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  1. Glad to hear from you Wyrd, and from the translation matter. Excited to take a look at the french version and get my friends into this great game. About the app, I was never fond of the bad things happen app, not responsive enough. Wish you and the developers the best to make an app as cool looking as useful for new players and veterans along.
  2. Yeah I lurked in the forum and found Kyle repeating that. Sorry I should have looked it over before posting. But what about these new books?
  3. This is very good news. I will love reading an entire book on what's going on with gremlins, and outcasts too. With the news about a rulebook translated in french, i'm planning to get it in my natural language, to try and corrupt my friends to play with me. Will the stat cards be printed in french too, when the french rulebook come? And what about these fluffy babies announced here, will it be translated?
  4. I guess i wanted to open conversation about what people would want on this subject, considering the chaos that's been afflecting the community, especially because we have no intel about what's going on, and it's always positive to talk about what we want/expect. I mean, forum is dead for weeks now, come on nobody wanna share their expectations on a new edition?
  5. I was not referring to these models as 'stapple' like they would need to be the starting pool of every crew. And i'm a fan of searching for new and weird dynamics between models you don't usually bring together, so I completely agree you have a 70 models pool for every master. But if Wyrd wants to promote some models in order to always bring a strong and useful choice without penalty in cost, no matter the master, i'm referring to these models as the new 'stapple' models, at least by Wyrd's fresh new standart in M3E. People will always think about them, just because they'll have a 'cheap' cost. And these models in my opinion need to be more than 4, in the 70 models pool.
  6. Hi, I'm really excited by the M3E announcement, and i'm trying to figure out the best way to do this new mecanic with 'stapple models'. I mean i'm not sure we can discuss this without actually being in the beta forum, but man do I want to talk more about M3E. I would like to say I did not ask to be in beta a few weeks ago but will do next time, so everything i'm saying is pure speculation. So we're about 95% sure that these models will be 'no penalty' ones in Bayou faction : - Gracie - Burt - lucky effigy - lucky emissary with a new mecanic of effigy transforming into emissary in an 'avatar' kind of way. But that's it? Will there be only 2 or 3 models along with effigy/emissary that will be 'no penalty' models? It looks like a small pool. I would love to see a few more models, for two reasons : 1. Hiring pool choice. I mean, i get it. We don't want to do what is M2E doing : a few models are too much worthing their ss cost for their efficiency so always get hired. But give us more choice. We like having choice, and we need them in order to make interesting teams and surprise the opponent. 2. Fun. Yes, fun : we need our fun models to be stapples. I'm thinking about pigapult, taxidermists, and criers or rooster riders. At least pigapult, with a rework obviously, to make it a cool hiring option again. What do you think about this? What would you like to see Wyrd do for M3E, what do you think about this stapple model mecanic?
  7. Hi, The very first time I read the upgrade, I said "wow, I really should not lose my bayou gremlins or i'll lose my master. That's dangerous". I think this was meant as a counterpart of the incredible mobility this upgrade is offering. And Zipp is in the first place an incredibly mobile master. So "the dread pirate Zipp" is very much in the gremlin playstyle : an ability offering great advantages but dangerous for the model using it. I think saying "there is no bayou to summon off, in consequence there is no place to return on board, so Zipp should come back in the deployment zone" is a twisting of the words wrote in the rulebook. It was clearly written for the case of "my model is in a very constricted area, the unburied model couldn't have space at its side, so I have to unburry it in the deployment zone". But the final word to this topic should come from a dev. On this forum. Or someone should ask on AWP.
  8. Is the new book faction specific or they chose to show the models one by one and begin with Guild? All the guild models seem focused on supporting nellie, at least in theme. Are the new models a taste of a new direction for guild? A faction with less direct hitters and more subtle gameplay, with conditions like "accused" or "corrupted"? Guild would have a more obvious totalitarist regime overall theme. I wonder if Wyrd is gonna make some big changes to factions and precisely to faction identities to make things move. Seems like broken promises was the gate to that kind of change.
  9. So i just finished reading the issue, and even though i won't get into the game right now, i'm really impressed by TOS overall. Love the lore, and the game mecanics, presented in the first article as well as in the battle report, feel very solid. Straithforward and deep, this seems actually very refreshing rules. Last but not least, the business plan is smart. It seems that Wyrd understood that releasing new models for the same factions always end up by overcrowding it. Players then see that this one early released model has been outdated by this new one (we can see this in Malifaux). It results a lot of "dead models" and fewer diversity in builds, and of course some models are left unsold forever at some point. So what do they do? They wanna release new factions! Gives ways to explore new gameplay mecanics, as a faction should not feel like any other, and you can give new players a way in any time you do this, because number of models per faction will remain low, so not too hard on the wallet, and new faction says new theme, so if you've not been in love with an existing faction, you could with a new one! I think it's a very intersting move, don't you?
  10. This. Thought about this, was too lazy to write the comment. Simply this, no more no less. Gator 1st, if not pig is the obvious choice.
  11. I thank you all for these precious informations. Once again the Malifaux community proves its superiority in friendly manners. For now I think taking Scion will be a lot to handle for my humble beginnings with Tara. I'll take her and 3 other void wretches if I want to be very competitive later. But of course i'm passing on a great combo with Blood as I understand fully how deadly she can be with a teleportation mecanism. As a matter of fact I read Aionus card and I think it's gonna be perfect for this "control" feel I wanna have with Tara. 12ss is a lot but you basically get a second master... So my crew would be Tara, NB, Karina/student of conflict, 3 void wretches, Aionus, 1 death marshall. A few models and upgrades changes to adapt to strats and schemes. The death marshall will be for style mostly, as it is the most badass model you can get. That shows you my level of investment to winning at this game
  12. Okay so I checked Scion a little, and while I do like the mecanics of the model, i'm not a fan of the "bring all these models to build efficiency or all of this will be useless" thing. I'm forced to bring a maximum of void wretches and if Scion dies i'm basically screwed. So i'm more interested in a beastie bomb / make damage on buried enemies gameplay. Like i said i'm already fan of Talos, so what can you tell me about cool things to do with him, maybe with another model I don't own yet and could make a nice combo with? (Except with the obvious void wretches)
  13. Alright thanks for all these precious informations. I feel there is two schools for tara : spamvoid with great AP efficiency, and old school beastie bomb. Is Scion an autotake in spamvoid, or in any tara crew? What makes him so cool with her? As for upgrades, i need some clarification : does emptiness allow me to have more than 3 upgrades, or just allow me to have 3 upgrades with a tara restriction instead of 2?
  14. Hi, I just bought a Tara crew, as it is a long fantasy of mine, but i'm wondering where to start, considering all the ways you can play her. I like to control my opponent and I will love burrying all of my opponent's crew in the ground. So where do i start? What upgrades do I need with her? What is important to know to avoid being drowned by the possibilities she can give? I'll buy Talos soon as I understand he is an auto take with her (I mean just look at these stats oh boy). But i'll give you the range of models i presently own : viks crew ; von schill crew (all freikorps range except engineers) ; lazarus ; big jake ; midnight stalker ; sue ; hodgepodge effigy ; 3 death marshalls ; tara crew. A big thank you in advance, and i hope you will not be upset i started this topic, as i couldn't really find a good source of information about how Tara is played nowadays (pullmyfinger is kinda dated). Cheers,
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