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  1. Hello all! Now that M3E has been out in the wild for some time I am wondering how everybody feels about the Resurrectionists faction. Personally I am having a hard time going in with a fresh look. In M2E I played Resurrectionists and had a good feel for what masters/crews were supposed to do. In M3E this has changed a lot. Crews play and feel differently then they used to. This is by no means a bad thing but it does make me feel a bit "meh" about most of them. For now, only McMourning really grabs me. He is quite versatile because of his large model pool but still doesn't seem to be the combat beast he used to be. I am currently doubting if I should try another faction just to get to grips with M3E without having the predjudice coming over from M2E. What do you think? Which Resurrectionists master comes out on top most of the time? How do you deal with the new faction and how do you think the faction compares to the rest?
  2. I tried using this for my tournament but I ran into the problem that I could only add one player for an event. When I wanted to enter a new player a box quickly appeared and then disappeared. I have tried this in Safari, Chrome and Firefox but they all gave me the same behaviour. Is this a known error or is there something I am missing/doing wrong?
  3. What: 50ss Gaining Grounds 2017 tournament When: 26th of February 2017. Registration starts at 10.00. First round will start around 10.30. Expect the event to end around 18.00 Where: Het Lab, Oudegracht 207, Utrecht, The Netherlands Damage: €5 Special rules: Miniatures do not need to be painted. Big mystery box to be won by defeating the national champion in a competitive game! More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1273914115988636/ I hope to see you there!
  4. What: 50ss Gaining Grounds 2016 Tournament Where: 't Lab, Oudegracht 207, Utrecht, The Netherlands When: 20 November 2016 Start: 10.00 Finish: 17.00 Damage: €5,- Additional rules: It is encouraged to have your miniatures painted but this rule won't be enforced. For more information and to sign up, visit the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/193171437794039/
  5. Hey there, I don't have any advice on what models you have have to take with which schemes and strats, others are a more capable in giving tactical advice. The one thing that I do want share is that tournaments aren't as cut-troat as you might believe. Just try to have fun and think of it as a way to play a few games against players you normally don't play against. The one big difference is the time limit. Expect most games to finish by round 3-4. To play a bit faster it helps if you at least know all your own models and at least take a look at the models of your opponent so that you have a slight idea of what he/she is playing. Don't be afraid to ask if you are unsure of an ability or combo. Oh and Seamus with a Yin and the Hanged is just nasty Have fun!
  6. Hello! During the Scale Model Challenge (http://www.scalemodelchallenge.com , October 1 and 2) I will give demo's on the second day. Feel free to stop by to have a chat, play a game or just to take a look. I will be there the whole day (10.00 - 16.00). Besides demo's the event features some great painters so there is lot's to do and look at. Make sure you don't miss it! Location: NH Eindhoven Conference Centre `Koningshof` Locht 117 5504 RM Veldhoven (near Eindhoven) The Netherlands Entrence fee to the event: €7,- I hope to see you there!
  7. What: 50ss Gaining Grounds 2016 tournament When: 25th of September 2016 Where: 't Lab, Oudegracht 207, Utrecht, Netherlands Damage: €5,- It is a regular tournament with the exception that models don't have to be painted. This to allow a new player to participate (and perhaps give the veterans a chance to try something new). Please note, during this weekend there is also a Magic: The Gathering pre-release at the store which means that it can be crowded.
  8. What: Henchmen Hardcore Where: Games Guild, Alphen a/d Rijn Time: Registration 12.00, start 12.30 Damage: €5,- Taking over this months event from the local Henchmen. Sounds like a good excuse for a Henchmen Hardcore event. Of course you are also welcome for drinks, talks, regular play or just for the company!
  9. Tournament name: Funeral Fog What: 50ss Tournament with the latest rules and FAQ. When: 24th July 2016 Where: Het Lab, Oudegracht 207, Utrecht Registration: 10.00 First Round: 10.30 Entrance fee: €5,-
  10. As my first official event as a henchmen it seemed appropriate to organise a Henchmen Hardcore tournament. When: May 28th 2016 Where: Het Lab, Oudegracht 207, 3511NH Utrecht Starting time: 9.30 Ending time: 18.00. Tournament will probably end before but there is time for casual games afterwards. Entrance fee: €5,- Henchmen Hardcore rules: -All Crews must be led by a Henchman, not a Master. -The game size is 20 Soulstones. -All Crews must contain exactly 4 models, no more, no less. -Upgrades may be purchased, as allowed by the standard rules of Malifaux. --The size of a Crew’s Soulstone Pool is limited by the Cache of the Henchman leading it; any Soulstones above this amount are discarded. Any Actions, Abilities, or Triggers which summon models are considered to be “blank” (they may not be used and have no effect on the game, as if they were not printed on the model). -Only one Scheme will be available. -The same Crew must be used in each round of the event. Set Up All rounds use the following set up: Deployment: Close. Strategy: Hardcore Turf War. This Strategy uses the Turf War rules (Core Rulebook pg. 66) with the exception that VP may be scored on the first Turn. Scheme Pool: Assassinate (Core Rulebook pg. 68). This is the only Scheme available and it must always be taken.
  11. Hello, We are planning to attend with a few Dutch players but could you clarify what the Malifaux schedule will be? Looking at the website it seems that this will be it: Friday: GT (1 day?) Saturday: Story Encounter Sunday: Doubles event Am I missing something or is this "all" the games that will be played? Or will the GT spread into the other days as well? Thanks in advance! edit: I might just be looking wrong since the ticket sale of the Nationals is on the Daffcon website. Still, some kind of schedule would be great
  12. Perhaps it will be easier if I post a list of models that I am looking for: Neverborn: Zoraida crew box Jakob Lynch Box Waldgeists Teddy Stitched Together Black Blood Shaman Tuco Ressurectionists: Kirai crew box Molly crew box Vulture Copycat killer Datsue Ba Guild Autopsy University of Transmortis box Gaki Shikome Jaakuna Ubume If all that fails I am looking for around $85 for everything excluding shipping.
  13. Hello All, In a spur of the moment thing I once bought a Ramos crew. Upon arrival I already had doubts and I never got to opening the stuff, perhaps only the Electrical Creation has been openend. This means that all the stuff is brand new. They are also all metal, unless otherwise specified. 1x Ramos crew box (Including Ramos, Executioner, Arachnis Swarm (3 spiders)) 1x Arachnid Swarm 1x Brass Arachnid 1x Electrical Creation 1x Mobile Toolkit 1x Miss Step (GenCon only model. Plastic and counts as alternative Howard Langston) 1x Willie (Plastic) 1x Wave 1 Arcanists Arsenal box 1x Wave 2 Arcanists Arsenal box I would like to sell or trade it all in one go. As stated in the title I am looking either for cash or a trade for Neverborn (almost all) and/or Resser (selection) models. If you are interested in trading then please send me a PM with what you are offering and I am sure we can work something out. Kind Regards, Paul
  14. Thanks a lot for the replies, this clear things up a lot. Guess the Punk Zombies will go out of the starter list and back into the summon pile
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