's strong ties to the fluff
  7. Also while master's can gain Fast, they do not benefit from it, other than negating Slow. However since Tara needs Fast models to bring her models into play, it does provide some cross crew synergy.
  8. Sweeps

    Prospector problem

    It creates gameplay trade-offs. Say it was changed so that Manipulative only worked after the model went, there would almost never bee a reason to not use it first. This creates really stale play. As is it's on you to figure out when it's best to activate them, which leads to a lot more interesting decision making and gameplay.
  9. Sweeps

    Lucius Thoughts

    Am I reading it right that if I have something Mimic the Brutal Effigy's Pine Box attack that I can bury enemy models with a 6 (or 7) vs Sz?
  10. Asura is missing a TN on her Re-Animate action Edit this has been hotfixed
  11. Link to the Kickstarter, The train and station look particularly good
  12. I can see a clear resemblance to the characters of It's always sunny in Philadelphia with these sculpts The skinny hunched over Alp is Dee The flexing one is Dennis The fat one with cultivated mass is Mac Charlie is the Dreamer (with a rat as the rat king) And Lord Chompy bits is Frank I love them all
  13. I've had to DNF out of the round, turns out remodelling a kitchen takes a lot longer than I thought
  14. I think it wouldn't mean the rounds take longer, just that the time between rounds is longer. So Iron Painter would be 10 weeks spread over like 7 months
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