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  1. And she still MUST use "Warm up" or die. In the new update, Tony began to attract more attention to herself through Caught in the Ring, but lost the ability to withstand a large amount of damage due to the loss of adrenaline from the Df trigger. I think it would be better if the Df trigger will work when she suffer damage, not after succeeding, and will generate Adrenaline Token, like it was in M2E and early in M3E.
  2. IF Amina in crew and IF Amina is near and IF Amina is alive and INSTEAD of other trigger Too much "IF". I rarely used Warm Up before, Toni has more useful triggers. Now I have to use "Warm up" for Toni to just survive. I don't always hire a Amina in crew. And if I hire prefer to keep Amina away from the fight, near Gunsmiths.
  3. In the new update, Df trigger has been changed to Cage Fighter and doesn't generate Adrenalin Token. I think this is a very bad idea. Tony still needs a lot of Adrenaline, but without the tokens from Df trigger she gets 2-3 tokens per turn less. And it makes her much weaker.
  4. Hello. Can I skip the first part of ability (don't discard Upgrade) and then use second part (attach Upgrade)? Or I must use both part of ability if I want to attach Upgrade?
  5. Howard attacks Juju, declair decapitated. Juju die from damage, before the trigger resolve and burry. Does the trigger work after Juju buried? Eternal: When this model (Juju) is killed, it is not killed. Instead, bury this model. Remove all Conditions and heal all damages on this model. Decapitate: After damage, immediatly kill the target unless unless it discard two cards or two Soulstones
  6. Didn't found it via search Actualy he stop being the model. "...this model may count as a model OR as one of its Crew's Sheme Markers."
  7. Can I count Adze as Scheme Marker when kill model for Dig Their Graves? And can I count Adze as Scheme Marker when opponent try score VP from Set Up/Take prisoner on Adze?
  8. Can I resolve additional attack, that was generated by trigger "After damaging, immediately take this Action again against the same target." against model, whose health was dropped to 0 by the initial attack?
  9. Can Hamelin hire up to 4 Stolen with Sewer King ( Infiltration(Lost) )?
  10. Hello. Need clarifying: Insight (Campaign Upgrade) have trigger "Visions Witnessed: After damaging, look at the top five cards of either deck and replace them in any order." I can look at the top five cards of each deck or one of deck on my choise?
  11. When unbury model, that was bured with "Glimpse the Void" then? Before push because " model in play is killed" or after push because of "before removing it"? Glimpse the Void: ... The next time a model in play is killed, unbury the target in base contact with the killed model before removing it.
  12. And FAQ tell us that after damaging triggers will NOT happen.
  13. The Firestarter attack model with 1 wd, declare Never Enought trigger and kill target with attack. Will the trigger work before remove target model or it will fail? Never Enought: After succeeding, flip a card for each model within 4 of the target ... model with the lowest card suffer 2 damage and gains the Burning +1 ...
  14. Montresor use his (0) Fearful Whispers. "All models in range must pass a TN 14 Wp duel or be pushed in base contact with this model..." 1. Models must be pushed directly toward into base contact (A) or it can be pushed aside (B)? 2. If B is correct - can incorporeal models be pushed through and placed in base contact on the other side of Montresor's base? 3. Who will determine the order (and place if B is correct) of pushes enemy models?
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