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  1. Asura is almost certainly the best zombie keyword henchman leader. She can reanimate on any zombie to give an extra action and has a very relevant set of abilities. Unfortunately, I just don't think that Sybelle does enough in any slot this edition.
  2. I have been using Redchapel a fair amount and I have completely given up on Sybelle now. I use Archie/ Anna and the Emmisary as my big costly minis in her spot depending on the scheme/ strat pool and opponent's crew.
  3. @TheJoyInGaming do you find yourself running killer instinct with the crew any more? Your list ideas seem very corpse marker and soulstone hungry, so the extra 2 ss for ki seems to be stretching it a bit for me.
  4. stonecrowe

    Jack Daw

    Ha, wow I must have skimmed over that one. Thanks.
  5. stonecrowe

    Jack Daw

    @Saduhem in your post, you made reference to hanged using stones for suits, but they aren't soulstone users. Am I missing something?
  6. I haven't tried this, so take my suggestion with a pinch of salt, but I would go Outcast and take a malifaux child so he can use his 'Just like you!' ability on a whole bunch of sins.
  7. I also got absolutely no help from this lot when I asked about expanding McMourning last week, so I wouldn't expect much response I'm afraid. Regardless, I will offer my experiences (a little limited in range I'm afraid). Revenant Reva is in a tricky place at the moment because her card wants you to be deep up field to be able to use pyres and corpse markers as attack vectors, but she basically has no defensive tech. You can keep Shieldbearers nearby to absorb some incoming attacks, but you are basically paying 5 stones for defense that your master should probably have had on her card in the first place. Happily Vincent is a bit of a house, he has decent offensive capabilities at both range and in melee. Shieldbearers can pack a punch and are good defensive pieces. The first thing you will want for the Revenant crew is a box of Lampads, they are the best tool in the crew to utilise the pyre markers, pack a punch and are extremely difficult to actually kill. Experimental McMourning himself is one of the best melee beaters we have in faction. He has a stat 7 melee attack that ignores pretty much everything, hands out injured and has a built in poison trigger with a moderate damage track. One thing that I have seen a lot of other people concerned with is giving McMourning himself added mobility. I have seen talk of Kentauroi and Dead Rider as options for this, as they both have the 'Ride With Me' ability. Otherwise, decent additions to the box seem to be Rafkin and Guild Autopsies. Versatile I have mentioned the Dead Rider, but he is basically just a big fast beater. Gravediggers and Mortimer are decent if you need to generate extra markers for any reason, Asura Roten is just generically good everywhere (but I might hold off on a purchase for now, as she is good enough to be hit with the nerf bat imo) and the Carrion Emissary is good at board denial, adding zombies to the board and has a respectable combat output too. Other crews My recommendation if you are looking to expand out from what you have already acquired is to buy into Molly and her Forgotten crew. She herself is a card drawing engine, her henchman is great at slowing down your opponents, Archie is (literally) a monster who has an easy leap and a massive damage track (at the expense of being able to concentrate - but hey, he is also immune to everything else too), The Forgotten Marshal is one of the best summoners in faction and the minions offer a whole range of skills from melee to very quick scheme runners with fly (seriously, Night Terrors are great). Molly is the one master I would be fairly comfortable running in any strategy (Reckoning is the weakest, but good news! you already own McMourning). The three generic upgrades are generally very strong. The Whisper is useful for non-soulstone users who require certain suits/ results from their flips (Forgotten Marshal wants mid high crows for his summons for example), Grave Spirit's Touch is useful if you want to jam something right into your enemies crew (like Lampads) and Killer Instinct can turn your corpse/ zombie producers into a soulstone factory.
  8. Seamus can both score and deny your opponents from scoring in Plant Explosives almost single handedly. I have had some good success pairing him with the Emmisary to block enemy lines and create additional Secret Passage vectors for Seamus. (Also happens to be ludicrously fun)
  9. So McMourning has a huge amount of options for his crew (1 Henchman, 2 Enforcers and 6 Minions in keyword). I know that list building is scheme dependant, but what are the crew staples that you never leave at home? I'm trying him out for the first time in m3e and struggling to narrow it down to 50 stones.
  10. Gives me a really good reason to bring my Emmisary to the table again.
  11. I think this edition of the game will be defined by the ability to hire extra masters into your crew. Masters are by default more powerful than every other hire in your pool, but some require significant list investment to make the most of them. The masters that operate mostly independently like Seamus and Lady J are just going to be good wherever you put them, so they make more sense being used to augment other crews. My question is: does the ability to hire other masters actually improve the game in any significant way? Because it looks like it will just homogenise lists across the game to look like the one in this thread. I'm of the opinion that we dont need to be able to do it.
  12. Ahhh yes, I read it as one action when you were describing two. Thanks!
  13. Does this work? Dancing in the Flames specifies the Walk action, but Hovering Flame just says move 5". Not trying to criticize, just curious for my own reference.
  14. You have missed something: When declaring or resolving friendly Actions or Abilities, this model may count as a Corpse Marker. They don't count as corpse markers outside of friendly activations.
  15. The ability does feel like a trap to me most of the time. It requires a lot of set up to manufacture the right conditions, but on the off chance there has been a lot of deaths in one area of the map, the payoff is quite big. I think its fine if you treat it as a once in a blue moon kind of effect and not part of his core playstyle. It's not like he is lacking for other things to do.
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