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  1. I think this edition of the game will be defined by the ability to hire extra masters into your crew. Masters are by default more powerful than every other hire in your pool, but some require significant list investment to make the most of them. The masters that operate mostly independently like Seamus and Lady J are just going to be good wherever you put them, so they make more sense being used to augment other crews. My question is: does the ability to hire other masters actually improve the game in any significant way? Because it looks like it will just homogenise lists across the game to look like the one in this thread. I'm of the opinion that we dont need to be able to do it.
  2. Ahhh yes, I read it as one action when you were describing two. Thanks!
  3. Does this work? Dancing in the Flames specifies the Walk action, but Hovering Flame just says move 5". Not trying to criticize, just curious for my own reference.
  4. You have missed something: When declaring or resolving friendly Actions or Abilities, this model may count as a Corpse Marker. They don't count as corpse markers outside of friendly activations.
  5. The ability does feel like a trap to me most of the time. It requires a lot of set up to manufacture the right conditions, but on the off chance there has been a lot of deaths in one area of the map, the payoff is quite big. I think its fine if you treat it as a once in a blue moon kind of effect and not part of his core playstyle. It's not like he is lacking for other things to do.
  6. I dont think any crew is the definitive best like Nicodem in M2E (goodnight, sweet prince :*( ). But that is a good thing for game diversity.
  7. Dead Outlaws and Smugglers are dual keyword, so I guess being able to hire them at face cost is just a nice bonus for the crew. Bandidos seem to be exactly where the Bandit crew wants them to be though, I feel like I will be using them a lot.
  8. He has Terrifying (12), Hard to Kill, feast of fear, the ability to use soulstones and two diferent ways to teleport away from danger (Secret Passage and Mistaken Identity on CCK). That's quite a lot of survival tools if you ask me. Maybe you just need to play a more evasive game with him to make sure he doesn't get charged by a melee beater or shot by several enemies.
  9. I haven't tried the current Molly build, but multiple irriductable damage is nothing to sniff at. If Disturbing Story is used late in the turn, the op won't have much chance to utilize their new cards either. It also punishes the opponent for burning through their hand to counter her draw ability.
  10. I have been thinking about running a Lampad with Grave Spirit's Touch as a fast, resilient threat to jam into the opponent's crew as a distraction piece whilst other members of the crew handle objectives. In my head a 9 wound, Regeneration 3, Final Veil, Terrifying 11 model should be pretty tough to kill, but do you think it would be worth the 10 stones?
  11. My first instinct is that he is now one of the worst masters in the faction post errata. I hope I am wrong, but testing is needed.
  12. Surely the model with the biggest target on their back is Asura Roten. She instantly became a staple in almost every Resser list because she does so much that she basically feels like having a second master on the field. Summoning free zombies without a flip, forcing WP checks just for activating, giving all your weaker models a decent attack AND Hands From Below? I love using Asura, but daaaaayumn thats a lot of value for 8 stones.
  13. Nice! I should try and get this model at some point. I really dig the whole penny dreadful mary poppins vibe.
  14. Reva, Nicodem, Seamus, Kirai andddddd probably Molly I guess. The choices are more about my personal enthusiasm over tactical flexibility. Seamus was the master that sold me on Malifaux in the first place, but I really enjoy playing Reva right now 😍
  15. Yeah I was more talking about using soulstone damage mitigation with seamus, but I have way less experience with this new boo style play and have been quite cautious with my placements. I will have to try and be more aggressive with the build to see where the limits lie.
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