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Found 21 results

  1. If a model dies due to damage from Hazardous Terrain it was pushed/placed/moved into by another model, is the model that generated the push/place/move it considered as a killer?
  2. Having some odd interactions with prospecter. Opponent claims that push toward doesn't have to be a direct line toward Target. He says it just has to be in the general direction of the target. So prospecter would be able to push off to the side of a scene marker as long as he ends closer then he started. I'm not sure if this is how it works.
  3. Montresor use his (0) Fearful Whispers. "All models in range must pass a TN 14 Wp duel or be pushed in base contact with this model..." 1. Models must be pushed directly toward into base contact (A) or it can be pushed aside (B)? 2. If B is correct - can incorporeal models be pushed through and placed in base contact on the other side of Montresor's base? 3. Who will determine the order (and place if B is correct) of pushes enemy models?
  4. Hello, wyrdfolk! So a rules question came up during my first game that we were unable to figure out at the scene. Can models with the Incorporeal ability end a move/push inside of Impassable Terrain? If no, what happens if an Incorporeal model is pushed into an Impassable piece of Terrain and the travel distance indicated on the rule that caused the push is insufficient to bring the Incorporeal model all the way through? I asked this question in a Malifaux facebook group and recieved several "No, they can not" and "That would be unreasonable" but nobody was willing to present any evidence to back up their claims so instead I once again delved back into the rulebook and did some digging myself and believe that I may have found the answer. I'll lead by compiling a list of the relevant sources I've been looking at: "Pushes...The pushed model cannot pass through impassable objects (such as other models, or walls) or climb. If a pushed model comes into contact with an object that is impassible, the pushed model stops in base contact with the object." -pg.46 small rulebook. "Impassable - Models cannot enter impassable areas of terrain, which includes moving through the walls of a building or into other solid objects." -pg. 74 small rulebook. "Incorporeal: This model ignores, and is ignored by, other models and terrain during any movement or push..."-Lady Ligeia My current theory, based on the wording of the rules for Impassable Terrain and Incorporeal, is that Incorporeal models may indeed end their move/push inside of Impassable Terrain. This is because the only part of moving into impassable terrain that is usually prohibited is entry and that occurs during the models move/push - during which Incorporeal models ignore terrain. Is there some nuance of the language that I have not comprehended or something that I have just simply missed? If I am wrong, please prove me wrong, because I too of course realize that, depending on the setup of your terrain, having a bunch of models running around in places where they cannot physically be placed can be a total gameplay nightmare.
  5. Hi again dudes! I usually plays vs Ress and NeverB, and I think they can't imagine the power of lures, pushes like Siren Call of the performer can't be compared with that because it's so easy to counter, you only need cover with something and it stoped you in the push, and only have 12" range, but a walk can't be countered, and with 18" of reach and an amazing Ca7 they will move whatever they want. In Malifaux the most important thing is positioning, for that reason pushes and moves enemy or alied models are OP, and if you can't be safe from that you are fucked. Yes, I know things like Counter spell stops it but, it's only for selected models and the rest of the crew continues on danger. Also I know too the Roten be Cuddled the last time, and still be OP, IMO the reason of that is the hability, it's must be 12" of reach to expose a little the model or doesn't have the crow printed like Oiran or have Ca5 like Baby Kade...
  6. Hello. Imagine there's a Ht2 building and a Ht2 Model 1 in base contact with it. Model 2 is standing on top of that building. Model 2 is being pushed in the direction of Model 1. Then there is a moment when they become in base contact from a top down view. However, there is no place for Model 2 to fall. How is the push resolved then? Does Model 2 stop at the point of base contact? Does it step over the head of Model 1? What would change if Model 1 is Ht1? What would change if Model 1 is not in base contact with the building, but there is still not enough place for Model 2 on the ground?
  7. I would like an official ruling on pushes. I think it may be universally accepted that pushes that are worded as push toward/push away are direct in that they happen along the line between the center of the two bases. However, what happens when the wording is push into base contact? 1. @solkanand other good folk on the forums have presented a solid argument which is based on consistency in that (following from the vague wording in the book) all relational pushes (i.e. when direction is specified in relation to a different base) are done directly away or towards, push into base contact with being a case of a relational push. 2. However, and that's me trying to interpret the rules, a case can be made for push into base contact to be along any straight line that results in the two bases physically touching, not just along the line that connects the centers of bases My point is, the first interpretation renders most push into base contact effects unusable around impassable terrain, i.e. most cases of a model being in hard cover. Moreover, a 50 mm model won't be able to push into base contact with a 30mm model if they are both touching the same wall, which is pretty ridiculous from a gameplay perspective. So I'd say that RAW there's no counter-argument to @solkan RAI I just don't see argument 1. working with any proper pushing ability Would like to see further discussn on the topic!
  8. Hello, I need some help and advise. How does "pushes" and fences work? Can model be pushed through fence? In my club we used play in way - that model which is higher then fence can be pushed through. But if it is same height or lower then it is stoped when reach btb with fence. On attached photo there is example of such "fence". It is for sure good hindrance for gremlin size models (ht1) but such monster as Chompy will pass and not notice it.
  9. So, a few things came up: Hoffman's Field Mechanic Upgrade (Update hardware): You get 1 of each modification card but it seems I can cast "Hydraulics" on 10 different models if I want to? As long as they don't have a Modification Upgrade I have an unlimited supply of each? Which would make sense since there is no mention of getting them back when the model dies etc. When Hoffman (or others) PLACE a marker in base contact, do I need LoS to that marker or is LoS only required once I TARGET that marker for something? (I'm thinking of his 0-action Shakedown "place a scrap marker in base contact with target construct". Can he place it out of sight on the opposite side of a peacekeeper? Mr Graves (and others) that push into base contact: If they can't reach base contact by a straight line, do they push as close as they can or simply not at all?
  10. Just wondering if this is a legal move. I have Lilith with living blade, Barbaros is adjacent. Enemy model is in 1" engagement of both but in base contact with impassable terrain (or another model, let's say a terror tot) directly across from Barbaros. Barbaros successfully attacks and can now push the model up to 4" away. Can I declare a 0" push (since it state "up to 4"") to trigger living blade (or pounce in case of a tot)? Basically is a push still a push if the model doesn't move?
  11. I get a lot of questions regarding Flight and Incorporeal mechanics so I constructed a somewhat comprehensive look at the two. I would love feedback. Looking for fact checking as well as any mechanics that I missed that would be good to include. Flight: This model is immune to falling damage and may ignore any terrain or models while moving. Incorporeal: This model ignores, and is ignored by, other models and terrain during any movement or push. Reduce all damage this model suffers from Sh: and Ml: attack actions by half. Fall Damage: • YES: Flight ignores fall damage • NO: Incorporeal does not ignore fall damage Ignore Models During Moving: • YES: Flight ignores/is ignored • YES: Incorporeal ignores/is ignored Ignore Terrain During Moving: • YES: Flight ignores/is ignored • YES: Incorporeal ignores/is ignored Ignore Models During Push: • NO: Flight does not ignore/is ignored • YES: Incorporeal ignores/is ignored Ignore Terrain During Push: • NO: Flight does not ignore/is ignored • YES: Incorporeal ignores/is ignored Ignore Models During Charge: • NO: Flight does not ignore/is ignored • NO: Incorporeal does not ignore/is ignored Ignore Terrain During Charge: • NO: Flight does not ignore/is ignored • NO: Incorporeal does not ignore/is ignored *Note that Flight and Incorporeal do not affect any LoS mechanics. *All models stop immediately when the rules use “Base to base” see FAQ #73 73) If a model is pushed “into base contact” with an Incorporeal model, can it move through the Incorporeal model and stop on the other side? No. It stops as soon as base contact is achieved. *Addendum regarding elevation, see FAQ #57-58. 57) If a model is pushed off of an edge high enough to necessitate a fall, does it fall immediately? Could it be pushed far enough to reach another surface of equal height (assuming there was such a surface)? Models which fall due to a push, fall immediately (models also generally fall immediately during regular movement unless they have Flight or Incorporeal). The model would be pushed off of the ledge and then immediately fall and take any necessary falling damage upon reaching the ground. Then, if there is any distance left required by the push (and the model is still in play), it will push the remaining distance. 58) How do the Flight and Incorporeal abilities interact with vertical terrain? Can a model with Flight end its move a further vertical distance from its starting point than its Walk stat would normally allow? Can a model with flight “leap” over a gap in two pieces of terrain? A model with Flight ignores terrain for all purposes while moving. However, the distance the model moves is still limited by the length of the move the model is allowed to take. Add the distance the model moved horizontally in relationship to its starting point to the distance the model moved vertically upwards (downwards movement is falling and it is never counted against a model’s movement total) in relationship to its starting point. This value may not exceed the distance allowed by the move the model was making. For example, a model with a Wk of 6 and Flight declares a Walk Action. It is on a Ht 3 building and wishes to move to a point on a separate terrain piece (a Height 5 building) which is 3" away. It takes the model 5" of movement to get there (3" of horizontal movement and 2" of vertical movement because the difference between the Heights of the buildings is 2, and the model is moving upwards). Since the model has a Wk of 6, it can make it to the desired point on the Ht 5 building and still has 1" of movement to use as it wishes once it gets there. Incorporeal models move in the same way, though they may take falling damage if the end point of their move is on a lower Ht, depending on the terrain (see falling, Core Rulebook pg. 42).
  12. Mature nephilim triger allows him to push target 4" away from himself and then charge something else if he is not engaged. Do this push must be in straight line from the center of the nephilim ? Or can it be to the side ? Situation is like this - Nephalim stands in btb with belle - bell has her back up to fence that is definied as climb terrain so it cannot be pushed through it - can i push her to the side or should i establish center of each base and move the model 4" along the line created by two centers of the models base ?
  13. According to Pg. 46 of the small rule book: In every game I've played a model always ends there push as soon as they hit an object, (unless they are incorporeal.) however, I think according to the rules this isn't always the case. A model may bush past, through, or over an object as long as the object isn't impassable or the model doesn't have to climb. If this is true, and a model may push over or through objects, how would you play the following: A model is pushed so that he would end his push in the middle of a forest. The forest was previously agreed that models could pass through it as long as they did not end there moment in the forest.
  14. McTavish can "Push into base contact with a marker, then discard it". Can it finishes the push on another side of the marker? Not on the closed edge, I mean. I would say yes - because - going straight with the shortest path you can technically still push on the other side of the marker if you have movement.
  15. I have read over the cards and rule book, however i can't see where it's not allowed. Most pushes say push target model X" in any direction..... may be silly question but up is a direction right? because if so then they would go X" up and fall incurring fall damage on their return trip to land right? Thoughts feed back?
  16. Came up yesterday, the book says pushes are in a straight line, if pushed towards or away it is direct line. Ramos has an ability magnetism, which says "directly towards" specifically. The doxy says, on the "Take the Lead" ability, "push towards" and does not specify directly. We played it that it needs to be "directly towards" per the book but, I am curious if this is a stipulation of unless says otherwise or if there is a errata I missed. Sorry if this was asked before, I was unable to find a prior question. Thanks for your time.
  17. Hi all, I'm relatively new to Malifaux (which is awesome by the way) and these forums, so forgive me if there has already been a ruling, I might have missed it in my quick search. After some discussions on other forums we concluded that the general trend of the various rulings about it has been that after a model is killed, if there are any relevant effects that are supposed to happen to that model, you resolve those before removing said model. Two different plays on this interaction: Example 1: Teddy attacks a Fire Gamin -> Fire Gamin is killed and drops a Scrap -> Fire Gamin explodes -> Teddy's Peekaboo Trigger pushes Fire Gamin, and pushes Teddy into base contact -> Fire Gamin is removed. Example 2: If a Ronin kills a model and applied a push effect to itself, and there was nothing keeping the killed model in play, you could remove it and push through the space where it used to be? The FAQ mentions - "After succeeding triggers occur after Step 5 of the Action sequence, so after applying the results of the action." So the result is 'dead model, removed from table' so that occurs in Step 5 and then the push into base contact kicks in - but the base no longer exists so the Ronin example is the only viable option or would the dead model actually block the Ronin's push in that direction? Any assistance would be appreciated!
  18. This is a simple question, I think I know the answer but I want to make sure I have it right. So I have two models, for simplicity's sake lets say it is the Hunter and Guardian. Hunter is in Base to Base with GuardianEnd of turn, the Hunter uses its ability to push 3 inches away from the Guardian (in this case directly away).Guardian is has 3 inches meleeAfter the Hunter pushes is he still within the Guardian's 3 inch melee?
  19. So I checked the FAQ and it did not have this and I could not find this in the rule book. If someone pushes into base with an incorporeal model can they push through the base to be on the far side of the model? I have always played it where you take the center to center line to the model stopping once you hit the base because it is not a distance push and when you hit the base accomplished the into base requirement of the push.
  20. This came up in a game tonight. Lilith, who has the Living Blade upgrade (Ml range increased to 3"), is in base to base with Fuhatsu. Fuhatsu performs his Madman with a Gatling Gun action; Lilith fails the WP duel, and is pushed 3" away from Fuhatsu. So the question we had was whether Lilith and Fuhatsu were still engaged? Could Fuhatsu shoot? Did Lilith need to charge in order to attack him, or could she stand there and swing? Thanks in advance.
  21. Okay, I understand that pushing does not provoke disengaging strikes or suffer movement penalties. What about terrain though. If a model is pushed but a terrain feature or other model is in the way does that stop the push?
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