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    Old Major with Mah?

    I think Old Major is a pretty weak choice considering you won't be benefiting from his toolkit at all with your crew. For 1ss more you could just have Gracie.
  2. I would argue that Manifest Destiny makes Mah one of our stronger masters now. Zipp and Somer are still better, but she outclasses Wong in a lot of cases.
  3. Fawoosh

    Weekly Model Discussion - Iron Skeeter

    My favorite way to blow up Ressers; Pere Ravage tactical cruise missile. Give the Iron Skeeter the Poorly Handled Explosives. Fly up the board in 1-2 turns. Throw the hot potato onto Pere, have him Reckless and get in there and do Pere Ravage things. He will most assuredly blow himself up, doing a lot of damage in the process.
  4. Fawoosh

    Nightmare Ulix box

    If Ulix wasn't so weak I would be more excited about this. I doubt I'll pick it up, as I like the game more than the hobby, and considering I already have Ulix and he sees very limited play as it is I see no reason to.
  5. Fawoosh

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    I very much doubt it, considering other Nightmare boxes didn't get the whole array of their crew in Nightmare form. I imagine Hamelin did solely because his entire theme is contained within those two boxes; being his master box and the story encounter box. Other masters who have wider themes such as Rasputina and McCabe didn't received additional support.
  6. Fawoosh

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Just reskins of an existing box
  7. Fawoosh

    Emissary - Lend me your experiences

    I ran him with Wong, and wew lads, was it ever nuts. Lucky and two Swine-Cursed all having the Ooo Glowy buff was quite the nice distraction to let Wong prance around and do whatever he pleased. Adding regen to his long list of defenses make him particularly infuriating to deal with.