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  1. Well, one of the most remarkable podcasts around is a good reference. Not official at all obviously. +1 for the FAQ request
  2. I understand: B: ...with assassinate, on an odd health master, is it rounded up or down?... K: 4 is half B: 4 is half? Ok, so you round up... So it's only 3 wounds, I mean, he is incorporeal and (you have) stones and... K: Sure, and he can heal, and, just getting to him....
  3. As a reference supporting 4 is already half of 7 and enough to score: Go to minute 20:35
  4. I understand your point, but I disagree. I find it to be a design decission too big to have being misswritten or overlooked. Because it affects several schemes and rules, such as grit. And it even has its own point in the rules, where the exception of movement is the only one mentioned. So it is something they took into account when designing the whole game. Thus, I do think the intend of the rule is as written, and not the opposite. 4 is as good as a half of 7 as 3, and adding exceptions to the math rule would go against the streamlining intend of m3e.
  5. Thank you guys for the responses, specially for those well argued. Let's hope this gets a FAQ, but for the meantime, it shouldn't be difficult to agree to one of both methods with each playgroup or in each tournament.
  6. Got to love the wire to the cactus! Great vivid colors and nice original idea, congratz!
  7. I'd agree on the reasoning if it would say "below half health", and that way is how these schemes are explained usually, thus the confusion imo. Actually, I used to think it was as you say, until in a podcast they stated otherwise. But once I carefully read the rules wording, I chnaged my opinion . So I guess we will have to agree to disagree here, and (at least me), ask my opponents or TOs how is it going to work. Thank you for a good discussion ^^
  8. If we take the wording of the scheme, they refer to the current health of the model. So I would say when you have half your health it already counts for the schemes.
  9. Thinking about making her a bit more resilient, what about a strong model with armor like a Samurai with Silent Protector close to her? Every activation you take the hit, you could Warp The Veil and thin or preview your deck, guaranteeing a moderate for the next flip. This, on a Misaki crew for example, as mentioned with Minako, Torakages and Ototo (and Crime Bosses) could serve for a thinning deck mechanic.
  10. I agree with you, she seems more suitable for Nightmare than Oni at a first glance. Adding to the considerations mentioned so far, the auras are huge due to that 50mm base and sz 4, if you have anything that places it is going to trigger them. However, I think we are focusing just on the front part of the card, which is great. But the backside seem more than decent to me: The Rows of Teeth attack has a decent dmg track 2/3/6, that 6 being more meaningful due to the Puncture trigger. And it also has 2 more remarkable triggers: - Execute: this trigger is rare, only Asami and Misaki have it in TT. And doubling it, could be impactful. - Hole in the world: It is a nice reposition tool. Tortorous Trance is made for Nightmare, I don't think you will use it in TT unless you got nothing else to do. The bonus attack Coil Around Prey is, again, a great reposition tool. With both the push and the Glimpse of the Void triggers. As for the consume, well, it sems cirumstantial to me, maybe in keyword you can From Two Worlds a low health 2 flickr tokens oni with From Beyond to draw a card and heal. All in all, with Df 6 and Terryfing 12, Sz4 and 50mm, nice auras and great triggers it could work great being in the middle of the table with some support. The big weak point that comes to mind is being an enforcer, which reduces her survivavility and her ability to get the triggers when wanted. Pd: I am pretty excited to see the Sz 4 miniature of this insect-lady.
  11. Thank you for answering so quickly! However, I disagree, since when "half" is written anywere, you have to perform a mathematical operation. Even if it is a trivial one, such as "halving". Thus, when dividing 7 by 2 (integer division), it could be 3 or 4, depending on how you round it. And since the Math rule says "always round the sum up", it must be 4. Anyway, is there any FAQ for it?
  12. Hi, quick rules question about "halves": If I understood it correctly, following the "Math" rules, except for movement, everything is rounded up. Then, in schemes such as "Let Them Bleed" and "Assasinate", which is the "half" Health for a model with 7 Health, 3 or 4? Would Assasinate be scored if the "old" Dreamer has 4 Health left?
  13. Wow, looks great! Do you mind sharing it?
  14. Wow, thank you for the explanation! I will definetly try this ln the board and try to comment how it goes here. It is good to have an excuse to bring up the Lone Swordsman in the painting queue, hehe.
  15. That sounds like a good one too and adds more versatility to it, I'll give it a try. The fast piece would have to be done in a Shenlong crew I assume (I did it with Misaki), but Fuhatsu with fast, focus and a loaded hand sounds like a strong start. Do you feel like it is risky in any cases? I mean, first turn it is pretty much a safe bet, but what about later? Is it worth to keep on doing it or are there too many mobile gears to acomplish it? And to counter it I feel like you have to put pressure on any of the gears, killing the LRM maybe? Threaten it with some blasting?
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