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  1. I finally beat the Dreamer! Yes, it had to be after the errata, but who cares! Hehehe. Actually I think he still is a great menance to all the folks at this side of the Breach. To add a little sauce, here are a couple of pictures of the game (not enough for a batrep this time). Here is the deployment: A mid game shot: Final shot: And the result:
  2. After playing against her, I think she is now on the right spot. Still difficult to kill, versatile and a threat from the backline, but not the powerhouse she was. When I noticed the changes the most, were: 1) When Chompi was beating my crew, she was not able to hit me too from the safety of the backline, due to the reduced range of the attack skill. (Here I think better planification and riskier positionings are demanded now to make it work as pre-nerf). 2) When I killed her with a Katashiro. This play was mimicked from previous games where the Katashiro did nothing to Serena d
  3. It is an interesting tactic, thanks for explaining the context!
  4. Welcome! And hopefuly see you in the real power forum - aka Ten Thunders - ^^ I agree whith what has been said, try several games and get a grasp of the game before changing too many things. I cannot help very much with crew selection, other than Lone Marshall is great, since my experience with LJ is only one game against her. What I'd recommend to you, is giving Henchman Hardcore a shot (the rules are in Gaining Grounds). I think it is a great way to learn the basic rules quickly. There are no masters and only 4 minis for faction, so they don't have the depth of normal games,
  5. Do you really find it worth to spend 14SS into that combo? Don't they get taken out fast? Sounds great, but pretty fragile imo.
  6. I've got a game against Dreamer tomorrow and she is in his crew, let's see how many Fuhatsu's shots she takes! 😇
  7. I agree, you used 2 high masks to get this result and some good luck. Not to mention the lack of defensive tech mentioned and that your opponent seems to be inexperienced too for what you said. By the way, not as important, but Nekima's black blood should have killed the katashiro and thus, healed her for 1, right? =D
  8. Got to love Guild and Outcast and the idea is great, thanks for sharing!
  9. Sounds like fun! I am glad to hear about casual games going on after the errata madness 😃
  10. I am taking a strike this month, Real Life ™ was too busy. But I am starting may soon to not take a second! Also, that tanuki will be painted no matter the errata! ^^'
  11. Well, april was a failure, but I am starting may motivated. Here is the WIP of the thunder archer shooting from the entrance of the temple, next to a tree, giving death to those who dare assaulting it:
  12. I think we have a candidate for winner here ^^
  13. I am really struggling to find something that is more useful OOK than in keyword honestly. Because every time that I think of anything I realize it is also worth it in ketword (or even more due to the synergies). I guess it would have to be something redundant or with poor synergies. Or maybe summoned models? I don't really know Oni, so cannot say for sure.
  14. I know, I just want to see a great mini for the Dragon Tyrant. He could manage to find his other half and be accompanied by an elder Shenlong (maybe enslaved or controled by the Dragon). Somewhat similar to Lynch with Huggy. I hope they play with the totems too, but I agree with you it does not seem to be the case. Maybe from a balance perspective it is too complicated to do so?
  15. And maybe having the dragon as totem? Who would need aspirant students then?
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