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  1. I like the changes! Specially the Search the ruins clarification
  2. You can´t use the dismember trigger against your own units to get a corpse. But you can use the first trigger "Knock Aside" to push 4'' one of your models, in some extreme situations you can do this (page 10 of the Rulebook).
  3. Archie is good. But there are other models that are also good in Ressers. For example, Manos have similar stats and has better hitting skills, has regeneration +2 (without spending a card) and is faster.
  4. I think that the rule is easy to understand: Gunfighter: This model may treat any of its Actions as having a range of 1 The rule allows Perdita to shoot while engaged (you can´t normally). So Perdita treats his attack as a melee range, but middle of the storm still reduces damage because is a projectile action.
  5. Taking all of you have been saying The Explorers Society can be composed of dual faction masters: Rick O'Connel - The Mummy ==>> Dual faction with Resurreccionists Lara Croft - Tomb Raider ==>> Dual Faction with Ten Thunders (chinese leaders that send Lara to steal precious things of the past) Allan Grant - Jurassic Park ==>> maybe Guild as a research to develop a new weapon Mad Max Themed ==>> dual Faction with Arcanists Chistopher Jones ==>> dual faction with Bayou (a relative of Sommer who wants to explore the world because he doesn´t have enough power inside his family) Loki/Joker ==>> dual faction Neverborn (a master that tries to discover the secrets of humanity to eliminate it for good)
  6. I am also new to McMourning´s crew, but I think that you approach is correct. A very tanky crew that excels in Reckoning and Turf War. The guild autopsies can give you precious soulstones with no action spent, just removing a corpse marker and you get the soulstone (possible gravedigger combo). The nurses are pretty important, if they get killed you won´t have access to the card they get when activate or the healing or the valuable triggers... They usually stay in the rear of the crew. Sebastian can summon but his attack is more than ok. The use of transfusions is also a key to victory with this crew. We have to think that our models are like vessels that have to be filled with poison and then... dump the poison on the enemy! I have playes many battles with Molly so I hope to see your review soon
  7. The Grave Golem can also work in a Reckoning strategy. Just because he is tough and tanky you can deny vp´s for killing him.
  8. or to use the forage bonus action (remove enemy scheme marker and draw a card from the discard pile). Thank you!
  9. In the crooligan´s first attack trigger says: "Drop It!: Enemy Only. Target must drop an Enemy Scheme Marker into base contact with itself, in LoS of this model". My question as a Molly player is : can I put my scheme marker as a trigger or the scheme marker is property of the target model? in the second case I don´t see why I should like this trigger
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