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  1. You said Can I place one model above another if they are at different heights (for example: table and bridge archway, 1st floor and roof)?
  2. By the way, what is an "overlap"? There is no definition of this concept in the rules, but in the text it is used only in the sense of "one base stands on another base" and, according to this definition, the bases can be one above the other if they do not touch each other.
  3. Falling is a move, because of Model change it's location from Ht 2 to Ht 0, so it was moved.
  4. But what about bridges and buildings with multiple floors? If model A is on the roof or 2nd+ floor of a building above the 1st floor door, then model B cannot enter through the 1st floor door because it will cause an overlap ?? If Model A is on the bridge's archway, then Model B cannot move under archway because it will cause an overlap?? It's super strange 😕
  5. Hello. Malisurus Rex stand at the top of the Destructible Terrain. He declare Tail Whip with Territorial triger. What will happen if Destructible Terrain will be destroyed by other model? Is a fall considered as a move, and if it is, will a Malisurus Rex fall? Same question about model with Laugh Off, that stand at the top of the Destructible Terrain which destroyed during enemy model's Activation.
  6. Hello. I have 2 similar questions: 1. Model A stands on the roof of a building. Model B is on the ground btb to the building. Model A will move off the roof and must fall onto model B. What happens in this case? 2. Model A is at the top of the Destructible Terrain Ht 2+. Model B Sz 1 comes btb to this Terrain under Model A and destroys the Terrain. What happens in this case?
  7. Hello. Do the Incorporeal reduce damage suffers from Smolder, Immolate, Blood Poisoning, e.t.c.? Incorporeal reduce damage suffers from Attack Actions, but Actions like Immolate or Blood Poisoning make target suffer damage from Condition, not from Attack Action.
  8. Pretty good app, but it can be better. I have some suggestions: 1. After the checkbox of model activation has been checked, automatically remove Conditions that end at the End of Activation. 2. After increasing the Turn number: 2.1. Automatically count the amount of Pass Tokens. You can display the previous amount that may be needed to determine the initiative in parentheses. 2.2. Automatically remove Conditions that end at the End Phase. 2.3. Optional (can be disable in the settings) automatically deal damage to models with Poison/Burning. 2.4. Optional (can be disable in the settings) confirmation of the increase Turn number. 3. Fix swipe to flip the front/rear of the model's card. Now you need to draw exactly horizontally to flip the card. A little movement vertically opens the next/previous card.
  9. Hello. Can I skip the first part of ability (don't discard Upgrade) and then use second part (attach Upgrade)? Or I must use both part of ability if I want to attach Upgrade?
  10. Howard attacks Juju, declair decapitated. Juju die from damage, before the trigger resolve and burry. Does the trigger work after Juju buried? Eternal: When this model (Juju) is killed, it is not killed. Instead, bury this model. Remove all Conditions and heal all damages on this model. Decapitate: After damage, immediatly kill the target unless unless it discard two cards or two Soulstones
  11. Didn't found it via search Actualy he stop being the model. "...this model may count as a model OR as one of its Crew's Sheme Markers."
  12. Can I count Adze as Scheme Marker when kill model for Dig Their Graves? And can I count Adze as Scheme Marker when opponent try score VP from Set Up/Take prisoner on Adze?
  13. Can I resolve additional attack, that was generated by trigger "After damaging, immediately take this Action again against the same target." against model, whose health was dropped to 0 by the initial attack?
  14. Can Hamelin hire up to 4 Stolen with Sewer King ( Infiltration(Lost) )?
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