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  1. It totally depends on crew list and S&S pool, but generally I think the first turn can be summed up in three generalist steps: 1. Activate your corpse candles early. 2. Kill at least one corpse candle by charging/ shooting/ remote detonating 3. Activate Reva to generate a new candle
  2. Thanks, I had to force restart the app on my phone before it recognised there were updates.
  3. I'm obviously missing something here, but I can't find the text for the Channeled Flame ability anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  4. Nice write up, you did omit that Doc has Arcane Reservoir, which is a massive boon and one of the best abilities in the game IMO. Other common versatile hires are Pride and Malifaux Child too, but I guess you don't use them yourself.
  5. I have run two gunslingers both with Wanted Criminal before to test how god the combo would be. It is most effective turn 1, as you can chain gang, walk for focus then charge and shoot with positive flips. It came up a few more times in turns 2-5, but that first turn was kind of brutal.
  6. When a card uses the terms 'Friendly' or 'Enemy', it always means friendly or enemy relative to your model. Good knowledge to have if you ever come across a Parker player.
  7. Fyi, they were painted by studio giraldez https://www.angelgiraldez.com/en/
  8. I used 3e as an excuse to add outcasts to my play pool, I'm still playing Ressers too, but have begun to limit myself down to just Molly and Seamus. If another faction is interesting to you, dive in and enjoy as you no longer have to buy half the faction to get a 2e style all stars list. If not, 3e Ressers are great, they are just... diferent now.
  9. Once you have activated her, don't you just get a void wretch to stutter time and bury her? Not being on the board at all is pretty great defensive tech.
  10. Basse may end up like Zipp in Outcasts, who has a huge pool of models in his first faction and only one Infamous hire in his second faction. Even so, there are a number of differences between Bayou Zipp and Outcast Zipp, due to the availability of versatile and ook hires, along with a different set of upgrades. I would be surprised if we saw more than a handful of new Frontier models.
  11. As long as there is at least one character with a pith helmet, im on-board.
  12. Archie and Crooligans are very discard heavy and Jack relies on having cards in hand to discard to his undying ability. I don't think you can expect to run them AND have Jack not be shot off the table. The jack box and a pair of hanged make for a great start with this crew, but I don't think you can plug the gap with Forgotten I'm afraid.
  13. Would love to know how people are running Outcast Zipp. There's such a wide selection of enforcers and stuff that I don't know where to start.
  14. Nobody has talked about this here, but Lost Knowledge has become a key part of my game plan. First turn, I normally use the Necrotic Machine and another model (Normally Forgotten Marshall for me - I tend to have him play zone defence in my deployment zone and summon replacement crooligans/ rabble risers etc as needed) to drop a couple of scheme markers within 4" of Molly. This removes the dependence on your opponent's hand size for refueling your fate hand and keeping the Fading engine going, as you can reliably draw 2-4 cards a turn in addition to anything you get from The Gorgon's influence. She normally stays back in a central and raised position when I play, so I combine her with the FM to generate this card advantage, then push her forward to start removing enemy markers later in the game to deny VP.
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