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Found 86 results

  1. Hey there, if I get an SS Bonus in Shifting Loyalties, do I get to keep the unused SS? Are sold units rounded up? Plus: if , let‘s say, I sacrifice a Steam Arachnid, is it annihilated or does it flip for injuries? Thanks 4 the help!
  2. Dinosaurs Unleashed: Amber Island Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402)991-8699 Dates: July 2nd till July 30th Time: Encounters start at 6pm Cost: $0 What: Shifting Loyalties Years ago, the Guild thought they put a stop to the Arcanist and their plan to bring dinosaurs to Malifaux. But now, stories are going around of an island down in the bayou that is home to dinosaurs. Time to gather up a crew and see if the rumors are true. Dinosaurs Unleashed: Amber Island is a shifting loyalties campaign with a few twists. Players make a 50 ss arsenal for the campaign, but can’t hire any other models outside what they can find on the island. Lucky for them, there are dinosaurs for hire. Players will also have to deal with personal events that could impact the upcoming encounters. Will your crew be able to complete their faction objective and make it until the end?
  3. Running modified Shifting Loyalties map campaign with "Hide Out" rules. Starting May 1st and wrapping up August 4th. Game Changers Game Store, Farmington, New Mexico. 217 W Main St, Farmington, NM 8740. (505) 330-8479 Introducing Game Changers 2018 Malifaux Campaign! From May 1st to August 4th This is a modified version of "Shifting Loyalties" We will be using the optional rules from the book; *Stay Dead *Collusion and Trading *The Good Doctor *Cut 'em up for Parts *Hide Outs Additionally $10 entry fee (Prize Pool) is required to be paid to CGC no later than May 1st. During this Campaign players will be; *Choosing a "Hide Out", building/buying/painting a terrain piece no larger than 12"x12"x12" and gaining upgrades for it. *Competing for "Territories" on a 3D map that Craig Gjedde is constructing. *Posting Encounters/Hobby/Paint on Communication Board *Celebrating the "Competitive Spirit" and "Sportsmanship" Each Player will receive a "Campaign Dossier" that includes the "Shifting Loyalties" rules, the modified rules and forms to participate in this one of a kind Campaign. Malifaux Campaign 2018.docx
  4. Treehouse

    How To Train Your Pig

    Hello, I've finally gave in and bought Ulix and a core crew to go along with him. I was thinking of buying him for a while now because I like the idea of a crew of mostly pigs and his mechanic seemed fun. When a friend of mine suggested we could start a mini Shifting Loyalties campaign, it was the perfect excuse to start and go down the the road to Porkville. The plan is to keep him my stand-alone Gremlin master (we'll see how that'll work out). If time allows, I'd like to spend some extra time on basing and writing up a little bit of background. Anyway, here's my first pig, Agamemnon, the piglet with big ambitions. And his base. I'd like to add some water effect later, too. After a hard day in the Bayou and half a bucket of slop, Agamemnon gazes across the slough and dreams about conquering Truffles.
  5. pjs

    Tombstone Legacy Feb 24 - Mar 31

    Tombstone Legacy is our Malifaux Shifting Loyalties Campaign that will be held over 6 weeks at Impact Wargaming near Sheffield. Gremlins maybe running rampant in the Tombstone Territory, but the Resurrectionists still have a strong holding leaving many an un-dead wandering the streets. Our prize pack consists of a choice of Malifaux Alt Sculpt Models & Guilders along with a bunch of Marksrs & Widgets provided by “Art of War Studios”. The Prizes 1st Alt Sculpt Model, Set of Gold Scheme Markers 2ndAlt Sculpt Model, Set of Silver Scheme Markers 3rd Alt Sculpt Model, Set of Malifaux Markers 4th Alt Sculpt Model, Set of Malifaux Markers Last Place: Pot Noodle For those of you that do not finish in the top 4 we will have some Guilders, Markers & Measuring Widgets etc so everyone gets something for participating. Entire Fee: £15 Venue: Impact Wargaming, 63 Laughton Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN. Rules Pack: Impact Wargaming Tombstone Legacy Scoring & the Winners Players can only play 1 campaign game each week and may not face the same player consecutively. Winning a game will award you 5 Campaign Points (CP), you are awarded 3 Campaign Points for a Draw, 1 Campaign Point for fielding a fully painted crew & 1 Campaign Point if you lose and did not make a Strategic Withdrawal. At the end of the campaign we will add every players Campaign Rating to their Campaign Points and the player with the highest total will win, in the case of a tie we will drop down to Diff and if necessary VP. Week One: 24/02/2017 Week Two: 03/03/2017 Week Three: 10/03/2017 Week Four: 18/03/2017 Week Five: 24/03/2017 Week Six: 31/03/2017 Games can be played anytime during shop opening hours but to be safe book a table with Trev to ensure you can get your game in.
  6. Shadowoni86

    Campaign Shifting loyalties

    Hallo Wyrdos, Beginning next week (25.02.2018) we start with ouer Shifting Loyalties campaign hier in Cologne. We play out of the book without any big changes ( leaving Avatars out being the only one). The campaign is going to be 8 weeks long with every in game week being one real week. You all are welcome to join:) Just give me a quick call or came into the shop. TopTables Sternengasse 1B 50676 Köln
  7. Mac_Atk

    Lilith Campaign Progress

    Been out of Malifaux for a long time, but there's a new LGS with an extremely active henchman and new Malifaux players, so I dusted off the gear, and bought a couple of items. So getting back into the game and playing a (4) week campaign. Base Arsenal (35 stones): Lilith +(Living Blade); Cherub; Mr. Graves; Beckoner; Waldgeist; Tot; Tot 5 SS Cache Wk 1 - Acted like a bum, didn't make any matches. Wk 2 - Henchman noted that this week, up to a single 5ss model could be added, don't get to keep any extra stones. I didn't have options, so I added a 3rd Tot :-/ Lilith went up against Seamus who had recruited her son, Hayreddin, into the Battle for the (carnival) Ruins. After some back alley shenanigan movement in turn 1, Seamus got too close to Mr.Graves' special lady, so he showed her the door, then Lilith promptly whacked Seamus with a Red Joker greatsword. That didn't phase Madame Sybelle and the hanged from completing their power ritual. Neverborn defeated the Ressers (10-8), one injury on both side [Tot received "Wanted"], gained 9 scrip. Killing Seamus Turn 1 was essential to success; I OUT ACTIVATED RESSORS! The Cherub's arrows applying slow to the hanged and dragging it back from the corner only worked for so long. Terror duels left and right really drained my hand of cards. Tots missed sprint at every opportunity. Realizing I've got no henchmen and limited small soulstone models. Trying to find something for that 5ss slot in my list. Changelings? Iggy? Anyone have thoughts?
  8. Hey guys! I'm going to be running a Shifting Loyalties campaign at my local game shop in northern Connecticut - the campaign is going to be starting up on 11/20 and will go for six weeks with a break for the holidays! Players of all skill levels are welcome (we have several players who are relatively new to the game). The weekly campaign night will be on Mondays, but games can be played at any point throughout the week. The Battle Standard4 Prospect Hill RoadEast Windsor, CT 06088
  9. "Silence is a dangerous thing, my friend...it means that someone doesn´t want to be heard, that the creatures don´t want to be found...and the predators are getting ready. Malifaux is always a dangerous place...but when is silent, like that....do you hear?...nothing...not even the vermins...is a cacophony of silence, that you are desperately to hear something, but to afraid to make a noise...that is when Malifaux is about to become a living hell" Hello fauxers! we started a campaing here in Argentina (mostly of the players from buenos aires) we are now starting the second "week", with the first week, being profitable positive to most of the players. We are building Hide Outs, and to use some Avatars, if possible. So, I´ll be updating stuff that happens, and some pics of the matches. The event of the first week was "Map it out", so it had the players busy with schemes, so in an overall, we dont have to much injuries and a lot of scrips. The second Week, has been flipped, and is..."Forbidden text". I think this event will bring more tension to the matches to see who...reads (?) more faster. So, stay tunned and see what Malifaux will bring the next time!
  10. ( NOTE this should have gone up on monday but due to a missfire on my computer it clearlly did not so here it is again) Location: Louisville game shop 925 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204 Starting date: September 30th - December 23 Entry: $5 Prize support: Currently prizzes will go to Best painted, Most vp, and best Hideout Who should play: New players and old this is to help kick off Malifaux in the area again and get some new bodies in the seats, as well as some old ones back in them. Info: Shifting Loyalties campaign Greetings all and welcome to the first day of the Shifting Loyalties Campain at the Louisville Game shop! So here are the starting rules and things for the campain. There are Arsenal Sheets at the Game shop which will go in to a binder along with campain cards for this campain along with my coppy of shifting loyalties all for use with this campaign. each week there will be an over arching event that players can try to acheive during their games on top of schemes. When you sign up with the shop, you must choose your faction and hire your starting Arsenal. (NOTE: Ten Thunders players must choose to play for Ten thunders or the dual faction and stick to that faction.) (NOTE: You can proxy a few things but not a whole army.) Our campain will have a starting buy of 35 soulstones. you must include one HENCHMAN which is the designated leader of your crew for the start of the campain. You may have more than one Henchman in your arsenal at start BUT you must designate one as the leader who remains so till you get a master or the campain ends. Masters will become available for purchass at week six, Avatars are an option in this campaign. You may hire any models that your Henchman can hire as per the standard rules of buying modles, such as Mercs, and in faction models or out of faction models bassed on their subtype. Crews may purchass one upgrade at this time and it can not be a campain upgrade any soulpoints that are not spent on your arsenal at the end of this point become Script at a one to one rate. More info will come out as it becomes relevent in the following weeks. Games for week one cap out at 35 soul stones. Games after week one Follow the rules of cp progressing and deferance. We will be playing with Hideout rules as well so consider all your options for the following weeks when trying to decied how ya win. The Max amount of script you can earn a week is 16. If you are unable to play any games in a week you will still earn 5 script so as not to fall to far behind in the runnings. Good luck and we hope to see you all soon. If you have any questions or need more information you can Contact me on Facebook at Braden McCampbell or reach me by email at Djbriddin AT Gmail.com I will be updating this post in the weeks following with the events that have ben flipped but you can also go to Malifaux at the Louisville game shop facebook group for both info on when people will meet up, OR info about the weekly event and special rules. Shifting Loyalties WEEK 1 EVENT! We got Red Joker flip again, and Eight of Mask. Red Joked is THE EVENT! meaning that every one adds one avatar available to them to their arsenal as soon as masters become available. The redraw( or rather the one drawn at the shop) is THE LONELY TRAVELER. A Lonely Traveler joins every Encounter This Week. Place a 30 mm Traveler Marker in the center of the table ( Or as close as possible) Any model within 1 inch of the Traveler make make a (1) interact action targetting it to ask it for guidance, when this happens make a flip on the chart in the shifting loyalties Book on page 9 Good luck every one!
  11. pjs

    BACK to TOMBSTONE 31st July 2017

    Back to Tombstone is our Shifting Loyalties Campaign that will be held over 6 weeks at Impact Wargaming near Sheffield. So we are back in the Tombstone Territory, last time the Resurrectionists re-secured their grip on Tombstone by building the most fearsome Hideout that now dominates the territory. But it was a hard fought victory with the Guild securing a good portion of the settlements in Tombstone, whilst the Gremlins have over run the flood plains, building a great shanty town. Due to the popularity of our Tombstone Campaigns we have sorted out some nice prizes for the participants this time around, everyone that enters will also get a Guilder and a £5 in store Malifaux Voucher at the end of the campaign after they have finished all of their games. The Prizes 1st Large Mystery Box 2nd Small Mystery Box 3rd Small Mystery Box 4th War Wabbit model 5th Mystery Malifaux model 6th Extra £5 in store Malifaux Voucher Last Place: Pot Noodle Entire Fee: £15 Venue: Impact Wargaming, 63 Laughton Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN. Players can play up to 2 campaign games each week and may not face the same player consecutively. Winning a game will award you 5 Campaign Points (CP), you are awarded 3 Campaign Points for a Draw, 1 Campaign Points if you lose and did not make a Strategic Withdrawal. To change things up a little we will be using the Gaining Grounds 2017 Scheme & Strategies, with a couple of amendments to the Bounties and the Weekly Events to help accommodate GG17.
  12. The event says "While hiring crews, each player must hire a Mercenary model which is not a part of their Arsenal with a cost of 7 or less". Do people play this as 6ss plus the 1ss Merc tax, or 7ss printed cost? Last time, our group played it as the former, and most people just took Johan , as the selection of 6ss or less Mercs is kinda limited.
  13. I will be running a Shifting Loyalties campaign from September 22 through October 27th. Gaining Grounds 2018, Story Scenarios, Shifting Loyalties, and Core Rules schemes and strategies will be used throughout. 35SS starting, you pay for your leader and prize support offered to: 1. Best Painted models (3+) during the capaign 2. Most heads collected 3. Most injuries active at the end
  14. As summer winds down we will be starting up a 6 week Campaign league. The rules can be found in the M2E Shifting Loyalties book, I will have scans of the applicable pages as well. Starting out you will need a 35ss Henchman led crew, note that you need to pay the ss cost of your Henchman. **For this league we will not be doing injuries** **We will be playing with Hideouts, but they will differ from the options presented in the book. ** The campaign will be run at Just Games on Thursdays primarily, but you can play other days if you set something up with an opponent. The first day of the Campaign will be Thursday 9/7. Prizes will include: 1) Best painted during the course of the campaign, will be a group of models not just one. 2) Best hideout. 4) Something Fun. Contact me if you have any questions. Just Games 1601 Penfield Rd Rochester, NY 14625 Entry Fee: $20 League Ends 10/19/17
  15. MSKmagic

    Which master for this crew?

    I'm relatively new to the game and I've joined a shifting loyalties campaign. Time to buy a master but I've got a mixed crew of arcanists: Joss, Kudra, Mech Rider, Arcane Emmisary, 1 Oxfordian Mage, 2 December Acolytes to choose from. The masters I can choose from are Rasputina, Sandeep, or Ramos. One problem is that for this game week I can only afford the master and not any upgrades (you even have to pay scrip for 0 upgrades). I'll have to face Asami and a ten thunders crew in one game and Nicodem with some rezzers in another. Reconnoiter, Distract, Vendetta, Assasinate, Bodyguard. At the moment I'm thinking Rasputina and the Wendigo to paralyse and eat things. The acolytes can be her ice mirrors and she can give out frozen heart and armour +2 if needed. If anyone can see a better course then feel free to illuminate me.
  16. Using Rasputina's Freeze Over cast action can you target your own engaged model and hence paralyse the enemies in base to base contact? If your friendly target has Frozen Heart are they then immune to the paralyses but the enemies still get it? Also, if you're interested, I'm relatively new to the game and I've joined a shifting loyalties campaign. Time to buy a master but I've got a mixed crew of arcanists: Joss, Kudra, Mech Rider, Arcane Emmisary, 1 Oxfordian Mage, 2 December Acolytes to choose from. The masters I can choose from are Rasputina, Sandeep, or Ramos. One problem is that for this game week I can only afford the master and not any upgrades (you even have to pay scrip for 0 upgrades). I'll have to face Asami and a ten thunders crew in one game and Nicodem with some rezzers in another. Reconnoiter, Distract, Vendetta, Assasinate, Bodyguard. At the moment I'm thinking Rasputina and the Wendigo to paralyse and eat things. The acolytes can be her ice mirrors and she can give out frozen heart and armour +2 if needed. If anyone can see a better course then feel free to illuminate me.
  17. LordZombie

    The Iron Path

    Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Date: August 7th, 2017 Time: Games starts at 6pm Cost: $5 Do you think a Henchmen Hardcore event is tough? What if you add a little Shifting Loyalties to it? The Iron Path will be just that. Create a Henchmen Hardcore crew as normal but be ready as there will be a after battle phase just like in Shifting Loyalties. Encounters will be standard 30 minutes with another 30 minutes after that to run through the after battle steps. Each encounter will also have its own weekly event. Will your crew be able to make it until the end? We will find out as they walk the Iron Path.
  18. "Summer Story Encounter League" A Story Encounter League. Schedule & Information: When: 16 july to 26 August. Where: Game Kastle Fremont, 3911 Washington Blvd., Fremont, CA Entry Fee: $10 Every week you will be paired with another league player to compete in a story encounter. Win or lose, if you play against the opponent you are paired with, you will receive 3 scrip. You will also be allowed to play against a non-paired opponent that you have not played against in the league, win or lose, you will only receive 1 scrip. you are only allowed to play two games per league week to earn scrip. Scrip will be used to purchase pre-determinied upgrades from the Shifting Loyalties campaign book. For every scrip you earn during the course of the league, you will receive one raffle ticket for end of league prizes. Additional options to earn scrip may be announced at a later time. The goal of the league is to play Malifaux regularly in a more fun and casual environment with other players in the community. It is also the goal to ease and welcome new players to join the community in a more casual setting. Additional Information: A Facebook event post has been created for this tournament and can be found here: Malifaux @ Game Kastle : Summer Story Encounter League If you can, indicate if you are "Going" or "Interested" in order to help us better prepare for you. If you have any questions, please PM me here or Facebook. Thank you and I hope to see you there! Other San Francisco Bay Area Events: Malifaux Demos Every Sunday @ Game Kastle Fremont
  19. https://www.facebook.com/events/120826778516188/?context=create&previousaction=create&ref=4&sid_create=982707184&action_history=[{"surface"%3A"create_dialog"%2C"mechanism"%3A"group_create_dialog"%2C"extra_data"%3A[]}]&has_source=1 We are having a themed campaign in the Sonoran Badlands! Something is in the lake and we are fighting to survive as it comes up for a bit of a snack! As promised : The rules for the July Campaign! $5 Entry. 50ss Starting Arsenal, everyone gets 1 Master-no more, no less. Should the Master die you may gain a different one from the same faction for no cost before your next game. Avatars are in- anyone in need of an Avatar upgrade let me know. I have found some fan made rules. The campaign will last 4 weeks. Games can be played Mondays 2-6, Tuesdays 5-10, and Saturdays 6-10 at Amazing Discoveries. We will have an Arsenal Hobby Contest at the end of the month- only fully painted arsenals can enter. Judging will be from the Crystal Brush standard. Hobby and Winner get big boxes. Everyone gets a scrip for showing each week. 1 Door Prize small box at 9pm Tuesday each week. The entry fee for the tournament will go toward getting us some new chairs for the back room.!
  20. LordZombie

    The Strobelite Campaign

    Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Date: June 5th to July 31th Time: Games starts at 6pm Cost: Nothing An 8 week Shifting Loyalties campaign. Create your crew and see if you can get your hide out in the strobe light. This campaign will use a standard set up and use the Hide Out rules, with house rules to purchase CM. The following optional rules will also be used: Extra Scrip, Stay Dead, Good Doctor, and Cut 'em up for parts There will also be a special event on July 3rd, stay tuned for details.
  21. el Gringo

    [Sweden] Shifting Loyalties Campaign

    We will try to start a shifting loyalties campaign in Trollhättan, Sweden. The date is 3/6 at around 14:00. It will be arragned by Spelåbös and be held at the gamingclub (which resides at this adress: Staveredsgatan 11 in Trollhättan). We will play every other weekend and will be four meetings. It will be a short campaign to try it out Write here or to me and I will give additional information!
  22. We're starting a story driven Shifting Loyalties Campagin on June 1st, at the Spielebrücke e.V. (Ketzerbach 21 1/2, Marburg). Our regular meetings start at 1800, games will more often start at 1900. The campaign will have 6 campaign weeks, but every campaign week will be two weeks long. Every other week we'll announce the event, the story and the playable missions in our local forums and at the venue. For more information and to join the fun, please contact me here. There will be a small multiplayer scenario to start the campaign on the first of june so please be there if you want to join. The scenario will set the frame for the story and the rest of the campaign. Road's End - the sleepy saloon known far and wide for its bad food and music and the shady adventurers who stop there to get to the west. It is set between the Knotwood and the Ten Peaks, west of Slate Ridge. Some days ago the successful and infamous mercenary "Wildcat Hendricks", who had boasted about the rich payment from an unknown client about a week before, came back from his expedition to find a way to cross the Far Peaks. He was in a really bad condition - clothes torn, his whole body bruised and broken. In his hand he held a Soulstone, big as a man's fist with a pale purple glow. The customers and the innkeeper rushed to help him, but it was too late. Wildcat's last words were few and started an excited buzzing: "Farpoint... Three days west... Soulstones..." Now, a few days later, the rumour has spread all over Malifaux. A lot of shady adventurers, businessmen and criminials, in short, everybody interested in riches and power, have started expeditions to the unknown city. To find a good spot for your basecamp and to get some further information you've decided to go to Road's End and question the locals. But you are not the only one who has ben sent to find out more...
  23. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Date: May 15th to the 29th Time: Gaming starts at 6 pm Cost: None Come in and try out a demo of Malifaux if you have never played. Bring a friend and try it out. Ask questions and have a good time. If you already know how to play, come out and get in some practice for the upcoming summer Shifting Loyalties campaign.
  24. Return to Tombstone is our Malifaux Shifting Loyalties Campaign that will be held over 6 weeks at Impact Wargaming near Sheffield. Welcome back to the Tombstone Territory, though these lands maybe infested with the undead the lure of making some easy Scrip ensures many will risking their lives. So last time round the Resurrectionists took hold of Tombstone and made it theirs, who will fate be smiling over this time. Week One Starts 27th February 2017 Week Two Starts 6th March 2017 Week Two Starts 13th March 2017 Week Two Starts 20th March 2017 Week Two Starts 27th March 2017 Week Two Starts 3rd April 2017 The Participation fee is £3, this money will simply be put towards buying new scenery etc for Malifaux. Players start out with 35 Scrip to hire their starting Arsenal. The Arsenal must include one Henchman to lead the crew (no masters can be hired). Hide Outs Along with players hiring a crew at the start of a campaign they will also need to choose a Hide Out, this may not be changed so choose carefully (see page 35). The best Hide Out at the end of the campaign will determine the winner. We will also be using the following Optional Rules: The Good Doctor & Cut 'Em Up For Parts (see page 33). Location: 63 Laughton Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN.
  25. I already informed my normal Malifaux players about this event last week, but I forgot to post it here. Sorry about that. It is largely a wrap up event for our Shifting Loyalties campaign so I doubt anyone outside the campaign will be interested in it, but nevertheless, my apologies for the late posting. Welcome to Malifaux Wrap-Up Event: Fool’s Soulstones! Where: Otherside Games 231 N Main St, Edwardsville, IL 62025 Phone: (618) 692-5525 facebook.com/othesidegameshq When: Saturday April 1st Starts at 6:00pm goes to Close (though we will likely be done by 10pm) Registration Show up at the store Saturday ready to play before 6pm or contact Dan Lesko on the Wyrd Forum or via PM ResserProfessor or Twitter @ResserProfessor for more information. No Entry Fee: Free to Play! Every player will need a 20 Soul Stone Henchman lead crew with 4-5 models in it and an Enforcer model with a single upgrade card (plus any Campaign upgrades from our campaign at Otherside Games) that can legally be attached to it. Finally a single 50 Soul Stone Master lead crew. For each of these crews, the campaign upgrades may also be used, but in each instance, you must then also equip any injuries that have been sustained during the campaign for the whole crew. Construction Material will be converted into bonus VP at the start of the tournament in the following way: every 10 CM will be worth 1 VP, rounding up (in extreme fashion). If you have 1 CM that will round to 1 VP. If you have 11 CM, that’s worth 2, and so on. The goal of this is to make sure your CM is worth something for the match besides the bonuses from the campaign itself. Players who played well and often gain a small bonus but do not auto win by any means. Schedule/Event/Tourney Structure Please note this is NOT a competitive event, but rather a fun one, so I hesitate to call it a “tournament.” Consider it more of an event with a fun mechanic tied into the gift exchange at the end. At approximately 6pm Round 1 will begin. Round 1: Enforcer Pit Fight! -NO Summoning! -Each player brings a SINGLE Enforcer model with ONE upgrade that could be attached to that Enforcer model (hence Arcanist models can only have Arcanist upgrades, and you cannot attach Leader only upgrades or any shenanigans like that). The Enforcer can also have any and all Campaign upgrades that were earned during our Campaigned equipped, but must also then attach any Injuries taken as well. Deployment: RANDOM! First every player will flip to see who deploys first: highest card goes first, then second highest, and so on. Re-flip ties. To deploy at the start of the game you must setup within 8” of any table edge but not within 8” of an enemy model. Once everyone is deployed, start turn ONE! Turns: Played until ONE Enforcer remains! Each turn, players draw a hand of 3 cards instead of the normal 6. Then flip for initiative. The Winner goes first, then play proceeds clockwise from there. If a model is killed, that player is done with the Enforcer Pit Fight and should prepare for Round 2! A Note on Buried Models: If your model should become buried, instead count the model as being killed (unless if the model has a way to unbury, at which point you must attempt to unbury at the next available moment. If not unburied by the end of the game, that model is counted as killed and considered killed at the time that he/she was originally buried). Scoring! Sweet Murder (Killing/Sacrificing an Enemy Model): 3 VP First Blood (inflicting the First Wound of damage on a model): 1 VP -NOTE: First Blood can be gotten multiple times on the same model if the model healed and you hit it again. Also, First Blood can stack with Killing the model, so if you charge a full health Enforcer and manage to kill it, that’s 4 VP!!! Kiss of Death (your own model dies or is sacrificed): - 3VP NOTE: it is possible to have a negative score. WINNING the Enforcer Brawl: The Last Enforcer standing wins the Pit Fight! Keep track of when your model is killed as the order will determine pairings for Round 2! Please report all VP scores to Dan. Round 2: Henchman Hardcore 20 Soulstone Crews which must be led by a Henchman -Absolutely NO Summoning allowed! -Crews must contain exactly 4 models (including Henchman) -Henchman is of course free (though you must pay for upgrades cards as normal) -The size of a Crew’s Soulstone Pool is limited by the Cache of the Henchman leading it; any Soulstones above this amount are discarded. -Strategy is Turf War (from Rulebook!). -The ONLY Scheme is Assassinate (from Rulebook!). After game, report VP score to Dan. With any luck, at approximately 9 p.m. Round 3 (the final round) will begin. Round 3: The Event A strange and sinister energy surges through Malifaux, electrifying the air, not to mention your Crews! 50 Soulstone crews, led by a Master Every player gains their Avatar upgrade for their Master for this game and must choose how to Manifest the Avatar as well before the game begins. Strategy: Collect the Bounty Scheme Pool: Claim Jump, Undercover Entourage, Last Stand, Frame for Murder, and Dig their Graves Report VP scores to Dan. May the best Avatar win! Malifaux Demos –April 2017 Where: Otherside Games 231 N Main St, Edwardsville, IL 62025 Phone: (618) 692-5525 facebook.com/othesidegameshq When: Saturdays 1pm to Close No previous experience, game knowledge, or materials necessary. Everything can be provided. Just show up and have some fun. I am at Otherside Games every Saturday from 1 to Close, and I always have my Malifaux crews and am ready to give a demo of this fun and exciting skirmish game. I am also often up at Otherside Games Thursday nights from 6p.m. until Close if that night works best for you. Hit me up on the forum ResserProfessor or on Twitter @ResserProfessor or just show up ready and look for ask for Dan.