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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I just bought a Tara crew, as it is a long fantasy of mine, but i'm wondering where to start, considering all the ways you can play her. I like to control my opponent and I will love burrying all of my opponent's crew in the ground. So where do i start? What upgrades do I need with her? What is important to know to avoid being drowned by the possibilities she can give? I'll buy Talos soon as I understand he is an auto take with her (I mean just look at these stats oh boy). But i'll give you the range of models i presently own : viks crew ; von schill crew (all freikorps range except engineers) ; lazarus ; big jake ; midnight stalker ; sue ; hodgepodge effigy ; 3 death marshalls ; tara crew. A big thank you in advance, and i hope you will not be upset i started this topic, as i couldn't really find a good source of information about how Tara is played nowadays (pullmyfinger is kinda dated). Cheers,
  2. tl;dr: I have too much time. Need advice on starting crew. ------------------------------------------------------- Foreword: I have very-very small game experience, but I read some rules and did some research. Also, I'm sorry for my bad English. But I hope this does not cause any inconvenience to you. Now, Malifaux is a complex game - there are many unique rules on models, there are different combinations of win conditions, and players build their crews specifically for that conditions. In short - it's pretty hard to comprehend all possible combinations of schemes, strategies and models, from the beginner's point of view. My current goals are: - to understand different schemes and strategies - to collect number of models, that can be effectively used in as many possible combinations of Schemes and Strategies (SnS) as possible Aesthetically, I like "nature" theme of Malifaux. I.e. beasts, plants, etc. But I'm willing to convert things as necessary. And after some thought, between Marcus and Zoraida I chose Marcus. I'm not planning to invest in all faction or even different faction masters from the start. At least for now. Therefore I will present you a Wall of Text and ask you for your opinion on it. Where am I wrong? What have I missed? What should I pay attention to? Etc. And most importantly - I look forward to your advice. -------------------------------------- Wall of Text -------------------------------------- Purchase plan ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Claw and Fang" box "Blessed of December (1)" box "Canine Remains (3)" box "Waldgeist (3)" box "December Acolytes (3)" box "Raptors (3)" box - I'm not sure "Dawn Serpent (1)" box - later ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Noob thoughts on Strategies and Schemes ------------------------------------------------------------------------ i.e. what I'm planning to take with what schemes and strategies and why I'm buying those models Always (almost): Sabertooth, Blessed, Myranda Usually: Jackalope Questionable choices - Raptors and Dawn Serpent - Raptors - against snipers and weak backfield support - Dawn Serpent - if I'll need shooting and\or blasts Strategy Plan: * Turf War, Extraction, Guard the Stash: Defensive Marcus, Waldgeists * Reckoning, Headhunter: Aggressive Marcus, Acolyte, Rattler, no cheap models, no totem * Reckonnoiter, Stake a Claim: Aggressive Marcus, Canine Remains, Acolytes * Squatter's Rights, Interference: Aggressive Marcus, Canine Remains, Acolytes Schemes Plan: * A Line in the Sand: Aggressive Marcus, Waldgeist, Canine Remains, Acolyte * Distract: Aggressive Marcus, Waldgeist, Canine Remains, * Breakthrough: Aggressive Marcus, Canine Remains * Assassinate: Defensive Marcus * Protect Territory: Aggressive Marcus, Waldgeists, Acolyte * Bodyguard: Aggressive Marcus, Acolyte, Myranda as a target ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Skeletal crew ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aggressive Marcus: Trail of the Gods, maybe Imbued Energies (for Fast) instead of 1-2 other Upgrades Defensive Marcus: The God’s Domain, maybe Imbued Protection instead of 1-2 other Upgrades Other upgrades: Feral Instinct (spare SS), Hunger Cry (against models targeting WP) [3] - Marcus (Def\Agr variation) [9] - Myranda (Imbued Energies for cards) [9] - Sabertooth [9] - Blessed of December [2] - Jackalope [:: Total: 32 +\- 1 ::] + models chosen for schemes\strategies
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