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  1. What are the chances we get these other racers as Malifaux units down the line? A Jockey master in works perhaps?
  2. Any chance of the Candy and Baby Kade set is going to be restocked anytime soon?
  3. The Candy and Kade sold out instantly, so I wasn't able to grab one. Guess I have to wait until the next event they sell alts.
  4. It should be noted that since Skeeters are minions you can summon those too (for some reason).
  5. You goofed your opponent with this unless you had the Trenchcoat on the skeeter. Fly with me is lower size thus you couldnt target Mancha.
  6. Test subjects arent Foundry, and Sparks is not a henchman. I was referring to his inclusion with Mei feng
  7. Sparks works quite well in Foundry. Did your crew have other constructs or sources of scrap markers? Because that's where a lot of his cost comes from.
  8. I'm the same way. I have three models, but I typically eat them the turn I put them on the table, so when I use Endless Numbers I just use the same model over and over.
  9. Yes, precisely. And I find a lot of value in board/terrain control, so my want of markers is high.
  10. I'd rather not have a ghetto cd on the table. I would much prefer to have a more official looking marker, cardboard or otherwise. As an aside, Stormsiren gets a morale action in glory to create more. So that is potentially 3 a turn.
  11. If I could get the input of a mod or Dev here that'd be fantastic; Would there be any consideration for making a package of say, 10 or so of these markers and/or the Poison clouds for purchase? Since these markers are being manufactured anyway for the starter kits, I don't think it is totally unreasonable to have these as a separate purchase, especially considering the volume in which they can be placed while in the game.
  12. They dont need to catch the roosters. If they force the roosters away from the objectives, guess who isnt earning vp?
  13. I play against Ressers and my Roosters bullets are never nearly as effective as you mention. Good sure, but dead men eat some lead breakfast, somber up to them and punch their teeth in. And if they run away, Ive got 21ss of models going the opposite direction of the game objectives. In addition, Concealment or Stealth, positioning correctly, using your own range; there are plenty of avenues I could see your opponent utilizing to beat these. I don't understand how he let them sit still and fire off repeatedly.
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