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  1. If anyone has tried them, how are Hoarcats now? Both as a summon and as a tech. They look like they could be quite defensive but they don't seem to "do" anything in particular.
  2. I played a game with Rasputina 2, and while I haven't played in quite some time, she did feel much much better than her first iteration. The movement, healing, and shields she now provides is much more interactive to play than the set-up and hope style she had before. Her turns felt much more impactful than before and I could do much more in the way of sneaky tricks (usually making very long out of combat pushes with her), whereas she felt like a blunt (and usually ineffective) instrument in her normal form. The Kaltgiests were really useful as well - definitely liking them. Overall, one thing I noticed is her defences and healing seem much much better than before. You can also play a lot more reactively if needed, whereas old Rasputina (in my experience) struggled to come back from a bad round. The biggest issue is that only Silent Ones felt 'worth' the summon, out of Ice Dancers, them, and Acolytes. Granted, the Ice Dancer got very unlucky, but the Acolyte was just poor all around. In all honesty, I think using a lower card and going with a hoarcat may be a better option as at least it has a lot of small defences. That said, I will try them out again and see if I change my mind.
  3. Done Yeah, that would make sense. Would definitely like to see the consensus.
  4. Abominable Rasputina has been revealed from the new book, and she certainly looks interesting. Seemingly more of a summoning model with a bit more damage behind her. She's lost: - Ice Shield - Harsh Winter - Frozen Touch - Winter's Strike - Freeze Over - Ice Pillars (the named ability, not the ability to create them in general) - Shatter She gained: - Absolute Zero; tome WP/DF trigger to end an activation - Cryosleep (one of the most interesting changes for December imo) - Ice in the Veins (works well with Kaltgiest and Snowstorm's push, as well as Northern Winds) - Cold Snap (decent damage and doesn't cost a card to trigger from an ice pillar) - Northern Winds (nice push to boost move on your own models, and give shielded sometimes, and always gets a crow) - Fissure of Frost (a useful quick ability - yay! Really like how it sets up an ice pillar as well as dishing out slow and low damage. Nice to have a draw a card effect too - can trade a low-ish tomes out) - Sub-Zero Statues (a good summon that gives armour +1 and demise (frozen heart); not sure the best model to summon here, but gives options) Overall, I really like these changes and they make Rasputina feel like a much more active master - certainly better than setting up a board of ice pillars and hoping. One questions; as you can count an ice pillar as a corpse marker, can you ignore the impassable, size, and cover of an ice pillar (counting it as a corpse marker) when using a December model?
  5. Going from past record, how likely are Wyrd to update December?
  6. I agree with all of the above. It's a shame, I really like the December aesthetic and the idea behind their playstyle, but the faction as a whole feels like a bit of a mess of ideas. It's like the crew was designed by three or four different people who were all given a general idea but never spoke to one another during development. Snowstorm can command other models with Demise Frozen Heart, which sounds great but only three other models have it and only one of them is really worth the push. Rasputina, the Silent One, Ice Golem, and hoarcats get bonuses for being near ice pillars (including increased range as a bonus), but other models (e.g. December Acolytes, Snowstorm, the Blessed) can only ever be impeded by them, either by being blocked in or them providing cover. Some models get a bonus against slowed models, or can cause slow, such as Rasputina's ice pillars, or triggers from the Ice Golem/Snowstorm/Silent One/Acolyte/Dancer. Ice golem does bonus damage against slowed enemies, and the Ice Gamin's frostbite, or mutilate from Silent Ones or an Acolyte. Other models don't interact with slow at all, such as the Blessed or Hoarcats. Sacrifice to December is on models that rarely trigger it due to cover or not being able to set up an ice pillar themselves. Grim Feast is nice, but it's not a particularly amazing bonus action that adds anything but survivability. In addition, there's no way to generate corpse markers besides dying ourselves so you'll be able to use this ability very sparsely against some crews. Some models push, which is kind of random but it happens from Snowstorm, Rasputina, and the Blessed so maybe there was some sort of idea here? There's no proper unifying rule to the army - a lot of bonuses that work on their own, or are too situational - besides slowing the enemy, and even that's not particularly easy to do with ice pillars given the discard option and out of turn moves. That's not to get into how card and soulstone hungry Rasputina herself is for little benefit. Considering Zoraida can act through her own models from 12" and doesn't need to discard, it's quite sad that Rasputina needs to discard for the privilege of an arguably worse ability. In addition, her triggers are what makes her shooting useful in any way, so needing to discard and cheat/soulstone to get the trigger makes it a hard pill to swallow. Our action economy is poor, with our aforementioned quick action being very situational and our out of turn moves being super limited. Our ice pillars require an action and a flip to set up and are necessary to play. We have limited ways to aid our own crew and few 'tricks' to pull off with combos. I'd like if every model had a way to use ice pillars. While the Ice Golem has issues, I think it's nicely designed in the sense that it has the most interaction between its own rules and the army rules, with ice pillars being used to heal, add rams, slow for extra damage, and create a blizzard. That's not to say it's fantastic now, but rather I like all the interaction it has. If every model had a couple of ways to use ice pillars (not necessarily the same way as the ice golem) I think the army would be in a better place. Also, does anyone find it a bit ironic (and sad) that the best model in December (the Blessed) has the least interaction with the rules in December?
  7. Thanks again - super useful! One last question (I think), how does Wyrd deal with changes to rules - both updates, FAQs, and erratas? I know some companies just wait until the next edition, and some make updates online/in app. How does Wyrd tend to deal with: - a model/rule being too powerful, or not powerful enough - a mistake in the rules, for example misprinted SS cost - a confusing rule that tends to cause arguments in game I'm mostly just curious about this due to the many ways in which games creators deal with these issues, and how they can affect the game (e.g. should I keep my eye open for a yearly FAQ to see if my army's changed)
  8. Thanks all for the answers, they've been really useful I've picked up the Ice Golem and I'll have a look at things like the mechanical rider too! Are there any general strategies to keep in mind while playing? I know a lot of it will be very dependant on schemes, strategies, and the models in use on both sides, but I'm wondering if there's anything I should keep in mind for the majority of games?
  9. Hi all, I'm very new to Malifaux (started last week) and I was hoping to get some advice. I've picked up the Rasputina core set and the Ten Peaks set as I just really like their aesthetic. I've played two games with them against Collette, both times being a draw, and I've enjoyed playing. I was wondering, from the opinions of more experienced players, how are the December keyword models to play in a more experienced setting? Rasputina has felt a bit underwhelming - not terrible, but mostly best at setting up ice pillars to shut people down. The wendigo has been a nice support piece, though has died both times. The Silent Ones have been nice for setting up ice pillars, like a mini Rasputina, and good for ranged healing. Though they feel as if they get shut down quite easily. The Blessed of December has been really good for schemes as she's very fast, but also hurts quite a lot so the opponent often avoids her. Not sure if she's too pricey to just have for schemes, but she seems worth it? The December Acolytes seemed good the first game, but pretty bad the second. Their set up is nice but I'm not 100% sure what to do with them after they set up as they're not that fast and setting them up too far forward leaves them open to be killed. The hoarcat hasn't been too bad at all, but again mostly just for schemes. I've not tried Snow Storm - how are they? And help would be appreciated!
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